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Jun 21 15:56

The Deportation Machine Obama Built for President Trump

The Deportation Machine Obama Built for President Trump


Jun 21 15:17

Video: San Francisco Police Shoots Man In Back

Cop claimed man was pulling a gun. Video shows man was not pulling gun.

Jun 21 15:17

SPLC Keeps Denying That Black-On-White Violence Is Happening

Think of the odds: every day, for years, the Southern Poverty Law Center has been cranking out studies, talking points, and direct mail (oh, sweet, sweet mail!) to show how black people are victims of relentless white racism, all the time, everywhere, and that explains everything.

Jun 21 15:16

Pedophile Hunters Confront Home Office Employee Accused Of Grooming 12yo Girl

A Home Office IT consultant has been arrested after being confronted by a group of vigilante ‘pedophile hunters’ who accused him of attempting to meet up with a 12-year-old girl.

The confrontation with the married father was recorded on Wednesday evening at an undisclosed location in Manchester. It was streamed live on Facebook, garnering more than 42,000 views in just half an hour.

Jun 21 14:53

A massive, 'semi-infinite' trove of rare-earth metals has been found in Japan

Researchers have found hundreds of years' worth of rare-earth materials underneath Japanese waters — enough to supply to the world on a "semi-infinite basis," according to a study published in Nature Publishing Group's Scientific Reports.

Suck it China

Jun 21 12:33

S&P500 Possible Bearish Turn

Jun 21 12:16

Trump signs order to forbid splitting up illegal immigrant families after pressure from Melania and tells Pentagon to house them – but leaves it to Jeff Sessions to persuade a judge the government can hold kids longer than 20 days

The president said Wednesday morning that he'd be signing an executive order addressing family sepration
Said it would assist with 'keeping families together' while acknowledging that 'we have to keep our borders strong'
Indicated to reporters later as he held of the finished product that he'd been lobbied to take action by Melania and Ivanka
Says he acted because, 'I didn't like the sight or the feeling of families being separated'
Trump did not end the 'zero tolerance' provision of his policy that requires the prosecution of all unlawful immigrants as criminals
His order merely authorizes DHS to hold families together while prosecution is pending.

Jun 21 11:34

Beware of these fake Fortnite games: Malicious apps are spreading online ahead of the hotly-anticipated Android release date, security experts warn

Fake versions of the popular video game have started to surface online ahead of the feverishly-anticipated launch on Android smartphones later this summer.

An official version of Fortnite is not yet available on Android, so any apps that claims to offer support for the Google-owned moblie operating system are fraudulent.

Jun 21 11:31

Former Tesla employee being sued for 'sabotage' claims he is a whistleblower drawing attention to 'really scary things' at the firm

Martin Tripp, a process engineer, was hit with a $1 million suit on Wednesday alleging he hacked into Tesla's system, transferred data to third parties and gave false leaks to the media.

It came three days after Musk warned employees of sabotage from within the company.

But now Tripp has told The Washington Post that he was merely calling attention to 'some really scary things' at the firm, alleging that dangerously punctured batteries were installed in Model 3 cars.

Jun 21 11:27

Bithumb Hacked Second Time in a Year. Hackers Steal $31 Million

For the second time in a year, South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb has been hacked, and this time around, hackers stole the equivalent of 35 billion won ($31.6 million) worth of cryptocurrency.

The attack took place on the night between June 19 and June 20, according to a statement on the company's website.

Jun 21 11:20


Starr arrived in the country and sent his fans a message of "Peace and Love," inviting them to attend the Saturday and Sunday shows. He will become the second – and final – former Beatle to perform in Israel, after Paul McCartney took the honors with a monumental show at Yarkon Park in 2008. Ex-bandmates John Lennon and George Harrison died, in 1980 and 2001, respectively, without having made it to the Promised Land.