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Mar 06 14:28

ISIS 101- What’s really terrifying about this threat

ISIS certainly is not what a great many people think that it is, if you judge what they think by what our corporate press proclaims incessantly.

Mar 06 14:26

Gold Mine: Hillary Clinton’s Brother Granted Super-Rare Mining Permit from Haiti After State Dept. Sent Country Billions

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, sat on the board of a self-described mining company that in 2012 received one of only two “gold exploitation permits” from the Haitian government—the first issued in over 50 years. The tiny North Carolina company, VCS Mining, also included on its board Bill Clinton’s co-chair of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC), former Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive.

Mar 06 14:26

Russia may back Donbas independence if no other options are left, says parliamentarian

"I don’t rule out this option if and when all other possibilities to reach political settlements will be exhausted," said Konstantin Kosachev in reply to the query whether Russia should support creation of ‘an independent Novorossiya or Donetsk People’s Republic-Luhansk People’s Republic’ if their authorities announce this decision.

Mar 06 14:24

Ukraine - Country Ruled By Most Corrupt Regime in the World

The corruption in Ukraine is a unique and unparalleled phenomenon. The old hierarchic corruption system had its own rules and restrictions. Now corruption has no boundaries going out of running control.

Mar 06 14:20

Russia and USA keep their eyes open and powder dry

"When in 1991 Russia launched the disarmament process, Russia destroyed a lot more weapons than our potential adversaries did, or partners, as we refer to the Americans today."
"The period of euphoria is common to many statesmen. That was the time of romanticism, when we blindly believed all verbal promises from the West, although the latter never kept any of them. This is a case of NATO's eastward expansion, for example. Unfortunately, some of our negotiators made a lot of mistakes when they were preparing the agreements on the reduction of armed forces and armaments between Washington and Moscow. The main lesson that we must learn from this is never to make such mistakes again.
"This is very important. Each country has a balance of interests. Yet, there are certain limits to making compromises, or there will be problems with national security otherwise.

Mar 06 14:17

War pigs need the draft: More bodies, plus women, necessary

American War Pigs want to sell lethal weaponry to its puppet government in Ukraine and actually want to get into combat with Russian troops. Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Army General Martin Dempsey said, "I think we should absolutely consider lethal aid..." according to Time Magazine. That means private contractors are needed to sell the machinery and train the Ukrainian personnel.

Women will not long be exempt from Selective Service/Draft registration. It is only the continued dominance of the patriarchs that dominate US society that prevents women from shouldering the burden that men face with their Selective Service responsibility. Sean Kennedy writing for Collegian Central indicated that when Congress lifted the ban on women in combat in 2013, many people expressed concern that the inclusion of women would somehow degrade the quality of our military forces.

Mar 06 14:16

"Our worst enemies are the a**holes in Kiev who sent us here to die"--UAF soldiers disciplined for criticizing Poroshenko

Ukrainian soldiers who cursed Poroshenko out from their trench were deprived of pay

Mar 06 13:41

The ‘Democrat’ Brzezinski Says Russia’s Putin Wants to Invade NATO

Zbigniew Brzezinski, U.S. President Obama’s friend and advisor on Russia, is a born Polish aristocrat who has hated Russia his whole life but who hid that hatred until after the communist Soviet Union collapsed and he then publicly came out as hating and fearing specifically Russia — the nation, its people, and their culture. In 1998, he wrote The Grand Chessboard, arguing for an unchallengeable U.S. empire over the whole world, and for the defeat of Russia as the prerequisite to enabling that stand-alone global American empire to reign over the planet.

Mar 06 13:22

In Ferguson, DOJ Probe Only Confirms What Community Has Long Known

A Department of Justice probe into the now-notorious Ferguson Police Departmentconfirmed Wednesday what residents of this majority-black city in Missouri have long charged: racism is endemic throughout the local "justice" system—manifesting in everything from traffic stops to predatory court fines to physical attacks.

Mar 06 13:11

Debt Jubilee for the Bankers – Austerity for Us

How do you know when you are about to be run down by a train? Well, typically you see it coming. What about when Credit Default Swaps are about to blow up and you see the financial world flying off a cliff; how does one see that coming? Well, you can only see that after you have fallen and tumbling toward planet earth, picking up speed as you fall!! Sounds awesome!

Mar 06 13:05

Is Your Smartphone Making You Stupid?

Smartphones have made our lives easier and more efficient. They allow us to call people, find directions, and look up virtually anything we want to know within seconds – with a mere touch of the screen.

But are we too reliant on these devices to do things for us? New research indicates that there is a downside to all of this convenience: we are becoming lazier thinkers.

The study, from researchers at the University of Waterloo and published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior, suggests that smartphone users who are intuitive thinkers — more prone to relying on gut feelings and instincts when making decisions — frequently use our device’s search engine rather than our own brainpower.

Mar 06 13:03

Don’t Believe Media Coverage of Venezuela

Diplomatic relations between Venezuela and the U.S. have just taken a big hit, with the government of Nicolas Maduro demanding that the American Embassy in Caracas reduce its staff by 80% and that U.S. visitors apply for visas.

Most symbolically, Venezuela has now barred a number of U.S. officials from visiting, including George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. The backdrop to these political moves is a new crisis within Venezuela that has an old script: right-wing leaders plan a coup, with the U.S. deeply implicated; wealthy protesters take to the streets; and the Western media cover both stories with great sympathy while openly mocking the democratically elected government for attempting to defend itself.

Mar 06 12:39

I Toured Stasi HQ with NSA Whistleblowers

The Stasi offices in Berlin have been frozen in time since they were stormed by activists on January 15th, 1990, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall three months earlier. As tourists creep around, room by room, through this monument to fascism, it feels as though millions of secrets are still ingrained in the fabric of the chairs and the fibers of the ubiquitous oak furniture.

Mar 06 12:33

The Great American Lying Machine

It's unprecedented in outrageous lies on Ukraine. Everything from calling US-installed Nazis democrats to phantom Russian hordes pouring across the border Wehrmacht-style.

US officials recite one Big Lie after another. Media scoundrels regurgitate them like gospel. Mindless Americans believe whoppers anyone paying minimal attention would reject.