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Oct 23 17:41

Healthy 16 y/o goes gulf swimming, then hospitalized with "compromised lung" & "enlarged heart"

Healthy 16 y/o goes swimming, then hospitalized with "compromised lung" & "enlarged heart"

Full Interview: Environment America in Mobile on 6 Month Anniversary of BP Spil

October 20, 2010 Press Conference in Mobile organized by Environment America on the 6 Month Anniversary of the BP Blowout. Featuring Heather Emmert from Environment America, David Underhill from Sieraa Club, Robin Young from Guardians of the Gulf, Captain Lori DeAngelis, and David Pham from Boat People SOS

Oct 23 16:53

Beware of Facebook's Beacon?

The new Facebook advertising system, codenamed Beacon, represents an innovative approach to online marketing, but it also marks an additional step in the ongoing erosion of consumer privacy.

There are two primary aspects of the new Facebook ad system. The first is the expansion of the "friends" concept so that you can be friends (articulated as Fans) of a brand or company. Any company or organization can now establish a profile on Facebook and solicit support from other users. Each time a user adds the company as a friend, their connections are notified that they support that brand.

Oct 23 16:46


Only Israel has the penetration of the Department of Defense that would allow this kind of spying. Not only can they do it, they also have so many spies in the American chain of command, they could easily prevent it. Who has the facilities to gather and filter this much data? Who would want to?

With the biggest story in Iraq the falsified intelligence on “weapons of mass destruction,” why didn’t Wikileaks get us documents on this?

Exposing this real Iraq scandal would do some good, except for one thing, friends of Israel inside the Pentagon were the creators of this program. Is this why Wikileaks dodges the real issues? Is it because the trail for much of what happened in Iraq heads directly to Tel Aviv?

Oct 23 16:10

Panda: Mac is less secure than Windows, here's an antivirus

The number of Mac OS vulnerabilities has quintupled in less than a year. In 2009, 34 vulnerabilities were detected for Mac OS. So far in 2010, this number has risen to 175 vulnerabilities. Furthermore, the platform can also be affected by 170,000 macro viruses for Windows and there are 5,000 classified strains of malware that specifically target Apple systems, according to Panda Security.

Oct 23 16:08

Did You Know: The King of Madrasas Now Operates Over 100 Charter Schools in the US?

Okay, let’s recap and pay attention to the absurdity:

Here is a Turkish Muslim preacher who fled Turkey after his alleged intentions to replace the secular government with one based on Sharia laws were exposed. He comes to the US, settles here, and starts taking advantage of our vastly and overly used nonprofit laws to build his network of dubious NGOs. Meanwhile he continues to expand his network of Madrasas and related businesses overseas-Central Asia, Caucasus, Balkans, etc.

After years of investigating him the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, due to his guardian angels in the State Department and the CIA, are prevented from bringing an indictment against him, so they try to kick him out of the US. But once again Gulen’s CIA angels step in and portray Gulen as a scholar, despite the fact that Fethullah Gulen doesn’t even have a high-school diploma and never went beyond the 5th grade. Among his angels who vouched for him were Graham Fuller, George Fidas, and Morton Abramowitz.

Oct 23 16:06

Making The American Wage Slave

This is the government's economic plan for recovery of the American economy?

Oct 23 15:26

Weimar in Jerusalem: the rise of fascism in Israel

Uri Avnery warns that fascism will overwhelm Israel unless progressive forces "awake from the coma, understand what is happening and where it is leading to, protest and struggle by all available means ... in order to arrest the fascist wave that is threatening to engulf us".

Oct 23 14:43

French pension reform vote passed by parliament

So even the fact that 4 million French people demonstrate against this reduction of the social safety net that they have paid all their lives for, they donated it to the horse traders of the banking world, The French elite have take a dump down the throats of the people tehy are suppose to serve.

Mr Dr. Guillotin Should have the Nobel peace prize!

Oct 23 13:47

Tarpley: US exports depression to China

If you look at the global economy and take a look at growth, China is in the lead and in some cases is leaving the world in the dust. Is China to blame for the recession in the United States and has the US declared economic warfare? Maybe it is time for America to take a page out of China's playbook for economic success. Asia Times correspondent Pepe Escobar and Investigative journalist Webster Tarpley join RT's Kristine Frazao to discuss the world's economy and Chinas place in it.

Oct 23 13:40

No coincidence - Assange and Gadahn's new "leaks"

Saturday, October 23, 2010
No coincidence - Assange and Gadahn's new "leaks"
Asking the fox to investigate the chicken house certainly won't result in any military or government heads rolling but for those who think Wikileaks is working for the CIA what is planned is that the Wikileaks Propaganda Helps Build A Case for Attacking Iran. With reports like "how Iran devised new suicide vest for al-Qaeda to use in Iraq," war crimes by the U.S. and/or Israel against Iran can be looked at as justifiable.
The Mossad front SITE[ ]most likely had the the latest Gadahn video 'in the can' and ready for release as soon as Wikileaks gave the world their Iraq 'leaks.'

Oct 23 12:51

America declared that ninety six percent of the Gulf of Mexico is open to fishing

The fact that 96% of the Gulf of Mexico is now open for fishing is scary. The chemicals from the dispersant used in the supposed clean up of the gulf mixed with the VOC’s are a very toxic combo.

The fact is that poisons and toxins have not only harmed humans, they have also caused massive fish kills and an untold number of wildlife deaths.

Oct 23 12:49

Haiti: Outbreak 140 Dead Thousands Sick As Death Toll Rises

There has been a major outbreak of Cholera in Haiti as confirmed by the BBC. The region has been bombarded by disaster since the powerful quake that claimed 250,000 lives this year. 1.5 million people have been rendered homeless and things have gotten worse.

The scene in Haiti looks like a clip out of the movie outbreak as 140 humans are already dead and over 1000 have been hospitalized.

Oct 23 12:49

'Even if the Israelis confess, I don't expect any justice from them'

Maysa Samouni, whose husband Tawfiq, 21, was killed and baby daughter Jumana, now two, was injured in the building struck by missiles on 5 January, 2009, was unmoved yesterday by the progress of the investigation into the attack.

"The court wouldn't bring back my husband," she said. "Even if they [the Israelis] confessed that they shot at the warehouse crowded with the civilians, I didn't expect any justice from them."

Oct 23 12:03

French pension reform vote passed by parliament

The French parliament has narrowly given its approval to the pension reforms which have caused a wave of strikes, demonstrations and protests across France, leading to traffic chaos and petrol shortages.

The senate voted 177 to 153 to approve measures including a rise in the official retirement age from 60 to 62. The lower house, the national assembly, had earlier given its assent.

The vote came after the right-of-centre government of President Nicolas Sarkozy used emergency clauses in the constitution to push through the reforms. The reforms had stalled in the senate after opposition members tabled hundreds of amendments leading to three weeks of debate.

Oct 23 11:43

Cholera in Haiti blamed in deaths of more than 100

Haitian health officials are blaming the deaths of more than 100 people suffering from acute severe diarrhea and dehydration on an outbreak of cholera.

``For sure it is that,'' said a Ministry of Health official, who asked not to be identified because the government had yet to make an official announcement.

At least 1,000 people had been hospitalized in the lower Artibonite region in recent days, with the main hospital in St. Marc filled to capacity.

Oct 23 11:15

What Happened to Hemp? Blame DuPont, Says Joe Baegant

How did hemp go from being a popular industrial material to a banned substance in 1937? Author Joe Bageant describes how the non-psychoactive plant was once used in everything from paper to automobiles, until a targeted PR campaign forever tied hemp's image to it's cousin, marijuana.

Oct 23 10:39

Weimar in Jerusalem: the rise of fascism in Israel

Yitzhak Herzog, the minister of welfare in the Netanyahu government, a member of the Labour party, the grandson of a chief rabbi and the son of a president, said a few days ago that "fascism is touching the margins of our society". He was wrong: fascism is not only touching the margins, it is touching the government in which he is serving, and the Knesset, of which he is a member.

Oct 23 10:38

UN Peacekeepers Complicit in Sex Trade

Unfortunately sexual abuse, rape, and sex trafficking are more commonplace than occasional, wherever Blue Helmets are deployed. Blue Helmet abuses, including trading food for sex with girls as young as eight in Liberia, said also to go on in Burundi, Ivory Coast, East Timor, DR Congo, Cambodia, and Bosnia. Various other reports were similar, abuses including sex with young girls, rape and trafficking.

Oct 23 10:36

Hate-filled Israeli rabbis incite violence against non-Jews

Israel appears to be awash with Jewish hate preachers. In the past, rabbis who issued racist edicts or offensive remarks about Palestinians or non-Jews were generally dismissed as radicals and extremists who were no more than a trifling annoyance to be ignored in the hope that they would simply go away. However, it is now clear that ignoring this problem has only made it worse.

Oct 23 10:35

Double Agent Gadahn turns up the volume; calls for attacks in U.S.

CAIRO — A U.S.-born spokesman for al-Qaida on Saturday urged Muslims living in the United States and Europe to carry out attacks there, calling it a duty and an obligation.

In a 48-minute video posted on militant websites, Adam Gadahn directed his appeal to Muslim immigrants in what he called the "miserable suburbs" of Paris, London and Detroit, as well as those traveling to the West to study or work.

Oct 23 10:15

Same Imperial leadership emerges from voter upheaval

WASHINGTON — Change at the top? Not necessarily.

Whichever party controls the House and Senate after the Nov. 2 election probably will install the same leaders whose policymaking helped bring about the sour economy, nearly double-digit unemployment and deficit spending that has led voters to call for fresh faces.

Oct 23 10:00

White House Adviser Voices Asteroid Worries

MSN - National emergency plans for natural disasters can also work in the unlikely scenario of an asteroid strike on the U.S., according to a letter to Congress by the White House's top science adviser, has learned.

Ignore the decimation or your natural rights and the destruction of the middle class... watch out for those asteroids!

If people are becoming desensitized to the terrorist threat, give them something new to be scared of!