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Apr 18 05:45

Macron under fire from French Parliament over Syria strikes

French President Emmanuel Macron said that the US-led strike on Syria was legitimate, but "history will judge" whether the operation was justified". The military action has put President Emmanuel Macron under pressure in French Parliament.

Macron is still working for the Rothschilds, it's a lifetime position.

Apr 18 05:22

The Entire Political Establishment Agrees On The War Against Assad

A strong, clear anti-war anti-interventionist stance is only among a minority in the USA.

Apr 18 05:07

Gassing is bad, but OK for some: US complicity in past chemical attacks

US hypocrisy over its self-righteous military attack on Syria over a recent alleged use of not-yet-verified chemical weapons in Douma raises the question: Is gassing bad, but OK for some countries?

US hypocrisy over its self-righteous military attack on Syria over a recent alleged use of not-yet-verified chemical weapons in Douma raises the question: Is gassing bad, but OK for some countries?
The reason for asking is the rush to judgment by the United States, Britain and France to bomb selected military locations in Syria, which these countries claim research and develop, manufacture and store chemical weapons.

Yet, the United States and some of its Western allies, including Great Britain, have a history of being complicit in a country's – namely Iraq's – use of chemical weapons if it suited their national interest.

So, where's the outrage?

Apr 18 04:55

Pompeo had secret meeting with Kim Jong-un

(*Pompeo can now mix a better mai tai !)

Apr 18 04:45

Nepotism? Rothschild Names Successor To His Empire

The banking house leadership is now replaced by the seventh generation of the Rothschilds.


Apr 18 03:51

Mattis Wanted Congressional Approval Before Syria Strike, Was Overruled By Trump

"Bolton and Mattis were said to be duking it out over the Syria strikes on Friday - with Mattis and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Dunford reportedly "concerned with managing escalation and preventing blowback on US troops," while John Bolton is known for getting very excited at the prospect of a good ole' fashioned regime change"

Bolton should not be allowed anywhere near Trump's brain. There is going to be a lot more death and destruction before he's removed.

Bolton and Trump control the 'Armageddon' nuclear strike button. These two men now hold the fate of the planet in their hands. How the f*ck did that happen?

Apr 18 03:17

Bolton in contact with Arab states to create regional force in Syria: Report

"The United States in particular is enlisting assistance from Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates should the US significantly reduce its troops size in Syria."

So the US is expecting the Gulf Dictators to bring 'freedom and democracy' to Syria. If Nato and these Dictators stopped funding and arming the Takfiri the destruction of Syria would stop in days. Trouble is, if the takfiri head back to their home countries, with their weapons, the apostate 'Royals' will be reaping what they sowed.

This is the alliance that can't defeat the Houthis in Yemen. They will get smashed in the Syrian Cauldron.

Apr 18 03:08


Apr 18 02:38

US wants to urgently invest $65 million in Donbass

The US authorities are to allocate up to $65 million through the Agency for International Development (USAID) for the "economic recovery" of the Donbass. The funds are believed to be used to strengthen trade ties of the region with Western Ukraine and the European Union to decrease its dependence on Russia. The contract says that Donetsk and Luhansk regions appear as priority areas for the implementation of the project. USAID analysts noted that the Donbass was in decline before the armed conflict sparked in Ukraine because of the lack of funding, but Russia exacerbated the situation in the region even more. Technically, a US contractor will thus have to establish ties between Donbass, Western Ukraine and the international market. In the United States, it is believed that stabilising the Donbass economy and providing assistance to small and medium-sized businesses will entail an increase in the number of private entrepreneurs and investors who will be ready to invest in this region.

Apr 18 02:34

Russia refuses to transport NATO's military hardware

Russian transport company Volga-Dnepr decided not to work with NATO cargoes. The management of the company specialising in the transportation of large-tonnage and supersize cargoes informed the North Atlantic Alliance command that An-124 Ruslan super-heavy jumbo aircraft would no longer be used for the transportation of NATO cargoes. It was reported that the company made such a decision in response to the missile attack on Syria conducted by the United States, France and the UK on April 14. NATO member countries would frequently use the services of the Russian Volga-Dnepr company and Antonov Airlines of Ukraine to deliver heavy military hardware to the sites of military operations or joint exercises of the alliance. During the early 2000s, An-124 Ruslan aircraft had flown to Afghanistan more than 200 times. Now the Ukrainians may count for the number of commercial shipments to increase.

Apr 18 02:29

Will Americans sacrifice one of their warships to start a major war? (By Jim Jones)

I am amazed by the pontificating of supposed Military Experts who go into considerable detail figuring out who would "win" in a limited war between the "West" and Russia/Syria. These guys simply astound me - I have 25 years military service and was a senior Field Rank Officer; I have some knowledge of what I am about to speak but I would never describe myself as some Expert on military matters. Anyone, remotely connected to the military will know and tell you that there are no certainties in war and the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. [Thank you Robbie Burns]. In the military, we had a term - "the fog of war". Meaning that once you launch into battle, there is so much that can and does happen which is unscripted and unplanned that you must rely on the training of your troops and the overall battle plan in order to succeed because your plan just went out the window.

Apr 18 02:23

Iran strongly determined to fight for Golan Heights

The Trump administration is looking for a replacement for the American military contingent in the north of Syria. If the United States agrees with Saudi Arabia, the situation in the south of the country will become a lot more intense as Iran and Israel stand on the brink of war. Does it all depend on Putin's decision, who still remains angered with the most recent bombings of Syria? On the night of April 17, Syrian Shayrat air base in Homs was shelled again. Pentagon officials said that the United States was not conducting military operations in the region. Iran held Israel responsible and threatened with "an appropriate response," Haaretz newspaper reported citing a statement from official representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Bahram Ghassemi.

Apr 18 02:09

Russia punches USA in the stomach

Russia will be able to make products without the permission of rights holders in the United States and US-supporting countries. This regulation is present in the draft law, which provides for retaliatory measures to anti-Russian sanctions.

Apr 18 01:09

Arming the World: Inside Trump's 'Buy American' Drive to Expand Weapons Exports

With this Oval Office intervention, the details of which have not been previously reported, Trump did something unusual for a U.S. president – he personally helped to close a major arms deal. In private phone calls and public appearances with world leaders, Trump has gone further than any of his predecessors to act as a salesman for the U.S. defense industry>>>

Apr 18 00:44

Palestinians Mark Prisoners’ Day with Rallies Throughout West Bank, Gaza

In Ramallah, Palestinians, including families of prisoners and officials, marched toward the Israeli military checkpoint to the North of the city where soldiers fired tear gas and stun grenades at the protesters soon after arrival forcing them to disperse, WAFA reported.

Similar protests and rallies were held in city centers in Nablus, Bethlehem and Hebron in the West Bank and in Gaza city, where Palestinians gathered outside the Red Cross office demanding intervention from the international humanitarian agency to make sure their sons and daughters held in Israeli prisons are treated according to international law.

The protesters held pictures of their imprisoned sons and daughters and called for their release.

Nearly 7000 Palestinians are currently incarcerated in Israeli prisons for resisting the 50-year-long brutal occupation>>>

Apr 17 18:25

Facebook still allowed apps to access data from users' private friends lists until just two weeks ago

In the weeks since the Cambridge Analytica scandal came to light, Facebook has insisted that apps could no longer access the data of users’ friends in the ways that allowed the firm to collect millions of people's information without their knowledge.

But, that doesn’t mean your friends lists were completely off limits.

While Facebook says it made changes to ‘dramatically limit the data apps could access’ back in 2014, including detailed data about a person’s friends, developers could still access ‘taggable friends’ lists until just two weeks ago.

This would reveal names and profile pictures of those friends, according to the Telegraph.