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Aug 13 11:48

LOL: ABC's Staged Fake Experiment Finds Democrats Support Free Speech, Republicans Do Not

ABC's "What Would You Do?" on Friday night aired a made-for-tv fake experiment in a small Republican township in New Jersey which portrayed Republicans as enemies of free speech and Democrats as its defenders.

Aug 13 11:48

MSNBC's Mark Thompson: Only White People Can Be Racist

Radio host Mark Thompson said Sunday on MSNBC that only white people can be racist.

Aug 13 11:42

British expat, 40, dies after plunging from an apartment block in Ibizan party town - the same building as a 26-year-old Briton fell from last year

A British man has died after plunging from an apartment block in an Ibizan party town, it has emerged.
The 40-year-old, who is thought to have been living on the Spanish island, fell to his death at the Tanit building in San Antonio last night.

Aug 13 11:41

FBI's Peter Strzok, Who Sent Anti-Trump Texts And Has Faced Trump's Rage, Has Been Fired

Strzok's lawyer says the FBI's deputy director reversed the recommended 60-day suspension made by the bureau's Office of Professional Responsibility.

Aug 13 11:40

Hijacker's remains found: Aerial photos show crash site from above as plane's flight recorder is found among shattered pieces of aircraft so small 'you can pick them all up by hand'

The aftermath of the deadly crash caused by a suicidal baggage handler who stole an empty passenger plane and flew it into an island on the Puget Sound on Friday was laid bare on Sunday in aerial images of the wreckage.

Aug 13 11:32

Escape from the Mayo Clinic: Parents break teen out of world-famous hospital

Mayo neurosurgeons saved her life, but she and her parents were unhappy with the care she was receiving in the rehabilitation unit, and they say they repeatedly asked for her to be transferred.

But they say Mayo refused to let her transfer to another hospital, even after a lawyer wrote a letter asking Mayo to make the arrangements.

Aug 13 11:22

Rudy Giuliani Teases ‘Big Week’ in the Mueller Investigation

During a Monday appearance on “Fox & Friends,”

Aug 13 11:10

Ad Platform Caves to Mob Outrage, Bans Infowars

Advertising platform Criteo has caved to mob outrage and banned Infowars in yet another example of Big Tech censorship

Aug 13 11:08

Iran's Leader Bans Talks with US

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei underlined that Iran would not sit to the negotiating table with Washington, and declared a strong ban on talks with the US.
"Recently, the US officials have been talking blatantly about us. Beside sanctions, they talk about war and negotiations. They talk about a spirit of war to frighten the cowards," Ayatollah Khamenei said, addressing a large number of Iranian people from all walks of life in Tehran on Monday.

"In the matter of negotiations, they play a poor game. One of them says, negotiations with preconditions, another one says, negotiations without preconditions. Let me address the people on the matter in a few words: There will be no war, nor will we negotiate with the US. This is the gist of the word that all the Iranian people should know. The US has now suggested negotiations; this is not new. This has existed since the beginning of the revolution," he underlined.


Aug 13 11:02

Blue Haired, Gun Control Dem Congressional Candidate in GA shoots lover to death


Aug 13 10:58

Disturbing moment farmer finds a rat with a PLANT growing out of its back ‘after a seed fell into an open wound and germinated'

This shocking footage shows a live rat with a sapling soya plant growing through it's body.
Experts are baffled by the freak occurrence, but have speculated that a soya bean seed could have fallen into an open wound and germinated.

Aug 13 10:57

FBI warns cyber criminals are plotting a mass hack against bank ATMs including HSBC and Barclays 'in days'

The FBI has sent a confidential alert to warn banks of a global 'cash-out scheme'
British banks with large overseas interests have been made aware of the danger
Smaller banks with less sophisticated security are said to be most vulnerable
America's intelligence chiefs have warned banks of a major hacking threat to cash machines worldwide in the next few days.

Aug 13 10:56

Google really IS recording your every movement even when you tell it not to! Search firm tracks location data using your smartphone regardless of permissions

Google claims you can 'pause' Location History to stop tracking of your device
Experts found that even with this setting on, Google still monitor location data
They created a map of the movements of a Princeton postdoctoral researcher

Aug 13 10:54

Russia to Dump More US Treasuries in Retaliation Against Sanctions

Moscow will continue selling off its holdings of US Treasury securities in response to the new penalties Washington is ready to introduce against Russia in the near future, according to Russia’s Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.
“I do not rule it out,” Siluanov said in an interview with Rossiya 1 TV channel.

“We have significantly reduced our investment in US assets. In fact, the dollar, which is considered to be the international currency, becomes a risky tool for payments," he stated, adding that the government will stick to the plan of moving away from the US dollar for international trade, as it recently proved to be a “risky” payment method.

(*the way I look at it , This Is A WIN For P.O.T.U.S. Trump .
I wish I could say the same for my Granddaughter , though)

Aug 13 10:39

Antifa openly calling for people to be SHOT.

The scene outside the federal building on 17th Street in DC