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Jan 21 16:31


Jan 21 16:26

Another Jimmy Savile could ‘be lurking in the BBC’, says leaked report

The BBC has an “ingrained” culture of quashing dissent, serving staff have warned, as a leaked draft of an official report expressed concerns that “a predatory child abuser could be lurking undiscovered in the BBC even today”.

A draft of the Dame Janet Smith review of practices at the BBC found that the fear of whistleblowing at the organisation was “even worse” in the current era than at the time Jimmy Savile was abusing children while working for the broadcaster.

Jan 21 16:23

Were the U.S. Boats Off Course in the Persian Gulf an Actual Example of the Mythical “Rogue Operation”?

The problem is not hard to address logically. All of the official and unofficial stories that have come out are based on the notion that the boats accidentally strayed into Iranian waters, specifically within 3 miles of Farsi Island. The first story was mechanical problems, then one boat had mechanical problems (engine conked out) and the other ran out of gas, so couldn’t tow the first, then the SecDef announced no, no mechanical problem, a navigation error. Of some 50 miles.

Jan 21 16:19

UK’s War Submarines Running Windows XP-Based OS Called “Windows for Submarines”

A Windows XP-based operating system called “Windows for Submarines” is said to be powering these submarines because “it was cheaper than the alternatives,” although the same article acknowledges that everyone involved in this actually admitted that there are indeed some security risks associated with using an unsupported platform.

Basically, the biggest threat is experienced when submarines are called to ports to get software updates, as unpatched vulnerabilities in the operating system could be used by cybercriminals to break into their systems.

The Ministry of Defense isn’t worried that hackers could exploit vulnerabilities found in the unpatched operating system, and in a statement, officials explain they pay particular attention to keeping submarines protected against this kind of threats.

Jan 21 16:18

Merkel at risk: Germans rebel against chancellor’s party over ‘refugee love’

The migrant crisis is taking its toll on the German Chancellor Merkel. Local population's' mood is 'worse than ever'. There's even talk of a revolt within the ruling coalition. Bavarian lawmakers are preparing a formal letter of protest to limit the immigration for the sake of solidarity among the population.

Jan 21 16:15

?You're Going to Need an Ad Blocker for Your Next TV

Smart TVs are evidently so smart they can tell what’s playing on the screen and show you pop-up ads based on what you watch. So discovered security researcher Paul McMillan this week while watching Inglorious Basterds on his Samsung smart TV: one minute into the movie, an Army recruitment ad popped up on the screen.

This is my Samsung SmartTV with a US Army pop-up ad on top of Inglorious Basterds streamed from Netflix on my FireTV
— Paul McMillan (@PaulM) January 19, 2016

Now, pop-up ads on Samsung and other smart TVs have been discovered before. But the weird thing here is that the TV can seemingly recognize any input you play through it, and add ads on top. What’s more, the ads may be targeted based on content recognition, a sort of built-in Shazam for ads.

Jan 21 16:10

Judge Judy Is on the Supreme Court, According to 10 Percent of College Grads

According to a study by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, a non-profit dedicated to liberal arts education, these survey results represent a wider "crisis in American civic education."

Jan 21 16:09

Russian Tu-95 ‘Bear’ strategic bomber explodes on runway

Alleged footage of an incident in June in Russia’s Far East, which saw two airmen killed and an iconic Tu-95 bomber badly damaged, has been published by a local news website. The video was reportedly filmed by an eyewitness.

Jan 21 16:02

The Hidden Reason Why Stocks Are Tumbling…

Jan 21 16:00

56% Would Drop ESPN In A Heartbeat If It Meant Saving $8 A Month On Cable

A new study commissioned by BTIG Research and analyst Rich Greenfield (registration required) found that 56% of those surveyed would happily ditch ESPN if it meant saving them $8 a month. 60% of females say they would ditch the channel for the $8 discount, while 49% of males would do the same. And while ESPN could pursue a standalone streaming service, 85% of those polled say they wouldn't subscribe at $20 a month, even if it bundled in all of the additional ESPN channels such as ESPN 2 and ESPN 3.

Jan 21 15:59

GCHQ spies quashed this phone encryption because it was too good against snoopers

The researcher who discovered that the UK government's phone encryption standard has a huge backdoor installed has made another discovery: GCHQ's rejection of a better encryption standard because it didn't allow for undetectable spying.

Jan 21 15:57

AMX backdoors US govt's comms system with Batman-inspired surveillance mode

AMX, which supplies communications kit for the White House, US military, and several of the largest corporations, built a superhero-themed surveillance backdoor into its products.

An analysis of the AMX NX-1200 communications controller by researchers at SEC Consult showed the device had a "setUpSubtleUserAccount" function.

It turns out this does exactly what it says – it sets up a hidden account with special abilities not even given to an administrator, such as packet-capture and sniffing, as well as access to the network interface. This powerful, all-seeing account can be accessed via the device's built-in web interface or via SSH using a hardcoded password.

That's a major issue, particularly because the US President has been seen using AMX equipment to talk to his military advisors.

Jan 21 15:47

US reportedly rebuilds airbase in Syria without Damascus ‘yes’

Russia may soon no longer be the only foreign force operating from a base inside Syria. According to some media reports, it's claimed US specialists are working to rebuild an abandoned airfield in the North-East of the country.

Jan 21 15:34

Donald Trump Interviewed By Larry King at the 1988 Republican Convention

"He's young, he has Robert Redford good looks, he's conservative and he's rich!" began CNN anchor Mary Alice Williams. In 1988 Donald Trump was interviewed by CNN's Larry King and NBC's Chris Wallace (Now FNC), at the Republican National Convention.

Jan 21 15:33

Chinese Debt Bubble About to Burst

Economist James Henry and Ho-fung Hung say China's debt-to-GDP ratio above 240% is an indicator that there is a major disconnect between the market and the real economy.