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Dec 23 15:52

Watchdog names Clinton most corrupt politician of 2015

As corrupt public officials go, Hillary Clinton is in a league of her own. That’s according to a Washington ethics watchdog that just named the Democratic presidential front-runner as the top ethics violator of 2015.

Dec 23 15:46

Terrorism and Trump: New Challenges for Social Justice Organizations

The wake-up call is right there in the front page headline of the Dec. 11 New York Times: “Poll Has Trump Gaining Ground on Terror Fear.”

Dec 23 15:38

Border Patrol Officer viciously beats elderly couple for helping an injured woman

— On the night of December 4, Carol LaDue and her husband Richard were travelling along County Route 37 near Massena, when they saw an injured woman lying in the road.

The woman was 33-year-old Ashley McDonald, who’d just been hit by a car and was dying.

Dec 23 15:35

The media LIED: Liberal, Puerto Rican professor destroys media lies about Trump’s Mexican comments

No Trump did not label all Mexicans as rapists – the media just purposefully misrepresented his comments to confuse you

Dec 23 15:34

UK police accused of institutional racism

The family of a refugee murdered after police in Bristole failed to protect him in 2013 against a mob has accused police of institutional racism.

Dec 23 15:28

UK criticizes Russia airstrikes in Syria

British foreign secretary dismisses Russia’s military tactics in Syria as unacceptable claiming that Russia’s airstrikes don’t target the ISIL militants.

Dec 23 15:19

Totalitarian PC

The political left has been trying to run other people’s lives for centuries. So we should not be surprised to see the Obama administration now trying to force neighborhoods across America to have the mix of people the government wants them to have.

Dec 23 15:02

Cameron ‘urged to act’ after US bans British Muslim family from Disneyland trip

Mohammed Tariq Mahmood, from Walthamstow, London, was preparing to board a flight with his brother and nine of their children on December 15, but officials from US Homeland Security stopped them as they queued in the departure lounge at Gatwick Airport.

Dec 23 14:58

The American Whitewash of George Herbert Walker Bush

As old man Bush nears the end of his life, it seems not to be the end of the Bush dynasty. Jeb’s story is also one of privilege, shady connections, get-rich-quick schemes, using the Governorship to make millions, and taking post-Governorship payoff’s from Wall Street for lucrative state actions. As Jeb Bush struggles and plans to steal the nomination from the convention, we must ask ourselves, “do we really want another Bush in office? Why aren’t these people in jail?”

Dec 23 14:52

Nimitz Staying in Bremerton

The ship will join the USS John C. Stennis, marking the first time two nuclear-powered aircraft carriers have been homeported in Bremerton.

Dec 23 14:38

Tapped : Most Americans have less than $1,000 in savings

Americans are living right on the edge — at least when it comes to financial planning.

Dec 23 14:30

Human rights in US a catastrophic failure: American researcher

The rising death of an African Americans by the hands of white police officers highlights the “catastrophic failure of human rights in the United States,” a researcher and historian in Washington says.

Dec 23 14:23

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Now the TSA can force you to go through the body-scanner…

Your next flight might include a mandatory trip through the body scanner, with the US government quietly changing the opt-out rules for searches. In a document published earlier this month, the Department of Homeland Security outlined an update to the Advanced Imagery Technology protocols used by the TSA at US airports, adding a clause which allows officers to insist travelers go through the controversial machines.

Dec 23 14:16

Neocons Threaten to Start New Party if Trump Wins GOP Nomination

On Monday the guiding light of the neocon faction of the Republican party, Bill Kristol, said a third party will be required if Donald Trump wins the GOP nomination.

Dec 23 14:11

Corbyn calls soaring homelessness disgrace

Jeremy Corbyn blamed the Tory government’s austerity policies for the deteriorating problem.

“It’s a disgrace that young and often vulnerable people are among the hardest-hit from the government’s cuts to welfare – cuts that make it far harder for people facing homelessness to get back on their feet,” he said.

Dec 23 13:55

This Week in PC Run Amok: School Professor Calls on Students to Say ‘Happy Federal Holiday’

A professor for political science at the University of Central Florida recently wrote an opinion piece for UCFToday calling for students to begin wishing one another a “Happy Federal Holiday” salutation instead of others that may be too selective and inclusive.