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Nov 24 13:40

Pet Spider Banned From Parliament, But Tory Whip Won’t Give Up Leggy Assistant

Conservative Party chief whip Gavin Williamson is refusing to follow parliamentary rules and remove his pet tarantula from the House of Commons.

Williamson is locked in a dispute with the man tasked with upholding parliamentary regulations over the future of his furry friend, Cronus the spider.

Nov 24 13:09

All indications point to a cruel winter as the polar vortex is set to return to bite the US

Snow cover in Siberia has reached its highest point for this time of year in decades which influences the weather in the US

Nov 24 12:47

Historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz On Thanksgiving: "It Has Never Been About Honoring Native Americans"

As much of the United States prepares to mark Thanksgiving this weekend, many Native Americans will gather in Plymouth to commemorate the 47th National Day of Mourning. This year is dedicated to water protectors at Standing Rock and to the struggle for recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Day. To discuss this and more, we speak with indigenous historian and activist Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz. She is the author of An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States and co-author of All the Real Indians Died Off: And 20 Other Myths About Native Americans.

Nov 24 12:45

USS Zumwalt Out Of Service Due To Malfunction

The US Navy has been forced to temporarily retire USS Zumwalt, its most advanced warship, due to a major malfunction.

The $4.4 billion guided missile destroyer broke down for unknown reasons on Monday while it was crossing the Panama Canal and remained there for damage assessments.

Nov 24 12:43

‘They Will Kill If Necessary’: Historian Scolds Crackdown Of DAPL Protest

Corporate America will eventually “liquidate” Native Americans, like those at Standing Rock who are protesting the Dakota Access pipeline, “one way or another,” author and academic Ward Churchill told RT.

“Native Americans have no rights that [a] corporation is bound to observe,” said Churchill, a former University of Colorado Boulder professor of ethnic studies, paraphrasing a pre-Civil War ruling by the Supreme Court on African-American rights. “It is that attitude and Indians getting in a way of profitability and convenience of those in charge of the United States, will be liquidated one way or another.”

Nov 24 12:05

Italy NEXT to reject establishment as protest vote set to WIN referendum, shock poll finds

A Demos poll has revealed Mr Renzi's reforms will be rejected by an 11 percentage point margin in the south of the country - where most of the poorest regions are located - compared with a seven-point margin across the country.

As the nation prepares for a momentous referendum, which could spark an exit from the European Union, Mr Renzi said that he would have no interest in running the country if voters reject the proposed constitutional reform.

Nov 24 12:03

Now sabre-rattling China unveils its WARBOTS – terrifying drones which attack in packs

THEY travel at twice the speed of sound and use new generation Artificial Intelligence to attack in packs - and the outgun anything the west has to offer.

Nov 24 12:02

‘Brexit Means Brexit!’ Rally Outside British Parliament Demands Swift Exit From EU

A crowd of ‘Brexiteers’ gathered outside the British parliament to urge a speedy exit from the European Union. Demonstrators accused the government of using loopholes to prevent the departure from taking place.

The Wednesday protest reportedly drew around 200 people, with demonstrators shouting “What do we want? Brexit! When do we want it? Now!” during the event.

Nov 24 12:02

DAPL Protesters For Sophia Wilansky Burn US Flag, Occupy Times Square

More than 200 Dakota Access pipeline protesters marched in New York City to honor activist Sophia Wilansky, who purportedly faces possible arm amputation and up to 20 surgeries after pipeline security threw a concussion grenade, which authorities deny.

More than 200 activists gathered in New York City’s Columbus Circle at 7:00pm Wednesday, independent journalist and activist Ashoka Jegroo told RT. In a press release emailed to RT, the protest was described as “a rally of both love and rage: love for our people, and the rage to fight for a better world.”

Nov 24 12:02

Student dragged off street and raped by 'Middle-east looking man' in German town

The shocking incident happened in Bochum, a city in the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

According the student's account, she was grabbed on a bridge and pushed into some nearby bushes, where she was attacked.

She said: "He did not understand German nor English, was obviously not a student, had a beard and looked like he came from the Middle East."

Nov 24 11:58

Furious Leave voters to boycott Virgin as Branson 'funds Brexit blocking group'

SIR Richard Branson faces a boycott of Virgin products and services as furious Leave voters react to the businessman’s plans to bankroll a plan to block Brexit.

Nov 24 11:45

The Trump Effect on Americans’ Perception of the Economy

“Hope” returns. But we’ve been through this before.

Nov 24 11:42

Pakcoins for Palestinians Project

I have created this thread to start a project to get Pakcoins into the hands(digital wallets) of Palestinians. I have several reasons for starting this endeavor. The main ones are to educate Palestinians, especially those living in the Gaza Strip about digital currencies. One of the other major reasons is that this effort will hopefully lead to greater use of Pakcoin and digital currencies among Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank which will enable them to more easily resist the Israeli economic pressure against them...

Nov 24 11:32

Labour Must Stop Obsession With ‘Identity Politics’ & Focus On White Working Class – MP

Labour MP Stephen Kinnock has blasted what he terms Labour’s “obsession” with “identity politics” and called for the party to focus on social mobility for white workers.

He also urged the leadership to “manage immigration” and argued that this was a key role of the state in politics.

Nov 24 11:27

Loretta Lynch And The DOJ Are In Trouble! The American Center For Law and Justice (ACLJ) Has Filed a Federal Lawsuit Against Her!

It looks like Loretta Lynch is getting ready to reap what she has sewed. She has held the FBI back in its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server.

Nov 24 11:22

Trump vs. MSM: Donald’s twitter to become No1 source for White House news?

Donald Trump seems to be going to war with the US mainstream media. The president-elect has accused outlets of being dishonest and biased against him.

Nov 24 11:19

SpaceX Grabs $112mn Contract From NASA For Unique Ocean Survey

SpaceX has added a $112 million NASA contract to its trophy case, winning the privilege of launching a satellite for the first-ever global surface water survey. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket is slated to take off in 2021.

Elon Musk’s company would provide “launch services” for the agency’s Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) mission from Space Launch Complex 4E at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

Nov 24 11:05

Man Pushed Toward NYC Subway Tracks For Being White

A man was assaulted on an East Harlem, N.Y. subway platform reportedly because of his race, the New York Post reported.

Nov 24 11:05

America’s #1 GMO Cookie that Causes Fatty Liver and Cancer

By Organic and Healthy

Oreo cookies are a family favourite, with over 22 varieties available in the US they have popular since their introduction over 100 years ago, but recent research shows that these sweet treats are hiding a dark secret...

Nov 24 11:02

Turkey Claims Syria Attacked Its Soldiers; Claims Disputed By SOHR And Even ISIS

By Brandon Turbeville

Three Turkish soldiers were killed and 10 were wounded as a result of combat operations in Northern Syria on November 24. The Turkish military is blaming Syria but virtually every other observer has disputed those claims including the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a notorious anti-Assad propaganda outfit and even ISIS itself...

Nov 24 10:31

Buying Silence: Why So Many Democrats Are Mute About Standing Rock

After weeks of calling for the United States Government to provide the efforts of water protectors at Standing Rock to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, Bernie Sanders finally has some company in the United States Senate joining him in that call.of people.

Nov 24 10:30

Democrats And Media Agreed | No Way Trump Could Win

This is a very satisfying clip...


Nov 24 10:28

Trump Vs. MSM: Donald’s Twitter To Become No1 Source For White House News?

Donald Trump seems to be going to war with the US mainstream media. The president-elect has accused outlets of being dishonest and biased against him.

Nov 24 10:20

PLEASE DO A RECOUNT | Make Cupcakes Cry Again

This particular Cupcake crying never gets old...


Nov 24 10:04

Autumn Statement Exposes £122bn Black Hole In Post-Brexit Budget

Philip Hammond’s first Autumn Statement as Tory chancellor pointed to bleak times ahead, as cost of living is expected to rise, economic growth to slow and Brexit to leave a £122 billion black hole in the country’s finances.