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Mar 06 12:29

UK Police Call For New Digital Legislation

Head of British Essex Police, leading the fight against digital crime, has called for new legislation to tackle an “unimagined scale of online abuse” that is threatening to overwhelm the police service.

Mar 06 12:17

Trigger warning: Milo Yiannopoulos upsets the delicate flowers at the University of Pittsburgh

Milo Yiannopoulos is a conservative writer and free-speech activist who is currently on a speaking tour of US universities. He spoke at the University of Pittsburgh on 4th March last, drawing a crowd of approximately 350 students, including a small number of protesters who were very upset that anyone should be allowed a platform to voice opinions they even remotely disagree with.

Mar 06 11:48

Gold:Silver Ratio Makes Historic Move

Mar 06 11:39

America The Fallen

Mar 06 11:31

The US, Saudi Arabia, And The Destruction Of Libya By Western Forces

The aftermath of the regime change operation in Libya has become even more horrific, as the United States resumes bombing. The intelligence behind the latest decision to escalate military action in Libya is believed to be faulty again. Re-escalation of military operations by Western forces in Libya comes amidst a new report by the New York Times on the role Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton played in pushing President Barack Obama to support intervention in Libya when she was secretary of state.

Mar 06 11:30

What a Palestinian’s hunger strike tells about the fate of Israel’s occupation

Jamal Kanj argues that the case of Palestinian journalist Muhammad al-Qiq, who went on a record 94-day hunger strike in protest at his “administrative detention”, shows that Israel will not succeed in subjugating the Palestinian people.

Mar 06 11:30

After Watching Violence At his Orlando Rally, Trump Says "You know, we have a divided country folks. The hatred, the animosity. I'm gonna bring people together. You watch."

As violence broke out directly behind Donald Trump at his rally in Orlando, Florida, yesterday, Trump stopped his speech and walked towards the protesters. Trump watched the scuffle with particularly keen interest, pointing at it. The protesters involved flipped off Trump as they shouted at him. After the people were removed, an apparently subdued Trump came back to the microphone to comment on it.

Mar 06 11:28

Former DEA Agent Exposes US Government’s Role in Cocaine Epidemic

Were the CIA and the U.S. government responsible for devastating American communities by supporting drug traffickers? There is an epidemic of cocaine, heroin, and other drug use in America, and many other drugs are being shipped into the US in greater numbers than ever before. Are the United States government and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to blame for flooding American communities with cocaine in the 1970’s by covertly supporting the Latin American drug trade?

Mar 06 11:12

Donald Trump Holds MASSIVE Rally - Full Speech - Saturday, 3/5/16 in Orlando, Florida

Saturday, March 5, 2016: GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Orlando, FL and spoke to a packed house at CFE Arena.

Mar 06 10:59

16-year-old faces statutory rape charge for having consensual sex with girl the same age as him

A CO KILDARE district judge is voicing ‘serious concerns’ for a 16-year-old boy in State care who is facing statutory rape charges after having consensual sex with a female the same age as him.

Mar 06 10:58

Texas Trooper Fired After Being Indicted For Perjury, In Woman's Suspicious Death

Murder charges have never been filed in the very suspicious death of 28-year-old Sandra Bland, a black woman who was pulled over by a violent Texas Trooper in 2015 for allegedly not using her blinker. But Trooper Brian Encinia has been fired after being criminally indicted for committing perjury in the case. Also, LibertyFight has found a very poignant 11 minute video of (the now deceased) Sandra Bland giving a talk about police brutality and race relations from her 'Sandy Speaks' Youtube account.

Mar 06 10:58

No, Turning On Your Phone Is Not Consenting to Being Tracked by Police

The Maryland Court of Special Appeals on Wednesday upheld a historic decision by a state trial court that the warrantless use of cell-site simulators, or Stingrays, violates the Fourth Amendment.

Mar 06 10:45

Report: Bus loads voted twice for Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz really wanted Kansas. Last night on Twitter, reports were rampant about people double voting for Cruz.

Mar 06 10:33

Flashback 2005: Glenn Beck Threatens To Kill Michael Moore

The U.S. Secret Service has acknowledged to CBS News that it is currently investigating Glenn Beck's threats to kill Donald Trump. This is not the first time beck has been involved with death threats or has threatened someone's life. In 2007, Beck told Congressman Ron Paul that Paul's supporters were threatening Beck's life. And in 2005, Glenn Beck threatened to kill filmmaker Michael Moore. Beck began, "I think I could. I think he could be looking me in the eye, ya know? And I could just be choking the life out of him. I stopped wearing my 'What would Jesus do' band and I've lost all sense of right and wrong now."

Mar 06 10:32

Democratic Presidential Candidate Jim Webb Says He Won't Vote For Clinton, Might Vote Trump

"If you’re voting for Donald Trump, you might be getting something very good or very bad. If you’re voting for Hillary Clinton, you’re going to get the same thing. Do you want the same thing?"

Mar 06 10:25

Legalizing Weed Has Done What 1 Trillion Dollars And A 40 Year War Couldn't

The Mexican drug cartels are finally meeting their match as a wave of cannabis legalization efforts drastically reshapes the drug trafficking landscape in the United States. It turns out that as states legalize cannabis use and cultivation, the volume of weed brought across the border by Mexican drug cartels dramatically decreases — and is putting a dent in their cash flow.