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May 27 08:03

Email Scandal Won’t Affect Presidential Campaign: Clinton

US Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton has defended using a private email server while serving as secretary of state, saying the email controversy will not affect her White House bid.

In an interview with CNN on Thursday, Clinton insisted her actions were no different than that of her predecessors, and claimed that she would not allow the issue to dog her election campaign.

May 27 08:00

EU Army Fears Among Brexiteer Military Chiefs Are ‘Fanciful’ – Expert

Fears among former senior military officers that British forces will be absorbed by a pan-EU army are misplaced to the point of being fanciful, according to a respected professor of international security.

In a comment piece for the Conversation website, Professor David J Galbreath, who teaches International Security at the University of Bath, said Prime Minister David Cameron had been right to describe the creation of an EU army as “fanciful.”

May 27 07:56

An Unknown Billionaire's Quest To Reverse Aging

If you Google Osman Kibar’s name you’ll find pictures of him playing poker. It’s not that he was ever a serious player–just that in 2006 he won the first poker tournament he ever played in and then, a year later, came in second out of 3,000 players at a tournament run by the World Series of Poker in Vegas.

“I don’t get this,” he told a friend. “I’m going to enter another tournament just to check this assumption.” So he played one more tournament, won it and then quit. “While I’m playing, it’s you and the other players,” says Kibar, 45. “The cards are irrelevant.

May 27 07:51

Seed Guardians: These Indigenous Women Protect Future Plant Biodiversity

By Christina Sarich

Plant and seed biodiversity are threatened in many parts of the world, but Aboriginal Australian women are helping to preserve one of the most valuable resources their country has — indigenous secrets to seed saving that have been practiced for over a thousand years...

May 27 07:42

Caught On Camera: US Special Forces On ISIS Frontline In Syria

US Special Forces operatives have been photographed fighting alongside the Kurdish militia in northern Syria in a drive against the Islamic State-held city of Raqqa. The Pentagon insists the Americans are there in “advise and assist” capacity only, however.

A photographer for Agence France-Presse (AFP) took pictures of the American special operatives in what The Washington Post identified as the village of Fatisah, roughly 30 miles (48 km) north of Raqqa. Kurdish fighters from the People’s Protection Units (YPG) – part of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighting against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in northern Syria – identified the men as Americans.

May 27 07:42

Trump Asked If Hillary Should Drop Out Of The Race

Last night on the campaign trail reporters asked Trump if Hillary should drop out of the race because of the burgeoning email scandal, and he had an awesome response...


May 27 07:37

How Obama And Clinton Are Endangering All Of Us

I am a lifelong FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) Democrat and therefore am anything other than prejudiced against the Democratic Party. But, that Party died when Bill Clinton became President and undid FDR’s regulations on the megabanks and FDR’s AFDC income program for children in poor families, and when Clinton replaced that with restoration of Wall Street’s control over America (like before FDR, only a more convoluted form of it).

May 27 07:35

North Carolina Doctors Are Now Printing “Living” Body Parts

By Brianna Acuesta

Doctors at a medical center in North Carolina have begun printing living tissue, including sections of bone, cartilage, and muscle, and have successfully transplanted them into animals.

The goal for researchers is to eventually use the technology to transplant tissues into human patients as a method of repairing damaged areas. More specifically, they hope to repair a variety of areas, such as a damaged jaw, scarred heart muscles, or even a missing ear...

May 27 07:34

Rubio: 'I'm Releasing My Delegates And Joining Team Trump'

Good clip from an interview from last night with Jake Tapper...


May 27 07:29

Is this the end of the road for antibiotics? Superbug resistant to ALL drugs reaches the US, experts warn

A woman in Pennsylvania has become the first American to test positive for a strain of bacteria that is resistant to all antibiotics, even those used as the last line of defense.

The alarming discovery 'heralds the emergence of truly pan-drug resistant bacteria', experts have warned.

May 27 07:27

DEPOSITION BOMBSHELL: Hillary Clinton Doesn't Know How To Use A Computer

Hillary says Trump isn't qualified to be President, and she can't even master the rocket science involved with a mouse and keyboard.

This story is going to destroy her. And it just hit Drudge...


May 27 07:25

Who owns the Zika Virus

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Zika virus a global health emergency on Monday (February 1) without providing much detail on the disease. So here are some facts until we receive more information:

May 27 07:13

Plans for an EU army are being kept SECRET from British voters until the day after the referendum

The plans involve establishing a military headquarters and are backed by Germany as the first step toward creating an EU army.

Officials have kept the Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy under lock and key and officials working on them are only allowed to make hand written notes while reviewing the material in a specific room.

They must leave all phones and computers outside but diplomats' notes were leaked today.

The Times today said the proposals are due to be discussed at the next European summit on June 28 but will not be sent to EU leaders until June 24 - the day after Britain votes on membership - to avoid leaks.

May 27 07:11

'My disabled mother missed out on SIX bungalows because immigrants jump the council house queue': Brexit voter reveals why she launched her furious outburst during first EU referendum TV debate

Emily Wood, 28, from Poole, who lives with mother Valerie and carer father Roderick, says they have even visited the council houses to prove foreigners are being 'bumped up'.

She said: 'When we have gone round to see who has ended up in the property, it has usually been immigrants'.

Miss Wood fell out with MPs and audience members when she said her disabled mother could not get the council house she needs because immigrants are given priority.

Today the music producer stood by her comments on live TV last night and told MailOnline: 'I felt I had to speak up for my generation'.

May 27 07:06

The Very Long Bet: 100-Year Bonds That Pay Peanuts

May 27 07:01

Anti-cancer jab piloted in gay men

A vaccine to reduce the risk of cancer is to be offered to homosexual men in England in a pilot scheme starting in June.

The jab protects against human papillomavirus, which increases the risk of oral, anal and penile cancers.

It has been offered to school-age girls, to protect them from cervical cancer, since 2008.

However, there have been repeated calls for the vaccine to be given to all boys as well.