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Apr 10 14:32

New York Legislature Approves Free Tuition At State Colleges For Middle Class

The New York Legislature has approved a state budget that would make the Empire State the first in the US to offer free tuition to public colleges for middle-class students from families earning less than $125,000 per year.

Apr 10 14:23

The Scary Temptation Of War In Syria

After the Soviet Union launched a full-scale invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979, President Jimmy Carter remarked to a television interviewer that this event had “made a more dramatic change in my opinion of what the Soviets’ ultimate goals are than anything they’ve done in the previous time I’ve been in office.”

Apr 10 14:11


Somalia’s U.S. ambassador says his embassy has learned that U.S. immigration agents are planning to deport about 4,000 Somali nationals now living in the United States.

“We learned through immigration sources that the total number of the Somalis that are in the books of [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] to be removed are close to 4,000,” Ahmed Isse Awad told VOA’s Somali service Saturday. “Most of them are not in detention centers.”

Apr 10 14:07

150,000 Chinese troops deployed to N. Korean border: Paper

While the catalyst is unclear, it appears the market dropped as headlines of further sanctions against Russia appeared and reports of China deploying 150,000 troops to its North Korea border.

Apr 10 14:06

Rand Paul: “Stupidity” Of McCain And His Ilk Prevent Solution In Syria

Senator Rand Paul, who has been vocal in his opposition of the US missile strike on Syria, hit out at advocates of the action, including his long time rival John McCain, this past weekend, equating their support of military action with “stupidity”.

Apr 10 14:06

Russia had advanced knowledge of last’s week’s chemical weapons attack in Syria: Sr. U.S. officials

In an attempt to further grease the gears of war mainstream press outlets are reporting that Russia was “complicit” in last Tuesday’s chemical weapons attack in Syria.

Apr 10 14:05

Leaving the city behind in the event of an emergency: Could you?

If a disaster were to occur in your city are you or members of your family prepared? That’s what you need to be asking yourself.

Do I have what I need and what it takes for myself and my loved ones to survive?

Remain in the city? Bug out? What’s best?

Please watch the above video via the SurefireWoodsman YouTube channel.

Apr 10 14:04

North Korean video targets, D.C., Colorado Springs, Los Angeles, and Hawaii for nuclear strike

A video that has been in circulation for at least 3-years has resurfaced and is making its rounds on the Intertubes after it was reposted by the SuperSation95 FM Radio’s YouTube channel Monday.

Apr 10 14:02

Pro-Police Author MacDonald Drops F-Bomb on FOX and Friends

Author Heather MacDonald drops an f-bomb on FOX and Friends. MacDonald is a prominent proponent of law and order and speaks out against the Black Lives Matter terrorist group.

Apr 10 13:43

Ex-MI6 Chief Fears Trump Will Launch Catastrophic War On North Korea

US President Donald Trump could lead the world into a catastrophic war with North Korea because of his inexperience and temperament, former British spy boss Sir John Sawers has warned.

Apr 10 13:24

UK Pressing G7 Nations To Impose Tough New Sanctions On Russia

The UK is in talks with international partners to collectively impose new sanctions on Russia if it does not withdraw support for Syrian President Bahsar al-Assad, a government spokesman said.

Apr 10 13:21

US National Security Adviser Urges Russia To Re-Evaluate Syria Support

US National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster has urged Russia to re-evaluate its support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, suggesting that additional American military action against Syria is possible.

In his first televised interview on Fox News Sunday, McMaster said the US will simultaneously fight the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group in Syria and seek to remove Assad from power.

Apr 10 13:13


Donald Trump may be President, but that does NOT mean he is taking it easy one bit. In fact, right now he is in the middle of MASSIVE staff changes at the NSC and he just let one of his top people go!

Apr 10 12:51

Our Nuclear Folly

The well-established assumption that North Korea is our most difficult and dangerous foreign policy challenge is worth a little dispassionate examination.

Apr 10 12:50

War In The Gulf (No, Not That Gulf!)

It’s war in the Gulf and the U.S. Navy is on hand to protect us. No, not that Gulf! I’m talking about the Gulf of Alaska and it’s actually mock war — if, that is, you don’t happen to be a fin whale or a wild salmon.

Apr 10 12:50

The Airstrikes In Syria And The War Drive Of American Imperialism

In the aftermath of last week’s cruise missile attack on Syria, the relentless logic of military escalation is driving decisions in Washington. The US political establishment and media are demanding that the action be followed up by a “comprehensive strategy” to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and escalate the confrontation with Russia.

Apr 10 12:45

False Flag: UN Confirmed Syrian Rebels, Not Assad, Were Using Sarin

Obama and Trump have blood on their hands. Washington and the mainstream media are lying to you about the chemical weapons attack in Syria, using it as “false flag” – a fake justification to wage an illegal war of aggression.

Apr 10 12:18

Bank Of England Implicated In Interest Rate-Rigging Scandal, New Recording Shows

The Bank of England (BoE) has been implicated in the Libor rigging scandal, according to a BBC Panorama investigation.

The London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor) is the interest rate at which banks lend between each other. It consequently sets the benchmark for average clients’ loans and mortgages.

Apr 10 12:05

Scott Adams: Trusting Your Government in a Time of War

President Trump’s critics and supporters agree on one thing: Our new president has a history of “stretching” the truth whenever there is some advantage in doing so, and sometimes even when there is not. You might say he is famous for playing loose with the facts. We all expect a high degree of “hyperbole” from President Trump, to put it kindly. He gets away with it because barely-enough Americans believe his intentions are in line with America’s best interests.

The odd exception to our universal understanding of President Trump’s mode of operation is his claim that he is totally certain Assad was responsible for the chemical attack on his own people last week. The President’s critics and most of his supporters believe President Trump when he suggests that our military can track any plane in Syria and know what that plane did to whom.

Do you believe that?

Apr 10 11:36

All For Love

Here is the latest from the Murdoch Murdoch krew. Enjoy!