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Sep 14 14:13

Menwith Menace: Britain’s Complicity In Saudi Arabia’s Terror Campaign Against Yemen

The ‘mainstream’ Western media is, almost by definition, the last place to consult for honest reporting of Western crimes. Consider the appalling case of Yemen which is consumed by war and an ongoing humanitarian catastrophe.

Sep 14 13:58

Oliver Stone: Any NSA attacks on ‘Snowden’ would have been stupid

On Sept.15, the movie “Snowden,” directed by the iconic filmmaker Oliver Stone, will hit the screens in Russia, a day before it opens in the United States. Even for a filmmaker of Stone’s scale, taking on such a recent and controversial topic was difficult – the film was in the works for two years. But the subject matter was right up Stone’s alley, with its combination of political intrigue, government plots and, in the center of it all, a disillusioned American patriot. Stone spoke with Igor Dunaevsky, Rossiyskaya Gazeta’s Washington, DC correspondent, about the making of the film and his ongoing suspicions. As Stone warned Dunaevsky at the beginning of the conversation, which took place via telephone: “I’m sure we’re being tapped or whatever. The interview could be overheard as well. So I think we should be careful as much as possible. You tell me what you need, and I’ll do my best”...

Sep 14 13:58

Our Post-September 11 Fifteen Years’ War

On the morning of September 11, 2001, al-Qaeda launched its four-plane air force against the United States. On board were its precision weapons: 19 suicidal hijackers. One of those planes, thanks to the resistance of its passengers, crashed in a Pennsylvania field. The other three hit their targets — the two towers of the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. — with the kind of “precision” we now associate with the laser-guided weaponry of the U.S. Air Force.

Sep 14 13:54

Dusseldorf Court rejects individual appeals of 94 banned Russian Paralympians

The Court of Dusseldorf rejected individual lawsuits of 94 Russian Paralympians, who appealed against their suspension from the 2016 Summer Paralympic Games in Brazil, the Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC) announced on Wednesday. The RPC added that the Russian side already appealed the verdict of the court in Dusseldorf with the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany asking to review the case as soon as possible.

Sep 14 13:49

Moscow concerned over violations of adopted children’s rights in US: the facts when Russian orphans were traded online

"We are seriously concerned over the information coming from the United States on the growing number of facts when the rights and legal interests of Russian children adopted by US citizens are violated," Dolgov said. The diplomat reminded that many inquiries of Russia’s law enforcers through the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Investigative Committee remain without answer in breach of the US international commitments, including the 1999 Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters. Russia did not receive "any clear answers" from Washington regarding the violations during the Russian-US consultations in Moscow on Wednesday, the diplomat said.

Sep 14 13:46

Every Major UK Religion Wants Invaders

The leaders of every single major religion in Britain have called upon the U.K. Government to take in even more Third World invaders in an unprecedented joint “interfaith declaration.”

Signed by leaders from Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, Muslim, Sikh, and Zoroastrian congregations, the declaration called for “safe and legal routes” in the UK for the invaders.

Sep 14 13:44

Free trade zone between Eurasian Economic Union, South Korea to be discussed on October 5

The possibility to establish the free trade zone between the Eurasian Economic Union and South Kore will be discussed on October 5 in Moscow...

Sep 14 13:42

EU Council admits link between Russian company, MH17 crash unestablished

Council on Tuesday admitted the absence of whatever established connections between the Russian corporation Almaz-Antei and the MH17 crash in eastern Ukraine in July 2014, the corporation’s Deputy Director General for legal issues and corporate policies, Vladimir Konovalov, told TASS. EU Council representatives made the admission at court hearings on the corporation’s lawsuit, wherein it demanded the repeal of sanctions against it as ungrounded and the unfreezing of its European assets. The hearings were held in the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, which will pass a ruling on the lawsuit before the yearend. "The EU representative stated that the sanctions didn’t come across as a punitive measure but meant much rather an assessment of risks and a precaution for the future," Konovalov said. "It’s plainly obvious this position is political, not legal. New hearings haven’t been appointed so far but they still can be appointed".

Sep 14 13:38

US Concerned About Russian Hacking: NSA Chief

The US National Security Agency (NSA) has expressed concerns over reports that some foreign governments may launch cyber attacks to undercut the November presidential election.

“We continue to be actively concerned,” NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers said at a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

Sep 14 13:38

Ukrainian president to be soon questioned over Euromaidan crimes - prosecutor general

Investigators of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office will soon summon President Pyotr Poroshenko for questioning over Euromaidan crimes, Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko said Wednesday. "The questioning has been delayed. I think it will take place soon," Lutsenko said when asked when the head of state will be questioned as an eyewitness...

Sep 14 13:37

Four civilians wounded in Donbass during Kiev forces shelling

"According to updated information, the night shelling left four people wounded, two were hospitalized, one of them was severely injured," the Donetsk News Agency quotes the press service as saying. DPR officials also reported that the artillery bombardment damaged 15 buildings, including a school. About 190 people remain without electricity and gas. "The night shelling damaged a gas pipeline, while five cases of damage to power lines were recorded. At the moment, 90 people remain without gas and 100 without electricity," the press service said...

Sep 14 13:32

France’s Marine Le Pen says ready to hold referendum on leaving EU

Leader of France’s National Front, a national-conservative political party, Marine Le Pen has said she is ready to organize a referendum on the French exit from the EU if elected president. "A referendum is the best tool in accordance with the democratic norms. Over the past four years I have said that I planned on organizing a referendum where the French could voice their opinion on France’s exit from the EU," she told the European Parliament on Wednesday. The politician, who will run for president in 2017, criticized Wednesday’s speech of European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker stressing that even after the referendum on Brexit the EU continues giving the same answer to the challenging issues that the community needs greater European integration. "Let the nations have the right to be free. Let them have the possibility to cooperate at a level they want to. Better than with Brussels. So, you should finally become democrats and let people define their fate themselves," she said.

Sep 14 13:19

Army 2016 forum: Top 8 newest Russian weapons

Russian weapons designers have presented over 11,000 items of modern weaponry and equipment at the Army 2016 international military and technology forum in the Moscow Region. We’ve selected eight of the most exciting pieces on show.

Sep 14 13:09

Barack Obama’s Nuclear Finale

Tensions in bilateral relations between Russia and the United States mean that Russia needs to adopt a position, and rather quickly, should official U.S. initiatives in nuclear weapons materialize during the remaining months of Barack Obama’s term in office. With this in mind, the available information on the potential nature of such initiatives should be analysed...

Sep 14 13:06

Australia’s Dilemma: the Chinese Bearing Gifts

Tensions in Australian-Chinese relations spread gloom over developments in the past week. At the Group of Twenty summit in Hangzhou, Chinese President Xi Jinping reproached Malcolm Turnbull for hindering Chinese investment in Australia. At the same time, Labor Senator Sam Dastyari was forced to resign from the opposition’s Shadow Cabinet following a controversy over the payment of his expenses by Chinese organizations. The “New Asian perspectives” blog regards this turbulence as the price Canberra has to pay for its strategy of maneuvering between Beijing and Washington. Australia started its “pivot to Asia/to the East” (although, formally to the North, in the country’s case) a few decades ago, when, on the one hand, it lost its privileged access to the UK market after the United Kingdom’s accession to the then EEC, and on the other hand – began to clearly realize its role in the economically dynamic Asia-Pacific region.

Sep 14 13:01

US prepares an Islamic army in Kosovo: there are at least 5 ISIS training camps in Kosovo

The US prepares a reserve echelon in the territory of its Kosovan enclave. But to secure strategic space, the Southern Serbian provinces may be separated. Given absolute apathy of authorities of the Republika Srpska this plan is inching closer to implementation. The goal of the Americans is clear: in case discontent Berlin ousts the US bases from Germany after all, Washington will have a ground in Kosovo. It's no secret that criminal and terrorist mayhem plagues in Kosovo under the patronage of the US... Former Commander of the French foreign legion in Kosovo General Jacques Ogar has recently confirmed to Pravda.Ru data obtained from confidential US sources that there are at least 5 ISIS training camps in Kosovo, which prepare suicide bombers and an army of Islamists to conquer Europe...

Sep 14 13:00

Video: Italian Police Clash With Protestors As PM Renzi Arrives In Naples

Clashes erupted on Monday in Naples between Italian police and protesters who were demonstrating against the arrival of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

Sep 14 12:59

Instead of NATO? What for does EU create its army? EU creates its own 'army of milksops'

Brussels discusses creation of a European army, which will provide home and foreign security of the EU. According to a source in the European Commission, proposals which are contained in a joint document of the French and German Defence Ministers are being considered, as well as creation of a united army. In case the initiative is approved, the European military block may appear by 2018. The EU wants to defend the Schengen Area within the European defence union. Thus, a new command centre is to be created, which would secure operation of the military units, that is medical treatment, logistics, and joint use of military assets. 'There are military structures in the EU which govern peacekeeping operations, that is cooperate with the NATO. But taking into account that almost all of the EU driving forces are members of the NATO, that is the Alliance which is a 'military umbrella' for Europe'.