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Jun 14 07:10

George Neumayr – The Political Pope Francis, THE Man Above God, Pushes One World Government

Pope Francis urged President Trump to stay in the Paris Climate Accord. Neumayr thinks, “Pope Francis is more worried about saving the planet than saving souls.” Best-selling author of the new book “The Political Pope,” George Neumayr, reveals Pope Francis is pushing global government.

Jun 14 07:10

Five Eyes nations stare menacingly at tech biz and its encryption

Officials from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will discuss next month plans to force tech companies to break encryption on their products.

The so-called Five Eyes nations have a long-standing agreement to gather and share intelligence from across the globe. They will meet in Canada with a focus on how to prevent "terrorists and organized criminals" from "operating with impunity ungoverned digital spaces online," according to Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.

In the most forthright call yet from a national leader to break encryption, Turnbull told Parliament: "The privacy of a terrorist can never be more important than public safety – never."

Jun 14 07:05

Voyager 1 passes another milestone: is now 138AU from home

Voyager 1 has just ticked off another milestone: on Tuesday it reached 138 astronomical units from Earth, or about 20,600,000,000km from the planet on which you're (presumably!) reading this story.

It's not an achievement that will be widely noticed or celebrated, because every kilometre it travels sets a new record for the most-travelled artefact humans have ever created. Passing an entirely notional milestone makes little difference, but we noticed the “Miles Since Left Planet” counter tick over and so here we are!

It now takes 38 hours and 15minutes for a radio signal to make it to Voyager and back to Earth, a period of time that is both remarkable and terrifying: we think that the Universe is about 27 billion light years across, but we're just 19 light hours into it.

Jun 14 07:01

Beware! Over 800 Android Apps on Google Play Store Contain 'Xavier' Malware

Over 800 different Android apps that have been downloaded millions of times from Google Play Store found to be infected with malicious ad library that silently collects sensitive user data and can perform dangerous operations.

Dubbed "Xavier," the malicious ad library, initially emerged in September 2016, is a member of AdDown malware family, potentially posing a severe threat to millions of Android users.

Since 90 percent of Android apps are free for anyone to download, advertising on them is a key revenue source for their developers. For this, they integrate Android SDK Ads Library in their apps, which usually doesn't affect an app's core functionality.

According to security researchers at Trend Micro, the malicious ad library comes pre-installed on a wide range of Android applications, including photo editors, wallpapers and ringtone changers, Phone tracking, Volume Booster, Ram Optimizer and music-video player.

Jun 14 06:59

Microsoft Releases Patches for 3 Remaining NSA Windows Exploits

Shortly after WannaCry outbreak, we reported that three unpatched Windows exploits, codenamed "EsteemAudit," "ExplodingCan," and "EnglishmanDentist," were also being exploited by individuals and state-sponsored hackers in the wild.

Specially EsteemAudit, one of the dangerous Windows hacking tool that targets remote desktop protocol (RDP) service on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP machines, while ExplodingCan exploits bugs in IIS 6.0 and EnglishmanDentist exploits Microsoft Exchange servers.

But now Microsoft has released free security updates for unsupported versions of its products, including Windows XP and Server 2003, to patch all the three cyber-weapons and block next wave of "destructive cyberattacks" similar to WannaCry.

Jun 14 06:51

Grand Designs' Kevin McCloud suggests safety aspects weren't fully addressed after 'dangerous' cladding used in Grenfell Tower

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Kevin said: "I think there are two principle issues which seem to be emerging.

"One is yes the residents had already realised that the exit routes from the building were inadequate. There’s only one point of exit for the entire building.

"They were all told that in the case of fire to stay in their flats - which seems bonkers.

"The other thing is the cladding, which we’re beginning to point towards as the culprit and describing as a plastic based product, it seems very strange that it should have gone up so quickly.

"Every single building site in this country has to be approved and go through some extremely rigorous testing thats to do with longevity, structural performance and also fire resistance.

"To see a material in 50 minutes across an entire building take flame like this and allow the flame to move so quickly, well this material is quite dangerous and clearly doesn’t perform."

Jun 14 06:50

Director of company responsible for Grenfell Tower refurbishment admits he is clueless over what cladding was made from

The director of the company responsible for the Grenfell Tower refurbishment has admitted he doesn't know what the cladding was made from.

Police have confirmed there have been at least six fatalities after a huge blaze engulfed the 24-storey tower block overnight.

At this early stage many fear the colourful plastic cladding, which was recently placed on the building as part of a major refurbishment, could have helped spread of the flames.

Jun 14 06:47

London Fire: Grenfell Tower’s Controversial History Emerges After Devastating Fire

And the 400-500 residents, spread over the 20 residential levels, had been advised to “stay put” inside their flats - possibly because there was only one exit.

“The people trapped in the flats were screaming and crying for help. It was very very sad,” Hamda Ali, who lives nearby and got to the scene shortly before 1am, told HuffPost UK.

“The entire building doesn’t have an alarm and the fire brigade were telling people not to come out. I saw people jumping from the top floors without anything because the only way out was down the stairs, which has a gas pipe next to it.”

Samira Lamrani told HuffPost UK that the building was an “accident waiting to happen”.

Jun 14 06:41

"All our warnings fell on deaf ears": Grenfell Tower had £9m refurbishment but no sprinklers before deadly inferno

Residents at a London tower block devastated by fire have claimed their "warnings fell on deaf ears" as details of a recent multi-million pound upgrade were revealed.

At least six people are dead and another 50 injured after the 24-storey Grenfell Tower, in Kensington, became engulfed in flames in the early hours of this morning.

Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO) spent £8.7million renovating the block - improving its community facilities, opening new flats and cladding the exterior - after winning planning permission in 2014.

But residents claim there was no sprinkler system in the building.

And it today emerged Theresa May’s new chief of staff was one of a series of housing ministers who “sat on” a report warning high-rise blocks like Grenfell Tower were vulnerable to fire for four years.

Jun 14 06:09

North Korea Releases American Student Sentenced To 15 Years Of Hard Labor. Here's The Catch … He's In A Coma.

A 22-year-old American college student has been released from North Korea after 17 months of detainment. Three other Americans still remain imprisoned by Kim Jong Un’s dictatorial regime.
Otto Warmbier was taken into custody on January 2, 2016. At the time, he appeared healthy and conscious. This week, when Pyongyang released him from prison, Warmbier was in a coma. According to Warmbier’s family, Otto was stricken with botulism two months after his detention. He has been in a coma ever since.

Jun 14 06:06

We Want A Government So Small That We Can Barely See It

We need to fundamentally redefine the relationship between government and the people in this country. Today, we have become so accustomed to big government that most of us can’t even imagine another way of doing things.