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Feb 12 18:47

South Africa’s Secret Plan To Sterilize Blacks Through Vaccines

South Africa’s apartheid system will always be known for the tragic example of the institutionalized racism that it was as well as for all of the horrific acts of oppression, violence and dehumanization it produced. Much of what took place under the system will never be revealed as both its victims and…

Feb 12 18:47

Advocates Call On CDC To Remove Expired Lyme Guidelines From All Publications

After a decade of controversy, the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) guidelines for treatment of Lyme disease, first posted in 2006, have lapsed and been removed from the National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC). Lyme patients and advocates are calling on the CDC to follow suit and…

Feb 12 18:38

9/11: A Wilderness of Mirrors and the Prince of Darkness

On September 11, 2001 we Americans witnessed the calculated use of terror to traumatize our nation in order to impose a neoconservative political agenda that has been a disaster for the whole world, especially the Mideast. In 2016, all of this is clear, or should be with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. But any Americans who read the neoconservative policy papers in the 1990s, understood the extreme ideas that were being expressed, saw the future, and tried to warn the rest of us about what was coming, were no doubt either dismissed as kooks or smeared as anti-semitic.

Feb 12 18:06


Feb 12 17:17

Auschwitz survivors testify at former SS sergeant’s trial

Reinhold Hanning, 94, sat only a few meters (yards) from the witnesses, but showed no emotion as they told of crematoria chimneys belching flames, naked prisoners being taken to the gas chambers, and seeing people being shot.
Note: Belching flames! Holocau$t. Absolutely disgraceful.

Feb 12 17:14

These 1400 Employees Were Just Told Their Jobs Are Moving to Mexico: “Yeah, f––– You!”

This country is in decline, and the government and corporate leaders who caused it couldn’t care less.

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Feb 12 17:10

Corruption Everywhere

Feb 12 16:55

Wall Street rallies; S&P 500 snaps five-day losing streak

(*The Weekend Bouncing of The Dead Cat .)

Feb 12 16:48

Why the maker of Roomba vacuums is getting out of the warbot business

Today, the maker of cute robotic vacuums is also the largest supplier of ground-based robots to the U.S. Department of Defense.

But IRobot last week announced it was ending its run as a defense contractor. The company said it plans to sell its defense and security business to Arlington Capital Partners, a private equity firm in Chevy Chase, Md., which has deep ties to the government contracting world. The price was up to $45 million, based on sales targets. A new name for the defense unit will be announced when the deal closes in the next few months, a spokesman said.

The sale allows the $800 million IRobot company to focus on selling vacuums and, more recently, robotic sweepers and mops to consumers.

The move follows pressure from Red Mountain Capital Partners, a firm that owns 6.1% of IRobot shares. In a Jan. 25 letter to IRobot’s board, Red Mountain threatened a proxy fight if the company didn’t spin off its defense unit.

Feb 12 16:34

Liberation of Aleppo: What the Western Media is Shy about Telling You

Commenting on the situation in Syria's Aleppo, veteran French journalist and geopolitical analyst Jean-Michel Vernochet says that it took Russia's intervention in the conflict for the duplicity of the Western-Arab coalition against Daesh to come to light.

But "the truth," Vernochet noted, "is far more prosaic, because if the city of Aleppo is completely surrounded by government forces, the rebel supply corridor with Turkey will be cut. Specifically, [it is about] two roads, between Mayer-Azaz and Andan-Aleppo, through which the Salafist- Wahhabists receive reinforcements, weapons, and ammunition from the Turkish.

Feb 12 16:24

What Guns? What Gold? Prepper Tips On “Hiding Your Guns in Plain Sight”

If/when gun confiscation comes to your door, you will need to have some of your weapons hidden or stashed away.