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Jan 21 19:11

Flashback - Cynthia Mckinney: AIPAC is in total control of US Government & few Americans know anything about it

Five words rule congress - "Have you signed the pledge?"

Jan 21 18:56

Corbyn offers Labour’s right an olive branch over Trident

In one of the most bizarre proposals imaginable, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has suggested the UK could re-commission Trident nuclear submarines, but without nuclear weapons.

Jan 21 18:55

Reprieve for Amazon as Controversial Dam Gets Setback

In a case described as precedent-setting, a Brazilian court has suspended the operating license for one of the world’s biggest—and most controversial—dams.

Jan 21 18:54

On the brink: Decision-makers flock to Davos to save global economy

The world's wealthy movers and shakers have gathered in the ski-resort of Davos, as plunging oil prices and turbulent markets, fuel fears of a new economic meltdown.

Jan 21 18:33

New Lows Hit ‘Wash-Out’ Territory

Jan 21 18:24

DARPA Aims For Brain Implants to Control Machines

An implantable neural chip being developed under a newly-announced program by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which will allow humans to directly communicate with computers and control them with just their mind. Besides the obvious military application, the device will open new possibilities for the treatment of different neural disorders, as well as potentially improving the lives of disabled people who are paralyzed, deaf or blind, DARPA claimed in a press-release.

Jan 21 18:19

NSA Director Finally Admits Encryption Is Needed to Protect Public’s Privacy

By Carey Wedler

Encryption, a security measure that makes data impossible to read without a secure code or password, has become an increasingly contentious subject for government agencies and private companies. While the likes of Apple, Android, and other technology companies maintain it is vital, the federal government has forcefully resisted. On Thursday, however, NSA Director Mike Rogers expressed his support for the security feature, drawing a clear line in the sand between federal intelligence and law enforcement...

Jan 21 17:55

The Sleepwalkers Awaken

Jan 21 17:45

Chief Israeli rabbi calls for executing Palestinians

We must not allow a Palestinian to survive after he was arrested. If you leave him alive, he will be released and kill other people,” Eliyahu said, “we must eradicate this evil from within our midst.”

Jan 21 17:36

Economy Stalled, Going DOWN - David Morgan

Jan 21 17:04

8 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Garlic

For all the amazing health benefits of garlic – wouldn’t it be nice to know how to get the best benefits and stop wasting this superfood? Whether it’s eating, storing or cooking garlic – there are some things you need to know to get the best benefits. Here are 8 amazing garlic…

Jan 21 17:03

Native American Tribe Just Donated $10,000 To Help Flint Deal With Lead Water Crisis

The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians in Manistee, Michigan has donated $10,000 to the Genesee County sheriff’s office to assist in providing clean water to the residents of Flint, Michigan. Flint is currently under a state of emergency after local, state, and federal officials admitted there was lead contamination in…

Jan 21 16:59

Yen Vs GBP Vs Gold

Jan 21 16:52

Who Does The Hillary Clinton Piper Play For? Wall Street!

By Brandon Turbeville

While Clinton makes veiled attempts at attacking Wall Street on the campaign trail, the fact remains that she is one of the most heavily Wall Street financed candidates in the race. All of her campaign diatribes against power of banks and how the US government must focus on “Main Street and not Wall Street,” are clearly nothing but empty campaign rhetoric that, in no way, has a basis in the reality of Clinton’s ideology...