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Jan 20 08:20

Taste the Rainbow: Farmers have been secretly feeding cows SKITTLES instead of corn

FARMERS in the US are secretly feeding their cows defective Skittles as they are cheaper than corn.

According to experts, the practice has been going on for years but it only came to light recently after a truck spilled hundreds of thousands of Skittles onto a rural road.

The sweets were all in the same colour and were missing the trademark ’S’.

Jan 20 08:17

SNOW in the SAHARA: World's hottest desert covered in metre thick BLANKET of white

THE red sand of the Sahara has turned white after snow fell on the desert for the second time in a matter of weeks.

The cold snap gripping most of Europe has spread south to the 9.4million square kilometre African desert.

A blanket of freezing snow has settled on the dunes up to a metre thick in some places.

Astonishing photos that emerged today from the town of Ain Safra, known as the ‘gateway to the desert’, show scenes reminiscent of a mountain range.

It comes just weeks after snow hit the Sahara for the first time in 37 years.

Jan 20 08:12

YOU’RE FIRED! Donald Trump is about to take an axe to government spending and the federal bureaucracy

Starting on Day 1, Donald Trump will seek to purge the federal government of officials appointed by Barack Hussein Obama and could ask Congress to pass legislation making it easier to fire public workers.

Jan 20 08:11

Today marks 1,000 days since Flint had clean drinking water

On April 25, 2014, the city switched its water supply from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department to the Flint River
One thousand days ago, the city of Flint shut off the tap to the Lake Huron water they had been receiving from the Detroit Water and Sewage Department and began drawing and treating water from the Flint River.

Jan 20 08:11

People Are Planning To Boycott Spencer's For This Offensive Trump Shirt

Mary Numair was shopping at the Lloyd Center in Portland, Oregon, recently when she spotted Spencer's selling a very questionable shirt.
Among a collection of Trump shirts was one that read "Grab America By The Pussy," a reference to tape published by the Washington Post last year in which the President-elect is heard saying, "When you’re a star, they let you do it. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

Jan 20 08:09

Windows 10 is spamming Chrome users with a Microsoft shopping app

How long before Microsoft charges for an ad-free version of its operating system?

Jan 20 08:07

Privacy warning: Meitu photo app is spyware sharing your phone's data

There has been a sudden craze for freaky-looking photos created using the Chinese app Meitu. The images the app creates are either cutesy or horrific, depending on your point of view, but it's what's going on in the background that has people concerned.

While Meitu has been popular in China for several years --amassing a huge following -- it has only just caught on over here. What many users are unaware of is that while they are busy applying virtual makeup to their face in the app, data such as a phone's IMEI, Mac address, users' precise location and much more is being gathered and shared. The advice? Ditch the app if you're concerned about your privacy.

Jan 20 08:01

Major Markets at Turning Points

Jan 20 07:54

U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power "Sounds The Alarm About The Surge In Antisemitism" In Final 'Exit Memo'

In her swan song, UN Ambassador Samantha Power mentions Israel 17 times, Palestine only once, Russia 14 times and Syria 27 times. She mentions terror 17 times, extreme 7 times, and bank 3 times. All of these exit memos, along with Obama's alleged accolades, is a great deal to wade through, and while we are all certainly looking forward to better things starting today, I encourage writers, researchers and bloggers to search through all this stuff for items of interest. If for no other reason, than to mock and thoroughly discredit the state. Here are all of Samantha Power's excerpts about Israel and anti-Semitism.

Jan 20 07:50

School Employee Fired For Correcting Student's Spelling On Twitter

A staff member for Frederick County Public Schools in North Carolina has been fired after a tweet she sent to a student went viral.
Katie Nash, 34, had her employment after she responded to a students tweet asking for schools to be closed amid a snowstorm. "Close school tammarow please," the tweet from the unnamed student read. Nash replied from the official Twitter account for the school district: "But then how would you learn how to spell 'tomorrow'? :)"

Jan 20 07:50

President Obama Writes Heartwarming Final Letter To The American People

Where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday that President Barack Obama was sworn into office. But eight years later, President-elect Donald Trump will take office in an inauguration tomorrow.
And while it's common practice for the outgoing president to write a note for the incoming president, a tradition that President Obama will be maintaining, it's rarer for a president to write a farewell note to the American people. But this morning, Facebook users are waking up to this sweet message from the president.

Jan 20 07:39

Alex Jones -Infowars Live video stream at Trump Inauguration

AJ -Police Allow BLM to Attack Women at Trump Inauguration

Jan 20 07:33

Trump's Son-In-Law Jared Kushner Invites Bush-Cheney Insider To Serve As Key Advisor In Trump White House

Neil Patel served as Dick Cheney's right hand man and even represented Cheney at meetings during Bush's reign. Patel is set to help Kushner, who has become a key Trump advisor, on the Middle east conflict. Here is a photo of Patel with Cheney from The U.S. National Archives, and also a photo of Patel with Karl Rove going way back to 2003. Trump often describes Kushner as 'very smart,' but the director of Harvard's college preparatory program at the time described Kushner's admission as "an unusual choice for Harvard to make" given that he was "not anywhere near the top of his class." Kushner's felon daddy donated $2.5 million dollars to Harvard prior to Kushner's admission. Last summer at a Town Hall Q&A, a very polite elderly gentleman told Donald trump that "I'm opposed to wasting our military in the Middle East on behalf of Zionist Israel.

Jan 20 07:29

Sjuggerud: The surprising fall in interest rates is here

It’s already happening.

And it came faster than I expected.

Jan 20 07:23

In final act as president, Obama commutes 330 drug sentences

In a last major act as president, Barack Obama cut short the sentences of 330 federal inmates convicted of drug crimes on Thursday, bringing his bid to correct what he's called a systematic injustice to a climactic close.

Jan 20 07:22

American Airlines is banning carry-on bags and overhead bin use for basic economy passengers

Flying American Airlines just got a bit more affordable.
On Wednesday, the world's largest airline released details of its upcoming low-cost Basic Economy fare class.
"American Airlines now has something to offer every customer, from those who want simple, low-price travel to those who want an ultra-premium experience via First Class," American Airlines President Robert Isom said in a statement.

Jan 20 07:09

BIG Changes And Reasons To Celebrate In AMERICA Today!

Americans have waited for this day a very long time. All the hard work has paid off, and so many prayers have been answered.