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Jan 17 08:00

Murder Defendant Tells Judge: "Listen To Me. You Don't Let Me Out Of Here I'll F--king Kill You. I'm A Jew. Okay?"

This is an unbelievable must see. So this guy in handcuffs wearing an orange prison jumpsuit is brought in front of a female judge and begins speaking to the judge in an irritated manner, like the 'Tony Montana' TV character. He says "Listen To Me. You don't let me out of here I'm gonna f--king kill you. I'm a Jew. I will take your fucking life if you don't let me out of here. Okay? I'm done." He continues "What do you want? What's your pleasure, what do you want from me? What's your phone number? If you don't let me out of here I'm gonna f--king kill you!!"

Jan 17 08:00

Sanctions lifted after Iran found in compliance on nuclear deal

"Relations between Iran and the IAEA now enter a new phase. It is an important day for the international community. I congratulate all those who helped make it a reality," said Director General Yukiyo Amano of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Jan 17 07:57

Congressional Republicans slam Obama for lifting Iran sanctions

Paul Ryan pledges to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons

Jan 17 07:53

ADA threatens manufacturer of mercury detection equipment to stop talking about toxic levels of mercury in dental offices

The American Dental Association (ADA) is the leading proponent for installing mercury-based fillings into the mouths of millions of people. The ADA states on their website that, “Dental amalgam is considered a safe, affordable and durable material that has been used to restore the teeth of more than 100 million Americans.

Jan 17 07:52

Liberal professor posts extremely racist anti-American rant, gets immediate invite to White House

Not only does she want to disarm Americans, she also hates LAW ENFORCEMENT

Jan 17 07:52

Clinton calls for new sanctions on Iran

Hours after the U.S. dropped sanctions on Iran as part of the nuclear deal, Democratic primary front-runner Hillary Clinton called for new sanctions on the nation for its ballistic missile program.

Jan 17 07:51

Iran Releases Prisoners Two Weeks After Bold Trump Threat: "THEY WILL BE OUT BEFORE I TAKE OFFICE, I will tell you that much right now."

A mere two weeks after Donald Trump made a bold threat to Iran about the four "hostages" that Trump said Iran was holding, Iran did indeed release the prisoners. At a full-house rally in Biloxi Mississippi on January 2, 2016, Trump boldly vowed that the four would be released before he took office. "THEY WILL BE OUT BEFORE I TAKE OFFICE. I will tell you that much right now. They will be out," Trump angrily said.

Jan 17 07:50

911 Operator Missed Emergency Call, Was Ordering Pizza

A 911 operator in Broward County is accused of missing a call involving a man who fainted while she ordered her lunch.

Jan 17 04:27

Benefits Of Using Linux

If your sick of being pushed around by Micro$oft then there is a solution(and its free).
Xubuntu Desktop with Debian linux is a good choice because its stable, lightweight and can be fully customised.
Download and make a bootable USB drive with Rufus
How to install Xubuntu to dual boot with Windows 7,8,10
Recommendations for the software centre:
Office:- LibreOffice Suite fully featured and can work with MSoffice Docs.
Media:- VLC-media player, Flowblade-video editor,Blender-3d modelling, Audacity-audio editor, Gimp-graphics, Cheese-webcam recording, SimpleScreenRecorder recording screen.
Internet:-Firefox browser, ThunderBird Mail, Filezilla-FTP, Atom for coding, Google Earth, Skype.

Jan 16 22:50

The Man who fought the Bank

An interesting speech from last century.

Jan 16 17:24

Australian dollar tumbles to lowest since 2009, global stocks plunge

It was widely reported in the last half of 2015 that Funds on Wall St. were cashing out predicting a crash in 2016.
The only currency holding value against the $US is the Euro. Gold dropping below $1100/oz and silver below $14/oz despite record sales. Oil prices below the cost of production. China's market is crashing despite economic growth of 7%/pa.

It's looking like a good year for buying, for the chosen few who get free money from the Fed.

Jan 16 17:03

GOP’s Nikki Haley Stands Up for an Imaginary America

Media are heralding South Carolina governor Nikki Haley’s Republican rebuttal to Obama’s State of the Union address. Haley’s call for the party to resist the “siren call of the angriest voices” was, according to AP (1/13/16), a message “of diversity and openness to immigrants that could answer the GOP establishment’s increasingly desperate search for an antidote to the loud pronouncements of presidential front-runner Donald Trump.”