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Jun 28 17:28

US To Deploy Israeli Missile System On Russian Borders: General

The US military has tested an Israeli short-range missile for possible use in its European network of missile systems to deter Russia, says a US Army general.

Jun 28 16:55

'Racist' Pool Safety Poster Brings Red Cross Apology

An American Red Cross Hospital signboard that carried a “super racist” message about swim safety guidelines for children prompted an apology from the hospital on Tuesday.

Jun 28 16:55

How Politicians Capitalized On The Orlando Shooting To Take Away Your Rights

Politicians now typically respond to major tragedies with an outpouring of … opportunistic agenda-pushing. This disgusting penchant for capitalizing on the public’s grief and fear — evidenced in the nefarious USA PATRIOT Act following the attacks of 9/11 — has, of course, surfaced on multiple fronts after the massacre in Orlando.

Jun 28 16:52

100% Of Palestinian Prisoners Have Been Tortured In Israeli Jails

As many as 71 Palestinian prisoners have died in Israeli jails as a result of torture since 1967, Abdel Nasser Farwana, head of the documentation and studies unit at the detainees and ex-detainees committee, said.

Jun 28 16:51

Officers Waited For SWAT At Orlando Pulse Shooting

Details are emerging about the Orlando Pulse Massacre. It is clear that some of the first impressions were false.

Jun 28 16:51

Gay YouTube Star Tells Hillary Clinton, ‘You Don’t Speak For Me’

A gay budding YouTube star is out with a bold new video accusing Hillary Clinton of being disliked by the American people for her scandals and for her propensity to throw minorities “under the bus,” citing her past opposition to gay marriage.

Jun 28 16:41

‘Minority Communities Bear The Brunt Of Police Abuses’

From the media accolades for Sonia Sotomayor’s dissent in a recent Supreme Court case involving the use of illegally obtained evidence, it’s almost unclear if media realized that the ruling represents a loss for her point of view. With a 5-3 decision in the case Utah v. Strief, the Court said that a police officer may detain someone without cause and run their identification, and, if they uncover a warrant, may arrest them and charge them with additional crimes, based on what they find in a search.

Jun 28 16:39

Russia Officially Bans GMOs, Predicts Total Domestic Food by 2020

By Brandon Turbeville

As Monsanto and Big Ag takes a beating around the world (except for the U.S.), Russia has dealt another blow to the multi-national corporation. The Russian State Duma has recently passed a bill banning both the import and production of genetically modified foods. While the United States moves forward with its attempts to pass the authoritarian DARK Act, Russia is moving in the opposite direction...

Jun 28 16:38

Unravelling The 2016 Global Slavery Index

Over the past three decades a radical, worldwide social and political revolution has been slowly building steam.

Jun 28 16:38

ALIEN BREAKTHROUGH: Proof of LIFE ON MARS close as Nasa finds Earth-like atmosphere

The space agency’s Curiosity Rover found high-levels of manganese oxides in Martian rocks as more evidence mounts the Red Planet was once a suitable candidate to host life.

Another recent finding includes proof of ancient lakes on Earth’s closest neighbour, as well as the belief water once flowed freely there.

The discovery of the manganese oxides could be the strongest clue that life once existed as they are formed here on Earth by “atmospheric oxygen or microbes," said Nina Lanza, a planetary scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

She added: "Now we're seeing manganese oxides on Mars, and we're wondering how the heck these could have formed?

Jun 28 16:37

London Mayor Sadiq Khan Demands More Autonomy For Pro-EU Capital After Brexit

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has demanded more autonomy for Britain’s capital in the wake of the UK’s vote for Brexit last Thursday. His statement comes after a petition to make the capital an independent city-state attracted 175,000 signatures.

Jun 28 16:36

Open Letter From Politicians Demand Corporations Reveal Tax Deals

European MPs have signed an open letter that presses governments across the Continent to publish their complex tax agreements with multinational companies on a country-by-country basis.

Jun 28 16:32

Brexit BOOST: Leaving European Union to result in SURGE of tourism to Britain

The pound's value has significantly weakened since the Brexit vote, which has prompted a flurry of interest for UK holidays from overseas travellers, according to agents.

US and Chinese travel sites have reported a surge in queries, as travellers hunt for cheaper breaks.

Jun 28 16:30

We're NOT talking of Scotland NOW: Donald Tusk SNUBS Sturgeon over EU meeting demand

The First Minister insists she has no intention of following Westminster’s lead as Britain breaks from the bloc, stating she wants her country to remain in the Union.

But after revealing she would travel to Brussels tomorrow to discuss the options for her country, Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, said the meeting will not take place.

Sturgeon was set to meet European Parliament President Martin Schulz to press for continued inclusion with the EU for her country, which largely voted to remain during the June 23 referendum.

Tusk, however, said now is not the right time to discuss what Scotland wants, just days after Britain voted for a Brexit.

Jun 28 16:24

Has climate change been disproved? Large Hadron boffins cast shock DOUBT on global warming

A study published this week in the journal Nature has looked more closely at the tiny particles within clouds, known as cloud seeds, that help cool the planet and found they can be produced naturally.

Clouds, including natural ones and those from aerosols, are seen by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as the single biggest source of uncertainty about the so-called human-caused climate change.

The problem stems from not knowing how cloudy the world was before the industrial era, and the fact that some of the gases produced by burning fossil fuels said to warm the plant in the long-term, actually help cool it in the short-term through cloud formation.

But now CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, have left the issue even more confusing after discovering, while creating the fake cloud, that trees could have been putting these aerosols into the atmosphere since they first grew at the time of the dinosaurs.

Jun 28 16:21

This Orwellian Technology Automates Censorship and Is Even Worse Than It Sounds

By James Holbrooks

As people around the world struggle to come to terms with the recent years’ rise in terrorist attacks — and on the heels of a mass shooting in Orlando that left 49 people dead — many are looking to social media platforms to up their game in the battle against online radicalization. Now, a computer scientist claims to have developed an algorithm that can permanently remove extremist content from the Web — before it has a chance to go viral...

Jun 28 16:18

Italy's financial crisis could DESTROY the Euro as nation tipped to be next domino to fall

The country is facing a series of economic and political crises which could see it crash out of the eurozone just months after Britain rocked Brussels by backing Brexit.

Following the historic vote on Thursday, Italy’s top stock market saw its biggest ever one-day fall of 12 per cent, as traders rushed to dump financial stocks.

The carnage continued this week with shares in the nation's two biggest banks, UniCredit and Intesa Sanpaolo, falling by eight and more than 10 per cent respectively.

Investors are worried Italian banks could go under, thanks to billions of pounds worth of bad loans on their books.

They are estimated to have around £270billion of loans that could default and spark a financial crisis in Italy. Experts believe it could rip apart the eurozone.

Jun 28 16:16

Poland calls for Juncker to QUIT as other nations fume that EU has too much power

After Britain’s shock vote to quit the EU, remaining countries are looking for better deals for themselves, and ordering the union to learn from its mistakes or face further calls for a total break up.

Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic called on Tuesday for the powers of the European Commission to be curbed with Warsaw calling for the dismissal of Mr Juncker, the executive's head.