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Jan 15 09:55

Here Are 7 Hilarious Vines That Sum Up Last Night’s Republican Debate

Fox News Business’s Republican debate lasted a long 2 hours. Here are seven vines that show all you need to know that happened.

Jan 15 09:53

To its own risk, NATO follows unwritten rule to finish Russia off

As experience shows, the alliance is unable to handle any global threat, such as terrorist threats and threats to national security of European countries. At the same time, NATO works very well to achieve other goals. Particularly, the alliance maintains aggressive stand-off with the empire of evil in the face of Russia. The North Atlantic Alliance has also been expanding to the east very successfully. In the east, NATO approached the Baltic States that border on Russia, so the alliance could not go further. Ukraine wants to become another member of the alliance, but this country looks so miserable that Western organisations prefer not to have such a member in their ranks...

Jan 15 09:48

Drone Laws to Require Owners To Buy Insurance, Get License Plates – Constant GPS Tracking

By John Vibes

Assemblyman Mike Gatto Southern of California lawmaker introduced legislation this week that would require owners of drones to get insurance and license plates, similar to the requirements for motor vehicles. The bill is called the Drone Registration/Omnibus Negligence-prevention Enactment (DRONE) Act of 2016 and would tighten the restrictions on personal drones even further than they have been already...

Jan 15 09:43

The West wants to crush Russia with the help of artificially created economic difficulties

"It is absolutely obvious that the goal of United States is to direct the Islamic State against post-Soviet space. The Americans want all this cancer to go to Russia... Do you think that Obama allowed exports of American oil for the first time in 40 years for no particular reason? Do you think that Saudi Arabia decided to increase oil production for no particular reason? They all want to do what they did to the Soviet Union in the past. They want to collapse the oil market, create economic problems and then convert economic protests into political slogans and replace the sitting Russian administration with the puppets whom we already know very well. This is the ultimate goal of our Western partners. "I'm happy that we already understand this technology, how it works and how to react to it. I am convinced that we are absolutely capable of overcoming all these economic difficulties to become a stronger country".

Jan 15 09:40

Medvedev: Falling oil prices demand budget revision, bracing for worst

Russia is bracing for the worst economically – making serious changes to its annual budget…

Jan 15 09:31

WalMart To Fire 16,000 As It Closes 269 Stores Globally

if WalMart can't make it with all the welfare subsidies - what's next?

Jan 15 09:26

UK Labor Party Departing from Austerity to Strengthen Economy

Economists for Rational Economic Policy: John Weeks, Ozlem Onaran and Jeremy Smith say Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and Chancellor John McDonnell can break with previous neo-liberal economic policies and pursue an agenda that is focused on productive employment

Jan 15 09:24

Lindsey Graham endorses Jeb Bush

Lindsey Graham endorses Jeb Bush, saying he would be ‘ready on day one’

(*I called this one , when Graham 'Dropped Out' of the race >>>
and we thank you ! )

Jan 15 09:24

The 52% Consensus

The 97% consensus quoted daily by Barack Obama is based on a few fraudulent studies of a handful of published papers.

The only study which actually asked the scientists was done by the American Meteorological Society in 2013. It showed that only 52% of professional members believed the cause of global warming was “mostly human.” Among professional forecasters, the number was closer to 38%. No group came anywhere close to 97%.

Jan 15 09:20

Feds try to suppress herbal molecule that makes your liver nearly 'bulletproof' against alcohol damage

The trade name for the molecule is "NTX" and it's a combination of a licorice root extract plus a functional sugar molecule, both derived from nature. It has already been awarded a patent as a liver protective substance (U.S. Patent Office patent #9,149,491), and it has the potential to help prevent tens of thousands of acute liver toxicity cases each year that are derived from alcohol consumption. Yet the federal government is going out of its way to make sure the U.S. public never hears about this.

It's astonishing. The same government that drips toxic fluoride into the water supply under the false pretense that it's all for "public health" refuses to allow alcoholic beverage manufacturers to label their products as containing this powerful protective herbal extract that prevents liver damage.

Jan 15 09:18

4.5mn Russian tourists won’t visit Turkey this year

Turkey expects to lose 4.5 million tourists from Russia this year, as tourism has been badly hit by the Russian crisis and regional uncertainties, said the Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister Mahir Unal.

Jan 15 09:12

Walmart is closing hundreds of stores and laying off thousands of employees

Walmart is closing 269 stores and laying off thousands of employees.

The move will affect more than 16,000 employees, including 10,000 in the US.

Jan 15 09:11

We Shouldn’t Take Their Oil

Donald Trump’s first presidential campaign ad pledges to “take their oil.” That’s what President (gasp) Trump would do after having “quickly cut the head off the Islamic State,” says the deep-voiced narrator.

Jan 15 09:05

Free Events: “Solving 9/11” Author Christopher Bollyn in Daytona Beach Jan. 17; Cocoa Beach Jan. 19

Join author Christopher Bollyn on January 17 at 2 pm in Daytona Beach for a discussion on his books "Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World" and 'Solving 9-11: The Original Articles."

Mr. Bollyn will speak again January 19 at 6 pm in Cocoa Beach.

Mr. Bollyn will offer an independent analysis of the events of September 11, 2001, that includes historical and geopolitical background and examines the motivation of the people who played key roles in the destruction of the evidence and the obstruction of justice for the families of the victims.

The “Solving 9-11 Ends the Wars” speaking tour is made possible through donations from readers who support Chris’ efforts to reach out to the public. Visit to donate and learn more about his investigative research, books and tour dates.

Jan 15 09:03

WHO Admits That Smallpox Vaccine Created AIDS/HIV

The London Times wrote an article in 1987 that linked the smallpox vaccine to the deadly spread of AIDS in the 1980’s.

In the article (republished below) it is admitted that the World Health Organisation (WHO) led a huge campaign aimed at “eradicating smallpox” but may have also been responsible for awakening what we know today to be the HIV virus.

Jan 15 09:01

Poroshenko Will Reclaim Donbass & Crimea in 2016... Apparently

The President intends to create an international mechanism for the de-occupation of Ukraine. The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has named his priorities for 2016, which included the return of Donbass and Crimea to Ukraine. Poroshenko stated this during a press conference, being quoted by the correspondent of RBC-Ukraine. "In 2016 the restoration of Ukrainian sovereignty over the occupied territories in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions needs to happen", said Poroshenko. He also stated that he will seek the return of Crimea. "The struggle for the return of Crimea remains the first priority. We propose to create an international mechanism for de-occupation. The best format is "Geneva+" with the involvement of partners from the EU, US and possibly country-signatories of the "Budapest Memorandum," said the President. As a reminder, earlier Poroshenko called the deepening economic crisis in Russia a price it paid for its aggression in Ukraine.

Jan 15 09:01

German Economic News Interviews Seymour Hersh on Obama’s Syria Policy

On January 14th, German Economic News interviewed the investigative reporter Seymour Hersh regarding Obama’s war against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad:

Jan 15 08:58

Can China and Russia Challenge the Dominance of the U.S. Navy?

The reduction in the budget of the USA means that, when faced with a challenge, the U.S. Navy will not be able to solve problems based on the purchase of weapons. With regard to the development of the Chinese Navy, the American military party naturally focused on the simultaneous leap in quantity and quality in recent years. With regard to quantitative indicators, in accordance with the data of the "Report on security strategy for the Maritime areas of the Asia-Pacific region", in 2015 the total number of Chinese warships had increased to 303. According to the American military, the number of Chinese warships does not only exceeded this figure in all other Asian countries, but they surpassed the American naval forces on the same day, when the U.S. Navy unveiled the latest report, "Associated Press" quoted a military source that said currently they have 272 warships, so the U.S are already behind China...