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Jun 29 18:05


what little we know and what we think we see thru a mirror darkly

Jun 29 17:52

Police Accountability Suffers Major Blow With Goodson Acquittal

Activists say despite strong evidence against the van driver, the justice system was biased towards police.

Jun 29 17:52

‘You’ve Never Done A Proper Job In Your Lives!’ Farage Booed As He Mocks EU Parliament

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has mercilessly trolled the European Parliament before warning them the UK will not be the last country to leave the EU.

Jun 29 17:17

‘Most Progressive In History’? Bernie Sanders Seeks To Push DNC Platform Further Left

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is prepared for one last fight at the Democratic National Convention. He hopes to use his tireless support base along with his political allies to make progressive changes to the party’s platform.

Jun 29 17:08

North Korea Drill Under Personal Guidance Of Nation’s Leader Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un supervises aircraft, navy and artillery exercises, communicates with military officers, according to state news channel.

Jun 29 17:05

Malaria Vaccine Can Cause Negative 'Rebound Effect,' Study Says

A vaccine for malaria has been a long-time dream for researchers, but it’s no easy feat. Now, a new study on our most advanced vaccine shows its efficacy not only wanes, but it can also make some kids get more bouts of malaria later in life. In a seven-year follow up of the Phase II trial of the RTS,S vaccine—the malaria vaccine that has been in development the longest—researchers found the vaccine significantly dropped in efficacy over time.

Jun 29 17:02

The Ongoing Mexican War Of Independence

As if by osmosis, Mexican-Spanish is creeping into my daily language. My city of temporary residence is San Miguel de Allende, proudly proclaimed by locals to be “Mexico’s Corazon”. This is Mexico’s heart for at least two reasons. It is as near the geographical center as you can possibly estimate in an odd-shaped country like this, and it was the beating heart of The Mexican War of Independence, finally ending the occupation by the Spanish Empire nearly two centuries ago.

Jun 29 17:00

“The Black Budget.” This Is What The ‘Secret Government’ Doesn’t Want You To Know

Countless amounts of academics, presidents and other politicians have told humanity that a secret government is really pulling the strings when it comes to who holds the balance of power on our planet. Multiple studies have emerged showing that a very small group of people and the corporations they run basically have control over all of the worlds resources. According to the estimates of some, the US government alone classifies up to 500 million pages of documents every single year, for the purpose of protecting ‘national security.’ Our world is drenched in secrecy, and it’s reached a point where we don’t really know what’s happening on our planet. Our main source of information is corporate media, this is a big problem

Jun 29 16:57

Leaked Document: Germany And France To Replace Brussels In Charge Of EU?

Document leaked by Polish media indicates German? and France could be taking matters in their own hands without bothering to consult Brussels.

Jun 29 16:56

Brexit: Which Kind Of Dependence Now?

Is Brexit a move toward British independence? Some Leave and Remain partisans may believe so, differing only over whether that’s good or bad.

Jun 29 16:25

Gardasil: Sharing the Carnage with Boys

By Jennifer Otto

In 2014, at the age of 18 and a half, Zach was a first semester full-time college student and worked a laborious job roughly 30 hours a week. His life was on track, he was social, active and happy. Zach swam like a fish in the water with a body built for track who walked miles almost every day.

In early October that same year, Zach sustained an ankle injury which placed him out of work while he recovered. During this October 3rd appointment for his ankle, he was talked into a flu vaccination. October 13th, Zach returned for a follow up and was talked into accepting the Gardasil and meningococcal vaccines. It was shortly after this that the first phase of his health decline began...

Jun 29 16:09

Fatally Flawed: The Bi-Partisan Travesty Of American Health Care Reform

With House Speaker Paul Ryan’s latest proposal to replace “Obamacare,” Republicans have confirmed their complete disinterest in addressing the health care crisis. Following closely behind, Democrats’ own “solution” to the health care debacle is in a free fall, and that may be for the best.