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Oct 14 17:25

A British woman who worked for ‘sexual predator’ Harvey Weinstein has broken a 25-year silence to tell how the film mogul raped her in the basement of his London offices.

A British woman who worked for ‘sexual predator’ Harvey Weinstein has broken a 25-year silence to tell how the film mogul raped her in the basement of his London offices.

The former Miramax employee was left so traumatised by the horrific attack that it was only last week that she was able to confide in her husband and tell him what had happened.

In an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, she explained her silence, saying: ‘I just felt mortified and ashamed – and that no one would believe me.

‘He was incredibly well-connected, powerful and important – and I was just a nobody.’

Oct 14 17:21

Oscars board revokes Harvey's lifetime membership over sexual harassment scandal meanwhile Woody Allen actress alleges Weinstein RAPED her at her London home as Scotland Yard investigates

An English actress has come forward with an allegation that Harvey Weinstein raped her. Meanwhile the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has expelled the producer amid his sexual harassment scandal.

Lysette Anthony, in an interview with the Times of London, alleges she was raped by the disgraced producer when he turned up at her home in the late 1980's. She told Mersey Police her claims last week, who turned the case over to Scotland Yard.

The Metropolitan Police previously confirmed they were investigating a claim without naming Anthony. Weinstein could face criminal prosecution over the attack.

Oct 14 17:20

Disney-ABC TV Begins Layoffs, Restructuring

Oct 14 15:51

Sex addiction is a myth - whatever the rich and famous say

Consider Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood producer at the centre of a storm of sexual assault allegations this week. No sooner had the news broke than he was claiming to be addicted to sex and checking in to an exclusive clinic.

This is a well-worn, PR-managed response to any indiscretion by the rich and famous.

Caught in a compromising position, pants around your ankles? Quick, get into rehab. No one will dare criticise you then because you’re unwell; it’s not your fault. In fact, you’re actually the victim here because you have a cruel illness. Poor you.

What tosh. In reality, these ‘rehab’ clinics are often little more than five-star hotels with therapists, who will nod sympathetically, tagged on.

Oct 14 12:49

Scott Adams: Low Public Approval of President Trump Yet Unusually High Consumer Confidence. Hmmm…

How did we get to a place where The President of the United States has historically low approval at the same time we have recent highs for consumer confidence?

Oct 14 12:39

How a married couple celebrating their 10-year anniversary in Vegas found themselves next to an ‘active shooter’ at the Bellagio on Oct. 1

A married Canadian man named Jeff claims that he and his wife were in Las Vegas on the night of the mass shooting and were inside the Bellagio Resort & Casino’s conservatory taking photos when major panic broke out in the hotel lobby just before 11:20 p.m.

Oct 14 12:24

Majority of Republicans Support Preemptive Strike on North Korea, Déjà Vu Edition

By Eric Blair

After just a few short months of being propagandized, a recent poll conducted by Quinnipiac University revealed that a majority of Republicans (46% to 41%) now support a preemptive strike on North Korea...

Oct 14 12:04

Personal Recollections of the Crash of 1987

Oct 14 11:07

Latest Statement On The Border Wall

President Trump sets the record straight during interview with Hannity.


Oct 14 11:04

General Kelly Tells Reporters They Need Better Sources

Good clip of Kelly dealing with the White House press corps.