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Oct 24 08:39

'The System IS Rigged!' Pat Buchanan Goes Off On CNN Propagandist!

Pat Buchanan went off on the Clinton News Network host Michael Smerconish for trying to claim the system is not "rigged" against Donald Trump.

"Trump made a statement about rapists when he came down that elevator. It's been repeated 10,000 times," Buchanan told Smerconish. "Hillary Clinton has called half of Trump supporters racist, sexist, homophobes, irredeemable. Which of those two quotes has CNN used more often?"

Oct 24 08:34

Wikileaks, Russia, And Me

As someone involved in politics for more than 40 years, I can attest to the fact that you ruffle some feathers and, dare I say, make some enemies along the way. So what? If the bed-wetters and pearl-clutchers aren’t upset with you, you aren’t making a difference.

Oct 24 08:30

Russia-US Relations Must Be Reset – Budowsky

One of WikiLeaks’ releases contains a conversation between Brent Budowsky, columnist for The Hill & Huffington Post, and John Podesta, chairman for Clinton’s presidential campaign, in which Budowsky recommends that Hillary ‘slaughter’ the Donald. RT talked to Budowsky to find out more.

Oct 24 08:12

“Denial” movie contra David Irving backfires

the movie is so incompetent (in addition to being snooze-inducing), that it will mainly increase public curiosity about the Leuchter Report’s crucial significance to Auschwitz studies, the Zundel trial, Irving’s work, and his deservedly lofty status as a military historian. While the film’s production values are high and the cast is A list, the director is no Spielberg and consequently the movie backfires. “Denial” gives new impetus to World War II revisionism, which heretofore was assumed by the public to be a coterie of drooling cranks and crackpots. Even in a movie that detests Mr. Irving, he nonetheless comes off as a formidable advocate. Thank you, Hollywood!

Oct 24 07:58

TRIPS: The Story Of How Intellectual Property Became Linked To Trade

In this 7 part series, Professor Peter Drahos explains how multinationals from US, Europe, and Japan collaborated to create a global platform for multinationals to privatize knowledge.

Oct 24 07:54

U.S. War Policy Has Created The Multi-polar World

By Brandon Turbeville

As the United States squanders the enormous good will and respect it once had by marching forward on the tired legs of a dying empire, the U.S.’ enemies-of-its-own-making are beginning to forge new alliances that might not have been a reality had the U.S. at the very least pursued a strategy of positive reinforcement and cooperation as opposed to a policy of tension, pillage, and war.

The first major crack in the iron curtain of the Anglo-American world hegemon started becoming apparent with the emergence of the U.S. destabilization and proxy war against Syria...

Oct 24 07:51

Surgeons Admit Mammography Is Outdated, Harmful At Best

In 2016, an estimated 246,660 new cases of invasive breast cancer, 61,000 new cases of non-invasive breast cancer, and 40,450 breast cancer deaths are expected to be recorded in the United States alone. With the rising rates of breast cancer, mammography has gained popularity globally as the most effective screening technique to detect…

Oct 24 07:46

Poll: 60% of Republicans believe illegal immigrants vote; 43% believe people vote using dead people’s names

The 2016 presidential campaign has become a referendum on the process of American electoral democracy itself.
Republican candidate Donald Trump’s baseless claims of a “rigged” election and his refusal to promise to accept the outcome of November’s vote have focused renewed attention on allegations of voter fraud.

Oct 24 07:44

Two teen girls arrested after 62-year-old man attacked in Facebook video

Police arrested two teenage girls seen attacking a 62-year-old man in a viral post on Facebook in front of his Syracuse, New York home.

Oct 24 07:36

Bernie Sanders Says Obama Should ‘Kill’ AT&T-Time Warner Merger

Senator Bernie Sanders has criticised AT&T’s proposed $85 billion deal to buy Time Warner Media, saying the merger would result in “higher prices and fewer choices for the American people.”

Sanders called on the Obama administration on Twitter to: “kill the Time Warner/AT&T merger. This deal would mean higher prices and fewer choices for the American people.”

Oct 24 07:20

Hundreds of Thousands of Android Trojans Installed from Unknown Sources Daily

Tens of millions of applications are being installed on users’ smartphones daily, but nearly one third of them come from sources that cannot be tracked, and most of the mobile Trojans are installed via these unknown sources, researchers say. However, some malicious apps also slip into Google Play, while other malware might come pre-installed on mobile devices right out of the box, Cheetah Mobile says.

Oct 24 07:14

Thanks, IoT vendors: your slack attitude will get regulators moving

Last Friday's Mirai botnet attack against Dyn must force everybody's hands – vendors, regulators, and Internet infrastructure operators.

It's going to be a while before research gets as far as attribution to an attacker, but in the meantime, there's plenty of culpability to go around.

Two things are clear, however: the freewheeling idiots of the Internet of Things business need the fear of regulation put into them – and so do network owners and operators.

Oct 24 07:12

Hacktivist crew claims it launched last week's DDoS mega-attack

A group called New World Hackers has claimed responsibility for a DDoS attack that rendered significant portions of the web unreachable last Friday.

Oct 24 07:10

Chinese firm recalls webcams over botnet DDoS woes

Chinese electronics firm Hangzhou Xiongmai is set to recall swathes of webcams after they were compromised by the Mirai botnet.

Mirai exploits the low security standards of internet-connected devices, from routers to webcams, and after enslaving them with malware uses their network connections to launch DDoS attacks, such as that hobbling Dyn's DNS services last week.

Among the many devices infected by Mirai were products sold by Hangzhou Xiongmai, although the company disputes claims that its products comprised the majority of those involved in the attack.

The firm's devices do not force the end-user to change the default password, leaving many thousands open to rogue access.

Oct 24 07:09

"Drain The Swamp"

Donald Trump's latest message is, it's time to drain the "swamp" that he calls Washington. As Martin Armstrong exclaims, this is why the Republican elite stand for Hillary. Term limits and ending lobbying by former government staff would cut too deep into their pockets.

Oct 24 07:07

Watergate's Bob Woodward: "Clinton Foundation Is Corrupt, It's A Scandal"

"Yes, it's corrupt. It's a scandal. And she didn't answer your question at all.... the mixing of speech fees, the Clinton Foundation, and actions by the State Department, which she ran, are all intertwined and it's corrupt. You know, I mean, you can't just say it's unsavory. But there's no formal investigation going on now, and there are outs that they have."

Oct 24 07:06

Prominent Democrat Connected To Clintons Donated $675,000 To Campaign Of Deputy FBI Director's Wife

The political organization of Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, an influential Democrat with longstanding ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton, gave nearly $500,000 to the election campaign of the wife of an official at the Federal Bureau of Investigation who later helped oversee the investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s email use.

Oct 24 06:59

Western Definition Of Terror Fight Differs Between Aleppo & Mosul

While the US-led coalition pushes ahead with its assault on Mosul, Western leaders are still adamant Russia and Syria should hold back from liberating Eastern Aleppo.

Oct 24 06:59

In pictures: Iraqi Army restores cross on Assyrian church after liberating Karamalish

BAGHDAD, IRAQ (4:05 P.M.) - The Iraqi Army was pictured on Monday raising a cross on top of a damaged Assyrian church in the recently liberated town of Karamalish near Mosul.