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Aug 21 16:14

'Wannabe PM' Jacob Rees-Mogg Has Raked In £4mn Since Becoming MP

Tory backbencher Jacob Rees-Mogg, who has been tipped as a possible successor to Theresa May, has raked in a staggering £4 million since becoming an MP seven years ago.

Aug 21 16:13

Moderate drinking protects your brain as you age… really

A nearly 30-year old cohort study has found that moderate drinking can improve the cognitive health of middle- to upper-class white adults. These findings, while limited to its homogeneity, could potentially indicate a medically preventive effect in social drinking. Should the data be further verified across all races and ages, moderate consumption of alcohol could be found to help prevent the onset of debilitating mental conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Aug 21 16:11

Contaminated HOUSE DUST found to promote growth of body fat

Now, a startling new study by the American Chemical Society, published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, would seem to indicate that there could be another sneaky contributor to the nation’s obesity problem: house dust.

This might seem like an utterly ridiculous idea at first glance, but on closer inspection it actually makes sense. Previous research has confirmed that certain environmental pollutants like flame retardants, bisphenol-A (found in plastic) and phthalates (substances added to plastics to make them more flexible), are endocrine-disrupting chemicals – or EDCs – meaning they interfere with the body’s hormonal system. These EDCs have serious effects on reproductive and neurological functions, and impair immunity. Studies have also found that exposure to EDCs at a young age can cause obesity later in life, which is why they have been labeled “obesogens.”

Aug 21 16:10

Report: Ivanka, Jared Helped Forced Out Bannon - 'His Far-Right Views Clashed With Their Jewish Faith'

President Kushner and First Lady Ivanka forced out Stephen Bannon because "his far-right views clashed with their Jewish faith," according to a report from The Daily Mail.

Aug 21 16:05

Bitcoin Price Blows Past $4,000

Aug 21 15:59

Girls Kicked Off DC College Campus For Wearing Trump Hat

A group of high school girls visiting the District of Columbia were kicked off the campus of Howard University for wearing a Trump hat, which the school said was making students feel unsafe.

A student at the historically black college going by the name "EssenceDalton" on Twitter posted a photo of the girls on Saturday, writing: "who told these lil yt girls they could come to THE HU like it was about to be some joke."

Aug 21 15:52

90-Year-Old Bust Of Abe Lincoln Destroyed In Chicago Neighborhood

A ninety-year-old bust of Abraham Lincoln, our sixteenth president, was destroyed in a South Side Chicago neighborhood overnight on Wednesday.

15th Ward Alderman Raymond Lopez criticized the destruction of the statue in a Facebook post on Wednesday evening.

Aug 21 15:51

ISIS Links With Britain Uncovered: Men, Money & A Small Office In Wales

New links between the extremist group Islamic State and Britain have been uncovered in an FBI investigation, which found South Wales businesses helped fund terrorist attacks in Europe.

Aug 21 15:33

If Assad Is “Killing His Own People” Why Are They Rushing Back To Him?

By Brandon Turbeville

As the mainstream corporate press attempts to guilt Westerners over making Syrian refugees return home, Western outlets are, in fact, deconstructing their own propaganda narrative for all to see.

For instance, according to the International Organization for Migration, more than 600,000 Syrians have returned home to Syria since the beginning of 2017, more than the number of returning refugees in the entire year of 2016...

Aug 21 15:31

US Embassy In Russia Suspends Issuing Nonimmigrant Visas

The US embassy in Moscow has announced that it will suspend issuing nonimmigrant visas for nine days and will stop visa operations at the US consulates indefinitely in response to the Russian decision to cap embassy staff.

Aug 21 15:22

Gold Will Trade Like Bitcoin | Edward Karr

Aug 21 15:11

It’s Time To Audit The Fed

We’ve been told over and over again it can’t be done, while defying those expectations each step of the way, and we now have a President who has indicated his support for Audit the Fed. Let’s shock the establishment again by pushing it over the finish line.

Aug 21 15:11

Two Former Wasserman Schultz IT Aides Indicted For Conspiracy Against U.S.

A federal grand jury Thursday indicted two former information technology (IT) aides of Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz — Pakistani-born Imran Awan and his wife Hina Alvi — on four counts of conspiracy in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Aug 21 15:11

Big Ben Will Ring At Noon, Then Fall Silent Until 2021

Big Ben is due to sound the hour for the last time on Monday before it is silenced for four years of repair work. After 12 chimes at noon, the bell will begin its longest period of silence in its 157-year history.

Aug 21 15:10

'He's Not Slowing Down': Sanders To Rip Trump, Push For Single Payer On Midwest Tour

As new polling data shows President Donald Trump’s support flagging in several electorally crucial Midwest states, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is gearing up for his three-state Midwest “Pickup Tour,” which will aim to demonstrate that his ambitious progressive agenda—which includes a $15 federal minimum wage, Medicare for All, and tuition-free public college—has “universal appeal.”

Aug 21 15:05

Geez, you shouldn’t own a gun! : 63 shot over weekend in Chicago; only long July 4th weekend more violent this year

More people were shot in Chicago over the weekend than on any other this year, except for the Fourth of July weekend that stretched four days, according to police and data kept by the Chicago Tribune.

Aug 21 14:58

CNN Commentator Accuses Trump Of Being A ‘White Supremacist’

CNN commentator Symone Sanders accused President Trump of being a “white supremacist” Thursday night for his defense of Confederate statues and monuments.

Aug 21 14:47

Ignoring bad history doesn’t make it go away (video)

Amid the national fervor over Civil War monuments, a former Trump spokeswoman is reminding the left that doing away with reminders of history doesn’t change anything. Democrats ought to listen up.

Aug 21 14:33

What About The ‘Alt Left’?: Trump Sets Off More Outrage With New Charlottesville Comments

During a combative news conference, President Donald Trump asked if the “alt left” had “any semblance of guilt” for the deadly protest violence in Charlottesville, what he called “a horrible moment for our country.”

Aug 21 14:26


The Department of Justice has ended Operation Choke Point, a program used by the Obama administration to cut off credit to businesses, which was challenged by Republicans who argued it unfairly targeted firearms dealers and other lawful operations.

Aug 21 13:59

Trump Impeachment More Likely Than Removal: US Lawmaker

US President Donald Trump’s impeachment is more likely than his immediate removal from office, Democratic lawmaker Brad Sherman says.

Aug 21 13:58

Sri Lankan Government Establishes Phony Office On Missing Persons

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena last month signed a gazette to establish an Office on Missing Persons (OMP) so as to pretend to be delivering justice for the tens of thousands of people who disappeared during the country’s three-decade communal war and civil emergencies.