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Mar 05 06:15

Judge Dismisses Case Asking To Take Rubio And Cruz Off Florida Primary Ballot

A Florida judge took only a minute to dismiss a case that alleged that Republican presidential candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz should not be included on the state’s primary ballot because of their citizenship.

(*The 'Comedy Relief' Stays IN The 2016 Campaign Picture !)

Mar 05 05:52

EU pressured to take stance over Turkish media right erosion

The European Union is facing increasing pressure to speak out against the erosion of media freedom in Turkey following the forced take-over of the country's largest-circulation newspaper, but few expect it to take a bold stance toward Ankara while trying to assure its help in dealing with the migration crisis.

Police used tear gas and water cannons late Friday to storm the headquarters of the Zaman newspaper and enforce the court-ordered seizure of the publication, which is linked to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's top foe, U.S.-based opposition cleric Fethullah Gulen.

The move further reduced the number of opposition media organizations in the country >>>

Mar 05 05:50

China's economic boom Miracle or myth

Mar 05 05:47

Police seize Turkey’s largest daily Zaman

Media under attack: Police seize Turkey’s largest daily Zaman
Turkish police late on Friday raided the offices of Zaman, the country’s biggest newspaper, hours after a court ruling placed it under state control.

Zaman is closely linked to the Hizmet movement of influential US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen.
Turkey says Hizmet is a “terrorist” group aiming to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government. Mr Gulen was once an ally of Mr Erdogan but the two fell out.

Mar 05 05:35

Silver, the most precious of precious metals

If the world economy takes a tumble, what is the best precious metal to invest in? There are many factors to consider: supply, demand, price, usage variation, historic highs and mining trends.

Mar 05 05:33

Law School Committee Recommends Seal Change

A committee tasked with re-considering Harvard Law School’s seal in light of its ties to slavery recommended Friday that the Harvard Corporation revoke the emblem’s status as the school’s symbol.
Meanwhile, at Yale, students are petitioning to rename Calhoun College, and Princeton students are pushing the university to remove Woodrow Wilson’s name from its school of international affairs. Amherst eliminated its mascot and all references to Lord Jeffery Amherst, who advocated for biological warfare against Native Americans in the 18th century. And the Law School’s Royall Must Fall student activist group was modeled after Rhodes Must Fall, a movement at the University of Cape Town that successfully fought to remove a statue of imperialist and apartheid supporter Cecil Rhodes.

Mar 05 05:26

Where Donald Trump stands on Israel and the Jews

“Let me sort of be a neutral guy,” Trump said in February. Unwavering support for Israel is a critical Republican talking point in the party’s perpetual (and still largely unsuccessful) efforts to sway a majority of Jewish voters from their longtime dedication to the Democrats.

Mar 05 05:13

Inside the Twisted Anti-Semitic Mind of Oberlin Professor Joy Karega

Karega has shared a series of posts alleging that Jews or Israelis were behind 9/11...that Jews control the U.S. government
Karega continues: “(1) How has the term “conspiracy theory” been used (is being used) to control the parameters of inquiry and research in the academy?; (2) How has the uncomplicated tying of conspiracy theories to accusations of anti-Semitism been used (is being used) to control the parameters of inquiry and research in the academy?; (3) What are we dealing with when we’re witnessing accusations of anti-Semitism being directed at scholars and researchers who explore, espouse, and even defend conspiracy theories? Rhetorically, are we looking at silencing techniques, intimidation tactics, etc.?”

Mar 05 05:00

Israel to launch one of the most advanced missile defense systems in the world, with U.S. help

When it is complete, Israel’s multibillion-dollar rocket and missile air defense system will be far superior to anything in the Middle East and will likely rival, and in some ways surpass, in speed and targeting, air defenses deployed by Europe and the United States, its developers say.
Note: This is an offensive weapon to be used against other countries.

Mar 05 04:50

Justice still lags for Nazi victims

We called attention to the countless works of art belonging to Jewish families which were prolifically looted and “sold” under duress during the early years of the Holocaust.
In our districts and communities across the country, Holocaust survivors are dying without justice. Their pleas are going unanswered by foreign government bureaucrats. They are faced with silence and inaction.
Note: The Jewish holocau$t survivors owned all the gold and art treasures.

Mar 05 04:45

Cop trespasses, shoots family dog, leaves him to die

A family came home from church one night recently to find that someone had shot their dog. Prior to finding the wounded animal, they found a letter on the front door from a police officer, in which he admitted to shooting the dog. The officer left the dog there to die without attempting to get it help or tend to its injuries in any way.

Mar 05 04:42

Indiana set to divest from companies that boycott Israel

A bill awaiting Gov. Mike Pence's signature would require the Indiana Public Retirement System to identify and divest from companies that are boycotting Israel. House Bill 1378, which passed unanimously in the House and 47-3 in the Senate, is targeting businesses that are engaged in the boycott, divestment and sanctions, or BDS, campaign.
Note: Never under estimate the Israeli Jewish power and control, Never!

Mar 05 01:04

Big name retail stores continue to close down

Mar 04 21:31

Armed drones and military robots have 'limitless potential for disaster': Experts fear we are being lulled into a false sense of security by autonomous machines

Handing over more of the decision-making to machines may ease the human burden in warfare, but those in charge should be wary of being lulled into a false sense of security, warn experts.

They caution that autonomous machines - such as drones and or advanced guided missile systems - might not only make the wrong decisions, they could also be used against us by hackers.

Failing to address either of these aspects, they said, could generate an 'almost limitless' potential for disaster.

Mar 04 21:24

Pro-Brexit business boss suspended: Chamber of Commerce chief pays price for speaking out against EU

The head of one of Britain’s biggest business organisations was suspended last night after speaking out in favour of Brexit.

In an extraordinary move, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) informed members that its director-general John Longworth had been suspended after calling for Britain to leave the EU.

Mar 04 19:59

Keving Barrett: Anti-truther witch hunt fizzles at Oberlin College

Excerpt from Kevin Barrett's email to Oberlin College:

To the administrators, faculty, staff and students of Oberlin College (emailed 2/29/2016)

It has come to my attention that a member of the Oberlin faculty, Professor Joy Karega, is being witch-hunted by the same forces that drove me out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2006. Specifically, Professor Karega is being hounded for suggesting that the Charlie Hebdo attacks may have been a false flag event, and that Israel and its extremist Prime Minister may have helped orchestrate the crime.

Such views may sound odd or unusual to uncritical consumers of Western mainstream media. But in fact they are both widespread and well-supported by considerable evidence.