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Mar 04 16:58

Judge Napolitano: There Will Be An Indictment Before November Elections

Of Hillary? Or will they fry some underlings and claim Hillary was innocent?

Mar 04 16:49

Hillary Clinton gave order to murder Waco babies: Woman Power

Clinton is the “right person” to carry out the psychotic imperatives of the global elite

Mar 04 16:49

Islamist President Of Turkey Ends Press Freedom Today

On March 4th, Tayyip Erdo?an, the Islamist President of U.S. ally and NATO member-nation Turkey, took over the country’s main surviving opposition newspaper, Zaman or Today’s Zaman, where the headline on Friday March 4th was: “Court appoints trustees to take over management of Zaman, Today’s Zaman.”

Mar 04 16:42

TTIP: Another Secret Trade Deal Putting Us And The Environment At Risk

Frank Ackerman, Principal economist at Synapse Energy Economics says we are on the cusp of another trade deal that is fortified to serve the interest of corporations.

Mar 04 16:41

How Precedent And Judicial Restraint Protect Elite Interests At SCOTUS

Dean of UNC-Irvine Law Erwin Chemerinsky discusses the history of the Supreme Court aligning itself with business interests and why today's Court is the most pro-business since the 1930s.

Mar 04 16:39

FBI Is Ready To Indict Hillary Over Emails 3/3/16

Webmaster addition: Of course the FBI is ready to indict Clinton; The real question is WHEN WILL THEY ACTUALLY GROW SOME BALLS AND DO IT? Until an actual arrest and indictment is happening, stop wasting all of our time with hints and rumors.

Mar 04 16:39

‘Super-Predators’: Clinton Confronted Over Past Remarks On Minorities

Hillary Clinton is said to owe her success in the latest Democratic primaries in part to African-American voters.

Mar 04 16:38

Tories Defying Public Anti-Nuclear Protests

Despite public protests, the UK Conservative government has decided to announce £642m in further spending on a replacement for Trident nuclear submarines.

Mar 04 16:29

War-Torn Afghanistan Now Safe Enough To Resume Deportations, UK Court Rules

Afghan asylum seekers can now be sent back to their war-ravaged country after an appeal by Home Secretary Theresa May saw a blanket ban on deportations overturned.

Mar 04 16:29

You Don’t Matter To Drugmakers

If you wonder why Congress critters keep ignoring what the people want them to do — while doing things that people don’t want them doing — take a peek at the unique PR campaign now being run by the pharmaceutical industry.

Mar 04 16:14

Keiser Report: Global Housing Bubbles

In this special episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy are joined by Professor Steve Keen, author of Debunking Economics, and Ross Ashcroft and the crowd-funded series, Meet the Renegades. They discuss housing bubbles in Australia, housing policy in the UK, and the rise of Donald Trump as a sign of the great recession happening outside the property bubble cities in which both politicians and journalists live.

Mar 04 16:14

‘Where’s Your Democracy?’ Calais Migrants Sew Lips Shut In Camp Demolition Protest (GRAPHIC)

Dozens of Calais migrants sew their lips shut in protest against the demolition of the so-called ‘Jungle’ refugee camp.

Mar 04 16:08

The Islamic State’s Obvious Next Step: Arming Its Drones

We recently posted about fears that, one day, the Islamic State might mount a dirty (radiological) bomb attack. The recent loss (and subsequent location) of radioactive material in Basra, Iraq sparked concerns that the Islamic State may yet get its hands on some.

Mar 04 15:58

‘Arrest Occupier!’ Israeli Politician Living In West Bank Met With Protest In UK

The Speaker of Israel’s parliament, addressed British MPs on Wednesday during a controversial two-day visit to London.

Mar 04 15:50

Britain & France Strike £1.5bn Drone Deal

British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Francois Hollande have announced a £1.5 billion ($2.11 billion) deal to develop a next-generation drone prototype as part of an effort to tighten military ties.

During a meeting held in the northern French town of Amiens, the leaders unveiled the plan to build the Future Combat Air System, described by the defense department as the most advanced drone of its kind.