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Mar 04 15:50

Britain & France Strike £1.5bn Drone Deal

British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Francois Hollande have announced a £1.5 billion ($2.11 billion) deal to develop a next-generation drone prototype as part of an effort to tighten military ties.

During a meeting held in the northern French town of Amiens, the leaders unveiled the plan to build the Future Combat Air System, described by the defense department as the most advanced drone of its kind.

Mar 04 15:50

Poisoned, Marginalised, Bankrupt And Dead: The Role Of Agroecology In Resisting The Corporate Stranglehold On Food And Agriculture

It is becoming increasingly apparent that food and agriculture across the world is in crisis. Food is becoming denutrified, unhealthy and poisoned with chemicals and diets are becoming less diverse. There is a loss of plant and insect diversity, which threatens food security, soils are being degraded, water tables polluted and depleted and smallholder farmers, so vital to global food production, are being squeezed off their land and out of farming. A minority of the global population has access to so much food than it can afford to waste much of it, while food poverty and inequality have become a fact of life for hundreds of millions.

Mar 04 15:46

The "Mystery" of This Nasty Black Water Coming out of Texas Faucets Solved?

Flint, Michigan isn't the only place with polluted, disgusting water that authorities (at least at first) attempt to claim they are "baffled" by. It's always rather ridiculous and hard-to-stomach when "authorities" claim total ignorance in these cases and the local media always back them up... Gee, what could possibly be causing black goopy poisonous water to flow out of faucets in Texas?

It's a lot like watching someone stand right next to a bomb and then pretend they don't see or hear it even after it has exploded.

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Mar 04 15:38

Govt. Review Hints At Age Hikes For Future British Pensioners

A UK government review of the state pension system hints at increases in the official retirement age in the years and decades to come.

Cabinet ministers have announced a radical review of the UK pensions over government concerns that the current system may not be “affordable in the long­ term.”

Mar 04 15:37

Donald Trump Held Briefing With Richard Haas,Head of The Council on Foreign Relations

The CFR usually briefs all the major dem and repub candidates!

Mr. Haass, as president of an independent nonpartisan organization, cannot make an endorsement in the presidential race, Ms. Zoric’s statement said. She said that he had offered to hold briefings with all candidates from both parties, and that so far Senator Marco Rubio, Jim Webb, Hillary Clinton, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, Gov. John Kasich of Ohio and Jeb Bush had made appearances at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Ms. Zoric added that the Trump-Haass meeting was held in August.

Mar 04 15:28

Killing Someone Else’s Beloved: Promoting The US Way Of War In Campaign 2016

The crowd that gathered in an airplane hangar in the desert roared with excitement when the man on stage vowed to murder women and children.

Mar 04 15:21

Division Over Britain’s EU Membership Widens

Britain’s business community remains divided over Brexit as a referendum on whether to stay in or leave the EU is getting closer.

Mar 04 15:18

Donald Trump suddenly softened his stance on torture after getting blasted by military and legal experts

After saying for months that he would go as far as targeting terrorists' families and supporting torture as a means of interrogating terror suspects, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump softened his stance Friday and suggested he would respect the limits of international law.

Mar 04 15:14

Trump being advised by ex-U.S. Lieutenant General who favors closer Russia ties

Donald Trump is receiving foreign policy advice from a former U.S. military intelligence chief who wants the United States to work more closely with Russia to resolve global security issues, according to three sources.

The sources, former foreign policy officials in past administrations, said retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, who was chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency under President Barack Obama from 2012-2014, has been informally advising Trump.

Mar 04 15:03

Sanctions convince Russia to produce its own rocket fuel

Russia is completing a new secret plant for producing hydrazine, a fuel for spacecraft. Foreign supplies of hydrazine, which Russia previously relied upon, are banned under western sanctions due to the fact that this fuel can be used in military programs...

Mar 04 15:00

Sanders Demands High-Speed Internet For US Citizens

US Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders has slammed low Internet speeds for American users, drawing a comparison between America and Romania.

Mar 04 15:00

‘Revenge Against Putin For Syrian Airstrikes’: Nanny Who Beheaded Child In Moscow ‘Explains’ Killing

Turn on subtitles to see English translation The nanny accused of beheading a four-year-old girl and waving her severed head outside a Moscow Metro station said it was revenge for “Putin's airstrikes in Syria.” The claim came as it emerged the woman was a mental hospital patient in her native Uzbekistan

Mar 04 14:59

‘A lot of fundraisers are disappointed’: why can’t the Super Pacs stop Trump?

Despite fears that big-money Super Pacs would prove decisive in the 2016 race, Donald Trump’s dominance of the airwaves has left them relatively powerless

Mar 04 14:55

Rubio scrambles to undo Trump in Florida

Polls show it. Elections data indicate it. The political class frets about it. And now his own campaign manager admits it.

Marco Rubio is losing his home state of Florida — the place he has guaranteed he’d win on March 15.

“Yes,” Rubio’s campaign manager, Terry Sullivan, said when asked if the Florida senator is trailing Donald Trump at home. “But it doesn’t matter. We’re going to win Florida.”

Mar 04 14:54

Poll: Donald Trump Still Crushing Marco Rubio in Florida Primary

A One America News Network poll conducted by the nonpartisan research firm Gravis Marketing (PPD Pollster Scorecard: B+) found Mr. Trump leading his closest rival Sen. Rubio 45% to 25%, with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz pulling in 15% of the primary vote. Dr. Ben Carson, who dropped out of the race on Wednesday, trailed with 5% of the vote, while Ohio Gov. John Kasich jumped to 10%.

Mar 04 14:46

Prosperity Not Austerity: New Progressive Budget ‘Prioritizes Well-Being Of People And Planet’

The Congressional Progressive Caucus unveiled on Thursday what it calls “a down payment on a brighter future for all Americans”—a progressive budget for 2017 that offers a blueprint for tacking systemic injustices while creating over 3.5 million jobs.

The Caucus, headed by co-chairs Reps. Raúl M. Grijalva (D-Ariz) and Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), entitled the document The People’s Budget: Prosperity Not Austerity; Invest in America.