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Sep 12 16:24

Snouts in the BBC trough: The 'grotesque' pay-offs handed to BBC bosses - revealed by the crusading politician who called them to account

BBC director-general George Entwistle had been in his job for just 54 days when he resigned. Few people shed any tears at his departure. He was not only an ineffective leader, but he’d just given a lamentable interview to John Humphrys on the Radio 4 Today programme.

Still, after 20 years of moving through the corporation ranks, Entwistle was clearly due something.

His pay-off, however, was astounding. As the BBC told the Public Accounts Committee, there had been £450,000 for starters, which was double Entwistle’s contractual entitlement. On top of that, he got the legal costs involved in negotiating his pay-off.

Plus a further £107,000 to pay costs he’d incurred while appearing as a witness at the Jimmy Savile sex-abuse inquiry — which was investigating dozens of allegations of rape, sex abuse and paedophilia by the BBC star. Plus 12 months of medical insurance. Plus £6,000 to cover PR costs — because his reputation was being trashed by the media.

Sep 12 16:06

‘Something’s Going On’: Trump On Clinton’s Health

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has commented on Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia “diagnosis”, saying “something’s going on” with her.

“I hope she gets well soon. I don’t know what’s going on,” Trump told Fox News early Monday.

Sep 12 16:06

Religious Leaders Urge UK Prime Minister To Do More For Refugees

British Prime Minister Theresa May is being criticized by more than 200 religious leaders for her government’s lack of concern for refugees.

Former archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, is set to lead a speech on Monday urging the British government to do more to help refugees fleeing Syria, Iraq and other war zones. Leaders of Britain’s major faiths said the government’s response to the refugee crisis is “too slow, too low and too narrow”.

Sep 12 16:05

‘They Have No Sensitivity’: US Police Break Into Mentally Ill Man’s House After False Abuse Call

Police officers in Nevada allegedly brutally assaulted a mentally ill man after breaking into his house.

Sep 12 15:45

ISIS Fighter Reveals Group’s Plan If Defeated In Syria

Isis will flourish and survive even if it is defeated in the present battle for Syria and Iraq an Isis militant has told The Independent. In an exclusive interview, Faraj, a 30-year-old veteran fighter from north east Syria, says that “when we say that the Islamic State [Isis] is everlasting and expanding, it is not a mere poetic or propaganda phrase”. He says the group intends to rebuild its strength in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, adding that “Isis has sleeper agents all over the world and their numbers are increasing”.

Sep 12 15:44

‘Extremist’ Children Under 10 Referred To UK De-Radicalization Programs Daily

Efforts to stem Islamic and far-right extremism in the UK have led to children under the age of 10 being referred to government de-radicalization programs on an almost daily basis, new figures show.

A total of 4,611 people, around half of them children and teens, have been flagged up for possible intervention in the past year to stop them falling under the influence of extremist ideologies.

Sep 12 15:43

‘They Should Be Shot!’ Pastor Takes Stand On BLM Protesters Kneeling During US Anthem

An Alabama pastor caused controversy at a local high school football game, saying players who don’t stand for the US national anthem should be shot. His remarks come in the wake of US sports stars’ protests against police brutality.

Sep 12 15:32


The video made the rounds Sunday, showing a weak-kneed Clinton being carried into a van near the September 11th Memorial. It wasn’t taken by the pool of journalists who usually surrounds her. Instead it was captured on a smartphone by Zdenek Gazda, who is reportedly a 50-year-old Czech immigrant and Clinton supporter. He happened to be standing nearby. According to Twitter, people have viewed his tweet more than 10 million times.

In 2016, thanks to ubiquitous video on every social media platform, it takes just a matter of minutes for a person with a smartphone to inject a massive story into the mainstream conversation.

Sep 12 15:30

China and Russia launch BIGGEST ever joint naval drills in BRUTAL show of strength

MOSCOW and Beijing have begun eight days of naval drills involving Chinese bombers, Russian submarines and marines from both navies in the hotly-contested South China Sea.

Sep 12 15:29

Merkel is the ‘worst German chancellor SINCE HITLER' Satirical host in shock TV rant

ANGELA Merkel is the worst German Chancellor since Adolf Hitler, a satirical TV show host has claimed.

Oliver Welke of the Heute Show said only the Nazi leader had made more mistakes during his reign than Mrs Merkel.

Sep 12 15:25

Wolf-whistling a HATE CRIME? Police aim to re-classify sexist acts

POLICE forces across the country are likely to reclassify sexist and misogynistic abuse as a hate crime.

Sep 12 15:23

Hillary Clinton may DROP OUT of election: Democrats 'line up candidates amid health scare'

Now sources have claimed Democratic Party insiders are rushing to consider a replacement candidate in light of Mrs Clinton's poor health.

Emmy Award winning New York Journalist and MSNBC pundit David Shuster tweeted: "Clarification from dem operatives @HillaryClinton pneumonia: Expect emergency DNC meeting to CONSIDER replacement."

But a senior democrat has revealed that while the committee may "plead" with Ms Clinton for her to step down, the decision is ultimately down to her.

Sep 12 15:20

EU bigwig in THREAT to Spain: The next government WILL have to enforce economic cutbacks

AN EU bigwig has warned Span that their budget problems "have not evaporated" in a extraordinary intervention, which undermined the country's sovereignty.

In a shocking concession Eurogroup boss Jeroen Dijsselbloem even said he would like to form the Spanish government himself to make sure it stuck to fiscal pledges.

Mr Dijsselbloem said: "Problems are still there, so they will have to face them and return to the right path."

Sep 12 15:18

Is The Syria Ceasefire Actually A Good Thing?

By Brandon Turbeville

As the US-Russian-backed “ceasefire” plan begins to take effect in Syria today, much of the world is holding its breath in hopes that all guns fall silent and that a “political solution” is found. Despite the fact that virtually everyone expects the ceasefire to fall apart within a short amount of time, the Western media is hailing the agreement as a diplomatic victory for the United States while many alternative media outlets are representing the agreement as a victory for the Russians.

The ceasefire deal, brokered between Russia and the United States, is made up of a number different facets...

Sep 12 15:13

Prepare for 'PERFECT STORM' that will obliterate stocks: Economist's terrifying warning

Investors should prepare for world stock markets to sink by a massive 12 per cent amid a repeat of the turmoil that tore through stock markets at the beginning of the year, according to David Rosenberg chief economist and strategist at wealth management firm Gluskin Sheff.

He believes markets are not ready for a US interest rate rise and when the US Federal Reserve does make changes to its policy - which could happen as early as next week - there's going to be a nasty shock.

Mr Rosenberg's comments come as stocks suffered heavy losses on Monday, with Britain's top stock index the FTSE 100 was down by 1.7 per cent, while France's CAC and Germany's DAX plunged two per cent.

Sep 12 15:13

Keep Wheels Turning! Gaza Student Creates Solar-Powered Car To ‘Fight’ Israel Fuel Blockade

Israel’s blockade of Gaza frequently leaves the Palestinian territory starved of vital resources such as fuel and electricity.

Sep 12 15:08

9/11 And The Treason Of Empire

The fifteenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks has brought us mournful memorials, declarations that we will “never forget,” and outraged realizations that nearly a third of Americans don’t recall what year that signal event occurred. All of this is quite natural, but it isn’t what we need at the moment. Yes, anniversaries are a time for looking back, but I want to do something quite different: I want to look forward, and ask “Where are we now – and where are we going?”

Sep 12 15:01

3 Dead After Plane Crashes Into Nevada Airport Parking Lot

A plane carrying three people has crashed at Reno-Tahoe International Airport, killing everyone on board, according to an airport spokesperson.

The crash occurred after a single-engine Piper Cherokee aircraft plummeted into the airport parking lot just after take-off, according to spokesman Brian Kulpin, as cited by the Reno Gazette-Journal.