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Mar 06 10:01

Only 47% Say US Drinking Water Is Safe: Poll

Less than fifty percent of Americans are confident about the safety of their drinking water, according to a recent poll.

The Associated Press-GfK poll released Saturday shows that only 47 percent of the US population think water flowing from their tap is safe.

Mar 06 09:46

Behind The Facade: America, The Bankrupt Hegemon

Fantasy and fairy tales can go only so far when it comes to the true condition of anything or anyone. Sooner or later the truth must out. This is very much the case when looking at the true condition of the nation the Chinese call, The Hegemon, the not-anymore-so-United States of America. The official Obama Administration economic statistics have declared to the world for more than six years that the world’s largest paper economy was in a marvelous recovery and that unemployment was a mere 5%. Now, with the most severe collapse of oil prices in 13 years, the last remaining job-creating sector of the economy, the oil and gas industry, is rapidly becoming the domino that threatens to topple a mountain of dicey credits and threaten many banks.

Mar 06 09:39

HR Groups Slam UK Trade Fair Marketing Arms To Repressive Regimes

Human rights groups have censured a major UK-sponsored “security trade show” that aims to sell non-lethal weaponry and crowd control gadgets to some of the world’s most oppressive regimes.

Mar 06 09:34

China’s Deserts Expanding

Mar 06 09:33

“Freedom Always Dies Bit by Bit”: Bundesbank Takes Sides in War on Cash

There are two sides in the global war against cash. On one side are many of the world’s governments, central banks, fintech firms, banks, credit card companies, telecommunication behemoths, financial institutions, large retailers, etc. According to them, the days of physical currency are numbered, so why not pull the plug already, beginning with the largest denomination bills such as the $100-note and particularly the €500-note? On the other side are people who like to use cash – most of whom, according to the dominant official narrative, are either criminals or terrorists. After all, they must have something to hide; otherwise, why would they use a private, untraceable (not to mention archaic, dirty, dangerous and unhygienic) form of payment like cash?

Mar 06 09:32

Leading Tech Firms Join Apple Suit Over IPhone Encryption

US tech firms, including Facebook,, Google, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Dropbox, Mozilla, Snapchat and others, filed legal briefs Thursday joining an Apple Inc. suit launched last month against the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Apple filed legal challenges after the FBI demanded “backdoor” access to encryption systems used to protect iPhone data.

Mar 06 09:30

Terrifying Internet-Of-Things Search Engine Lets You Spy On Strangers’ Webcams

It’s called Shodan and it just got much easier to use

Think of the millions of devices with video feeds?maybe the baby monitor perched over your kid?s crib or a security camera looking out over your back porch. A new feature on the most popular search engine for the Internet of Things just made it a lot easier to find such feeds. And it?s even creepier than you can imagine.

Mar 06 09:21

Property Crash Fears Prompt Banks To Offload Risk Onto Taxpayers

Banks and speculators are attempting to offload mortgage default risk onto unsuspecting taxpayers and pension funds amid fears of a looming property crash in London, ethical finance campaigners have warned.

Mar 06 09:17

Just 24 Hours After Being Federally Indicted, Big Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon Was Killed In A Single Car Crash

Just 24 hours after being indicted on federal antitrust charges, former chief executive of Chesapeake Energy Corporation Aubrey McClendon was killed in a fiery single car crash on Wednesday.

McClendon, 56, was indicted on Tuesday. He was accused of conspiring to violate federal antitrust law by “rigging bids to buy oil and natural gas leases in northwest Oklahoma” when he ran Chesapeake Energy Company.

Mar 06 09:14

Iran Accuses U.S. Of Breaching Nuke Deal

Senior Iranian officials this week accused the Obama administration of failing to uphold its end of the nuclear agreement, saying that the Islamic Republic has not been given full access to international banking tools.

Mar 06 09:09

Meet The Radical Gun Control Group That Pushes The Anti-Gun Hollywood Agenda

If you are a gun owner, or even somewhat knowledgeable about guns, sometimes watching television shows or movies can be frustrating. The depiction of anything firearms-related often seems to have no basis in reality.

Mar 06 09:06

Federal Judge May Release New Documents Related to Obama’s Targeted Assassination Program

By Derrick Broze

On Friday, U.S. District Court Judge Colleen McMahon ordered the Obama Administration to hand over three documents related to the targeted assassination program for the court’s review and possible release to the public. The three documents relate to the law and policy that govern the controversial program...

Mar 06 09:05

The Maths Which Show The Tories Are Stitching Up The Result Of The Next Election

There were two sets of figures released today and both should ring alarm bells for anyone who cares about democracy.

The first came from the Office for National Statistics and showed the number of people on the electoral register had fallen from 45,325,100 in 2014 to 44,722,000 last year .

Mar 06 09:05

The Cops Who Jailed A Homeless Man Begging For 10p Get Put In Their Place By A Furious Judge

A furious Judge has thrown out the case of a homeless man arrested for begging just 10 pence, saying it is ‘not in the interest of justice’ to proceed with a prosecution.