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Nov 22 10:01

Britain ‘Cheerleader’ For Bahrain’s ‘Woefully Inadequate’ Human Rights Reforms – Amnesty

Amnesty International has condemned the British government for attempting to whitewash human rights abuses in Bahrain by “cheerleading” the country’s “woefully inadequate reforms.”

Two UK-supported Bahraini institutions created in the wake of the Gulf kingdom’s brutal crackdown on protests in 2012 are widely seen as flawed and as a “PR exercise.”

Nov 22 10:00

We're Gonna Win, It's Almost Over, I Can See The Finish Line...

Sorry, can't spoil the surprise. Watch out Hillary...


Nov 22 09:37

The greedy 1% strikes again! They own almost 1/4 of all UK wealth

The gap between the privileged elite and the poverty-stricken has never been wider.

A report by The Independent newspaper has revealed that 2.2 million millionaires now own almost one quarter of all wealth in the UK.

Nov 22 09:36



Nov 22 09:28

Police Unleash Water Cannons, Concussion Grenades And Rubber Bullets In Standing Rock

Roughly 400 peaceful Water Protectors gathered on a bridge on Highway 1806 near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in South Dakota last night. They gathered in below-freezing weather, doing what they have been doing all along: praying, singing and asking for the authorities to open the bridge to enable those opposing the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL) to reach the nearby town of Mandan for supplies.

Nov 22 09:15

Trump Tells Japan PM A Really Funny Joke: "You'll Love This One."

"A pirate walks into a bar," said the President-elect cheerily to Shinzo Abe during his historic recent visit to Palace Trump....

Nov 22 09:13


This is hilarious. Cupcake screams and throws a fit...


Nov 22 09:08

Donald Trump Inherits Economic Collapse 2017

Nov 22 09:06

David Brooks Says Donald Trump Is Going To Hell

David Brooks should be fired from the WSJ for saying this on television...


Nov 22 09:06

Hillary’s Criminal Enterprise Hits The Skids

Donations to the Clinton Foundation plummeted amid Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential run, it has been revealed.

The non-profit organization’s latest tax filings show contributions fell 37 per cent to $108million – down from $172million in 2014, according to the New York Post.

Nov 22 09:04

Ukraine Marks ‘Dignity & Freedom Day’ As Euromaidan Dream Fades

Three years ago people in Kiev took to the streets in an anti-government protest which resulted in riots, over a hundred deaths, and an ousted government.

Nov 22 08:39

Israeli Activists Hang LGBT Flag On Chief Rabbi’s Office In Protest At Anti-Gay Remarks

Protesters in Jerusalem have hung a gay pride flag on the office building of the city’s chief rabbi, also drawing a rainbow on the sidewalk outside.

Nov 22 08:34

Turkish Students In Britain Have Scholarships Revoked In Post-Coup Crackdown

Turkish university students in Britain accused of backing a coup attempt against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are being stripped of their scholarships and have had their allowances stopped.

The Turkish government has accused 30 students studying in the UK of having links to the Gulen group, headed by the cleric Fethullah Gulen, who it claims was behind the attempted coup of July 15.

Nov 22 08:23

1-minute video: Trump starts ‘fake news’ by refusing executive enforcement of Clinton felonies to operate & hide rogue State Dept., loot & launder $2 billion through Clinton Foundation

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

hat tip: ZeroHedge:

1-minute from Morning Joe:

A US President’s sworn duty is to enforce US federal law. US President-elect Trump, acting upon apparent ongoing threat to his life, initiated his status as Puppet in Chief and teleprompter reader in Orwellian rejection to uphold the law against Hillary Clinton’s operation of secret rogue State Department as Secretary from 2009 to 2013 connected to looting ~$2 billion in “donations” to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for US government tax-paid contracts. This includes rejection to prosecute Clinton and the DNC for stealing the primary election from Bernie Sanders.

It is “fake news” to call Trump’s action anything other than the Orwellian opposite of law enforcement.

Up to ‘We the People’ to ‘Make America Great Again’ by demanding arrests of .01% rogue state criminals

We the People's choice is to either:

Nov 22 08:18

Zoomed In Photo Appears To Reveal DHS Agenda In Trump's Washington

A zoomed-in photo appears to reveal US President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for the Department of Homeland Security along with some of the issues possibly on the agenda, including “extreme vetting questions” in regard to “support for Sharia law” as well as rejection of all Syrian refugees.

Nov 22 08:14

The System Is Rigged For Another Market Crash

If mortgage rates continue to shoot higher, there will be another housing crash.

Rates on auto loans, credit cards and student loans will also be affected. Throughout our economic system it will become much more costly to borrow money, and that will inevitably slow the overall economy down.

Nov 22 08:11

The Triumph of the Empty Gesture

Public displays of empty gestures are no substitute for action.

Politics is the art of the symbolic gesture. The successful symbolic gesture gains gravitas by crystallizing a narrative that attracts a consensus that then powers policies of substance.

Nov 22 08:07

Evidence Emerges Of Secret Zionist Ethnic Cleansing Program

A former Dutch ambassador was due to plant 1,100 olive trees in the West Bank on Sunday to make amends, he said, for the fact that Israel had exploited his family’s name to “cover up an act of ethnic cleansing”.

Erik Ader, a former ambassador to Norway, said the trees were his way of apologising for a similar number of pine trees planted in Israel in the 1960s to honour his father.

Nov 22 08:06

Brutal Treatment Of DAPL Protesters Reveals The Coming Police State

Democracy in America serves its privileged few alone, public needs and welfare largely ignored, entirely when conflicting with powerful monied interests.

They win every time at the expense of peace, equity and justice – imperial wars, corporate favoritism and police state viciousness assuring it.

Oil pipelines notoriously leak, polluting the landscape and drinking water, harming public health and well-being.

Nov 22 07:56

Barefoot woman chases man who stole a stranger's dog, returns dog to owner

After she spent 35 minutes chasing a dog thief she recognized from Facebook on foot and by car, and after the dog was restored to its owners, whom she does not know, Alyssa Sanderford, who is 34 years old and 5 feet, 3 inches tall, had to tell her boyfriend what had happened:

Nov 22 07:56

Protecting Donald Trump costs New York City more than $1 million a day

Protecting President-elect Donald Trump and his family is costing New York City more than $1 million a day, according to three city officials.
And those costs won't necessarily drop significantly once he moves to the White House.

Nov 22 07:53

Flashback: Arlen Specter Confronted on "Magic Bullet" Theory In Senate Hearings

On June 15, 1995, Norman Olson, a former U.S. Air Force Officer and Commander of The Michigan Militia, testified to the "U.S. Senate Terrorism Subcommitte" on Militias in the U.S. At 7:45 in this video, Olson tells Specter "Two days after John F. Kennedy was killed everybody believed that Lee harvey Oswald did it. Today many of us don't; that he alone did it. And you were the "single bullet" theorist and you believed that he alone did it. We don't necessarily hold to that opinion sir."
Specter tried to deflect the topic, saying "well if we can leavve the single bullet theory for another day.." to which Olson replies "That's your choice". causing loud laughter to erupt in the Senate. Specter then changes his tune and says "uh, no, I will stay and discuss the single bullet theory with you, when the... the, hearings are concluded and I'll be glad to do that on the record and in public., uh.. "