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Mar 03 13:15

Keiser Report: Democracy Suicide

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss democracies committing suicide (as John Adams had warned).

Mar 03 13:14

McCullough: Do Not Buy This Market

Mar 03 13:04

Call It What It Is: America Is a Police State

snip: The relatively recent concept of “pain compliance,” “rough interrogation,” and “rough rides” coupled with the long held tradition but fast increasing commonality of direct beatings, shootings, murders, and “on-site executions” by police in America have had the final say. Since 2003, police have killed more American citizens than were killed by “insurgents” in Iraq, a country whom the US invaded illegally and subsequently imposed a reign of terror upon.

The United States is now a country where millions of people are locked away in inhuman conditions of confinement, the overwhelming majority of them for crimes in which there was no victim.

Mar 03 12:58

Mitt Romney illegal-Alien Gardeners

flashback December 1, 2006 Illegal immigrants toiled for governor
As Governor Mitt Romney explores a presidential bid, he has grown outspoken in his criticism of illegal immigration. But, for a decade, the governor has used a landscaping company that relies heavily on workers like these, illegal Guatemalan immigrants, to maintain the grounds surrounding his pink Colonial house on Marsh Street in Belmont.

Mar 03 12:30

Irish Shillelagh Austerity

If there is one thing clear after Ireland’s recent election, it is that people no longer buy the myth that austerity is the path to economic salvation. It is the same message that Greeks, Portuguese and Spaniards delivered to their elites over the past year: the prophets of tough love, regressive taxes, and massive social services cutbacks should update their resumes and consider a different profession than politics.

Mar 03 12:07

Technology firms' hopes dashed by 'cosmetic tweaks' to snooper's charter

Here comes the new snooper’s charter, same as the old snooper’s charter.

Many in the technology sector had been hoping that the final version of the investigatory powers bill, released on Tuesday, would backtrack on some of the more controversial aspects of October’s draft bill. But the final version, which will now be presented to parliament, contains only the mildest of tweaks, and even doubles-down on some areas.

Mar 03 12:04

Neocon Armchair Warhawks Panic Over Trump Foreign Policy

The neocons are renowned for their courage on the battlefield. There is no keyboard they are afraid to finger. No pen they won’t commandeer. When the battle cry is sounded, they unhesitatingly push the “on” button at their computers and saddle up for battle. Off with the loafers and under the desk! “Caution to the wind!

Mar 03 11:47

I thought I could be a politician and a human being. I was wrong

ess Phillips got into politics with a plan to show the public MPs were not ‘all the same’. But, she says, she now realises that showing your personality as a politician is a mistake. Fear of a public backlash is what turns MPs into the ‘line driven robots’ we find so frustrating, she argues, so we should no longer complain about them

Mar 03 11:44

Charges Finally Coming for Hillary? Staffer Who Set up Her Server Just Given Immunity

The question has always been, will the system somehow find a way to allow Hillary to get away with it like an elite magical fairy princess, or will she actually have to face charges for her crimes the way the majority of the rest of us would if we had done the same thing (or way, way, way, way less).

Well now the Justice Department has granted immunity to a former State Department staffer named Bryan Pagliano who set up Hillary's private email server in 2009. After he set it up, Hillary then paid him personally to maintain it for her.

Pagliano had previously invoked his Fifth Amendment rights before a Congressional committee last fall; now he has immunity and will testify.

The Clinton camp released a statement saying Hillary is cooperating and they're all "pleased" with this new development, again referring to the whole thing as an "inquiry" and not an "investigation". They've also called it a "security review". Ah, semantics.

Mar 03 11:42

New York City Transit Upgrade Aids Developers

In early January, amid media fanfare, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced plans to rebuild vital transportation infrastructure in the New York City area, in what he billed as “the biggest construction program in our state’s history.” The centerpiece of this project is renovation of Manhattan’s Penn Station, through which hundreds of thousands of rail riders travel on a typical workday.

Mar 03 11:27

Four alternatives to EU membership rejected by the government

The government has concluded in an official report that Britain would be “weaker, less safe and worse off” if it left the European Union.

The document, which has been compiled under the terms of the act of parliament authorising the EU referendum, examines a series of alternatives to EU membership that would all lead to the loss of trade deals and police cooperation.

Mar 03 11:19

Only a new capitalism can end inequality in Britain

It was the soundbite that helped elect New Labour. “Education, education, education” epitomised our pro-aspiration credentials – and explained for millions of progressives how we planned to roll back the seismic inequalities of the 1980s. But as Nobel prize-winning economist Joe Stiglitz set out on Wednesday for a cross-party group of parliamentarians, it’s simply no longer enough.

Mar 03 11:16

Stephen F. Cohen: Parts of Obama Administration Are Working to Torpedo Syria Ceasefire (Audio Podcast)

Secretary of Defense chief among them. US “allies” Turkey and Saudi Arabia are threatening to disregard the ceasefire provisions by launching their own war in Syria. In Washington, Secretary of Defense Carter and his top generals informed the White House and Congress that Kerry’s agreement with Moscow is a “ruse” and that Putin’s Russia remains the “No. 1 existential threat” to the United States—charges amply echoed in the American mainstream press. In this context, Cohen makes three additional points. The “Plan B” proposed by Carter apparently means a larger US military intervention in Syria to create an anti-Russian, anti-Assad “safe zone” that would in effect partition the country. This, Cohen adds, would continue the partitioning of political territories that began with the end of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia in the 1990s and now looms over Syria, Ukraine and even the European Union.

Mar 03 11:12

Cops Woke Up Naked Woman, Ordered Her to Show Them a Gun, Then Killed Her

Deanne Choate was sleeping naked under the covers when a trio of cops flicked on the lights and came barreling into her bedroom with guns drawn, believing she posed a lethal threat.
The police officers from Gardner, Kansas roused her awake and ordered her to show the gun her boyfriend told them she had fired. When she did that after throwing on a hoodie, police opened fire anyway, putting her to sleep for good.

Mar 03 11:12

‘Far Wrong’: UK Protesters Clash With Far-Right Neo-Nazi Group Outside Liverpool Town Hall

A demonstration on Saturday in Liverpool saw the far-right Neo-Nazi group fight running battles with police and anti-fascist protesters.