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Apr 21 10:29

Leaked Report: Muslim Chaplains Promote Extremism, Distribute Hate Literature In UK Prisons

Muslim chaplains appointed by the UK government have been routinely promoting extremism among British prisoners.

Apr 21 10:26

No Reward For Sanders’s Israel Stance

So much for political bravery! Sen. Bernie Sanders had the audacity to say that the Palestinians are human beings, that there are two sides to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is “not right all of the time” – and lost the New York primary by more than 15 percentage points.

Apr 21 10:24

What The Latest Fed Move Means For Markets

Apr 21 10:17

Senators Challenge US Military Aid To Saudi Arabia

Until recently, the US relationship to Saudi Arabia has been one of those things that we’re not allowed to do anything about. There’s death and taxes, and the US is joined at the hip to Saudi Arabia. There’s nothing to do.

Apr 21 09:56

Devastating Radioactive Leak In Washington’s Hanford Nuclear Facility Sparks Outrage

By Brianna Blaschke

A nuclear leak in Washington has allowed for 3,500 gallons of radioactive waste to be released – and the federal government is trying to claim no harm will come.

A massive radioactive leak was discovered this past Sunday at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington. Officials have stated that the original container holding the radioactive material has slowly been trickling out roughly 70 gallons since 2011, though they have not determined what accelerated the problem. They are set to begin pumping an estimated 3,000-3,500 gallons of waste back into storage containers...

Apr 21 09:53

Drone believed to have hit British Airways flight 'may have been a plastic bag'

The drone that reportedly hit a British Airways jet earlier this week may have actually been a plastic bag, a minister has said.

Transport minister Robert Goodwill admitted authorities had not yet confirmed whether what struck the Airbus A320 was a remote-controlled device.

Apr 21 09:47

All diesel cars tested break emissions limits when driven on road

All diesel vehicles tested by the government in the wake of the Volkswagen emissions scandal fail to meet EU standards for nitrogen oxide pollution when driven in the real world, with some emitting up to 12 times more than the limits.

Apr 21 09:39

Chemotherapy kills far more Americans than all acts of war, suicide and terrorism combined

Since 2000, according to the tracking site Pharma Death Clock, more than 16.3 million people have died from chemotherapy – more than wars, terrorism and suicide, combined.

"While drug companies profit billions, people are dying by the millions," the site notes.

In addition to chemotherapy, there are scores of other deaths that were all caused by modern medicine, like hospital errors (as of this writing 7,176,929), medical error (1,598,497), hospital infections (1,223,340) and surgery-related death (521,958), among others.

Apr 21 09:38

Flint, Michigan water quality scientists charged with felony conspiracies... altered lead contamination data... committed scientific fraud that harmed the public

The charges filed include felony official misconduct, conspiracy and tampering with evidence. The individuals charged with the crimes now face up to five years in prison. While serving time in prison, ironically, they will likely receive cleaner water than what they fed to the residents of Flint.

What's notable here is that one of the individuals, Mike Prysby, is an official with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). I have personally come to know that the DEQ of Michigan is an extremely corrupt, criminally-run organization, so it's absolutely no surprise to me that this individual allegedly committed fraud as part of the cover-up.

Apr 21 09:33

F**king Unbelievable! Illegal Immigrants Placed Homes Of Other Illegal That We Pay For!


Apr 21 09:18

MPs Brand Cameron ‘Racist’ After PM Claims London Mayor Candidate ‘Shared Stage With Pro-ISIS Imam’

Cries of “racist” drowned out British PM David Cameron as he delivered a speech accusing Labour mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan of repeatedly appearing with an imam he says “supports Islamic State.” The imam turns out to be an active Tory supporter, however.

Apr 21 09:16

UK Killing Civilians for Oil Again in the King Salman Canal Project

The UK government insists on continuing the massive supply – £2.8 billion since the start of the attack – of high tech weapons for Saudi Arabia to use against civilians in Yemen, despite opposition from the EU Parliament and every major human rights group. Furthermore UK special forces are operating inside Yemen in support of the onslaught. Thousands of civilians have died as a result, including many children.

Given this is not exactly popular in the UK, and that after the law takes its tortuous course there will very probably be embarrassment for the government down the line, the prize which Cameron perceives must be great. Of course, western elite support for the appalling Saudi regime is a given, because Saudi cash pumps primarily into banking, armaments and high end property, the three areas most dear to the interests of the 1%.

Apr 21 09:15

Britain will take 3,000 MORE refugees from the Middle East as ministers admit previous promises did not go far enough

The new group is being taken in on top of the 20,000 refugees Britain has already taken in from refugees camps around Syria.

Apr 21 09:14

'Do you prefer space rockets or teleportation?' This is the question the Government is asking the unemployed to help them find a job

What is your preferred mode of transport? Space rocket, speed-walking, limousine or teleportation?

This is one of the bizarre questions the Government is asking unemployed people to help them find a job.

Jobseekers are also asked whether they would like to be a kangaroo, a dolphin or a beaver; which of Mother Teresa, Stephen Hawking or Alan Titchmarsh they would like to have a coffee with and which cartoon characters they like the most.

After answering seven multiple-choice questions, the quiz tells you which profession you are best suited to.

I qualify to be a teleporting kangaroo in a wheelchair.

Apr 21 09:07

Scars Of Shame: Lewinsky Calls For Compassion For Victims Of Cyberbullying

Monica Lewinsky, the infamous intern who had an affair with then-President Bill Clinton, spoke out against cyberbullying at a technology conference in Miami on Tuesday.

“At the age of 22 I fell in love with my boss. By 24, I learned the devastating consequences of my mistake,” she said.

Webmaster addition: I think that Monica ought to stop blaming the internet and understand that the cause of all the "devastating consequences" was her deciding to have an affair with a married man! What ever happened to personal responsibility?

Apr 21 09:01

When ‘Both Sides’ Are Covered In Verizon Strike, Bosses’ Side Is Heard More

Last Wednesday, approximately 36,000 Verizon workers went on strike, ranging from FiOS installers to network technicians. They demanded a new contract with, among other things, more robust worker protection and the right to not relocate at the company’s whim.