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Dec 23 09:35

Apocalyptic wall of icy fog above Lake Superior is the beginning of a VERY white Christmas for Minnesota and millions of Americans as huge blizzard looks set to hit on December 25

Residents of Duluth Harbor, Minnesota, were witness to a spectacular phenomenon Sunday, as a wall of 'steam', hundreds of feet high, rose from Lake Superior.

Created by warmer lake waters evaporating in the -18 degree air, the churning cliff of fog was stunning but harmless.

However, it was a sign of much harder times to come for the state and its neighbors, which will find themselves suffering dangerous blizzard conditions when a powerful winter storm hits on Christmas day, AccuWeather reported.

Dec 23 09:34

The U.S. is no stranger to interfering in the elections of other countries

The CIA has accused Russia of interfering in the 2016 presidential election by hacking into Democratic and Republican computer networks and selectively releasing emails. But critics might point out the U.S. has done similar things.

The U.S. has a long history of attempting to influence presidential elections in other countries – it’s done so as many as 81 times between 1946 and 2000, according to a database amassed by political scientist Dov Levin of Carnegie Mellon University.

That number doesn’t include military coups and regime change efforts following the election of candidates the U.S. didn’t like, notably those in Iran, Guatemala and Chile. Nor does it include general assistance with the electoral process, such as election monitoring.

Dec 23 09:32

Vladimir Putin: defeated Democrats' blame game 'not very dignified'

Vladimir Putin has used his annual press conference to launch a stinging attack on the outgoing Obama administration and the Democratic party and to claim he had always known Donald Trump would win the US election.

“Nobody believed he’d win. Except us, of course. We always believed,” said Putin, to applause from some of the 1,400 journalists gathered.

He dismissed all accusations of Russian interference in the vote, insisting that US claims of meddling by Moscow were due to the Democrats being sore losers.

“The Democratic party and the US administration are trying to chalk their own failures up to outside factors,” the president said. “They lost everywhere, and are looking for outside factors to blame. It is not very dignified.”

Dec 23 09:31

Chinese boffins: We're testing an 'impossible' EM Drive IN SPAAAACE

NASA has tentative plans to take an EM Drive out for a spin in Earth's orbit by 2018. Dr Chen said China has already done so. He didn’t give more details but it seems likely the Middle Kingdom version of the EM Drive is being tested on the country's Tiangong-2 space lab.

China is trying out different shapes for the reaction chamber of the drive to see which generates the most thrust. It's clear that the country is taking the EM Drive seriously and wants to get one operational as soon as possible.

"This technology is currently in the latter stages of the proof-of-principle phase, with the goal of making the technology available in satellite engineering as quickly as possible," said Li Feng, chief architect of the China National Space Technology Institute's communications satellite division, at the press conference.

Dec 23 09:28

Interior minister says terrorist threat still high for Germany

The terrorist threat is still high for Germany even after the neutralization of the Berlin terrorist, Anis Amri, who was shot dead in Milan overnight to Friday, German Interior Minister Thomas De Maiziere said. "It [the terrorist threat] is still high. Security services are staying on the alert," he said, adding that Amri’s neutralization changes the situation. Having thanked Italian partners for the neutralization of the suspect in the Berlin terrorist attack, the German minister said that a team of investigators would be sent to Milan. "Investigation will be continued," he said. Amri was shot dead in Milan by a police patrol overnight to Friday. His identity was confirmed by Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti. The terrorist attack was committed in Berlin in the evening on December 19 when supposedly Amri hurtled into a Christmas market. Twelve people were killed, 48 more were injured and taken to hospital.

Dec 23 09:26

Merkel asks German authorities to tighten legislation for migrants

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has promised to tighten security measures after the latest terrorist attack in Berlin. "I’ve told the interior and justice ministers to pool efforts with the federal chancellor’s office, federal lands and special services to analyze each aspect for this case and to present their ideas," Merkel said. "There where there is the need for changing legislation and security measures we will take the necessary steps." Merkel also said that in Friday’s telephone conversation with the president of Tunisia she declared the intention to speed up the deportation of migrants. "I told him that we are going to accelerate the process of deportation and to increase the number of deportees," Merkel said. The suspect in the Berlin terrorist attack, Tunisia-born Anis Amri, has been in Germany since 2015. In July 2016 he was denied the refugee status. His deportation from Germany was due, but it had to be postponed as there was a lack of required documents...

Dec 23 09:19

US politicians ask Trump to imprison Clinton

Influential Republicans are going to hand over a petition to Donald Trump with demand to continue criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton's deals. According to them, 'politicians who have violated law, should be punished'. One of the authors of the document is Trump's adviser, conservative politician Roger Stone. A copy of the document will have been forwarded to the FBI and Prosecutor General by the end of the year. The decision on restoring of a criminal case against Clinton depends on Trump's will. 'We respectfully urge President-elect Donald Trump and Attorney General designate Jeff Sessions to gather all appropriate evidence and submit it to the grand jury to make the potential decision about the Clintons' potential indictment. It is premature for the Trump administration to decide whether Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton should be prosecuted. No person is above the law,' petition says.

Dec 23 09:17

Apple refuses to unlock iPhone of Russian Ambassador’s killer

The Turkish law-enforcement bodies have turned to the Apple company after the Russian Ambassador was killed in Ankara, asking to unlock a cell phone of the criminal. The phone was found among his personal belongings after his liquidation, according to the MacReports. The phone was locked with a four-digit number, and initial attempts to unlock it were not successful. Russia has already offered its help to hack the smart phone and plans to send a group of experts to Turkey. Apple, in its turn, has not reacted to the request of the Turkish authorities so far, which may evidence the company's unwillingness to render assistance. Before that, the Turkish police checked phone calls of the criminal and found out that eight of his acquaintances used a ByLock program, which is usually used by members of the Muslim preacher Fethullah Gullen's organisation.

Dec 23 09:15

Traces covered: NATO Auditor found dead in Belgium

Yves Chandelon, Chief Auditor of the NATO, was found dead in the city of Andenne in the Belgian Ardennes. As it is reported, the official most probably committed a suicide. However, his family strenuously rejects this version. The body was detected 140km away off his work and 100km away off the city of Lens, where he lived. Three units of weapons were registered in the name of the 60-y.o. killed official. However, an unregistered one was found near the body. Chandelon was dealing in particular with issues on countering terrorism funding. According to the media, he was talking recently about strange phone calls he received. The investigation is being continued. As Pravda.Ru reported, NATO's budgets have been growing lately. The latest increase was by 26bln dollars up to 918bln dollars. And the US media wonders what for NATO needs this.

Dec 23 09:14

Ukraine refuses from useless US drones

Advisor to the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Nathan Khazin, said US observation drones that Ukraine had earlier received, were ineffective. "From the outset, the decision about the use of those drones was wrong. The UAVs are poorly protected against interception and jamming with modern means of electronic warfare," the official said, Reuters reports. Ukraine received US mini-drones Raven RQ-11B in the summer of 2016. The unmanned aerial vehicles became a disappointment for the Ukrainian military. According to Khazin, if the decision had depended on him, he would have returned all 72 drones to the USA. Not that long ago, Russian radars detected an unidentified drone in the sky near the Republic of Crimea. The drone approached the peninsula from Bulgaria via Romania and Ukraine. The aircraft was 13 kilometers far from the Russian border. As soon as the drone approached Russian airspace, a Russian interceptor aircraft took off immediately.

Dec 23 08:58

Brzezinski: Trump told me 'let it be an arms race' on nukes

President-elect Donald Trump told MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski that he's fine with a nuclear arms race developing, Brzezinski said Friday morning.
The "Morning Joe" co-host said Trump privately told her he is confident that the U.S. can “outlast” any other country.
“Let it be an arms race, we will outmatch them at every pass ... and outlast them all,” Brzezinski recounted Trump saying.

Dec 23 08:55

Berlin Refujihadist Pledges Allegiance to ISIS in Newly Released Video

Angela Merkel's guest Anis Amri, believed to have been behind the truck massacre in Berlin, pledged allegiance to ISIS in a newly released video from the Islamic State's Amaq news agency.

Dec 23 08:31

New Missouri Law makes Grade School fights a Felony, resulting in up to a 4 year Sentence

If you have a child heading back to grade school after the holiday break, the rules on fighting are getting stricter.
There's a new statute going into effect starting January 1, 2017 that ups the punishment when students get into a fight.
The change means that if your student is caught fighting once they return back to school, they will get jail time.

Dec 23 08:31

McDonald's sued because 'Extra Value Meal' is 41 cents more

McDonald's is being sued over the price of its value meals.
According to plaintiff James Gertie, the fast-food chain's "Extra Value Meal" of two cheeseburgers, medium fries, and a soft drink costs 41 cents more than it would if you just ordered each item individually off the regular menu, the Cook County Record reported.

Dec 23 08:08

American Apparel to Close 12 UK Stores

Dec 23 08:02

Edward Snowden: Solution to ‘fake news’ not censorship but critical thinking

Recently, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey held a Periscope livestream to tackle the notion that “fake news” helped sway the U.S. election in Donald Trump’s favor. The solution to “fake news” was not censorship but rather critical thinking, Snowden said.

Dec 23 07:55

The DISHONEST MEDIA loses it! Can't hold it in after Trump wins! After months of DISHONEST reporting, they can't handle REALITY!

Dishonest media can't stand trump. Completely loses their cool after bashing Trump for months and spreading fake news. When Trump actually wins, they completely break down.

Dec 23 07:54

Shame of Holland in EU