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Oct 17 13:53

Lavrov on Syria talks in Lausanne

International talks on Syria in Switzerland’s Lausanne have ended after four hours of discussion behind closed doors.

Oct 17 13:39

‘Problem with Islam’: Tell-all book reveals Hollande’s views from migrants to Sarkozy

French President Francois Hollande admitted there is a “problem with Islam,” according to a new book based on recorded talks with the leader.

Oct 17 13:38

World Wide Fund for Nature: Stop Greenwashing Capitalism, Start Holding Corporations to Account (Dr Rosemary Mason’s Open Letter)

In the 1970s, the agrochemicals industry was able to evade effective regulation in the UK. Robert van den Bosch, wrote in 1978 in The Pesticide Conspiracy:

“If one considers how dangerous these chemicals are, one would suppose that it would be government policy to minimize their use by every possible means. However, the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution notes, ‘there is… no such policy in the UK, nor does the possible need for it appear to have been considered, notwithstanding the great increases in the use of these chemicals.’”

Oct 17 13:17

Is Hillary Being Pumped-Up by Dr. Feelgood?

Donald Trump is accusing his rival Hillary Clinton of being on some kind of drug during the last debate and said that both candidates should be tested for substances ahead of the next one.

Trump was mocking Clinton for prepping for the next debate at an outdoor rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, when he made the extraordinary suggestion.

Oct 17 13:16

Aboriginal Rights, the Rule of Law, and Justice

The first principle of the rule of law in a constitutional democracy is constitutional supremacy: when in conflict with federal or provincial legislation constitutional legislation, it is paramount and the other legislation is void.

Most determinatively section 109 of the Constitution Act, 1867, enacts that provincial Crown land remains subject to the Indian interest in such land as remains unceded by the Indians to the Crown, by nation-to-nation treaty.

Oct 17 13:02

Breaking Through Power: Joan Claybrook on How Congress Really Works

The Center for Study of Responsive Law held a four-day conference in Washington, D.C. on securing long-overdue democratic solutions.

Oct 17 12:56


Oct 17 12:54

HIDDEN CAM: Clinton-Dem Operatives Admit They Pay Provocateurs to Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

Democratic dirty tricks operative unwittingly provides a dark money trail to the DNC and Clinton campaign.

At one point in the video, which contains strong language, the National Field Director for Americans United for Change Scott Foval said the following:

The campaign (Hillary Clinton) pays the DNC (Democratic National Committee), DNC pays Democracy Partners, Democracy Partners pays the Foval Group, the Foval Group executes the s**t on the ground.

Oct 17 12:47

Ex-SAS soldier denies Iraq ‘mercy killings’ in face of police probe

A former SAS sergeant has denied shooting dead mortally-wounded enemy fighters in Iraq after claiming to have carried out several mercy killings in a new book on Britain’s Special Forces.

Oct 17 12:29

French police clash with migrants at Calais camp ‘the Jungle’

French police clashed heavily with refugees and migrants for several hours at the makeshift Calais camp also known as ‘the Jungle’.

Oct 17 12:22

‘Arrogant’ Washington foreign policy thwarts common goals between US, Russia – Trump adviser

The foreign policy adviser to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says the US and Russia share common goals, but that Washington’s “arrogant” foreign policy has often ignored those interests.

Oct 17 12:21

CNN’s Chris Cuomo: ‘It’s illegal to possess the Wikileaks documents’

In typical shill fashion, CNN’s Chris Cuomo attempted to thwart the general populace away from reading any of the Wikileaks emails by saying on air, “Remember, it’s illegal to possess these stolen documents, it’s different for the media, so everything you learn about this you are learning from us [CNN].”

Oct 17 12:20

New Obama Executive Order hints at devastating space event: “could disable large portions of the electrical power grid… cause cascading failures”

Once considered a fringe conspiracy theory, it appears that the Obama administration is now actively preparing for a massive solar event that could wipe out life as we have come to know it. Space weather events such as solar flares, solar energetic particles, and geomagnetic disturbances have long been believed to pose a significant

Oct 17 12:19

Trump victory is in your power

The world has been fed a false narrative as the average brain washed victim of mass distortion is led to the slaughter house. The looking glass of cultural perversion has never been more prominently on display then during this presidential election mind melt.

Oct 17 12:18

Ignorance isn't bliss