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May 04 09:55

Survey: The Longer Migrants Remain In Norway, The Less They Integrate

Although refugees who come to Norway rapidly integrate into the labor market, the gap between their and locals’ employment will increase again after just five to10 years, a study says.

May 04 09:43


It appears former Fox News host Megyn Kelly is getting off to a running start over at her new job at NBC. According to an exclusive report from Page Six, Kelly will be traveling to Russia next month to moderate a session with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum scheduled for June 1-3.

May 04 09:38

Should Whites Apologize For Slavery?

Why do white people get the blame for slavery when hundreds of thousands of white Americans died in a civil war partly to end slavery?

May 04 09:37

Union Jack Flown At Battle Of Waterloo Found In Shoebox

A rare Union Jack banner flown by the Coldstream Guards at the Battle of Waterloo has been found in a shoebox by an east London window fitter.

The battered colors were flown at the key Battle of Hougoumont Farm on June 18, 1815.

May 04 09:36

‘Breaking Point’: Puerto Rico Files For Historic $70bn Bankruptcy

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is seeking the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in US history, after failed negotiations with creditors over its $70 billion debt crisis. That’s more than four times the debt Detroit collapsed under.

May 04 09:23

Has The Date Of The Economic Collapse Just Been Leaked?

The collapse of Home Capital Bank could be spreading to other lenders. Greece reaches debt deal but they need to give up more and the country will sell of more of the country.

May 04 09:13

Is The World's Largest Bitcoin Exchange Headed For A Mt. Gox-Style Collapse

Could Bitfinex, the Hong Kong-based second-largest in the world cryptocurrency exchange, be headed for a Mt. Gox-style collapse? It's starting to look that way.

May 04 09:10


Many today strongly believe it is morally wrong to indenture students to the degree of liabilities presently required to achieve the education required to become a productive contributor within our modern society.

The question we need to demand answers to is why has college costs for students exploded upward, while salaries and job positions for graduates has not? What is driving the relentless and inexplicable surge in the debt burden for students and their parents?

May 04 09:10

The Central Bank Signals That It's On Track To Bring The Entire System Down

Puerto Rico declares bankruptcy, the restructuring is larger than Detroit. EU blackmails any country that wants to leave the EU, now they want 100 billion euros. ADP employment declines. US auto sales decline as there are more delinquencies among the American people.

May 04 08:55

Revenge of the Global Warming : Hundreds of cows killed or lost in southeast Colorado blizzard

Hundreds of cows were killed or lost during the blizzard that hit extreme southeastern Colorado last weekend. More than 2 feet of snow buried the region.

May 04 08:54

FBI Director Slams WikiLeaks, Calls it "Intelligence Porn," Assange Fires Back

The entire government is turning on WikiLeaks, and this shift began shortly after Donald Trump’s inauguration. While the whistleblowing website was releasing information about Hillary Clinton, the right was largely silent and even praised Julian Assange. But the tables have turned since Vault 7’s release, and there’s probably a reason why, but Assange is firing back in the meantime.

May 04 08:53

Syrian rebel delegates walk out of press conference as 'safe zone' deal is signed

Turkey, Iran and Russia have signed an agreement calling for the creation of four “safe zones” in Syria, a proposal rejected by opposition fighters who walked out of a press conference in the Kazakh capital, Astana, where the deal was announced.

An angry opposition delegation said they would never accept Iran as a military guarantor of a peace process, and claimed there was a huge gap between Russian promises and actions. They also questioned whether the plan could lead to Syria’s disintegration.

May 04 08:51

Puerto Rico Triggers Largest Ever US Muni Bankruptcy Process

“We’re going to protect our people.” Hedge funds reel.

Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Rosselló took the momentous step on Wednesday to trigger the largest municipal bankruptcy-type process in the US, four times larger than the prior record, Detroit’s bankruptcy.

May 04 08:47

More Spying, More Lying — Judge Napolitano on the NSA octopus.

The genius of the Fourth Amendment is that it serves as a two-edged sword. By requiring probable cause before judges can issue warrants to agents for surveillance, the amendment both protects the privacy of those uninvolved in wrongdoing by leaving them alone and compels federal agents to focus their appetite for intelligence and their need for evidence on only those they legitimately feel may have done wrong. In the meantime, Trump knows that he has been the victim of overzealous and unlawful surveillance, and we can expect during the debate over renewal of Section 702 that he will have a more sober and constitutional view of all this than his predecessors have; and that may bring about more freedom and more safety.

May 04 08:45

'So That's The Wall Trump Promised?' Spicer Won't Say If 'Levee Wall' Is Wall Trump Campaigned On

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Wednesday neglected to say whether or not the levee wall and steel fencing authorized by the Omnibus bill is the wall "Trump promised" during his campaign.

The $1.1 trillion spending bill explicitly bans any money going towards a wall on the southern border. It only authorizes the funding of "border fencing" and "steel bollard designs."