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Jun 27 04:13


The media said that the mosquito borne Zika virus is likely causing microcephaly as well as dozens of other illnesses. They also claimed that insecticides were not related to the development disorder. They seem to have been wrong on both cases. Since December 2015 U.S. media ran a panic campaign round the Zika virus. That virus was said to cause many bad things including microcephaly, a development distortion of the head of unborn babies, if the mother was infected with Zika during pregnancy.

Jun 26 21:19

Former CIA Agent to Americans: Time to Talk About What’s Really Causing Terrorism

Waking Times Media

In the wake of yet another terrorist attack, a former CIA counter-terrorism agent has shared her insight into what causes such tragic, intentional carnage. Amaryllis Fox spoke for the first time publicly with Al Jazeera Plus (AJ+) about terrorism, misguided narratives on why it happens, and the underlying motivators driving it — ultimately urging Americans and those in power to adopt a different approach in combating the ongoing violence.

Jun 26 21:15

France To Ban All Pesticides Amid Worldwide Bee Death Epidemic

Waking Times Media

France have announced plans to completely ban the use of pesticides due to unusually high bee deaths worldwide, which French authorities claims pesticides are responsible for.

Jun 26 19:58

It’s Still the Iraq War, Stupid

This fault line is very well defined. The manufactured row about “anti-Semitism” in the Labour Party shows exactly the same split. In my researches, 100% of those who have promoted accusations of anti-Semitism were supporters of the Iraq War and/or had demonstrable links to professional pro-Israel lobby groups. 100% of those accused of anti-Semitism were active opponents of the Iraq War. Never underestimate the Blairite fury at being shown not just to be liars but to be wrong. Iraq is their Achilles heel and they are extremely touchy about it.

Jun 26 19:29

Flashback - EU referendum: £9m taxpayer-funded publicity blitz pushes case to remain

Can we have our money back now?

Jun 26 19:27

Flashback: Cameron 'can't be trusted on Turkey' - PM dodges questions over EU entry

“This issue doesn't arise and I feel strongly about this because people are getting through their letterbox leaflets from Leave saying basically Turkey's going to join the EU – not true; there's going to be a European army with Britain in it – not true; and we give £350million a week to Brussels – not true."

Jun 26 18:15

In Latest Shock To Status Quo, Spanish Left-Wing Parties Set To Win Parliamentary Majority

Spain’s two main progressive parties, the 137-year-old Socialists and the anti-establishment group Podemos, appear to have won a majority of seats in parliament in Sunday’s election, according to exit poll data.

Jun 26 18:12

Civil Uprising Escalates As 8th EU Nation Threatens Referendum

But now, as Martin Armstrong notes, Brussels simply went too far. They cross the line moving from an economic union to a political subordination of Europe. Now eight more countries want to hold referendums to exit the EU – France, Holland, Italy, Austria, Finland, Hungary, Portugal, and Slovakia all could leave.

Jun 26 18:04

Second referendum petition: Inquiry removes at least 77,000 fake signatures, as hackers claim responsibility for 'prank'

Some 39,411 residents of Vatican City, home to Pope Francis, appeared to have signed the petition by Sunday morning, despite the tiny city state having a total population of just 800.

In isolationist North Korea, one of the least internet-connected countries in the world, 23,778 people had apparently gone online to express their frustration at the UK’s decision to quit the EU.

Located 800 miles south east of the Falklands, and with a permanent population of zero, the South Atlantic British Overseas Territory of South Georgia and the Sandwich Islands was responsible for more than 3,000 signatures

That was some 300 more than those coming from the British Antarctic Territory, which though home to some 400 researchers also has no settled population of its own.

Jun 26 17:58

Let’s ban old people from voting

The best part of the Brexit victory is the ensuing head-explosions of the elites, the entitled, the Europhiles on the gravy train and the young’uns.

Here is a piece from The Times, no less, which actually played a fairly straight bat during the campaign.

The message is that old people are going to die and they won’t have to live with the consequences of Brexit, so they probably should be disenfranchised. It’s right, you know.

You really have to laugh, particularly as it is written by someone called Giles.

Jun 26 17:34

Monsanto, The USA's Monster

Few corporations in the world are as loathed — and as sinister — as Monsanto. But the threat it poses to people and planet could be reaching new heights, as the World Health Organization has recently upgraded Monsanto’s main product as carcinogenic to humans.

Jun 26 16:56

The VOTE LEAVE backer whose petition could inadvertently derail the Brexit

De Montfort University activist William Oliver Healey submitted the petition on May 25 in the hope it would help the fight for a Brexit if Vote Remain won the referendum by a narrow margin, by triggering a second referendum.

But the English Democrat activist from Telford's petition drew little interest…that is until Friday when the Brexit victory was announced, and it now appears to have backfired.

In the space of 24 hours, the right-wing activist claims it has been "hijacked" by Vote Remain campaigners, more than two million of whom have now signed it, in the hope they will now secure another in/out vote.