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Jul 06 05:51

5.8 earthquake hits Western Montana

One of the largest earthquakes to hit Montana in decades rocked the Western region of the state Thursday, registering 5.8 on the Richter scale.

Jul 05 20:15

Astronomers detect large quantity of methanol around Saturn's moon Enceladus

Using a ground-based telescope, astronomers have detected large quantities of methanol around Saturn moon Enceladus - a finding that may have implications in the search for alien life.
Enceladus`s plumes are thought to originate in water escaping from a subsurface ocean through cracks in the moon`s icy surface. Eventually these plumes feed into Saturn`s second-outermost ring, the E-ring.

Jul 05 20:14

US ready to work with Russia on Syria `no-fly zones`: Rex Tillerson

The United States is prepared to work with Russia on establishing "no-fly zones" in Syria as part of a joint effort to stabilize the war-ravaged country, America`s top diplomat said Wednesday, ahead of President Donald Trump`s first face-to-face with Vladimir Putin.
In a wide-ranging statement, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Russia had a "special responsibility" to help create stability on the ground -- or risk hobbling the fight against the Islamic State group.

Jul 05 18:16


A CNN panel had a complete meltdown on Sunday when a Trump supporter defended the President’s anti-CNN tweet as a ‘tongue-in-cheek, satirical video’. Sally Kohn looked like she was in dire need of a visit to a therapist after this discussion.

Jul 05 17:49

Jersey child sex abuse: Children ‘still at risk’ in care system as damning report calls for demolition of home

Children may still be at risk in Jersey’s care system, a damning report into the sexual and physical abuse of hundreds of children on the island has found.

The report said authorities turned a blind eye to abuse of vulnerable victims spanning more than seven decades and starting shortly after the end of the Second World War.

Jul 05 17:49

Central Banks Are Purchasing Large Amounts Of Assets

Steve St. Angelo of is our guest today, we will be covering some important topics and gaining some fascinating insights.

We discuss Gold’s potential to surge just like the Crypto Currencies and also the manipulation in the Precious Metals overall, Steve gives his insights and analysis regarding the Oil and Gas industry plus we talk about the possibility of another Recession.

Jul 05 17:30

Trump vs Media

Jul 05 17:28

How College Freshmen Can Prepare to Handle Their Own Finances

As you enter your freshmen year of college, you embark upon a fun and exciting time. However, it can also be a difficult and confusing life change.

While this may not be the case...

Jul 05 17:10

Emergency Coffee with Scott Adams - Reddit vs. CNN

So, did everybody see the news . . . ?

Jul 05 16:25

Ted Cruz Says CNN Exposing Reddit Meme Maker Violates Georgia Law.

What has it come to?  This is ridiculous, and it is just another war between mainstream media and alternative media.  CNN is over the edge, and they have may have even violated the law.

Jul 05 16:08

Justice Department sues Hobby Lobby over thousands of looted Iraqi artifacts it bought

According to a lawsuit (PDF) filed Wednesday by the U.S. Department of Justice, craft retailer Hobby Lobby illegally imported thousands of Iraqi artifacts, intentionally mislabeled them and lied about their origin

Jul 05 15:57

Arrogance of California Knows No Bounds Governor Brown Still Committing Treason against the Constitution

The Governor of California is just insane and out of control. Besides the boasting that California is its own country free to enter into treaties with Europe against the Constitution, now Governor Brown is restricting the freedom of movement of its citizens creating a list of States within the USA that California is imposing a travel ban.