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Feb 10 18:04

Hillary Clinton’s Very Bad Night

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s stunning 22-point loss to Sen. Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire is even more devastating when looked at in the context of the modern history of this first-in-the-nation primary: No one has ever lost by such a margin and gone on to win the presidency.

Feb 10 17:56

Russian combat drone footage: Military anti-tank multicopter in action

Russia's Ministry of Defence released footage Wednesday, of United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation's latest military drone, as the aerial bot went on show at the Robots Exhibition near Kubinka in the Moscow Region.

Feb 10 17:09

Another Jeb! Victory: The One Thing You Need to Know About John Kasich

After the New Hampshire primaries last night, everyone who still believes in the ridiculously rigged presidential election process in this country is wondering how in the hell John Kasich managed to get 2nd place, and how in the hell Jeb Bush managed to stay in somehow even though he has been consistently trailing everyone this entire time.

Well, here’s a big fat clue.

And this is how the game is played, ladies and gentlemen! Another victory for Jeb! The. Game. Is. Rigged. The people running it who want dynasties like the Bush clan in power again and again but know the public can’t stand them anymore have to make this election puppet show look legit somehow.?

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Feb 10 16:57

“Something Terrible Is Brewing”: Psyop/False Flag to Label Patriots As ‘Domestic Terrorists’

The establishment is conflating liberty activists with ISIS terrorists, scripting for coming trigger events. Is a provocateured "patriot" terror attack or psy-op event coming?

The liberty movement, likely in the near future, is about to be outwardly defined by the establishment as a terrorist movement, and those who support it through speech will be designated as material supporters of said terrorism.

“Extremist groups motivated by a range of U.S.-born philosophies present a “clear and present danger,” John Carlin, the Justice Department’s chief of national security


Feb 10 16:47

Investor - US economy already in recession

Feb 10 16:46

Deutsche Bank is finished, Lehman Brothers 2.0

Feb 10 16:46

Why a New Trade Deal Has Put Genetically Modified Crop Concerns in the Spotlight

Civil society groups have been voicing concerns about the upcoming Euro-American trade deal the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) since it was announced three years ago.

Feb 10 16:35

Netanyahu Wants Fence Around Israel to Keep Out ‘Wild Beasts’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has proposed a plan to encircle his entire country with a fence as protection against “wild beasts,” referring to those in neighboring Arab states.

Feb 10 16:29

6 Reasons Not to Reboot the Cold War

The Pentagon budget the Obama administration unveiled this week calls for quadrupling spending on efforts to counter Russia.

The money would move more troops, tanks, and artillery into position near the Russia border. This last Obama budget would also fund another installment in a $1 trillion and 30-year plan to “modernize” our nuclear arsenal with new land-based missiles, bombers, and submarines.

Feb 10 16:29

Trump’s Senior Policy Advisor Defends Curbing Immigration To Boost US Economy

Stephen Miller argues that wall blocking immigrants is the best option for American workers and defends Trump as an anti-interventionist.

Feb 10 16:22

Falling markets: can yer see whadditis yet?