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Jul 21 08:59

Electrostation to be installed between 2 Russian cities for 1 Tesla owner. Electricity is the future

Russian energy companies will install a charging station for electric cars in the middle of nowhere – between Perm and Yekaterinburg, two cities in the Urals. It was a Tesla owner in Perm who made the request – his electric car runs out of power 20 miles from Yekaterinburg. Press secretary of the Urals Interregional Distribution Network Company (MRSKU) Natalya Baldova told the Yekaterinburg TV channel ETV that the energy companies will install an electric charging station on the Achita-Moscow tract, the road from Perm to Yekaterinburg. The station will be installed for Shavrin alone. The gift will cost MRSKU about 300,000 rubles ($4,694) and will be built by Fora, a Russian company that produces charging stations. "The development of these charging stations was planned but no one had ever requested them," Shavrin told the city website

Jul 21 08:52

The secret of Nasrallah

Even the Israeli military services admit: "He's the first Arab leader to have an ability to influence the Israeli public from the days of Nasser", the Egyptian president of the 60's. He's Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the general secretary of Hezbollah and he is the man that these destroyers seek to kill, every day that God does, for at least ten years. Ten years ago Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite group, as the Jewish State has discovered with bitter surprise in 2006 when it invaded South Lebanon, was able to inflict a defeat on the Israeli army, so as to make it renounce the attack, leaving behind a cemetery of its Merkava supertanks and 120 fell...

Jul 21 08:51

Migrants should become LIFEGUARDS to stop swimming pool sex attacks, group claims

MIGRANTS should be trained to become pool lifeguards to help minimise escalating sex attacks by refugees in public baths, a professional swimming association in Germany has said.

Jul 21 08:48

The Thinnest New High In Stock Market History

Jul 21 08:48

CAS rejects Russia’s appeal against athletes’ ban from Rio Olympics. The Olympics as a Tool of the New Cold War

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) on July 21 rejected the Russian Olympic Committee’s appeal against the ban on participation by Russian athletes in track and field competitions at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. "CAS rejects the claims/appeal of the Russian Olympic Committee and 68 Russian athletes," CAS said in a statement.
One important fact that escaped most international observers was that a media campaign, which had begun shortly after the 2014 deep freeze in Russian-Western relations, was constructed around the “testimonies” of three Russian citizens who were all interconnected and complicit in a string of doping scandals, and who later left Russia and are trying to make new lives in the West.

Jul 21 08:45

European Central Bank 'running out of tools' to deal with crises across EU

THE Head of the Europe's central bank is running out of tools to deal with the bloc's economic woes, an expert warned ahead of an appearance by Mario Draghi later today.

Jul 21 08:43

Austria announces plan to build huge border fence to stop migrants as Schengen crumbles

AUSTRIA has unveiled plans to build a massive 100km fence along its border to stop migrants and refugees crossing into the country.

Jul 21 08:27

The last article of Ukrainian journalist blown up today: Failed Turkish coup stirs coup fears in Ukraine

Three days after this article Pavel Sheremet was blown up in his car in Kiev...

Jul 21 08:25

Secret Turkish intelligence source: Erdogan rebelled against NATO but won after taking control of nuclear bombs

While some insist that the attempt to topple Recep Tayyip Erdogan's - ambitious and bloody, was staged, others (primarily in Turkey) believe that the leader of their state almost lost his life due to rapprochement with Russia. An expert on the Middle East, head of Lev Gumilev Center, Pavel Zarifullin told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" what secret intel he received from Turkey from a local high-ranking and well-informed friends. Their information says one thing - the coup was prepared with the help of our overseas "partners"...

Jul 21 08:24

Will Putin take back Alaska? [Video]

A retiree posed the question during Putin's live Q&A. What a menacing granny!

Putin: "Why would we want it?"

Jul 21 08:17

Europe Will Need to Copy Israel to Avoid Future Terrorist Attacks (Video!)

A eunuch is a bad Kamasutra instructor. A president, prime minister or police chief immobilized by legislation is incapable of fighting against anyone. These people can’t do anything; they don’t understand the world they live in. They’ll hand out “We are Nice” pins and decorate the Eiffel Tower with the colors of mourning or other beautiful, creative silly things. They’re incapable of anything else. The reaction of world leaders is typical: “We can’t believe that”. They can’t believe that! Merkel and Obama also make insensible remarks. What's the use of that?

Jul 21 08:15

Is MEDICARE Health Insurance Fair For Everyone Including Providers?

Ever since anyone can remember, the allopathic paradigm (conventional medicine with its prescription drugs, surgical procedures, chemotherapy, etc., et al) has been at odds with all holistic and/or complementary/natural modalities and their approach to healing and health. The American Medical Association was founded in 1847 to do away with homeopathy, which…

Jul 21 08:14

French Intelligence Says 100 Jihadis Still Join ISIS via Turkey Every Week

French military intelligence estimates that about 100 foreigners continue to enter Syria from Turkey each week to join Islamic State, French daily Le Figaro reported on Wednesday. France's foreign minister said on Sunday that questions needed to be asked on whether Turkey was a viable partner in the fight against Islamic State in Syria and would raise the issue in a coalition meeting in Washington this week. "According to the Direction for Military Intelligence (DRM) in Paris, each week, about 100 foreigners continue to cross Turkey into Syria to join Islamic State," Le Figaro reported, citing sources.

Jul 21 08:09

Ukraine Is Carrying Out Info War Against European Nations

Far from being an ally, Ukraine is actively trying to sabotage European interests... According to the document, targets of the information and psychological warfare being conducted by the Ukrainian military in Europe include «the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Poland, Romania, Hungary, the Federal Republic of Germany, and the Kingdom of the Netherlands». A senior official in the Ukrainian Defence Ministry writes: «In view of the complex international situation, the influence of enemy propaganda on public opinion in Ukraine and abroad, and the anti-Ukrainian rhetoric being expressed by some EU politicians and members of the European media, we consider it appropriate to intensify propaganda work aimed at Europe».