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Dec 23 16:00

Putin shrugs off Trump's nuclear plans, says Democrats sore losers

"I was a bit surprised by the statements from some representatives of the current U.S. administration who for some reason started to prove that the U.S. military was the most powerful in the world," Putin said, referring to State Department comments from Thursday.

"Nobody is arguing with that."

Dec 23 15:55

71 Killed In Mass Poisoning With ‘Surrogate Alcohol’ In Russia

At least 71 died from poisoning in the Russian city of Irkutsk. Victims drank a bath oil, believing it contained alcohol.

Dec 23 15:47

'No Smoking Gun': Mistrial Declared In LA County Sheriff Corruption Case

Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca’s corruption trial ended after jurors said they were deadlocked when all but one were in favor of acquittal. The judge declared a mistrial, and now Baca is free pending the prosecution’s decision to retry him.

Dec 23 15:42

Dr. Jim Willie: U.S. Dollar’s Status as the Global Reserve Continues To Lose Credibility (Video)

In the following interview with Dr. Willie, we review many reasons Americans should still be very concerned about the economic dangers that lie ahead. The simple fact is that many of the problems are too far along to be reversed by a President Trump, or anyone else for that matter. At one point during Part I of the interview below, Dr. Willie reads a direct quote from this month’s issue of The Hat Trick Letter, his monthly newsletter. Dr. Willie expresses his own frustrations with trying to convince loved ones that all is not as it appears in financial markets.

Dr. Willie reads:

Dec 23 15:37

Underage Jihad: Terrorists Brainwash Children To Carry Out Bombings In Europe

The attack in Berlin comes less than a month after a 12-year-old boy attempted to detonate a bomb at another Christmas market in western Germany.

Dec 23 15:36

Christmas Memo To PM Theresa May

Stop worshipping Israel, learn the ugly truth … and find a new speechwriter!

Prime Minister,

This is still a Christian country, as your colleague David Cameron reminded us not so long ago. But you wouldn’t think so when non-Christian creeds are given exceptional protection and privileges to smooth their ruffled feathers. Your government is even introducing new laws to stifle questions about Israel’s legitimacy and quash criticism of its criminal policies. We have entered a sinister era of censorship and harassment as the gulf between government and public widens.

Dec 23 15:30

Germany: Pakistani Says He Raped Women Because 'It's Hard To Get A Girlfriend As A Refugee'

A "refugee" from Pakistan who took up Angela Merkel's open invitation to move to Germany told a Berlin court he raped multiple women because he found it "hard to get a girlfriend."

Dec 23 15:25

Columnist Thought Syria Conflict Worth Murdering Over–But Not Worth Writing About

Daily News columnist Gersh Kuntzman is doubling-down on his celebratory-but-not-celebratory-but-obviously-celebratory take (12/20/16) on the December 19 murder of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov by an off-duty Turkish police officer. His follow-up column, “Vladimir Putin Is Demanding an Apology From Me!” (12/21/16), came a day after Kutzman openly justified the killing of Karlov in the United States’ sixth-largest newspaper.

Dec 23 15:23

US Congressman Calls For Scrutiny Of Le Pen’s Russian Financial Links

American intelligence has been asked to look into French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen’s links to Moscow, according to reports.

Dec 23 15:20

California Starts Investigating 2 Deadliest Police Agencies

The Department of Justice in the US state of California has launched an investigation into two police agencies in the state which is known as the deadliest agencies in the entire country.

The investigation began on Thursday into Kern County Sheriff’s Office and the Bakersfield Police Department with officials trying to examine excessive use of force and other serious misconduct used by the two departments.

Dec 23 15:19

Florida Supreme Court Orders 150 Death Row Inmates Be Resentenced

At least 150 death row inmates in Florida will need to be resentenced after the state’s supreme court ruled that they had been convicted under unconstitutional laws.

Florida has the second largest population of death row inmates in the US, with nearly 400 people awaiting execution. On Thursday, the state’s supreme court ruled that nearly half of those inmates needed to be resentenced.

Dec 23 15:19

False News By Omission Misinforms - Pointing Such Out May Soon Be Censored

Some Israeli military official claim that Hizbullah is using Armored Personal Carriers in Syria, a correct claim, which it received from the Lebanese Armed Forces, a lie. The carriers in question are way out of date tracked vehicles and the LAF once received some upgraded ones from the United States. Israel makes these claims every once a while.

Dec 23 15:19

MSM Wants You To Trust ‘Journalist’ Filming Militant With Explosive Belt & Nusra Spokesman

Caleb Maupin takes a look behind the familiar faces covering the Syria conflict in the mainstream media.

Dec 23 15:13

Red Flag on Recession Crops up in NY Fed’s Coincident Economic Index

Last time the index declined was in November 2009.

Dec 23 15:11

Iran: Regional Crises Solely Benefits Israel

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Jaberi Ansari blasted the Western countries for supporting terrorist groups in the region for the sake of preserving Israel's interests in the Middle East. "Warfare in the Middle East only benefits Israel through undermining the resources of regional nations," Jaberi Ansari told reporters after his meeting with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri in Beirut on Friday. He reiterated the need for peaceful settlement of regional issues, and said, "The solution to the regional crises is not a military one." Ansari described his talks with Hariri as “constructive", and said, "We discussed regional affairs as well as the expansion of Tehran-Beirut ties during our meeting." Jaberi Ansari arrived in Lebanon via Syria, where he had met separately with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Prime Minister Imad Khamis and Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem.

Dec 23 15:09

Happy 103rd Birthday Federal Reserve! - Now Do Us A Favor And Die Already

John Sneisen wishes the Federal Reserve a happy 103rd birthday. But should the Federal Reserve be put to a stress test?

Dec 23 15:08

Saudi Arabia Projects US$53b Deficit in 2017

Saudi Arabia on Thursday projected a 2017 budget deficit of about US$53 billion and a lower than expected shortfall for this year after government cost-cutting in response to lower oil prices. Expenses next year will reach 890 billion riyals (US$237 billion) against revenues of 692 billion riyals ($184 billion), the cabinet said in a statement, Channel News Asia reported. It said this year's deficit will be 297 billion riyals ($79 billion), down 8.9 per cent from 2016's budget forecast. "This budget comes at a time of a highly volatile economic situation... and which led to a slowdown in world economic growth and a drop in oil prices that impacted our country," King Salman said on official television, with Finance Minister Mohammed Aljadaan seated nearby at a table of cabinet ministers...

Dec 23 15:05

Israel-Linked Forces Might Be Behind Murder In Ankara: Scholar

The recent assassination of the Russian ambassador in Ankara was possibly perpetrated by Israel-linked forces which want to destabilize Turkey and damage its warming relations with Moscow and Tehran, according to an American scholar and political analyst.

Dec 23 15:05

Snowy Weather in Syria [PHOTOS]

Syrian Army Soldiers Guarding Aleppo City

Dec 23 15:05

Snopes Fact Checker Accused Of Fraud For Prostitute Embezzlement Scheme

Snopes, the website Facebook chose to “fact check” stories to eliminate “fake news”, has been accused of defrauding the website to pay for prostitutes.

Dec 23 15:05

Russia Is ‘Stronger Than Any Potential Aggressor’ – Putin To Defense Ministry

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia was “now stronger than any potential aggressor”.

Dec 23 14:54

Ex-TRIBUNE Writer Said To Have Close Connection With The CIA Also Connected To NBC'S Article Connecting Putin To Election Hack.

An ex-TRIBUNE reporter, who helped contribute to the NBC story of Putin being responsible for the 2016 alleged Election hack, is Ken Dilanian, He is a former staff writer for the newspaper chain that includes the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune, had a "closely collaborative relationship with the CIA," according to the article, published Thursday by the online news site the Intercept.

Dec 23 14:52

The Year Of ‘Post-Truth’

“Post-Truth.” The Oxford English Dictionary named this its word of the year for 2016.

This was a year when campaign lies — most, though not all, coming out of the Donald’s mouth — were so numerous that fact checking became nearly impossible.

Yes, each individual statement could be fact checked. But there were so many rapid-fire falsehoods that it was impossible to debunk them one by one on TV without devoting entire shows to just that.

Dec 23 14:51

Video: Moment Boeing-727 Crashes In Colombia

An AeroSucre cargo flight with six people on board has crashed en route from Puerto Carreno to the Colombian capital of Bogota.

Dec 23 14:51

US White Cop Tackles, Arrests Black Woman Who Called For Help

A video has been released showing a white US officer tackling and arresting an African American woman who had called police for help.

Police authorities in Forth Worth, Texas, received a call Wednesday by the woman who reported assault of her 7-year-old boy by a man for alleged littering.