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Apr 07 15:07

No UK single market access WITHOUT accepting EU court, MEP says ahead of Brexit talks

IF THE UK wants to have access to the single market after Brexit it will have to accept the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, a Polish MEP has claimed.

Apr 07 15:06

Al-Qaeda's Sarin Gas Supplier Welcomes US Attack on Syria

Turkish president Erdogan called for a US attack before it took place, praised it after it happened, and is urging further action to "stop the regime". Turkey's chief Islamist added his country was "ready to do our part" if the US presented a plan to impose regime change in Damascus.

Apr 07 15:05

Trump Delivers After Israel Calls for 'Precision Strikes' Against Syria

Don't give Donald Trump too much credit for starting World War III in Syria. We all know Trump is well versed in the "art of the deal", but as for the art of war — well, let's just say some have more experience in this field. The reality is that Israel, more than any other nation, was screaming the loudest for military action following Tuesday's "gas attack" in Syria. Tel Aviv was quite open about what it expected. As the Jerusalem Post wrote on April 4, "Amid the voices in Israel’s political establishment on Tuesday roundly condemning the Syrian chemical attack and calling on the world to actively intervene, some called for Israel to rethink its own policy toward Syria and suggested taking limited military action." Former military intelligence chief Amos Yadlin said in an interview shortly after the "gas attack" on Tuesday that Israel should "destroy the planes that carried out the chemical attack." “We are not clean from the fact that 200-300 km.

Apr 07 15:04

Russia's Lavrov Says Hopes Syria Strikes Won't Irreparably Hurt U.S. Ties

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday he hoped U.S. missile strikes on Syria would not irreparably damage relations between Moscow and Washington.

"This is an act of aggression, on an absolutely made-up pretext," Lavrov told a news conference in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. "It reminds me of the situation in 2003 when the United States and Britain, along with some of their allies, attacked Iraq."

He said Russia would demand Washington explain why it conducted the strikes.

"I hope this provocation will not lead to irreparable damage (to U.S.-Russian ties)," Lavrov said.

Apr 07 14:53

CIA “Routinely Conduct” Sick Human Experiments As Part Of Torture Program

The CIA not only routinely torture people as part of their infamous ‘torture program’ but also conduct human experimentation, according to new documents.

Apr 07 14:51

Lets Look At The Operation Leading Up To And The Actual Strike On Syria – Things You Might Not Know.

We did not know that our Military had been preparing for this strike for a number of days, but we are now finding that this has been no impulsive action.

Our military prepared the coordinates for the missiles, as they have to be programmed. 59 tomahawk missiles were fired. The airbase was chosen as the target as there is intelligence that the Syrian military loaded a plane there which was used for the strike on the Syrian people.

Apr 07 14:50

Zakharova: US Missile Strikes Were Planned BEFORE Alleged 'Gas Attack' in Syria (VIDEO)

In a statement given on Friday morning in Moscow, Russia's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the US missile strikes against Syria were planned well in advance of the alleged "gas attack" in Idlib province on Tuesday: It is obvious that these missile strikes were planned before. For every expert it is obvious that this decision was made well in advance and before the Idlib events.

Apr 07 14:47


Something had mysteriously changed during the 2016 US Presidential primaries when an unlikely democratic candidate burst on the national scene with an unquestionable allure for the Millennial generation.

Apr 07 14:47

Syrian Warplanes Take Off From Air Base 'Destroyed' by US Missile Strikes

Yes, the "almost completely destroyed" Syrian air base is apparently still functional. Remember, America:
You spent $100 million to murder six people and blow up 9 outdated jets from the 1970s.
Look at these Syrian jets sitting outside their hangars, untouched...

Apr 07 14:43

Daily Mail deleted article about US plan to stage chemical attack in Syria

The British paper Daily Mail has removed an article titled "The United States supported the plan to carry out a chemical attack in Syria and blame Assad regime" dated January 29 2013. Author of the article Louise Boyle reported that the US planned chemical attack to serve as a pretext for strengthening the international coalition military action in Syria. "Emails, supposedly proving that the White House gave approval for carrying out chemical attack in Syria, which would be blamed on Assad regime and in turn would strengthen international military operations in the country. The published report contains correspondence between the two senior officials of the British-based company Britam Defence, which states that plan "approved by Washington" suggests that Qatar will finance the use of chemical weapons by rebel forces in Syria," - the article says.

Apr 07 14:40

Russian Defence Ministry: "American cruise missile strike had been planned long before"

Today it is obvious that the American cruise missile strike had been planned long before this event. It is necessary to conduct reconnaissance operations, to plan and prepare the missile flight paths, and put them on full combat alert. It is clear for any specialist that the decision for the missile strike on Syria had been made well in advance of the events in Khan Sheikhoun, which have become just a formal reason for the attack, while the demonstration of military power has been dictated only by reasons of internal policy.

Apr 07 14:33

Russian Foreign Ministry: Donald Trump has very hard times

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented on the US cruise missile strike on the Syrian airbase in Homs. According to her, these actions have an absolutely obvious political background. "We have repeatedly stated and emphasised at all levels that, unfortunately, the US domestic political situation and internal political layouts in Washington show increasing influence on the state of affairs in the world," Zakharova said. Donald Trump is having hard times indeed during his first months as president, because "various political institutions in the US show as much opposition as possible to the work of the new US administration," Zakharova said.

Apr 07 14:28

Trump aids Jihadists in killing Christians in Syria

James Jatras, former US diplomat and GOP Senate foreign policy adviser, has told Pravda.Ru why Trump has gone the length of it. There are a couple of different explanations. Let me give you the best possible one. He has done this because he is in a very weak position domestically, he is under siege, by the Department State and by the media, and he felt he could not deal with Russians and the Syrians and the Iranians toward a solution in Syria without laying down a marker, without showing that he is a big gun and he is in charge. And it could possibly be the solution because of how limited the strike was, and that he did not get crosswise with the Russians. Having said that I do not really believe that is what is happening. I think unfortunately he has been boxed in by people in his Administration who do not agree with anything he said during the campaign.

Apr 07 14:26

Only 23 US cruise missiles reached their target - Russian Defence Ministry

Russia's Defense Ministry assessed the combat effectiveness of the US cruise missile strike at the airbase in Syria as "extremely low." According to the Russian defense department, only 23 of 59 cruise missiles fired from American destroyers have reached their targets, official representative for the Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation, Igor Konashenkov told reporters on April 7, RIA Novosti reports. "According to Russian means of objective control, only 23 missiles have reached the Syrian airbase. The place of the fall of the remaining 36 cruise missiles is unknown," Konashenkov said. He specified that the US cruise missile attack destroyed a warehouse, an educational building, a dining room, six MiG-23 aircraft in repair hangars, as well as a radar station. "Thus, the combat effectiveness of the American missile strike against the Syrian air base is extremely low," Konashenkov stated.

Apr 07 14:14

Torturing Language To Put Best Light On Police Misconduct

After a cop was arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife, CBS Miami’s headline was “Miami-Dade Police Officer Arrested After Wife Ends Up in Hospital”—suggesting that the arrest and the hospital visit might be entirely unrelated. An officer was arrested and, on a totally separate note, his wife “ended up” in a hospital.

Apr 07 14:13

Scott Adams: Syria Gas Attack A False Flag

The recent gas attack blamed on the Syrian government is a false flag, says Dilbert creator Scott Adams.

“I’m going to call bullshit on the gas attack. It’s too ‘on-the-nose,’ as Hollywood script-writers sometimes say, meaning a little too perfect to be natural,” he said. “This has the look of a manufactured event.”

Apr 07 14:13

Remove ‘Offensive’ Union Jack Charity Badges, Hospital Security Guards Told

Hospital security guards who fastened Union Jack badges to their stab-proof vests were told by management to remove the symbols following a complaint.

The badges were from a charity that supports the families of police officers killed in the line of duty.

Apr 07 14:11

Markets May Be Getting Expensive

Let me suggest a warning.

Apr 07 14:09

Hillary’s Delusions know No Bounds

Hillary Clinton in her latest book, “Hard Choices” has taken the path of least resistance in examining what aspects of reality denied her the White House. She proportions almost no blame to herself, her ideas and ideals, or her disgraceful campaign, and instead looks to four key factors as the reason she was denied her “birthright”.

Apr 07 14:09

Merkel says political methods should be used to remove Assad

"I would like to emphasize like never before that it is right and important to focus on political talks within the United Nations Security Council and in Geneva, in order to pave the way for political transition and the use of democratic procedures to remove Assad’s regime that has caused the Syrian people so much suffering," she said. At the same time, the German chancellor said that the US attack was appropriate "in light of large-scale war crimes, the suffering of innocent people and the blockade in the UN Security Council." However, Merkel said that "Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was the only one responsible for these developments."

Apr 07 14:04

Serbian politician equates US attack on Syria with Washington’s actions in Yugoslavia

The US strike against Syria is reminiscent of the Americans’ actions in Yugoslavia in the late 1990s, leader of the Serbian Radical Party, Vojislav Seselj, told TASS on Friday. "The Americans’ behavior deserves condemnation. It is illegal and not based on the UN Security Council’s decision. It is very similar to the actions by the Clinton-era administration and its successors," the politician said when asked whether the current aggression is reminiscent of the situation in Yugoslavia in 1999. In his view, the United States it doing its utmost to deepen the global crisis. "All the Americans seek to do is to complicate relations in the modern world and deepen the crisis. As far as Syria goes, they have no intention of destroying the Islamic State (IS, terror group, outlawed in Russia - TASS). They would be happy, if IS controlled Syria rather than Assad’s government," Seselj explained. Eradicating the Islamic State is not a priority for the US at all.

Apr 07 14:02

US establishment breaks Trump’s pledges in ten weeks — PM Medvedev

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has remarked that it took the machine of power in the United States just ten weeks to "break" President Donald Trump’s election pledges. "Right after his (Trump’s) election I said that all will depend on how quickly the existing machine of power will break Trump’s election pledges," Medvedev said on his page in a social network. "It needed ten weeks"...

Apr 07 14:00

‘Everyone deserves love’: Pamela Anderson opens up about ‘affair’ with Julian Assange

He's holed up in the embassy and having visits from Pam Anderson. Man bein head of wikileaks is some hard duty! Go Julian.

Former Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson has revealed all about her relationship with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, saying “everyone deserves love".
Anderson told People magazine that she “loves” Assange for his “romantic struggle” to “free the world.”

Assange is currently holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, to escape prosecution in Sweden over sexual offense allegations.

Apr 07 13:57

US still seeks dialogue with Russia on flight safety over Syria — Pentagon

Washington still wants to maintain dialogue with Russia on ensuring flight safety in the skies over Syria, US Defense Department Spokesperson Michelle Baldanza told TASS on Friday, commenting on Russia’s decision to suspend the memorandum on flight safety in Syria. "The Department of Defense maintains the desire for dialogue through the flight safety channel. It is to the benefit of all parties operating in the air over Syria to avoid accidents and miscalculation, and we hope the Russian Ministry of Defense comes to this conclusion as well," she said...

Apr 07 13:55

Russian Defense Ministry to suspend communications hotline with Pentagon as of April 8

"About an hour ago, the US military attache in Moscow was summoned to the Defense Ministry to get an official note, which said the Russian side was suspending as of 00:00 hours on April 8 the observance of its obligations under the memorandum of understanding on prevention of incidents and ensuring of flight safety in the course of operation in the Syrian Arab Republic," Gen. Konashenkov refuted US media reports claiming Russia had decided to keep the hotline open.