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Mar 20 13:33

UK Teacher Shortages On The Rise

The failure of the Conservative-led UK government to achieve its target for teacher recruitment for the fourth year in a row is symptomatic of the crisis arising from dictatorial conditions and extreme governmental pressure.

Research by the National Audit Office found that over a 10-year period approximately 12 percent of newly qualified teachers left state-funded schools within one year of joining while 28 percent had left within five years.

Mar 20 13:33

As U.S. Ports Go, So Goes the U.S. Economy

Mar 20 12:25

Syrian Catholic Archbishop To Kerry: U.S. is "censoring all the complicity that led to the creation of the jihadist monster"

Syrian Archbishop Jacques Behnan Hindo had strong words in response to Secretary of State John Kerry yesterday. Bishop Hindo said "the proclamation of genocide is accomplished by pointing the spotlight on Daesh and censoring all the complicity and historical and political processes that led to the creation of the jihadist monster, since the war waged in Afghanistan against the Soviets by supporting armed Islamist groups. One wants to erase all the strange factors that led to the sudden and abnormal emergence of Daesh.

Mar 20 11:10

Welcome to the Hotel California–Why Donald Trump’s anti-Neoconservatism might not be enough to prevent WWIII

It is for this reason then that today’s Zealots–firmly in control of apocalyptic economic and nuclear power will simply not allow the change of political seasons heralded by the person of Donald J. Trump to materialize without having the ‘last laugh’ in the form of her often-threatened use of the ‘Samson Option’.

Mar 20 10:58

The Zionists Censor a Textbook – An Analysis by Lawrence Davidson

In early March 2016 executives at McGraw-Hill took the extreme step of withdrawing from the market a published text, Global Politics: Engaging a Complex World, and then proceeded to destroy all the remaining books held in inventory. (Did they burn them?)