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May 26 13:09

NFL’s War Against Science And Reason

Perhaps it’s because I just watched the movie, “Concussion,” which tells the story of the National Football League’s haughty denial of the science proving football-related brain damage – and the NFL’s abuse of the truth-tellers – but I still can’t understand why so many people side with Commissioner Roger Goodell in the absurd “Deflategate” case against Tom Brady.

May 26 13:06

Do Clinton Voters Care About War?

In America, we do not lock up our murdering politicians. We rarely prosecute or impeach them. The only scandals that stick are sex ones. Serious voters, writers, pundits, and anyone else who feels as if they have deep principles invariably buckle under the partisan weight of the political system.

May 26 13:02

Kinder Chocolate Replaces White Kid On Packaging With Immigrant Kids

Ferrero chocolate replaced their usual cute blonde, blue eyed White kid on the wrapper with nonWhite kids. The kids featured are members of the German national football team when they were children, including Jerome Boateng (father is from Ghana) and Ilkay Gundogan (Turkish).

May 26 13:00

Barium Leaks Straight From Fracked Rocks, Dartmouth Finds

By Natural Blaze

Barium is a silvery heavy metal that is toxic to mammals. It is also found in another practice that happens without any consultation of the people – geoengineering, aka chemtrails in the sky, spewed out of extra jet exhausts placed on the jet. Now it appears that both sky and earth are deliberately saturated in barium – crops and water.

Since Barium is never found in nature as a free element – due to its high chemcial reactivity – the following results of a new study are startling indeed...

May 26 12:52

'Why Does Cheryl Mills Still Have Top Secret Clearance...?'

This is a GREAT short clip from the State Dept briefing...


May 26 12:39

Tory Benefit Sanctions Driving Vulnerable Claimants To Crime & Poverty – Report

Benefit sanctions are driving “vulnerable” claimants to hunger, destitution and crime, a report by Salford City Council has revealed.

The research, first picked up by the Independent, warned that rather than encouraging claimants to enter the labor market, the sudden loss of basic income has adverse effects on mental health, which “could lead to self-harm or suicide.”

May 26 12:39

Shooting At New York Concert Leaves 1 Dead, At Least 3 Wounded

One person has died and three left wounded after shots were fired at a music venue, Irving Plaza, near New York City’s Union Square. The crowd ran for cover outside.

Around 10:00pm Wednesday in New York, shots fired toward Irving Plaza in Union Square left one person dead and three people wounded, as the crowd panically ran for cover outside the concert venue.

May 26 12:35

The Good-Mood Garden: Crops That Fight Depression Part II

By Ariana Marisol

How you feel is very much dependent on what you eat. These 5 crops can fight depression and keep you happy and healthy...

May 26 12:24

Why Taxes are Obsolete

May 26 11:56

Clinton Draws Fire For Personal Email Use As Ex-Secy

The US State Department says its former chief Hillary Clinton broke federal rules by using her own personal email for communicating sensitive materials.

The department said Clinton ignored clear directives as she never sought approval to conduct government business over private email.

May 26 11:54

Our Lives Are On The Line: Protesters Blockade Planned Pipeline Site Near Nuclear Plant Outside NYC

In Peekskill, New York, just about an hour north of New York City, residents have launched a blockade in efforts to stop the construction of a gas pipeline slated to run only hundreds of feet from the aging Indian Point nuclear power plant.