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Sep 12 15:20

EU bigwig in THREAT to Spain: The next government WILL have to enforce economic cutbacks

AN EU bigwig has warned Span that their budget problems "have not evaporated" in a extraordinary intervention, which undermined the country's sovereignty.

In a shocking concession Eurogroup boss Jeroen Dijsselbloem even said he would like to form the Spanish government himself to make sure it stuck to fiscal pledges.

Mr Dijsselbloem said: "Problems are still there, so they will have to face them and return to the right path."

Sep 12 15:18

Is The Syria Ceasefire Actually A Good Thing?

By Brandon Turbeville

As the US-Russian-backed “ceasefire” plan begins to take effect in Syria today, much of the world is holding its breath in hopes that all guns fall silent and that a “political solution” is found. Despite the fact that virtually everyone expects the ceasefire to fall apart within a short amount of time, the Western media is hailing the agreement as a diplomatic victory for the United States while many alternative media outlets are representing the agreement as a victory for the Russians.

The ceasefire deal, brokered between Russia and the United States, is made up of a number different facets...

Sep 12 15:13

Prepare for 'PERFECT STORM' that will obliterate stocks: Economist's terrifying warning

Investors should prepare for world stock markets to sink by a massive 12 per cent amid a repeat of the turmoil that tore through stock markets at the beginning of the year, according to David Rosenberg chief economist and strategist at wealth management firm Gluskin Sheff.

He believes markets are not ready for a US interest rate rise and when the US Federal Reserve does make changes to its policy - which could happen as early as next week - there's going to be a nasty shock.

Mr Rosenberg's comments come as stocks suffered heavy losses on Monday, with Britain's top stock index the FTSE 100 was down by 1.7 per cent, while France's CAC and Germany's DAX plunged two per cent.

Sep 12 15:13

Keep Wheels Turning! Gaza Student Creates Solar-Powered Car To ‘Fight’ Israel Fuel Blockade

Israel’s blockade of Gaza frequently leaves the Palestinian territory starved of vital resources such as fuel and electricity.

Sep 12 15:08

9/11 And The Treason Of Empire

The fifteenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks has brought us mournful memorials, declarations that we will “never forget,” and outraged realizations that nearly a third of Americans don’t recall what year that signal event occurred. All of this is quite natural, but it isn’t what we need at the moment. Yes, anniversaries are a time for looking back, but I want to do something quite different: I want to look forward, and ask “Where are we now – and where are we going?”

Sep 12 15:01

3 Dead After Plane Crashes Into Nevada Airport Parking Lot

A plane carrying three people has crashed at Reno-Tahoe International Airport, killing everyone on board, according to an airport spokesperson.

The crash occurred after a single-engine Piper Cherokee aircraft plummeted into the airport parking lot just after take-off, according to spokesman Brian Kulpin, as cited by the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Sep 12 14:48

CIA Chief Warns Of Russia’s Sophisticated Hacking Capabilities

CIA Director John Brennan warns that the US must be on guard in the face of Russia’s “exceptionally capable and sophisticated” cyber capabilities.

“I think that we have to be very, very wary of what the Russians might be trying to do in terms of collecting information in that cyber realm as well as what they might want to do with it,” Brennan said Sunday on CBS’s Face the Nation.

Sep 12 14:38

The illness and the cover up that almost cost Hillary Clinton the presidency - and still might

The revelation that the campaign hid Mrs Clinton's sickness from the public is burgeoning into a scandal that analysts say could continue to damage her long after she has recovered.

"If we look back through the history of presidential candidates falling ill, it raises momentary questions, but then they tend to pass as they get better," Patrick Murray, the director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute told The Telegraph.

"But the Clinton campaign hiding this from the public draws a strong line under this idea that she is overly secretive. And that goes to the heart of questions about her honesty and trustworthiness, which is why many Americans are not supporting her."

Sep 12 14:33

Video: What Is Aleppo? Some US Journalists & Politicians Find It Too Difficult To Answer

Syria’s second largest city has been the recent focus of international attention.

Sep 12 14:27

Flashback - Iraq: Seeing Double In Baghdad -- Saddam Uses Look-Alikes To Disguise His Whereabouts

Looking at the pictures, Buhmann also concluded that Saddam himself has not appeared in public since 1998 -- that is, until he finally reappeared on 21 September of this year. The expert says that means people viewing images of the Iraqi leader should be very careful about deducing anything about his health or other characteristics until they first have determined whether it is Saddam himself or a look-alike.

Sep 12 14:13

Clinton should reject further participation in election campaign

'A serious crisis can be evidenced in the US political system. One of the candidates is not quite capable. Roosevelt was in a wheelchair, a disabled person, but nobody concealed his disease, voters knew about it beforehand. Hillary's staff conceals the fact that will hamper her effective work from the Americans,' Vladimir Shapovalov, Deputy Director at the Institute of History and Politics of the Moscow State Humanitarian University, told Pravda.Ru. According to him, investigation should be initiated in the US, as well as public and parliamentary discussions to find out why leaders of the Democratic party decided to conceal this relevant information. 'The Democratic party should replace the candidate. Moreover, Hillary herself should reject further participation in the campaign. But it will hardly happen. She has entered the homestretch, and financial corporations invested into her campaign. The Democratic party will try to silence the scandal'.

Sep 12 14:10

The American Government Does NOT Represent The American People! US scared of vox populi against war with Russia

It was at that moment, when our revolution died, that we were struck with the harsh realization that our country was no longer a Democracy and that our vote no longer counted. I as well as many other Americans now believe that the United States has essentially become an Oligarchy that is controlled by a small group of billionaires. These same billionaires also control the United States Federal Reserve and the Military Industrial Complex. WAR is their #1 export and by far, their most profitable business...

Sep 12 14:01

BILL STANDS IN? Bubba To The Rescue As Bill Clinton To Stand In For Sick Hillary At L.A. Fundraisers

Bill Clinton will be stepping in tomorrow for his pneumonia plagued wife at the pricey fundraisers set for Seth MacFarlane and Barry Diller’s homes, campaign sources confirm to Deadline.

Sep 12 13:59

Clinton Calls Off California Trip Over Health Issues

US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has scrapped campaign plans to visit California after being diagnosed with what her doctor said was “pneumonia.”

“Secretary Clinton will not be traveling to California tomorrow or Tuesday,” the former secretary of state’s campaign said on Sunday night.

Sep 12 13:51

Russia readies Crimea for Invasion (PHOTOS + VIDEO)

The Russian army is testing Crimea’s defenses against a simulated enemy. Maneuvers are being held over the course of the final stage of the “Caucasus-2016” exercises. Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has arrived in Crimea to monitor them. “The scenario is simply - the peninsula comes under attack. The Russian army beats the attack back and goes on the offensive... So many aircraft, artillery, both conventional and reactive, vehicles, everything... I have never seen so many, and in training arenas there hasn’t been such [large exercises] for 20 years. What’s more, so that there are no insinuations, the exercises were planned. And what’s interesting is that the Syrian experience is being taken into consideration. There are modern carts, armored bulldozers, and graders that simulated the ‘Syrian roll’ in 5 minutes. And there are “Calibers” and “Baly” and others... this is no joke, these are now already the standard weapons of the Russian army...