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May 08 12:30

Saudis and Iran Exchange Threats, Destruction of Arabia and the Dajal

Responding to Saudi Arabia’s latest threats to take their conflict inside Iran, Tehran said it will leave nothing standing in the kingdom except for Muslim holy cities of Mecca and Medina if the Saudis do anything “ignorant,” Al-Manar reports.

May 08 12:29

The Never-Ending 2016 Election

I thought she’d disappear.

I thought if Donald Trump became president Hillary Clinton would recognize her error, would spend more time in the woods. Maybe she’d give some thought to why she lost: How she blindly followed Barack Obama and traded the traditional Democratic message of working-class security for professional-class diversity financed by Wall Street, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley.

May 08 12:19

Israel takes steps to define itself as a Jewish state and demote the status of the Arabic language

“Israel — The Nation-State of the Jewish People,” the bill declares that “the right to realize national self-determination in the state of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.”

May 08 12:12

It’s happening now! Victims of vaccine damage can sue manufacturers in the US

Major media aren’t giving this story the coverage it deserves. I certainly am.

Short question: Can a person sue a US vaccine manufacturer?

Short answer: Under certain conditions, yes.

May 08 12:09

al-Qaeda Leader Praises White Helmets As “Hidden Soldiers Of The Revolution”

By Brandon Turbeville

As hard as the Western corporate media works to employ propaganda techniques and tragic narratives with which to convince their respective populations that the terrorists funded by Western governments fight against the Syrian government are actually democracy-loving freedom fighters and selfless activists, more and more revelations come to light showing the true nature of heavily hyped groups like the White Helmets...

May 08 11:58

What the Layoffs at Ford’s Medium-Duty Truck Plant Mean

Demand from businesses in the real economy is slumping.

May 08 11:35

Man Facing Jail After Overstaying US Visa By 90 Minutes

An Australian man has been arrested by US immigration officials for reportedly overstaying his visit to the country by 90 minutes after being denied entry into Canada.

May 08 11:31

Will Nigel Farage and Tony Blair be Going Head to head as Leaders of two New Political Parties?

Several factors seem to be pointing towards one of the most epic political showdowns in history.

May 08 11:29

Texas Governor Signs Ban On ‘Sanctuary Cities’

The US state of Texas has placed a ban on so-called “sanctuary cities,” which limits cooperation with the national government to enforce law against immigrants.

May 08 11:10


There have been plenty of calls to investigate Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, for her role in Hillary’s email scandal. None of those calls, for reasons that ought to be obvious, have come from people within the Democrat Party.

May 08 10:57

Rebel Spirit: Majority Of EU Youth Ready To Join Mass Uprising – Poll

A new poll suggests the majority of young Europeans are ready to join a full-scale revolt against the EU’s ruling elites.

May 08 10:56

House To Probe Whether Obama Undermined U.S. National Security To Finalize Iran Deal

Politico reports: Citing a POLITICO investigation, Republican leaders of the House oversight committee said Friday they have launched a sweeping investigation into whether the Obama administration, in trying to win support for a nuclear deal and prisoner swap with Tehran last year, undermined an ambitious U.S. counterproliferation effort to thwart Iranian weapons trafficking networks.

May 08 10:55

Preview: The Coming Real Estate Trend and Turn?

Toronto is the 4th largest city in North America and anchors a greater metropolitan region of nine million -- more than a quarter of Canada's entire population. A city this size is an ideal candidate to preview real estate trends in Canada and in the United States.

May 08 10:47

Iconic Joe's Crab Shack to file for BANKRUPTCY

May 08 10:43

FBI Director: I Have 'Never' Been Anonymous Source On Clinton, Trump Investigations

During a Senate hearing on FBI oversight, Director James Comey said he had not served as an anonymous news source on investigations into Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, nor had he authorized anyone else to do so.

May 08 10:42

Human Rights And The Arrogance Of Power

International policy statements sometimes attract attention because they deal with serious matters, such as human rights, concerning which an important speech was made to the UN Security Council on April 18 by US Ambassador Nikki Haley.

May 08 10:24

Central Banks Injected Trillions Into The Market To Prop It Up & It's Not Enough

The retail problem is not going away, more stores are closing and sales are dropping. Online sales are only 8% of retail sales. San Fran fed says the economy is at full employment and there is not reason that the Fed cannot raise rates in June.

May 08 10:24


Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, Sacramento is now on the list of cities that have officially let their brains fall out from between their ears. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkk. Slip. Slop. Fop. That’s the sound of their dumb Democrat brains. Sacramento has now used taxpayer money to help pay for the legal defense of illegal immigrants.

May 08 10:22

Jane Sanders Under FBI Investigation Over Bank Fraud

The wife of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is under investigation by the FBI over alleged bank fraud.

The Vermont senator’s wife, Jane Sanders, reportedly falsified loan documents while at helm at Burlington College, the Hill reported on Sunday, citing an investigation by American news and opinion website, the Daily Caller.

May 08 10:21

Media Pundits, Pseudo-Left Back Sri Lankan President’s Call For Authoritarian Rule

Last week, Sri Lankan cabinet minister Rajitha Senaratne informed a press conference that President Maithripala Sirisena was proposing that former army commander Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka should “take responsibility for disciplining the country” for a period of two years. Sirisena’s extraordinary proposition was made in the context of growing strikes and protests throughout the country against the government’s attacks on living conditions and on social and democratic rights.

May 08 10:20

Listening In: NSA Collected & Stored 151 Million Call Records In 2016

An annual report from the director of national intelligence has revealed the NSA was authorized by a court to access the phone calls of 42 terror suspects in 2016.