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Oct 10 11:20

Feinstein: No Law Would Have Stopped Las Vegas Gunman

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said in an interview broadcast Sunday that no law could have stopped the suspected shooter, Stephen Paddock, who was behind last week’s mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Oct 10 11:16

End of the Line for the Middle Class

Oct 10 11:01

Britain 'Firmly Committed' To Iran Nuclear Deal, May Tells Netanyahu

Prime Minister Theresa May has told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Britain remains “firmly committed” to the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran.

In a telephone call on Monday, May and Netanyahu discussed security cooperation, bilateral trade, and the Iran nuclear deal, according to a statement issued by 10 Downing Street.

Oct 10 10:41

Wall Street Bailout: Latest Updated Report

The latest of the U.S. Government’s updates on the status of the Wall Street bailout is 151 pages long, and highlights from it will be excerpted here below.

Oct 10 10:40

Video: UN Panel Strives To Improve Access To Medicines

We are not against intellectual property protection, but we want to see that health prevails when there is a conflict, explains legendary Brazilian Ambassador Celso Amorim in discussing recommendations of the UN High Level Panel on Access to Medicines.

Oct 10 10:32

Bodycam Video Of Police Shooting Sparks Outrage: 'They Just Murdered Him Flat Out'

Outraged protesters took to the streets of Salt Lake City after a prosecutor said no charges would be filed against a policeman who fatally shot a black man running from officers.

Oct 10 10:32

'This Is England, Not 1930s Germany!' Fury As Tea Lady, 79, Who Was Providing Refreshments To Anti-Fracking Protesters Is Forcibly Removed By TWELVE Policemen Who Confiscate Her Table And Urn

A great-grandmother was forcibly moved from her tea table by police at a fracking site yesterday as a long-running protest by environmental groups intensified.
Former nurse Jackie Brooks, 79, has been serving tea and cake over the past month to protesters and police in Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire, with her husband Jim.

Oct 10 10:07

Women who traveled for plastic surgery can’t fly home again

Travel didn’t go “swell” for three Chinese women — who were detained at an airport in South Korea because their puffy post-plastic-surgery faces looked nothing like their passport photos.
The unidentified women flew last week to the nip-and-tuck mecca during China’s Golden Week, a national holiday in which residents are encouraged to take paid vacations, Asia Wire reported.

Oct 10 10:06

Man Arrested For Allegedly 'Marrying' Stepdaughter at Age 12, Holding Her Captive For 19 Years At

An arrest has been made in the strange saga of a woman who told FBI agents her stepdad had kidnapped her at age 12 and held her captive for 19 years.
Henri Michele Piette, 62, was arrested last week in Mexico and extradited to Oklahoma, where he was charged with rape, child abuse and other offenses, The Oklahoman reported.

Oct 10 09:54

Kids Playing Outdoors May Have Better Eyes

By Mae Chan

The ready availability of technology may make the children of today faster at configuring a new smartphone, but does all of that screen time affect the development of their eyes?

While conventional wisdom dictates that children should do less up-close viewing, sit farther from the television and perhaps even wear their eyeglasses less, we have found in recent studies that another factor may be at play: Kids need to go outside, and, if not play, at least get some general exposure to outdoor light...

Oct 10 09:44

Trump Unveils New Strict 70-Point Immigration Enforcement Plan

Determined to finally solve illegal immigration, the White House submitted a 70-point enforcement plan to CongressSunday proposing the stiffest reforms ever offered by an administration — including a massive rewrite of the law in order to eliminate loopholes illegal immigrants have exploited to gain a foothold in the U.S.

Oct 10 09:43

The Occupied Territories Are The Biggest Prison On Earth

In this Truthout interview, Ilan Pappé, author of The Biggest Prison on Earth, argues that Israel’s model for the occupied territories is not an eventual two-state solution. Rather, Israel has built a model of a permanent open-air prison for Gaza and the West Bank.

Oct 10 09:42

‘Shockingly Badly Integrated’ Pakistani Women Live In ‘Entirely Different Society’ In Britain

The nation’s first disparity audit will reveal entire communities are segregated from their neighbors.

The Cabinet Office study, which will be published on Tuesday, was designed to better understand how people in the UK access healthcare, education, employment and the criminal justice system.

Oct 10 09:37

WikiLeaks Releases Moscow’s Surveillance Files

By Aaron Kesel

The international whistleblower coalition WikiLeaks who have had their sights on the CIA, pivoted their focus to Russia’s own surveillance, offering a look at technical details of how Moscow spies on its citizens’ mobile data online...