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Jan 13 14:23

The impending fall of Saudi Arabia dictatorship

While the Saud family enjoys the last few moments of its dictatorship, the decapitation of the leader of the opposition, Nimr al-Nimr, deprives half of the Saudi population of all hope. For Thierry Meyssan, the fall of the kingdom has become inevitable. It will probably be accompanied by a long period of extreme violence.

Jan 13 14:11

Taharrush: Asylum Seekers Play the “Rape Game” Across Europe

If you were concerned about all of the sexual assaults by immigrants in Europe recently, worry no more. It’s just a game. The rape game. That shocking spree of sexual assaults on European women, perpetrated mainly by refugees and asylum seekers, is all in the name of fun (and, you know, superiority and ethnic cleansing).

Most of the attacks that have been reported in the international news have been gang rapes, with 5 or more attackers.

The attacks have been shocking by the sheer numbers involved. The foremost repercussion has been division, not only in the communities where the assaults occurred but in places where they are discussed. Those who are overly cautious about political correctness are uncomfortable with a discussion about the culprits, who have been overwhelmingly Muslim immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers from places like Syria, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Morocco.

Jan 13 14:07

20th Largest Bank In The World: 2016 Will Be A ‘Cataclysmic Year’ And ‘Investors Should Be Afraid’

The Royal Bank of Scotland is telling clients that 2016 is going to be a “cataclysmic year” and that they should “sell everything”. This sounds like something that you might hear from The Economic Collapse Blog, but up until just recently you would have never expected to get this kind of message from one of the twenty largest banks on the entire planet.

Jan 13 14:06

Military Minds: China's People Carrying Drone Disturbs US Media

Soon after Chinese drone-maker Ehang Inc unveiled the world’s first passenger drone, there is debate in US media about whether Beijing will use it for carrying soldiers into battle, especially as Washington still lacks the technology to do so...

Jan 13 14:05

Third of US Oil Companies May Go Bankrupt in 2017 Amid Low Crude Prices

Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs Group and Citigroup investment banks now expect the price of oil to fall below $30 in the near future and US oil companies may go bankrupt in 2017, according to media reports...

Jan 13 14:03

Saving the world? GMO’s only boost corporate profit while destroying health

Right now, all the focus for increasing crop yields is centered on one method: Genetically modifying crops to make them resistant to pesticides and herbicides. In this model of farming, haste makes waste. Instead of working with the land, we poison it instead with chemicals like glyphosate. Even the World Health Organization now admits that popular herbicide glyphosate is a carcinogen. Year after year, the food on our plate becomes more saturated with cancer-causing chemicals but we’re perpetually told that GMOs are saving the world.

Jan 13 13:52

Junk Food Eating Generations Can Pass Metabolic Disorders To Their Children

“You are what your parent’s eat,” is becoming more relevant by the day. According to a study published in journal Science, just one junk food-eating generation can pass on the metabolic disorders it gains from an unhealthy diet to the next. Less than two years ago, scientists officially linked processed foods to…

Jan 13 13:51

Did Research Find Link Between Pesticides In Milk And Today’s Parkinson’s Disease?

Is Pesticide Used in Milk in 1980s Contributing to Parkinson’s Disease Today? Recent Study Shows a Potential Link Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a chronic progressive disorder of the nervous system that affects the person’s ability to move. According to the CDC, every 3 out of 100,000 people in the US died from…

Jan 13 13:50

This Is The Cannabis Oil Recipe Rick Simpson Used To Heal His Cancer And Recommends To Others

Someday, everyone will know the name ‘Rick Simpson’. Why? Because, according to sources, the man rediscovered the cure for cancer. After being diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma skin cancer in 2003, Rick underwent conventional treatment and surgery. The Western method of ‘treating’ the issue, however, did little to benefit his condition. Getting desperate,…

Jan 13 13:38

Corrupt water corporations steal £1bn from public

For-profit companies formed out of the Thatcher administration’s privatization of English and Welsh water supplies overcharged customers by more than £1 billion with help from the regulator Ofwat, according to a new report from the House of Commons’ Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

Jan 13 13:09

B-52s Over Korea: Blatant display of bully-boy tactics

Why did the US fly a B-52 over South Korea yesterday? Was it a sign of superiority…or insecurity? North Korea tested some sort of nuclear device last week and the fly-over was part of a multi-pronged US response to the test.

Jan 13 13:09

Hundreds of teachers’ fight to save public education

On Monday, hundreds of teachers took part in a coordinated “sickout” that closed two-thirds of the district’s 97 schools. On Tuesday, 24 schools were closed. The job actions have been organized independently of the Detroit Federation of Teachers (DFT), which has long collaborated in the bipartisan attack on teachers and the public schools.