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Mar 05 09:39

Hear The Joke That Might Cost Comedian Mike Ward $180,000 (If The Canadian Government Has Its Way)

Montreal comedian Mike Ward was hauled before Canada's Human Rights Commission for making a joke. (This isn't the first time this has happened, either; a few years ago, Vancouver comedian Guy Earle was also fined over ten thousand dollars for heckling back at some hecklers in a comedy club.)

Mar 05 09:37

Trump does about-face on torture, killing terrorists' families

Facing backlash over his hard-lined stance on national security, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has backed away from his vow for the U.S. to use waterboarding on terrorism suspects and to kill the families of terrorists.

Military officials have worried that members of the armed forces might be ordered to commit war crimes if the billionaire businessman and former Atlantic City casino magnate is elected and follows through on his views.

But Trump said Friday he has reversed his stance and will not order the military to make any moves that might violate international law.

Mar 05 09:35

Veterans Still Support Trump After Torture Flip-Flop

After Donald Trump Flip-Flop On Torture, Veterans Still Support Republican Front-Runner
“Donald Trump is a straight talker and clearly knows how to get things done,” said William Compton, 63, a retired Army master sergeant from South Carolina who served in the Vietnam and Persian Gulf wars. “He sees the state of the world and is willing to do what is necessary to keep America safe, which is something that myself and other veterans share in common with him, even though he didn’t serve.”

Mar 05 09:30

Zaman newspaper: Protesters hit with rubber bullets and tear gas as government takeover continues

Journalists remaining at its offices have reportedly been told they must take toilet breaks alone as takeover continues

Mar 05 09:29

Ex-MPC member says rates will stay low until 2021

Interest rates will likely fall further in Britain and remain at near record low levels until 2021, a former Monetary Policy Committee member says.

David Blanchflower was on the MPC in 2009 when quantitative easing was first introduced and rates were cut to 0.5%.

Now he says growth in Britain is still very weak and the global economy "feels a little bit like 2008."

The next rates move would be down not up as many expect, he added.

Mar 05 09:25

Zaman newspaper: Defiant last edition as Turkey police raid

Turkey's biggest newspaper, Zaman, has condemned its takeover by the authorities in a defiant last edition published just before police raided it.

Saturday's edition said Turkey's press had experienced "one of the darkest days in its history".

Turkish police raided Zaman's offices hours after a court ruling placed it under state control, but managers were still able to get the edition to print.

Zaman readers have protested against the takeover outside the offices.

Mar 05 09:15

Girl Scout cookie sales explode after Catholic Archdiocese decides girl scouts are evil.

First up from the God Machine this week is a Catholic archdiocese in Missouri, which went after the Girl Scouts in a way that backfired rather spectacularly.

Mar 05 09:15

Taliban refuses to hold peace talks with Afghan govt

KABUL: The Taliban on Saturday refused to resume long-stalled peace talks with the Afghan government, reiterating their preconditions for holding dialogue, a statement said.

"We want to repeat our stance once again that until the occupation of foreign troops ends, until Taliban names are removed from international blacklists and until our detainees are released, talks will yield no results," it said.

Mar 05 09:15

17 Disappearing Middle Class Jobs

Mar 05 09:13

Release of Clinton Documents Delayed After State Department Discovers 'Thousands’ of Unsearched Records

The State Department’s recent discovery of thousands of unsearched records from Hillary Clinton’s tenure has delayed several public records lawsuits and could keep many of the documents out of the public sphere until next fall.

Mar 05 09:11

State Trooper Gets Just 6 Months For Raping Car Accident Victim

An Alabama state trooper accused of raping a car accident victim and forcing her to perform oral sex was sentenced to just six months in jail.

Mar 05 09:10

Texan who called Obama a gay prostitute may soon control textbooks

Mary Lou Bruner stood before the Texas State Board of Education in 2010 to talk about textbooks. She was concerned, she said during her testimony, that the state's curriculum was being controlled by outside forces.

Mar 05 09:04

Ex-Alabama state trooper charged with raping woman while on duty gets six months in jail

An ex-Alabama state trooper who was accused of raping a woman while he was on duty was sentenced to six months in jail after he pleaded guilty Thursday to a misdemeanor sexual misconduct charge. Felony charges of rape and sodomy against Samuel McHenry II were dismissed as part of a plea agreement he filed in Butler County District Court in Greenville. McHenry’s Alabama Peace Officers’ Standards and Training Commission certification will be revoked and he’ll have to register as a sex offender, according to the plea agreement. [QUESTION: If a motorist was pulled over & raped an on-duty cop, would they get a mere six months in jail too? if not, why not?]

Mar 05 09:03

US Supreme Court Ruling Could Effectively End Legal Marijuana Sales

Oklahoma and Nebraska filed a lawsuit against Colorado in December 2014, and this Friday the Supreme Court will decide whether or not it takes the case. The suit claims that cannabis being diverted into their states from Colorado is causing “irreparable injury,” and suggests that Colorado’s law violates the supremacy clause of the Constitution. They believe federal law should take precedence over state law.

Mar 05 08:42

Mass Layoffs Hit Staples As Shutdown Begins