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Jan 13 09:56

Recent Beheadings Show Saudi Arabia Is the One Really Running Around Like a Chicken Without Its Head

When Israel – Netanyahu in particular, but past Israeli prime ministers as well – wants to “stick it” to Washington, knowing that it could complicate Obama’s agenda some, it announces it is going to build more settlements in the Occupied Territories at a sensitive moment for Washington, the goal being, repeatedly, to sabotage any genuine progress towards a diplomatic solution to the Israeli-Palestinian crisis.

Jan 13 09:50

The US Shale Oil Defaults Begin

Jan 13 09:48

Why Google should store its data in Yakutia

Yakutia is the coldest populated region in the world. Located in the northeastern part of Siberia, this semi-autonomous republic of the Russian Federation is home to the village of Oymyakon, a place known as the Pole of Cold that registers temperatures of -70 degrees Celsius. Permafrost covers a large part of Yakutia's territory, and this is precisely why scientists have found well-preserved mammoth remains there. The opening of the Yakutia Science Park in the republic's capital, Yakutsk, now makes possible the use of the republic’s cold weather for the world of high-tech. Anatoly Semyonov, chief executive of the science park, spoke to RBTH about the potential for innovation...

Jan 13 09:47

Why Vladimir Putin won't go to Davos

According to Vashchenko, the government deliberately distances itself from the Davos forum, as recently “it has been unduly used only as a platform for the criticism of Russia's foreign and domestic policy by foreign participants from Western countries.” German Chancellor Angela Merkel also declined to participate in this year’s forum.

Jan 13 09:46

Why is Ramsey Orta, Man Who Filmed Police Killing of Eric Garner, the Only One Criminally Charged?

As Sgt. Kizzy Adonis becomes the first officer to face reprimand for Eric Garner’s death, the only person present that day to be criminally charged is the young man who filmed it. Ramsey Orta, who recorded the fatal chokehold on his cellphone, has been arrested multiple times since.

Jan 13 09:43

Russia will not sell electricity to Ukraine

“The Russian Federation is not negotiating for the supply of electricity from Russia to Ukraine,” the Russian Ministry of Energy confirmed. "We will not extend it, as it was originally linked to the contract for the supply of electricity from Ukraine to Crimea.".. After a series of sabotage incidents on Ukrainian power lines in fall, Crimea found itself in an energy blockade, which was alleviated after the launch of an energy bridge from the Kerch Peninsula. Although Ukraine partially restored its electricity supplies to Crimea in December, an attempt to conclude a contract for the supply to the peninsula in 2016 failed. This was because Kiev demanded that Crimea be recognized as Ukrainian territory, which was unacceptable to Moscow.

Jan 13 09:41

‘Don’t be a F***ing Idiot’: Twitter Explodes with Best Pun Ever over Sean Penn’s Interview with Drug Lord “El Chapo”

Clever Twitter users have turned Sean Penn’s name into a pun after the actor’s cozy, secret Rolling Stone interview with drug lord “El Chapo” was published — an interview done with Penn months after El Chapo escaped prison and was still on the run, and where Penn is now infamously seen (above) shaking hands with the head of the Sinaloa drug cartel, a man who many consider to be directly responsible for the deaths of thousands, including hundreds of journalists.

The pun? Hashtag #NoSeanPenndejos.

According to the Daily Mail, ‘No sean pendejo’ basically means ‘don’t be a f***ing idiot’ in Spanish.

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Jan 13 09:40

Chicago PD Desperate to Destroy Records Before Homan Square Investigation

It’s been nearly a year since the American public was first made aware of the notorious Homan Square jail in Chicago. Though perhaps “jail” isn’t the right word for this place. At least in American jails there is some faint enforcement of human rights and the rule of law. Homan Square on the other hand, is more like a CIA blacksite where people accused of crimes can be held off the books, tortured, and refused contact with family and attorneys.

So far over 7,000 people have been run through this secret interrogation site between 2004 and 2015. And those are just the people who have an arrest record. Nobody knows how many people have been detained off the books and released.

Jan 13 09:34

Surprise Surprise: UN Peacekeepers Caught Paying 13-Year-Olds for Sex

Talk about spreading "peace"...

Shortly after Ban Ki Moon issued a zero tolerance policy on sex abuse, and only a month after the UN released a report that claimed “the credibility of the UN and peacekeeping operations are in jeopardy” from these cases, another incident has popped up. Investigators found that 4 peacekeepers apparently paid girls as young as 13 for sex at a camp for internally displaced refugees.

As if it couldn’t get any more disgusting than that, it cost them as little as 50 cents. The peacekeepers in question were from Gabon, Morocco, Burundi, and France, and it is the first time that the UN has admitted to wrongdoing from their workers in the Central African Republic.

Of course, none of this is really news to anyone who has been paying attention to UN peacekeeping missions over the years.

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Jan 13 09:32

Video: How to Tell If Someone Is Lying, Obama edition

Here are some hallmark examples of verbal and bodily cues that lying liars exhibit when they lie, as demonstrated for you by the president… with a bonus from the State Dept.

The question in this particular example regarded how the federal government would go about confiscating America’s guns, asked by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ husband Mark Kelly. After a lengthy subject change of nearly a minute, the president said he believed Kelly was alluding to a conspiracy to disarm American citizens and impose martial law.

Jan 13 09:30

Heavy snow in Moscow and Saint Petersburg hit by cyclone Daniella

A severe snowstorm and gusty wind were observed in the European part of Russia on January 12. According to weather forecasts, these meteorologic conditions can last up to three days. Weather conditions are determined by a powerful Atlantic cyclone. Flights were canceled en masse in Moscow because of snowfall, blizzard and squall wind up to 17 meters per second.

Jan 13 09:28

Scientists propose algorithm to study DNA faster, more accurately

A team of scientists from Germany, the United States and Russia have developed an algorithm to automate the process of searching for genes and making it more efficient, the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology said in a press release on Wednesday. "The new development combines the advantages of the most advanced tools for working with genomic data", the institute said...

Jan 13 09:26

Abkhazia supports Russia’s initiatives for peace in Middle East — foreign ministry

"The Republic of Abkhazia supports Russia’s foreign policy, including the peace initiatives designed to reduce tensions and establish peace in the Middle East," the Abkhazian Foreign Ministry said in a statement published on the ministry’s website. On January 11, the statement said, Artur Mikvabiya, the head of the Abkhazian government, instructed separate agencies and departments to start working out temporary restrictions on a number of goods of Turkish origin. "This instruction complies with article 4 of the Treaty on Allied Relations and Strategic Partnership which Abkhazia and Russia signed on November 24, 2014 that provides for coordination of foreign policy," the Abkhazian Foreign Ministry said in its statement. "The Republic of Abkahzia is taking these steps in accordance with the existing bilateral Russian-Abkhazian agreements and reciprocal commitments.

Jan 13 09:24

Bill Gates Could End World Hunger, Instead Gives $36 Billion to Corporate America

What exactly do people expect from one of the world’s richest eugenicists?

Jan 13 09:23

Cairo supports Russia’s actions in Syria — Egyptian foreign minister

"We believe in Russia’s ability to tell terrorist organizations from other targets," he said. The minister also noted that this stance "was not the exclusive right of the international anti-terrorist coalition, which includes the United States, Germany and which Egypt has joined." Speaking about the recent contracts with Russia on arms supplies, Shoukry pointed to "the existing strategic partnership between Egypt and the United States." "There is no alternative to US military aid to Egypt. However, we need to diversify our relations," he said.

Jan 13 09:23

WH Response to Iran’s Arrest of 10 U.S. Sailors in Persian Gulf: “Absolute Hooey”

Obama bragged of his ‘legacy’ nuclear deal with Iran in his final State of the Union speech last night yet said nothing about Iran seizing 10 crew members and two U.S. Navy riverine patrol boats. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) arrested the 10 crew members, nine men and one woman in the Persian Gulf earlier yesterday...

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Jan 13 09:22

Source confirms Russians detained in Turkey linked to terrorists

"There is information on all the three detained Russian citizens in Turkey and on their ties or participation in foreign terrorist groups. Moreover, one of them was earlier put on the Russian and international wanted list," the source said.
Russian missions try to ensure access to detained Russians in Turkey — Foreign Ministry: Turkey’s police said the Russians had refused to contact with the Russian consular staff.

Jan 13 09:19

Russia to file claim against Kiev for not paying eurobond debt at London Court — minister

Russia is going to make claim against Ukraine to the London Court before the end of January, Russia’s Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said Wednesday. In December Ukraine failed to make a payment on the Russian loan of $3 bln. The deadline for redemption of bonds worth $3 bln was Sunday, December 20, 2015.