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Dec 20 10:35

Russia hopes evacuation from eastern Aleppo to end in one-two days

"We (Russia, Iran and Turkey) have tried to work in broader formats, on a collective basis, but an appalling situation facing residents of eastern Aleppo, a need to reduce the number of possible casualties, along with a need to free Aleppo from militants - all this has prevented us from taking the wait-and-see stance," Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said after meeting with his Turkish and Iranian counterparts, Mevlut Cavusoglu and Javad Zarif...
Turkish foreign minister: More than 37,500 people evacuated from eastern Aleppo

Dec 20 10:33

Russia currently plans no contacts with US on Syria, deputy minister says

Russia currently has no plans to contact the US over Syria, First Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said on Tuesday. "No such plans yet," he said.

Dec 20 10:24



Dec 20 10:22


AMERICA'S Secret Service is preparing to put Washington on lockdown for the inauguration of president-elect Donald trump in January, with an unprecedented security operation in the US capital.

Dec 20 10:21

Hillary Clinton Supporters Need To Quit Whining About The Electoral College

Shocked and appalled by the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency, some supporters of Hillary Clinton have turned to minimizing and even delegitimizing Trump’s election. In an era of severe political polarization, in an election with two candidates seen from the outset in highly unfavorable terms, after the most brutal campaign in modern history, and with an outcome that astonished just about everyone, these reactions are understandable, but wrong.

Dec 20 10:15

The Striking Audacity of the Coup-in-Process – Paul Craig Roberts

Unsubstantiated stories have been planted throughout the presstitute media by anonymous CIA officials that Donald Trump’s electoral victory was the result of Russian intervention. This absurd claim has now been elevated to the even more absurd claim that Putin himself oversaw and even conducted the manipulation of the US presidential election.

No evidence has been provided for these amazing claims.

As a result of the prestitutes’ lies, millions of peoples have been killed and dislocated.

Only a Counter-Coup Can Save American Democracy — Paul Craig Roberts

Dec 20 10:11

A New Dow High – Anyone Concerned?

While the global bond markets have begun to correct their 35 year bull market, the major U.S. stock indices, including the Dow, NASDAQ, Russell and S&P, have rallied nicely.

Dec 20 10:08

Cannabinoids Heal The Body

If this were the 60s or 70s and you told someone you were using cannabis for pain relief or to treat an illness, you might get a funny look. Today, however, countless legitimate medicinal uses have been discovered for the plant. It’s finally receiving positive…

Dec 20 10:06

Anti-fracking campaigners lose High Court challenge to prevent drilling in Yorkshire

CAMPAIGNERS have lost a landmark High Court challenge, signalling the green light for fracking to begin in England.

Dec 20 10:05

Beyond Flint: Lead Poisoning A Nationwide Epidemic – Report

Lead contamination in low-income communities is an even more of a severe problem across the US than initial reports from Flint, Michigan, indicated, according to new analysis from Reuters.

Dec 20 10:04

BERLIN TERROR ATTACK: Angela Merkel was WARNED of Christmas massacre just WEEKS ago

The US State Department said it had "credible information" that militants were planning attacks throughout Europe over the festive season.

It specifically warned tourists to "exercise caution at holiday festivals, events, and outdoor markets".

European intelligence services were also aware of the threat of possible attacks across the continent in the run-up to Christmas.

The Foreign Office told British travellers to Germany to "remain vigilant" at "Christmas markets and other major events that might attract large crowds".

Dec 20 10:02

Geert Wilders tweets image of Merkel with hands covered in blood after Berlin attack

FAR-right leader Geert Wilders has posted an image of Angela Merkel with blood on her hands in the wake of the Berlin Christmas market attack.

Dec 20 10:00

Snow in the SAHARA: Desert sees snow for the FIRST time in 37 years

ENGLAND is not set to have a white Christmas - but snow has fallen in the Sahara desert for only the second time in living memory.

Dec 20 09:58

'THIS MEANS WAR' Obama warned Putin US election meddling will lead to 'ARMED CONFLICT'

OUTGOING President Barack Obama warned Vladimir Putin that alleged Russian hacking in the US election could lead to “armed conflict”, according to reports.

Dec 20 09:55

A KEYNESIAN CHALLENGE: Prove Deflation is Bad For ME!

'Mish' Shedlock and Gordon T Long discuss a number of outstanding issues in 2016 that will become Themes in 2017.

Dec 20 09:51

Euro CRASH: EU's single currency hits lowest level since 2003 against dollar

THE euro has plunged to a 13-year low against the dollar and is now within touching distance of parity amid continued fears the eurozone economy could spark a new financial crisis.

Dec 20 09:49

Media Legitimizing GOP’s ‘Universal’ Health Plan That Doesn’t Exist

Members of the GOP leadership were likely jubilant when they read the New York Times (12/15/16) and saw the following headline: “GOP Plans to Repeal Health Law with ‘Universal Access.’”

The Times’ decision to include the words “universal,” “health” and “plan” in the headline was extremely misleading and irresponsible. It gave readers the distinct—and deceptive—impression that Republicans have something resembling a “universal” health plan, and will use it to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Dec 20 09:47

Chrome’s Adblock Pro is a uBlock Origin rip-off

Raymond Hill, creator of uBlock Origin, left a review for Adblock Pro on the Google Chrome web store that highlighted this, and other interesting tidbits.

I am the developer of uBlock Origin.

This is essentially the same code base as an older version (circa 1.7.4) of uBlock Origin, but with Google Analytics hook added to the manifest. Note the absence of privacy policy.

Also, aside, whoever is behind this extension added another Content Security Policy directive which should really not be needed (the ability to embed Flash objects in the extension code itself). I consider this suspicious.

Also, the maintainer of Adblock Pro apparently does not want users to find out that the code was taken from the uBlock Origin project, the "About" pane has been removed from the dashboard.

Just use the real uBlock Origin: you get a more up to date version (1.10.0 as of writing), without any analytic hooks in the code base.

Dec 20 09:45

World Better Not Pry Into How We Decide To Pull Trigger On Someone – Ex-Chief Of Mossad

In a world where terrorism can strike at any moment – where terrorists resort to stabbing, ramming attacks, and mass shooting – no one is safe from the threat of extremism.

Dec 20 09:44

How the Navy’s Zumwalt-Class Destroyers Ran Aground

The Zumwalt is an unmitigated disaster. Clearly it is not a good fit as a frontline warship. With its guns neutered, its role as a primary anti-submarine-warfare asset in question, its anti-air-warfare capabilities inferior to those of our current workhorse, the Arleigh Burke–class destroyers, and its stealth not nearly as advantageous as advertised, the Zumwalt seems to be a ship without a mission.

If that’s the case, how will the Navy use the Zumwalt? Eric Wertheim, author and editor of the U.S. Naval Institute’s Guide to Combat Fleets of the World, noted that “with only three ships, the class of destroyers could become something of a [very expensive] technology demonstration project.” He is not alone in this verdict.

Dec 20 09:44

The War on Cash and Then on Gold

Technical analyst Clive Maund says liquidity issues with banks could lead to restrictions on cash and precious metals.

Dec 20 09:41

As the Coup Against Trump Fails, the Threat Against His Life Rises - Paul Craig Roberts

The use of the presstitute media to deny Trump the Republican presidential nomination failed.

The use of the presstitute media to deny Trump victory in the presidential election failed.

The vote recount failed.

The effort to sway the Electoral College failed.

But the effort continues.

The CIA report on Russia’s alleged interference in the US presidential election ordered by Obama is in process. Faked evidence is a hallmark of CIA operations.

Dec 20 09:36

‘The People Of Aleppo Are Alive’: Breathing Life Back Into Ruined City

Two weeks since the liberation of the Alshaar neighborhood in eastern Aleppo by the Syrian army, life is gradually resuming its course.

Dec 20 09:35

Oi! Linux users! Want some really insecure closed-source software?

Back in August Adobe reversed its decision to stop offering an NPAPI Flash plugin for Linux and promised that version 23 would come Penguinistas' way real soon now.

At the time the decision was greeted with surprise, because Adobe had not thought to update Flash for Linux since 2012's version 11.2. But the company decided that Linux users deserved a security upgrade to the infamously hole-ridden product.

It turns out the company fibbed, because it's now delivered version 24 of the plugin to Linux users, making this a thirteen-version jump between releases*.

That's the same version number offered to Windows and Mac users, but the new Linux version lacks features found on those other platforms. Linux users willing to put up with almost-certainly-insecure** will therefore have to put up with missing 3D acceleration from GPUs.

Dec 20 09:28

Trump warns of worsening security situation across globe

French authorities have decided to boost security at Christmas markets in the wake of the Berlin truck incident.