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Oct 16 12:17

North Dakota’s War On 1st Amendment Goes From Bad To Worse

North Dakota State’s Attorney Ladd Erickson has dropped criminal trespassing charges against Democracy Now!‘s Amy Goodman—and is instead seeking to charge her with participating in a riot, Democracy Now! (10/15/16) reported today.

Oct 16 12:16

The Warnings Of A New World War

In an interview with the Bild newspaper on Oct. 8, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who is known for his cautious rhetoric, described the present international situation in the following woeful terms: “unfortunately it is an illusion to believe this is the old Cold War. The new times are different; they are more dangerous. Previously, the world was divided, but Moscow and Washington knew each other’s red lines and respected them. In a world with many regional conflicts and dwindling influence of the great powers, the world becomes more unpredictable.”

Oct 16 12:10

US Destroyer ‘Appears’ To Have Fallen Under New Attack Off Yemen – Pentagon

Just two days after the US launched retaliatory strikes in Yemen and vowed to continue with the “self-defense” measures it deems necessary, the USS Mason has allegedly fallen under attack for the third time in a week, according to the Pentagon.

“The Mason once again appears to have come under attack in the Red Sea, again from coastal defense cruise missiles fired from the coast of Yemen,” Navy Admiral John Richardson, chief of naval operations, told reporters at an event in Baltimore on Saturday.

Oct 16 12:01

‘Rebels Are Not Bombing Anyone In Syria’ US Viewers Barely Aware Of Violence In Aleppo

The suffering in the Western part of Aleppo is practically unknown to mainstream viewers, as the media focuses solely on suffering of the rebel-held areas.

Oct 16 11:59

Washington Chose To Allow ISIL To 'Dominate Mosul For 2 Years'

Washington decided to allow Daesh (ISIL) terrorists to “dominate [the Iraqi city of] Mosul for two years” rather than supporting an earlier offensive against the foreign-backed militants, an influential US daily reports.

Oct 16 11:47

No UK Plans For Military Force In Syria: PM May Contradicts Johnson

Talk of British military action in Syria, has apparently been shot down by the prime minister herself.

Oct 16 11:47

Obama Laying Syria Groundwork For Clinton ‘Militarism’

US President Barack Obama’s policy towards Syria is laying the groundwork for the kind of “militarism,” represented by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the run-up to the US 2016 presidential election, an analyst says.

Oct 16 11:46

Boris Johnson Praised ‘Intimate’ EU-UK Ties Days Before Switching To Brexit Camp – Report

Just two days before announcing his support for the pro-Brexit movement, the current British Foreign Minister reportedly wrote a “remain” article that was never published, in which he urged Brits to continue exploiting the advantages of EU membership.

Oct 16 11:45

Democratic Party Sues NC Election Officials To Extend Voter Registration Deadline

The Democratic Party in North Carolina has sued the State Board of Elections in an effort to extend today’s deadline for voter registration.

The emergency request is asking to extend the deadline for “at least five days” according to

Oct 16 11:43


In 1920, America is tired of Woodrow Wilson's war, Globalism, high taxes, and creeping socialism. Pledging a “return to normalcy”, Warren Harding (R-OH) is elected President. An opponent of entry into the League of Nations, Harding's victory over liberal Democrat James Cox (D-OH) and his running mate Franklin D Roosevelt, is the largest Presidential Election landslide in America's history (60% - 34%)!

Oct 16 11:25


If you think, even for a moment, that you can stop Muslim violence through politics, social programs, social justice, job creation, welfare benefits or anything else, you are a highly deluded person. Islam is not a religion per se, it is a violent religious ideology whose whole purpose is to bring people who are not Muslims to submission to Allah. Not all Muslims are terrorists, that’s true, but all Muslims follow Islam which in and of itself is violent not only to outsiders but to its own followers as well.


Ashura is marked by 10 days of mourning, in which many devotees whip and cut themselves with chains and knives and some drive knives into their scalps and is seen as a way of washing away their sins. Can YOU wrap you head around that?

Oct 16 11:15

2-minute satire: Clinton/Trump croon for more illegal Wars of Aggression, bankster looting, lying. Will you pay for that song and dance from US Left and Right arms of .01% rogue state empire, or start a real party of peace, prosperity, and truth?

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

hat tip: Global Research

zeal’s clever two minutes:

The .01% have had the time of their life at the expense of all Earth’s other inhabitants. And now, they see the writing on the wall, with Clinton and Trump taking each other’s hands in urgency to prevent .01% arrests. Trump’s “hints” of truth are only that, as certainly any honest advisor would lay-out the facts as strongly as you read here.

See for yourself the Emperor’s New Clothes obvious facts, then use your thoughts, voice, and actions for the virtues you most want realized.

The Crimes

The US is a literal rogue state empire led by neocolonial looting liars. The history is uncontested and taught to anyone taking comprehensive courses. If anyone has any refutations of this professional academic factual claim for any of this easy-to-read and documented content, please provide it.

Oct 16 11:10

Philip DeFranco: Top YouTubers Are Being Offered Money to Endorse Hillary Clinton

According to YouTube star Philip DeFranco, top YouTubers are being offered cash to shill for Hillary Clinton.

Oct 16 11:04

A Law Professor and Police Officer Explain Why You Should Never Talk To Cops

Mr. James Duane, a professor at Regent Law School and a former defense attorney, tells you why you should never agree to be interviewed by the police. In Part 2, An experienced police officer, Officer George Bruch of the Virginia Beach Police Dept., tells you why you should never agree to be interviewed by the police.

Oct 16 10:53

Ann Coulter: "Same Media Gasping in Horror at 'P*ssy' Sure Didn't Mind My Being Called a C*nt Repeatedly"

During last month's Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe, Ann Coulter was called a "c*nt" 19 times by the same media who are now "gasping in horror" at Trump's p*ssy comments.

Coulter writes:
Donald Trump is the only hope to save America, so the media have gone to war to stop him.

Oct 16 10:47

Doctors Without Borders refused a donation of one million vaccine doses from Pfizer: The heart of the refusal—which could well imperil children who would have received those vaccines—is a principled stand against the extremely high cost of many vaccines.'

This week the medical-aid organization Doctors Without Borders refused a donation of one million vaccine doses from the pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer. It offered inoculations against a commonly fatal pneumonia—deliverable immediately, to people in need anywhere—and the doctors said no.

Oct 16 10:47

Judge dismisses Sandy Hook families' lawsuit against gun maker

A judge on Friday dismissed a wrongful-death lawsuit by Newtown families against the maker of the rifle used in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting massacre, citing an embattled federal law that shields gun manufacturers from most lawsuits over criminal use of their products.

Oct 16 10:46

CNN: "It's Illegal" To Read Wikileaks Clinton Emails, You Have To Go "Through Us"

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo says "it's illegal" for common plebs to read Hillary Clinton's leaked emails but "it's different for the media."

"Everything you're learning about this, you're learning from us," he says.

Oct 16 10:35

Europe Launches Largest "Cyber Wargame" In History As Threat Of Cyber Terrorism Looms

EU launches largest cyber war game in history to prepare for cyber attacks designed to "manipulate stock markets, leak sensitive information, tamper with customer data, and sabotage critical infrastructure."