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Oct 14 09:37

Arizona: Prison Meal Service Donates $80,000 to Anti-Marijuana Campaign

The campaign aimed at preventing marijuana from being legalized this year in Arizona just received a super sleazy donation from a company that makes its living selling meals to prisons.

Oct 14 09:37

Paedophiles to face chemical castration and possibly execution under Indonesia's brutal new laws: The new laws follow outcry over the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl on her way home from school in April

Paedophiles could be chemically castrated or even executed under harsh new laws passed by the Indonesian parliament in response to the brutal gang rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl.

Oct 14 09:16

Israel suspends ties with Unesco over motion that downplays Jerusalem links

Netanyahu called draft resolution that uses Islamic names for Muslim and Jewish holy sites ‘absurd’, as Israelis saw language as latest example of UN ‘bias’

Oct 14 08:43

Obama, the nerd in chief, unveils $300 million for science

President Barack Obama wants to cement his legacy as the technology president.
Obama, a self-proclaimed Trekkie, has used the final months of his presidency to double down on technology, and what it means for the future of the nation and the world.

Oct 14 08:42

Are all non-Enterprise Windows 10 users beta testers?

Considering that issues are reported regularly whenever new updates get released, it appears that these updates are not tested thoroughly enough. There is no indication that Microsoft is pushing out updates that it knows may cause issues for a small subset of users.

You could therefore consider Home and Pro users of Windows 10 beta testers as well to a degree. All those systems report back to Microsoft, and the company may use the information to make sure to fix them before they hit the bulk of the company's valuable Enterprise customers.

Oct 14 08:01

The exploding Note 7 is no surprise – leaked Samsung doc highlights toxic internal culture

A leaked presentation to Samsung executives has provided further insight into the company's damaged internal culture.

The PowerPoint document focuses on strategies to prevent the creation of labor unions at the South Korean company and takes a very aggressive stance, treating employees as enemies and suggesting "countermeasures" as well as ways to "dominate employees."

It also talks about "punishing" union leaders, isolating "troublesome" employees and "inducing internal conflicts" as a way of intimidating employees and preventing the creation of unions. The presentation is also dismissive of labor laws and government ministers that have proposed changes to protect employees.

Oct 14 07:57

RBS debit card payments have gone utterly TITSUP

The Royal Bank of Scotland's debit card system has suffered a TITSUP, that is, total inability to support usual payments.

NatWest has acknowledged the issue, telling complainants: "We're aware of some issues with Debit Card Payments, and are working hard to fix them. Sorry and thanks for your patience."

Oct 14 07:46

No UK plans for military force in Syria: PM May contradicts Johnson

Talk of British military action in Syria, has apparently been shot down by the prime minister herself. It follows earlier comments from the Foreign minister, that using force was still an option.

Oct 14 07:45

Hillary Clinton's Axis Of Evil

Let’s cut to the chase; Hillary Clinton is ready to go to war against Russia in Syria – with inbuilt, potentially terrifying, thermonuclear consequences. Anticipating an outcome of the US presidential election as a remix of the 1972 Nixon landslide, Hillary has also coined, George “Dubya” Bush-style, a remixed axis of evil: Russia, Iran and “the Assad regime”.

Oct 14 07:43

Deutsche Bank To Fire Another 10,000 Bankers, Bringing Total Layoffs To 20% Of Workforce

Deutsche Bank's finance chief told his staff that job cuts at the bank could be double that planned, a step that could remove 10,000 further employees. If 10,000 job losses were ultimately to follow the 9,000 announced by management in October 2015, roughly one in five of the bank's workforce around the globe would be affected.

Oct 14 07:42

"The Most Important WikiLeak" - How Wall Street Built The Obama Cabinet

The most important WikiLeak yet reveals how senior Wall Street bankers built the cabinet of Obama, the supposed protector of "main street."

Oct 14 07:41

Frenzied Donald Trump Supporters Are Turning On The Media -- And It's Getting Scary

In Ohio on Thursday, Trump claimed that allegations he groped several women were “lies, corruption and false accusations of the crooked Hillary campaign and the mainstream media,” according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. Earlier in the day in Florida, he said the media was at “war,” with an agenda to elect Clinton “at any cost, at any price, no matter how many lives they destroy.”

Oct 14 07:40

Cookie Monster For President

Oct 14 07:33

Wall Street Journal Finally Lashes Out "The Press Is Burying Hillary Clinton's Sins"

If average voters turned on the TV for five minutes this week, chances are they know that Donald Trump made lewd remarks a decade ago and now stands accused of groping women.

But even if average voters had the TV on 24/7, they still probably haven’t heard the news about Hillary Clinton: That the nation now has proof of pretty much everything she has been accused of.

It comes from hacked emails dumped by WikiLeaks, documents released under the Freedom of Information Act, and accounts from FBI insiders. The media has almost uniformly ignored the flurry of bombshells, preferring to devote its front pages to the Trump story.

Oct 14 07:25

Hillary Clinton Wants To Do This Again — Now To Syria

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (and President Obama — and some NATO partners) did it previously to Libya, and here was the result (as discussed by the retired British career diplomat Craig Murray, at his, who has kindly allowed me to distribute it to other newsmedia) [and I as editor will add a few clarifiers and questions in brackets] (and then afterward, I shall add my own comments); so, here is Craig Murray:

Oct 14 07:25

Military Blogger Alleges U.S. Now Aids ISIS To Oust Assad

A highly informed anonymous military blogger, who goes by the name of “bernhard” and blogs at his widely followed “Moon of Alabama” website, is alleging, in a post October 12th (“The ’Salafist Principality’ — ISIS Paid Off To Leave Mosul And To Take Deir Ezzor?”), that the Obama Administration has negotiated with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, and with Saudi Prince Salman (who is the decision-maker in Saudi military matters), to provide safe passage into the large Syrian city of Deir Es Zor, for the ISIS jihadists who have been occupying the city of Mosul in Iraq.

Oct 14 07:16

False Flag attack imminent in Syria as globalists engineer World War III

Americans are sleepwalking into World War III, and as events in Syria are shaping up it could come any moment as the biggest October surprise ever. At this stage in the conflict, we are one minor event away from all out war between the world’s major super powers, an event which would most certainly result in nuclear war. All that is needed is for the right type of false flag event to serve as provocation.

Oct 14 07:14

Fifteen years into the Afghan war, do Americans know the truth? Last week marked the fifteenth anniversary of the US invasion of Afghanistan, the longest war in US history. There weren’t any victory parades or photo-ops with Afghanistan’s post-liberation

Last week marked the fifteenth anniversary of the US invasion of Afghanistan, the longest war in US history. There weren’t any victory parades or photo-ops with Afghanistan’s post-liberation leaders. That is because the war is ongoing. In fact, 15 years after launching a war against Afghanistan’s Taliban government in retaliation for an attack by Saudi-backed al-Qaeda, the US-backed forces are steadily losing territory back to the Taliban.