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Jan 13 10:16

Financial Times Editorial Seeks Restrictions On Free Speech To Stop False News "Propaganda War"

A pair of articles by the Financial Times offers quite the take on disinformation hypocrisy. Worse yet, to stop the spread of fake news, the FT editorial board wants restrictions on freedom of speech.

Jan 13 10:10

'This is no accident' Conspiracy surge as Russian state TV interrupts US Congress speech

Public service channel C-SPAN was abruptly interrupted while beaming live coverage of proceedings of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the chamber.

Representative Maxine Walters was mid-way through a speech about an SEC regulation on the House floor at 2.30pm when programming on the channel suddenly switched to Russian state channel RT for approximately 10 minutes.

Jan 13 10:06

Afghan migrant caught 'masturbating in front of girl in swimming pool'

AN AFGHAN migrant who was caught masturbating in front of a girl at a German swimming pool has been arrested by police.

Jan 13 10:06

Putin accused of undermining Sweden with intelligence campaign to threaten NATO

RUSSIA has been accused of making military threats and pushing disinformation in an attempt to sabotage relations between Sweden and NATO.

Jan 13 10:03

Obama Averaged 3 Bombs An Hour 24/7 In 2016

According to estimated figures the Obama administration dropped nearly three bombs per hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, during 2016 on countries that were mostly poor and desolate.

Jan 13 10:02

H.R.5 – Regulatory Accountability Act of 2017 – For Or Against Big Government Control?

I want to first make my point why so many oppose this Bill H.R.5 – Regulatory Accountability Act of 2017, which basically takes control away from Agencies such as the EPA and the FDA.

Jan 13 10:02

'Guilty as HELL' Trump blasts Clinton as he promises full report into Russian hacking

DONALD Trump has stuck the boot into Hillary Clinton labelling his former White House rival "guilty as hell".

The President-elect said the Democratic candidate should "never" have been allowed to run and said her team had no right to complain about the FBI.

Jan 13 10:00

UN Warns Of 'Imminent Danger' And Escalation In The Middle East

Senate moves ahead with repealing Obamacare. Trump blasts fake news. The report has many errors, one being the British Intelligence does not use the word 'confidential'.

Jan 13 09:55

Illinois Man Dies After Police Shootout On Commuter Train

Last Friday, a 32-year-old man died on a commuter train traveling from the south suburbs of Chicago to Fox Lake, Illinois.

Jamal Parks died from a gunshot wound to the head in Deerfield, Illinois, in the midst of a dangerous police shootout aboard a passenger-filled train. The details of his death remain quite murky.

Jan 13 09:55

Germany: CIA Is Inciting Anti-Trump Civil War

Germany has accused the CIA of inciting a civil war by deliberately stirring up anti-Trump rhetoric in Washington D.C.

Jan 13 09:52

Family stunned 'dead' man knocks on his OWN COFFIN during funeral to ask what's going on

The 75-year-old, from the Sichuan Province in south-west China, had been pronounced dead by his son as well as a dozen relatives after he had apparently “stopped breathing” and was said to have “cold feet and hands”, according to local media reports.

However, things were not as they appeared and some eight hours after the man had been pronounced dead he managed to amaze the gathered grieving family and friends by knocking on the coffin lid and asking: “What’s going on? Are you preparing my funeral?”

Jan 13 09:47

US woman killed by superbug resistant to every available antibiotic

A woman in Nevada has been killed by a superbug that proved resistant to every antibiotic available in the US, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said.

Jan 13 09:47

Virginia man spends $1,000 to deliver 300,000 pennies to Lebanon DMV

After carting the fifth and final wheelbarrow of pennies into the Lebanon Department of Motor Vehicles Wednesday, Nick Stafford could feel the burn in his arms.
Winded, Stafford took a smoke break in the DMV’s parking lot.
“I’m not used to lifting,” Stafford said. “These are heavy.”
Heavy, indeed. The 300,000 pennies the Cedar Bluff, Virginia man took to the DMV Wednesday morning to pay sales tax on two new cars weighed in at 1,600 pounds. A mature Holstein cow weighs about 1,500 pounds.

Jan 13 09:40

Denzel Washington Slams Meryl Streep For Anti-Trump Rant

Hollywood actor Denzel Washington has blasted his liberal actor peers for belittling the American public for voting for Donald Trump.

Jan 13 09:32

The Hidden History Of Corruption Behind Friday The 13th

By John Vibes

The unlucky Friday the 13th is one of the most well-recognized superstitions in the Western world. This tradition is over 700 years old and has a very interesting origin. During the 12th century, there was a massive religious war that consumed most of Europe and Asia. Europeans referred to these times as “the crusades.” This war lasted centuries and allowed an elite class of knights to accumulate so much power and wealth that their influence rivaled both the monarchy and the church. The Knights of the Temple of Solomon, or more commonly known as “The Knights Templar” were the most influential political force of their time. They were the world’s first international bankers and were the corporate giant of the Middle Ages...

Jan 13 09:21

Jason Chaffetz Discusses New Hillary Clinton Email Investigation Under Donald Trump

new inspector general is going to do a brand new independent investigation

Jan 13 09:20

Warning The 'Icarus Trade' Is Coming, Prepare For A Meltdown Of The Market In 2017

Euro zone recovery on shaky grounds and if the people vote away the governments the system will collapse.

Jan 13 09:20


Every ludicrous doomsday theory liberals spouted about President-elect Donald Trump prior to his election in November has begun to unravel, including the one about him potentially damaging America’s relationship with our neighbors.

Jan 13 09:14

BBC sets up team to debunk fake news. Permanent Reality Check team will target false stories or facts being shared on social media

The BBC is to assemble a team to fact check and debunk deliberately misleading and false stories masquerading as real news.
Amid growing concern among politicians and news organisations about the impact of false information online, news chief James Harding told staff on Thursday that the BBC would be “weighing in on the battle over lies, distortions and exaggerations”.

Jan 13 09:14

CVS Puts Out Generic Competitor To EpiPen At A 6th Of The Price

CVS is now selling a rival, generic version of Mylan’s EpiPen at about a sixth of its price, just months after the maker of the life-saving allergy treatment was eviscerated before Congress because of its soaring cost to consumers.

Jan 13 09:08

Report: US Intel Met Secretly With Mossad, Plotting to Hide Intelligence From Trump

A bombshell report from Israeli news service Ynet says Israeli and American intelligence officials are plotting to hide intelligence from incoming president Donald Trump.

Jan 13 09:04

Al Qaeda's Air Force strikes again

Jan 13 08:57

Global Elite at Davos Wonder If They Sowed Seeds of Populist Backlash

Kenneth Rogoff can pinpoint the moment he started to grow concerned Donald Trump would be the next U.S. president: It was when Rogoff’s fellow attendees at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting last January said it could never happen. “A joke I’ve told 1,000 people in the months since leaving Davos is that the conventional wisdom of Davos is always wrong,” says the Harvard professor and former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund. “No matter how improbable, the event most likely to happen is the opposite of whatever the Davos consensus is.