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Apr 07 09:37

ICE Kills US Citizen in Botched Immigration Raid. All Laws Are Backed By Violence.

In this video, Vin Armani covers a recent story of an immigration raid on a US citizen where the multi-decade-long homeowner was killed by agents. The police state grows with every new law. People need to realize that all laws are backed by violence that may come visit you even if you’re innocent.

Apr 07 09:27

Voting With Their Feet - Leftists States Losing Population At High Rate / US Population Migrating South to Less Taxed States

The US Census report has shown that the net migration from the New York City area has surged during 2016, and that even included myself. Indeed, much more people are leaving the New York region than any other major metropolitan area in the country.

Apr 07 09:25

Here’s What You Can Do For Middle East Peace

While news swirled around health care and climate rules last month, another potentially momentous development slipped through the cracks.

It was the Senate’s quiet confirmation of David Friedman to serve as the new U.S. ambassador to Israel. That vote threatens to create a mess of new problems in the already troubled Middle East.

Apr 07 09:25

ICE Deports Russian Banker Convicted In US Spy Ring

A convicted Russian agent has been granted early release from prison on the condition that he would be placed under the custody of immigration agents and deported to Russia.

On Wednesday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced that Evgeny Buryakov, 42, had been escorted by Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) deportation officers on a commercial flight to Moscow, where they turned him over to Russian authorities.

Apr 07 09:20

It's WMD All Over Again. Why Don't You See It?

Actually knowing something, remembering history or having experience of the world is becoming a disadvantage. How much easier it would be to join in with the flow of opinion about Syria, to listen happily to, and read contentedly, media reports on the subject.

Apr 07 09:18

Pentagon Trained Syria’s Al Qaeda “Rebels” in the Use of Chemical Weapons

The Western media refutes their own lies.
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research, April 07, 2017
ot only do they confirm that the Pentagon has been training the terrorists in the use of chemical weapons, they also acknowledge the existence of a not so secret “US-backed plan to launch a chemical weapon attack on Syria and blame it on Assad’s regime”

London’s Daily Mail in a 2013 article confirmed the existence of an Anglo-American project endorsed by the White House (with the assistance of Qatar) to wage a chemical weapons attack on Syria and place the blame of Bashar Al Assad.

Apr 07 09:05

A Bitter, Defiant Hillary Clinton Blames Misogyny, James Comey, Russia And Wikileaks For Loss To Donald Trump


Apr 07 08:57

The Unavoidable Pension Crisis

There is a really big crisis coming.

Think about it this way.

After 8 years and a 230% stock market advance the pension funds of Dallas, Chicago, and Houston are in severe trouble. But it isn’t just these municipalities that are in trouble, but also most of the public and private pensions that still operate in the country today.

Apr 07 08:55

George Soros Funded Corporation Behind Russian Hacking Claims

Billionaire elitist George Soros has been caught funding cyber firm Crowdstrike – the corporation behind the claims that Russia hacked the US Presidential election last year.

Apr 07 08:49

Kirkuk To Dunkirk: Kurdish Journalist Fights To Stay In UK After Fleeing Assassins

A Kurdish journalist is fighting for UK asylum after serving with American forces in Iraq, narrowly escaping assassination for his reporting, being labeled a torturer by US immigration, and entering Britain illegally smuggled inside a lorry, RT has found.

Apr 07 08:42

Russia: US Missile Strikes Planned Before Alleged ‘Gas Attack’

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman has said that the “gas attack” in Syria’s Idlib province was a convenient excuse to justify US strikes

Apr 07 08:39

Brian Williams Praises 'Beauty of Our Weapons' in Strike

Williams said. "I am tempted to quote the great Leonard Cohen: 'I am guided by the beauty of our weapons