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Mar 03 10:51


A wave of resignation has swept Armed Forces General Command (DGRSZ), which is the Polish military’s key command apparatus. Nearly all of its most important officers have tendered resignations in the last few days. Out of 23 generals assigned to the DGRSZ, five have resigned, including three two-star generals. The list of resignations is not being published. One of the generals who is unofficially mentioned as having resigned is Division General Janusz Bronowicz... This information is all the more concerning since Bronowicz’s resignation was accompanied by the resignations of both of his deputies, Generals Andrzej Andrzej Ku?nierek and Stanis?aw Olsza?ski. The Naval Inspectorate has also lost its chief. According to unconfirmed reports, Vice-Admiral Marian Ambroziak has decided to hang up his uniform. As if that was not enough, the DGRSZ is also losing its chief of staff. Bartniak and his colleagues did not want to comment on their resignations.

Mar 03 10:49

Israel Confirms Delegation Visit to Riyadh: Saudi Princes Say We “Don’t Care” about the Palestinians

It further noted that the visit is not the first. It is rather one of a series of other previous ones. The channel further added that the Zionist military censorship bans talking about the visit, its content and goals.

Mar 03 10:47

Google Upgrades Digital Wallet to Pay by Facial Recognition

By Kevin Samson

As we march steadily toward a cashless society, Google is naturally at the forefront of seeing it come to fruition as quickly as possible.

Despite the fact that several years ago Google had a major security scare with its first incarnation of the digital wallet smartphone app, which required a temporary shutdown, they are announcing a new system being tested which does not even require the smartphone at all.

A growing number of people apparently find that having to remove their smartphone is just such a hassle that they are prepared to embrace payment via biometrics – in this case, facial recognition...

Mar 03 10:43

US Missile Defense Outdated, Unable to Withstand New Challenges

The global geopolitical environment has changed, but the US missile defense strategy has stayed the same, making Washington vulnerable to new nuclear challenges, a US analyst wrote. The US has invested billions in missile defense technology because it believes that the capability to defend against ballistic missiles will help mitigate nuclear risks to Washington and its allies in the 21st century, Sputnik reported. The approach is based on the 2010 Ballistic Missile Defense Review (BMDR) which may now prove to be ineffective, Ivanka Barzashka, a nuclear security specialist at Stanford University, wrote in an article for The National Interest. The author pointed out that the three basic premises of the posture are now being challenged by a new strategic environment...

Mar 03 10:41

Congressman: Army must immediately reinstate Green Beret who hit admitted Afghan rapist

A Green Beret selected last year for involuntary separation from the Army because he hit an admitted child rapist in Afghanistan will remain with the service at least two more months.

Mar 03 10:41

Disney is now flying in cheap foreign workers to replace American employees.

A former Disney (DIS) employee is speaking out about U.S. companies hiring foreign workers with H1-B visas, at lower wages, to replace U.S. workers.

Mar 03 10:38

Fast radio bursts: Scientists hear ‘huge’, mysterious and repeating signal from deep in space

Scientists have heard a long, repeated sound from deep in space — and nobody is sure where it is coming from.

Astronomers found 10 millisecond-long “fast radio bursts”, the latest example of a mysterious radio wave coming from outside of our galaxy.

Scientists had previously thought that the bursts were singular events. But a new study finds that at least some of the sources send out repeated messages.

Mar 03 10:36

The Cocktail Option

Over half a million people in the United States will die of cancer this year — more than 1,500 a day. It’s so common that we’ve grown numb to the risks. But this could change sooner than you might think.

Mar 03 10:21

Israel fires artillery shells at Lebanese border

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) reportedly fired as many as 15 artillery shells at the occupied Sheba’a Farms of Lebanon, according to the National News Agency (NNA) of Lebanon on Wednesday. The artillery shells were fired by the Israeli Defense Forces around 3 P.M. (Beirut Time) and caused little damage to the surrounding farms – no one was wounded or killed. Israel has recently increased its reconnaissance efforts in Lebanon after Hezbollah’s Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned the Israeli military that any attack on Beirut will result in a possible attack on Haifa’s ammonia storage.

Mar 03 10:21


In the classic science fiction movie The Matrix, which was released in 1999, martial arts was uploaded into Keanu Reeves’ (Neo) brain through a cable connected from a computer to Neo’s skull. He received the skills of the art instantly, and was able to use it to perfection. This happened in a science fiction movie. But what you were about to hear that this isn’t science fiction any longer? The reality is, that a team of researchers in the United States of America are currently developing this technology.

Mar 03 10:17

Turkish & Arabic Language Courses Banned For ‘Security Reasons’ In French Town

Turkish and Arabic language courses have been banned in the French city of Migennes. The city’s mayor said the move was due to ‘security reasons’.

Mar 03 10:11

Iraqi Forces Make Major Gains in Salahuddin

The Iraqi forces managed to purge more ISIL militants from the western parts of the province, recapturing at least 8 villages, or 95 percent of the island. Meantime, the operations command in Samarra announced the killing of ISIL security commander in Samarra Island in Salahuddin province. The command told Iraqi news agency, Furat News, that the Iraqi air force killed the terrorists Hayawi Mohammad Khamis al-Nisyani along with his assistant Bashar al-Bazi and 13 other terrorists in an airstrike south of Samarra Island, as it is called without being an island. The command noted that the strike was based on intelligence information.

Mar 03 10:09

Iraqi PM: All Iraqis Should Join Battle for Mosul

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said all Iraqi armed forces, including volunteer forces, should join hands to liberate the strategic northern city of Mosul, slamming foreign parties who oppose partnership of the popular troops in the operation. Abadi said on Thursday that the liberation of Mosul will be achieved with the cooperation and unity of all Iraqis, stressing that no one has the right to exclude the volunteer forces from the historic battle. Abadi has always insisted that volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) will be part of the armed troops that will attack the ISIL to take back Mosul. Meantime, a senior Iraqi volunteer forces commander underlined that his forces are determined to take full control of the city of Fallujah, and said that they will not pay heed to the US pressures aimed at preventing them from doing so.

Mar 03 10:07

Ansarullah Backs Hezbollah against US-Israeli-Saudi Campaign

The resistance movement of Anrasullah in Yemen in a statement on Wednesday voiced its support for the Lebanese Hezbollah in facing the latest US-Israeli-Saudi smear campaign. According to FNA, Ansarullah said the people of Yemen will never forget the support and the anti-Saudi statements made by Hezbollah Secretary General Seyed Hassan Nasrullah, adding that Ansarullah will always stand by Hezbollah in facing the American-Israeli-Saudi attacks. Earlier this week, Nasrallah denounced the Arab world’s silence in the face of deadly Saudi aggression against Yemen. Nasrallah also accused Saudi Arabia of seeking to foment sectarian strife in the Middle East. Immediately after the statement, the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council declared Hezbollah a "terrorist group" which was condemned by Iran...

Mar 03 10:05

Deputy FM: Declaring Hezbollah A ‘Terror Group’ Undermines Lebanon’s Security

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and International Affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian said those who have declared the Hezbollah resistance group as a 'terrorist organization' are in fact targeting Lebanon’s security and unity.
Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari on Thursday lashed out at the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council for designating Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement a “terrorist group.”

Mar 03 10:01

EC Secretary Reveals Ex-CIA Director's Visit to Iran

Secretary of Iran's Expediency Council (EC) Mohsen Rezayee revealed that a former director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) visited Iran last spring to study the possible grounds for Washington's influence and penetration into the country. "A former CIA director who is entrusted with the influence (project) in Iran, and we will reveal issues pertaining to his case in future, came to Iran in the month of Khordad (May 22-June 21) and visited all universities of the country and identified them," Rezayee said, addressing a forum at Imam Hossein (AS) University in Tehran on Tuesday. "This person was the first to have traveled to the Soviet Union after the political opening (in the country), and has visited Cuba in the past 2 or 3 years after the developments between Cuba and the US and he is the first one who has traveled to Iran after the nuclear deal," he added.

Mar 03 09:55

Journalists Escape Shelling near Turkish Border in Lattakia Province (VIDEO)

A group of 33 journalists from different world media outlets came under artillery fire by the Al-Nusra terrorists near the Turkish border in Syria's Northern Lattakia province on Tuesday. No one was killed in the incident, but four journalists were injured.

Mar 03 09:54

76 Terrorists Killed in Raqqa before Crossing Turkish Border

The Syrian army forces blocked the ISIL terrorists' entry into Syria from Turkey by killing 76 of them. The Kurdish “People’s Protection Units” (YPG) killed the terrorists when they were attempting to cross the Turkish border towards Tal Abyadh in Raqqa province in Northern Syria.
"The ISIL attacked the Aleppo-Khanaser-Ithria road on Thursday but it was pushed back by the Syrian army forces and lost 130 members," a military source said today.
The Syrian air force launched airstrikes against the ISIL headquarters East of the strategic city of Maheen, Southeast of Homs province: Earlier today, the Syrian warplanes carried out several sorties in different parts of Homs targeting the ISIL positions which killed and wounded dozens of terrorists.