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Jun 01 17:55

You Can't Make This Shit Up

Jun 01 17:03

Oil Leaks And Militarized Police: The Legacy Of The Dakota Access Pipeline

By Derrick Broze

As the Dakota Access Pipeline nears operational status the project is marred with new reports of oil leaks and the presence of a private military contractor.

While protesters and water protectors battled against the Dakota Access Pipeline throughout the second half of 2016 the public was often left aghast at the brutal tactics employed by the Morton County Sheriff’s office and supporting police...

Jun 01 16:55

JetBlue Joins Delta In Push Toward Biometric ID; Partners With U.S. Customs And Border Protection

By Nicholas West

Just last week I reported on a new program initiated by Delta Airlines at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport to have automated baggage kiosks for “priority customers” that will first scan a traveler’s passport, then their face in order to match identity to checked luggage. It was promoted as a “pilot program” that Delta launched to seek customer feedback in the hope that it could be rolled out more widely in the future. However, pilot program or not, a new announcement by JetBlue makes it clear that this is quickly heading toward the mandatory in the very near future...

Jun 01 16:19

Toxic Relations: Stop Colluding With Monsanto And The Agrochemical Industry!

Environmental campaigner Dr Rosemary Mason has just written to the UK’s Policy Advisor Nigel Chadwick at the Chemicals Regulation Directorate of Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Jun 01 16:13

Trump Framed: A Breakdown Of The Deep State "Leaks"

How numerous are the White House leaks threatening the Presidency of Donald J. Trump? Gateway Pundit has provided a list. Of course many of these have yet to be corroborated as they are lies created by desperate minions of the Deep State.

Jun 01 15:59

Is Britain Heading For Hung Parliament? Poll Suggesting Tories Will Lose Majority Hits Pound

A shocking new poll shows Theresa May’s Conservatives will lose their parliamentary majority. The prospect of a hung parliament, in which no party secures an overall majority, has panicked the markets and led to falls in the pound.

Jun 01 15:55

House Intel Panel Issues Subpoenas In Probes Of Unmasking & Alleged Russian 2016 Interference

The House Intelligence Committee has issued seven subpoenas in its probes into alleged Russian meddling in the presidential election and the unmasking of the names of Trump campaign officials in intelligence intercepts, according to multiple reports.

Jun 01 15:49

It's George Webb about to be suicided?

Jun 01 15:36

Oligarchs Succeed! Only The People Suffer!

On a scale not seen since the ‘great’ world depression of the 1930’s, the US political system is experiencing sharp political attacks, divisions and power grabs. Executive firings, congressional investigations, demands for impeachment, witch hunts, threats of imprisonment for ‘contempt of Congress’ and naked power struggles have shredded the façade of political unity and consensus among competing powerful US oligarchs.

Jun 01 15:29

12 Signs The Economic Slowdown The Experts Have Been Warning About Is Now Here

Since the election there has been this perception among the American public that the economy is improving, but that has not been the case at all. U.S. GDP growth for the first quarter was just revised up to 1.2 percent, but that is even lower than the average growth of just 1.33 percent that we saw over the previous ten years.

Jun 01 15:24

Labour Closes In On Conservatives As Election Day Nears

The UK Conservative Party’s lead over the opposition Labour Party has shrunk to 3 points with Election Day just days away, a new YouGov poll shows.

Jun 01 15:19

Kabul Blast A Reminder That Civilians Bearing Brunt Of War, Says Expert

The deadly truck bombing that struck the diplomatic area Afghanistan’s capital during rush hour on Wednesday is a grim reminder of the ongoing horrors of war felt by Afghan civilians, says one expert.

Jun 01 15:17

Earth’s Space Junk Crisis Could Lead To Catastrophic Collisions And Damage The Global Economy, Researchers Warn

The growing amount of fast-moving space debris orbiting the Earth could lead to catastrophic collisions with satellites, hurting economies, researchers warned Wednesday ahead of a summit to coordinate efforts to remove the junk.

Jun 01 15:10

Manchester Attacker Salman Abedi Bought Most Bomb Components Alone – Police

Salman Abedi shopped alone for most of the components used to build the suicide bomb he detonated in Manchester Arena last week, killing 22 and injuring dozens more.

Jun 01 15:00

Hate On Display: Noose Found In DC African American Museum & N-Word Scrawled On Celebrity LA Home

A noose was found at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC, on the same day that a spray-painted racial slur was seen on the home of NBA star LeBron James in Los Angeles.