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Mar 17 07:23

Israel retracts statement, keeps Brazil ambassador nominee

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has retracted an announcement that it is withdrawing the nomination of a settler leader as ambassador to Brazil.

Mar 17 07:17

Germany's top Nazi hunter to keep up chase for another decade

Undeterred by dwindling numbers of living suspects, Germany's top Nazi hunter is determined to keep tracking down criminals involved in Hitler's murder machine for another decade.

Note: Next we will exhume dead Nazis and put them on trial! holocau$t

Mar 17 07:12

Timothy McVeigh's lawyer endorses Merrick Garland, who prosecuted his client in OKC Bombing Case

The lawyer who 'represented' Timothy McVeigh in the Oklahoma City Bombing case has heaped glowing praise on U.S. Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland, claiming "he’s above reproach. He has integrity" and that "I agreed with everything the president said about Judge Garland." Attorney Stephen Jones also urged his state's Republican Senators to confirm Garland. You just can't make this stuff up. Terry Nichols attorney Michael Tigar, on the other hand, recalled Garland as being a mere distant figure in the case. "Garland showed up for a bail hearing ... and that’s the only time I can remember him doing anything in the case. He had been sent out from Washington, D.C., and that was it. How he got the reputation as having a great deal to do with it — you couldn’t prove it to me," Tigar said.

Mar 17 07:02

Video: North Carolina Voter ID Law Takes Effect, Disproportionately Bars Blacks, Young People From Polls

We turn now to North Carolina, where one of the country’s most controversial and restrictive voter identification laws took effect.

Mar 17 06:59

The end of the bull market in stocks?

Mar 17 06:53

Encryption is dead! Quantum computing and the NSA

Yesterday an article was published on Intellihub which referenced the fact that in my March 2nd article I beat both Edward Snowden and former National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection and Counterterrorism Richard Clarke in announcing that the FBI had the means to access the encrypted communications of the alleged San Bernardino shooters without the assistance of Apple, in my March 2nd Intellihub article

Mar 17 06:46

Why BDS Cannot Lose: A Moral Threshold to Combat Racism in Israel

snip: “The whole world is against us,” is quite a common justification in Israel itself, of the international reaction to Israel’s Apartheid practices. With time, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and feeds on past notions that are no longer applicable. No matter how many companies divest from Israel – the latest being the world’s largest security corporation G4S – and, no matter how many universities and churches vote to boycott Israel, Israeli society remains entrenched behind the slogan and its disconcerting sense of victimization.

Many Israelis believe that their country is a ‘villa in a jungle’ – a notion that is constantly enforced by top Israeli leaders. Right-wing Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is purposely advancing the crippling fear in his own society. Unable to see the unmistakable crimes he has carried out against Palestinians for years, he continues to perpetuate the idea of the purity of Israel and the wickedness of everyone else.

Mar 17 06:30

Oil price higher than $50-60 per barrel will lead to oversupply on market

Raising oil prices above $50-60 per barrel is inappropriate, it will lead to oversupply in the oil market, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said on Thursday. "I think that, in principle, it is inappropriate to raise the price to even more than $50-60, because then there will be an overflow of investment in projects, not very efficient at low prices, and again there will be an oversupply, which in its turn will lead prices down. But it is, so to say, the theory of the question. How it will actually be on the market — there are a lot of different factors that influence. That is why we cannot predict like we do using mathematical models. The dependence is not mathematical here," he told reporters.

Mar 17 06:25

Opposition says Assad must bear responsibility for Syrian situation

Syrian President Bashar Assad must bear responsibility for the current situation in the country, the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces' vice-president Mouaffaq Nyrabia told TASS on Wednesday. "Any political decision cannot be achieved and implemented without the responsibility," Nyrabia said. "But there exist no responsibility without final ceasefire." "In order to withstand the tendencies of revenge, we need to talk about responsibility in the United States and the International Criminal Court," he said. "This way will allow us to avoid extremism, terrorism and revenge." "Talking of Assad — he is number one in the list," Nyrabia said. The National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces is a major alliance of opposition groups, standing for the replacement of Assad’s regime. Last December the coalition received the majority of votes in the supreme negotiating committee.

Mar 17 06:22

Russia's EU envoy: Russia and EU rethinking bilateral cooperation

Russia is "carrying out an inventory" of its cooperation with the European Union, Vladimir Chizhov, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the European Union, told a Moscow-Brussels video conference on Wednesday. "It is not a reaction to the Monday decisions [of EU foreign ministers -TASS] because this work have been under way quite long. Moreover, we have never made a secret of it to our partners. We have agreed that each of the sides will do the [reconsideration] work at home. We will compare the conclusions drawn afterwards... We are just trying to conceive what has been useful and what has just created a semblance of strategic partnership. I think we are going to benefit from this pragmatic approach," Chizhov said that Moscow was carefully analyzing what was useful and what was just extremely pleasant but not at all beneficial or even redundant in Russia’s relations with the European Union.

Mar 17 06:17

Moscow does not rule out that Kiev is preparing military scenario of returning Donbass

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko previously told a Turkish TV channel in an interview that he will return Donbass in one year by peaceful means. However, the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk Republics (DPR and LPR) regularly report that Kiev is building up forces near the contact line in Donbass...

Mar 17 06:15

Russia's Syria operation cost over $460 million

"The military operation in Syria, of course, required certain spending but the main part was from Defense Ministry’s resources - around 33 billion rubles. [This sum] was included in the ministry’s 2015 budget for holding drills and military training. We just redirected these resources for supporting the group in Syria," Putin said. "No one has invented a more effective way to perfect one’s military skills than in real combat actions. In this sense, military resources should better be used and spent in action than at the training range," the president added. According to the president, additional costs are required after the operation in Syria but they are justified in order not to pay a higher price in future. "The modern Russian weaponry has proved its worth in real combat conditions rather than at training ranges. This is the most rigorous test," Putin said, thanking all the workforce of the Russian defense industry.

Mar 17 05:49

Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland Invokes 'Anti-Semitism' Seconds Into His First Ever Public Speech

51 seconds in to his first-ever public words as Supreme Court nominee, 63-year-old Merrick Garland invoked 'anti-Semitism.' But even prior to that, 9 seconds in to his speech he began to cry.