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Dec 13 19:04

Russia Daesh Palmyra seizure may be staged

Dec 13 18:26

So Who Gets to Pay for Italy’s Banking Crisis? The Answers Are Beginning To Take Shape.

“There is not and there will not be a banking crisis in Italy, nor will there be a European financial crisis coming from Italy.” Those were the emphatic words of EU Economics Commissioner Pierre Moscovici over the weekend.

Dec 13 18:16

IBM boss promises 25,000 new American workers during Trump's first term on eve of summit with tech bosses at Tower

The head of IBM is getting in good with President-elect Donald Trump with a pledge to hire 25,000 Americans during his administration in advance of a tech summit at Trump Tower on Monday.

'At IBM alone, we have thousands of open positions at any given moment, and we intend to hire about 25,000 professionals in the next four years in the United States, 6,000 of those in 2017,' write CEO Ginni Rometty in USA Today.

'IBM will also invest $1 billion in training and development of our U.S. employees in the next four years.'

Dec 13 18:15

Arctic blast marches eastward, bringing record low temperatures to the northern U.S.

The upper Midwest is in a deep freeze on Tuesday, with the arctic air expected to shift eastward and affect millions of people as the week wears on.

The National Weather Service posted advisories for the Dakotas and Minnesota on Tuesday, with wind chills from 10 to 20 degrees below zero. Wind chill is the combination of air temperature and wind, and forecasters say wind chills this cold can cause frostbite to exposed skin in as little as 30 minutes.

The cold will affect parts of the northern and eastern U.S. later this week and into the weekend, with frigid temperatures expected in the Great Lakes, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions, according to Climate Prediction Center forecaster Stephen Baxter.

Dec 13 18:13

Federal judge asks to see FBI search warrants used to access Hillary Clinton emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop and hints that he may unseal documents

A federal judge has directed the US government to show him any search warrant application used to gain access to a new batch of Hillary Clinton's emails just before the election.

Judge P. Kevin Castel on Tuesday asked a government lawyer to turn over any pertinent documents by late Thursday in case he decides any portion of the materials must be made public.

He also recommended the government advise what redactions are necessary should he rule that portions of documents must be disclosed publicly.

Dec 13 18:09

The 'jackpot' under Curiosity's wheels: NASA says rover has found more clues Mars once has microbial life

NASA's Curiosity rover has revealed how the ground under its wheels was once 'perfect' for life.

The rover is climbing a layered Martian mountain, and has found the ingredients for a 'stew of life', researchers said.

New NASA analysis revealed today points to a 'evidence of how ancient lakes and wet underground environments changed, billions of years ago, creating more diverse chemical environments that affected their favorability for microbial life.'

'There is so much variability in the composition at different elevations, we've hit a jackpot,' said John Grotzinger, of Caltech in Pasadena, California.

Hematite, clay minerals and boron are among the ingredients found to be more abundant in layers farther uphill, compared with lower, older layers examined earlier in the mission.

'Variations in these minerals and elements indicate a dynamic system,' Grotzinger said.

Dec 13 18:06

Curiosity in crisis: NASA reveals rover's drill has crippled its robotic arm and stranded it on the red planet

Engineers are troubleshooting a snag on NASA's Curiosity that's preventing the rover from moving its robotic arm and driving to another spot on Mars, the space agency said Tuesday.

The problem involves a motor in the rover's drill that is used to bore into rocks.

Curiosity has been taking pictures and tracking the weather, but doing little else for the past two weeks.

'We're keeping busy with using the other instruments on the rover while they do these tests,' said Ashwin Vasavada, project scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which manages the mission.

Dec 13 17:54

176,000 Gallons Of Oil Spilled At North Dakota Pipeline

A pipeline in North Dakota spilled over 176,000 gallons of oil before it was shut down, state officials say. The spill happened 150 miles from the Dakota Access pipeline protests, with thousands of people rallying against the construction for months.

The data initially came from the state’s Department of Health spokeswoman Jennifer Skjod.

Dec 13 17:45

Three Intruders Kick Down The Wrong Door, Two Now In Hospital — Indianapolis PD Reminds Crooks The Price Of Folly

When a homeowner heard a knock at the door, he knew he wasn’t expecting company so he didn’t answer it. That was the invitation three crooks needed to kick down his front door. What they didn’t expect, though, was a man who refused to be a victim.

Dec 13 17:40

Purveyors of fake news warn of dangers of fake news

It’s not “good reporting” that has The Washington Post leading the pack in the establishment’s crusade against “fake news.” Nor is it a coincidence.

Dec 13 17:18

The hidden costs of our bloated tax code

President-elect Donald Trump could save U.S. taxpayers and business billions of dollars in hidden compliance costs by simplifying the nation’s bloated and incomprehensible tax code.

Dec 13 17:13

What is the real purpose behind the ‘fake news’ attack?

Instead of admitting wrongdoing after this embarrassment, the MSM has decided to double down and escalate the accusation that the alternative media is “fake news.” Meaning, the MSM wants people to believe that we are liars and amateurs, that they are the “professionals,” and that the public should ignore everything the alternative media has to say from now on. I have to point out, though, that the narrative of mainstream news versus “fake news” seems a little thin to me. Meaning, I believe there is more going on here than the MSM simply trying to save itself.

Dec 13 17:04

Assad Retakes Aleppo: The Military Operation Is Over, Says Russian Envoy

The Syrian war is on the verge of the biggest shift in the balance of power since 2011, with the Assad regime - with support from Russian forces - having retaken Aleppo. And, as Russia's UN envoy Vitaly Churkin notes, an arrangement has been reached for militants to leave the besieged areas of eastern Aleppo “within hours”, confirming earlier media reports that Assad is about to have full reign of the hotly contested city - a symbolic center of the anti-Assad insurgency.

Dec 13 16:58

Germany: After Video Shows Migrant Kick Woman Down Stairs, Police Search for LEAKER

German police responded to the release of shocking video showing a migrant kick a blond woman down a flight of stairs by launching an investigation into who "illegally" leaked the footage.

Dec 13 16:48

US Police Kill 73-Year-Old Unarmed Latino Suffering From Dementia

Police in the US state of California have killed a 73-year-old man of Latino descent, who was unarmed and suffered from dementia.

Francisco Serna was standing in his neighbor’s driveway in Bakersfield on Monday, when he was shot dead by an officer who was responding to a call about an armed man in the area.

Dec 13 16:37

White House Attacks Trump Over Connections To Russia And RT

President Obama’s spokesman, White House press secretary Josh Earnest, has accused President-elect Donald Trump and top members of his team of 'lucrative' ties with Russia, pointing out that his national security adviser was a 'paid contributor' on RT.
Ed Shultz talks on the issue.

Dec 13 16:12

Yes, We Are Mainstream Now: Cadillac Tried To Cast Someone From The Alt-Right In A Commercial

Cadillac – a company which makes cars – was in the process of creating a commercial that displayed all types of Americans. One of the types of Americans they wanted to display was members of the Alt-Right.

They put out a casting call for members of the Alt-Right.

Dec 13 16:07

Exactly One Year Ago, WRH Member Meets President Trump For The First Time: His Secret Service Agent Asked Me "Let's Not Get Everyone Riled Up, Mmm-Kay?"

Exactly one year ago I met President Trump for the first time! I had gotten a front row seat at the University of South Carolina. He had a Q & A with the state's attorney General. After the discussion, Trump was shaking hands. He shooks my hand, signed my bumper sticker, and then I told him about the undue influence of the Israeli lobby on our government, and asked him if he could do anything to stop it for us. Unfortunately my cellphone was full and it stopped recording at 45 seconds, right after I said "Mr. Trump." YOU CAN NEVER DREAM!!! HOW PISSSD I WAS!! (at myself) for screwing that up. So then I got out my other camera, and did this.

Dec 13 15:52

UK’s £22mn Payouts To Iraqis Over Military Abuse Now Under Scrutiny

Payouts over the abuse and detention of Iraqi nationals by the British military adding up to more than £22 million (US$27.5 million) are now under fire after details were obtained by the press.

The Daily Mail, which saw documents relating to previous payouts, says that many of the cases were settled because of European human rights law.