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Jun 21 15:38

Mass Shooting Myth — U.S. Homicide Rate Hits 51-year Low as Gun Ownership Increased 141%

By Jay Syrmopoulos

In the wake of the Orlando nightclub massacre, politicians have attempted to use the tragedy as means of garnering public support for increased gun control measures. Four pieces of knee-jerk gun control legislation were defeated in Congress yesterday, but the debate surrounding gun rights continues unabated.

The new narrative is that “mass shootings,” defined by the FBI as 3 or more people killed in one incident, are at epidemic levels and thus require society to increase restrictions on gun ownership as a means of saving lives and lowering the U.S. homicide rate...

Jun 21 15:38

Saudi Arabian Human Rights Lawyer Waleed Abu Al-Khair Continues To Fight For Social Justice From Prison

“Even from prison, you can still light a candle”.

Waleed Abu al-Khair began to practice law in Saudi Arabia in 2007. He quickly earned an international reputation as one of the most respected human rights lawyers in one of the world’s most repressive countries. Within a year he joined in a high profile critique of the ruling monarchy. He repeatedly and openly advocated for democracy. He controversially defended the human rights of women, dissidents, and prisoners targeted by the authorities.

Jun 21 15:38

Chicago Cop Caught Punching Suspect On Facebook Live (VIDEO)

A Chicago, Illinois police officer is facing an internal investigation, after a Facebook video showed him kneeling on top of a suspect and punching him during an arrest on Sunday.

Jun 21 15:35

And so it begins....

A Wisconsin city has been given the green light to draw water from the Great Lakes after eight states approved a precedent-setting request that had raised concerns in Canada and the U.S.

The go-ahead means the city of Waukesha has become the first exception to an agreement banning diversions of water away from the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River basin.

The city of about 70,000 people asked to divert water from Lake Michigan because its own aquifer is running low and the water is contaminated with high levels of naturally occurring, cancer-causing radium.

Jun 21 15:34

Bernie’s Capitulation And Hillary’s Syrian War To Come

In his quasi-concession speech last Thursday, broadcast without a live audience (probably due to the fear of loud boos), Bernie Sanders began with the observation, “Election days come and go. But political and social revolutions that attempt to transform our society never end.”

Jun 21 15:31

Ron Paul On Neoconned At State: ‘Diplomats’ Urge War

Recently, 51 State Department employees signed a memo urging the president to change his focus in Syria from fighting ISIS to fighting the secular Assad government. They argued that targeting Assad would weaken Assad’s enemy, ISIS. The logic is not immediately apparent.

Jun 21 15:29

Florida Republican Giving Away AR-15 Assault Rifle Just Week After Deadliest US Mass Shooting

A Florida Republican running for Congress has launched a Facebook competition to give away an AR-15 rifle, because “terrorism [is] on the rise.” This comes a week after a similar rifle was used in America’s deadliest mass shooting to date – also in Florida.

Jun 21 15:28

Volcano nicknamed GATEWAY TO HELL about to BLOW – and it could affect BRITAIN

Researchers claim The Hekla volcano in southern Iceland, nicknamed the Gateway to Hell, could blow "at any minute" after pressure readings from inside soared in intensity.

It used to erupt regularly, but has been quiet for 16 years, leading geologists to fear it is building up for a mega outburst.

Jun 21 15:27

Attorney General Opposes Obama's Plan For Closing Guantanamo

US President Barack Obama is facing opposition again from within his administration over his plans to close the US military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, according to a report.

Jun 21 15:25

Major leak from Brussels reveals NHS will be ‘KILLED OFF’ if Britain remains in the EU

A MAJOR leak from Brussels has revealed the NHS will be killed off if Britain remains in the European Union.

Hundreds of papers from the secretive trade talks between the US and EU have been released online.

They appear to confirm fears that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership talks between Brussels and Washington will, when ratified, lead to the health service being privatised or dismantled.

The documents, obtained by Greenpeace Netherlands, include a US proposal to have a committee with representatives from Washington and Brussels to meet each year “to review state-owned enterprises and monopolies” which would include the NHS.

Jun 21 15:24

As If PTSD, CTE, And Moral Injury Weren’t Enough

Throughout history, it’s been obvious that soldiers returning home from war are changed men. From being silent to just “different,” soldiers have been suffering what’s been variously called, in the last 200 years, “soldier’s heart,” “shell shock,” “war neuroses,” and, more recently, post-traumatic stress syndrome. Sometimes, PTSD is a result of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a form of dementia caused by degenerative brain tissue and characterized by deep depression, failing memory, and rage.

Jun 21 15:23

Philip Hammond brands SAS hero 'bonkers fantasist' over claims Brussels wants EU army

FOREIGN secretary Phillip Hammond has blasted a former SAS commander for suggesting Brussels bureaucrats want to form an EU army - describing the claim as "fantasy".

Jun 21 15:21

'Brexit will mean Black Friday for Britain': Billionaire George Soros says pound fall after Leave vote would be bigger than 'Black Wednesday'

A Brexit vote on Thursday could produce a 'Black Friday' as markets react in horror to instability caused by the result, a billionaire who famously bet against the pound and won in the 1992 crash warned today.

George Soros forced then prime minister John Major to pull Britain out of the 'European Exchange Rate Mechanism' in 1992, sparking chaos in the markets on a day that went down in history as 'Black Wednesday'.

Mr Soros today claimed the collapse in the value of the pound on Friday could be even bigger if Britain votes for Brexit and he warned it would leave people poorer.

Jun 21 15:18

Bomber Targets NZ Base Camp; 20 Killed In Iraq

The United Nations released $15 million from an emergency fund to help pay costs for persons displaced by operations in and around Fallujah. Authorities estimate over 80,000 people have fled the fighting and the Islamic State militants. However, there are not enough supplies for such a large group of people.

Jun 21 15:11

Third Of ‘Leave’ Voters Think MI5 Spies Working With Govt To Stop Brexit

Up to one third of Leave voters think the UK’s intelligence agency MI5 is conspiring with the government to stop Britain leaving the European Union in the upcoming referendum, according to a poll by YouGov.

Jun 21 15:11

The Big One: 'Large Scale Motion' Detected Along San Andreas Fault

Large scale motion has been detected along the San Andreas Fault line, thanks to new analysis of existing data that could help predict ‘The Big One’ in the future.

Previously uninterpreted data showing vertical movement of the fault’s crust detected several millimeters of uplift and subsidence in surface areas as large as 125 miles.

Jun 21 15:04

Carter Urges Allies To Defeat Daesh After Orlando Massacre

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter says the Orlando massacre reportedly inspired by Daesh (ISIL) underscores the urgency to accelerate the military campaign against the terrorist organization.