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Feb 07 07:34

Big Victory for Kentucky Coal Miners: Rand Paul's Bill To Overturn Coal Industry Regulation Passes Senate, Heads To President Trump's Desk For Signature

The Stream Protection Rule's provisions included prohibiting coal mining within 100 feet of streams (with limited exceptions) and shutting down surface mining if an animal species that is merely being proposed for listing as endangered or threatened is present in or near the mine. It also allows federal bureaucrats to preempt and overrule state permitting standards. The National Mining Association estimates that the Rule endangers one third of coal-related jobs and could cost billions in lost federal and state tax revenue.

Feb 07 06:38

Donald J. Trump Foundation Donated $10,000 To 'Hardline' 'Bet El' Israeli Settlers In Palestinian West Bank

A very interesting tidbit was buried as an obscure sidenote in a recent corporate news article about President Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Feb 07 06:23

FBI Director James Comey Warned Of ISIS In Denver Prior To Radicalized Muslim Army Vet's Assassination of Denver Officer

FBI Director James Comey, in a visit to the Denver FBI field office on July 23, 2015, had specifically warned about radicalized Muslims in their 30's, and that their "so-called caliphate" threatened Denver. Comey's warnings eerily came to pass this past week.

Feb 07 04:12

Denver cop EXECUTED by radical Muslim, DHS had been warned about suspect

[This is some good reporting. The mosque had conracted DHS last month. The article begins: "This story has been ignored a lot because of the way Trump and his detractors have stolen the spotlight continuously, but it’s the first terrorist attack under our new President. The execution happened last week when a radical Muslim walked up to a transit cop and shot him in the neck."

Feb 06 23:38

Milo Yiannopoulos Addresses The UC Berkeley Riots

Might have been posted already, but I felt it was worthy of a repost.

The big thing I took away from this is that the Universities (at least this one), the bastions of free speech, thinking and learning, have been hijacked. I have read about it for years, but I guess for me this UC Berkeley thing amounted to a paradigm shift/crossing of the Rubicon.

Feb 06 22:36

Ron Paul: Business As Usual - Is Trump's Foreign Policy Just More Bush And Obama?

On this episode of the Ron Paul Liberty Report, Dr. Paul asks "In the first weeks of his presidency, Donald Trump looks like he is taking up his predecessors' aggressive foreign policy and kicking it up a notch. Is this what America voted for? More war?

Feb 06 18:12

Australian Coalition Government Faces Defections

With the Australian parliament due to resume tomorrow for its first sitting of 2017, question marks hang over the survival of the Turnbull government, which has been clinging to office by a threadbare one-seat majority since last July’s election. The ruling Liberal-National Coalition is riven with divisions on foreign and domestic policy that have only been intensified by the advent of the Trump administration.

Feb 06 17:58

Big Pharma Launches Sentimental Ad Campaign To Distract From Skyrocketing Drug

The pharmaceutical industry has a massive public relations problem, and it knows it. Even our new, unapologetically pro-corporate president says drug companies are “getting away with murder.”Americans name prescription drug prices as a top concern, and a January poll showed only 9 percent of people in the US feel that pharmaceutical companies prioritize patients over profits.

Feb 06 17:54

Georgia Cop Dies After Inhaling Liquid Nitrogen During Sperm Bank Rescue

A police officer in Georgia died after a inhaling a fatal amount of liquid nitrogen while trying to rescue a worker at a sperm bank.

Sgt. Greg Meagher, 57, responded to the emergency at Xytex Corporation, a sperm bank in Augusta on Sunday afternoon. However, Meagher failed to recover after inhaling liquid nitrogen, a chemical used to freeze sperm donations.

Feb 06 17:23

A Challenge To Elaine Chao, Mitch McConnell's Wife, New Head of DOT, To Ride In An Actual Big Rig For 2 Days Like Obama's Dingbat DOT Chief Did

Four years ago, this dingbat woman who Obama appointed to head the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) was pressured during Congressional hearings and persuaded to actually ride in a big rig with a professional driver for a few days to see what the actual business of interstate commerce is like. Thats the problem with all these political hacks and 'swamp-dwellers,' they regulate businesses to death with all of these retarded and inane rules, but they usually don't know anytbing about the actual business. To her credit, she actually did it, and afterwards described it as "A SMACK IN THE FACE, very enlightening" and has given her "a much different and a much clearer view" of what trucking was really like. I hereby extend the exact same invitation to President Trump's new head of Dept. of Transportation, Elaine Chao. She is the consumate Washington insider, Senator Mitch McConnell's wife and two time Bush apointee. Wbad'ya say. Elaine? Do you even own a pair of jeans?

Feb 06 17:08

FAILING NEW YORK TIMES: Figures released this week show profits fell by more than 25% in 2016...

The last time something in New York fell this fast, it had to be thrown in a van by the Secret Service.

Feb 06 16:59

Nigel Farage DESTROYS Parliament Over Anti-Trump, Anti-Americanism

Thank God England didn’t drop bombs like this in the 1770’s (see Jeremy Corbyn Demands Theresa May Denounce Trump… Gets SPANKED! and UK Conservative Slams Politicians for Useless ‘Virtue Signaling’). Because Nigel Farage, a favorite of ours (see UK’s Nigel Farage Blasts EU’s Pathetic Response to #Brexit) just unloaded both barrels on Parliament over the anti-Trump ban, and their anti-Americanism in general.

Feb 06 16:53


The left prides itself on promoting the barbarous murder of babies, yet appears to have unlimited compassion for both refugees and illegal immigrants.

This disturbing dichotomy has not gone unnoticed by TheBlaze blogger Matt Walsh, who in a piece published Friday asked, “If we call unborn babies ‘fetal refugees’ would leftists care about them?“

Feb 06 16:52

Netanyahu Urges May To Follow Trump's Lead On Iran Sanctions

British Prime Minister Theresa May is hosting her Israeli counterpart in Downing Street, with Benjamin Netanyahu saying that “responsible” countries should follow US President Donald Trump in imposing new sanctions against Iran.

Feb 06 16:33

Video: French Candidate Campaigns As A Hologram: Melenchon Uses Projection To Attend Two Rallies At A Time

Far Left candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon uses life-like hologram to campaign in Aubervilliers, while speaking live from Lyon also hosting a rally of his supporters.

Feb 06 16:21

Trump Supporter Fights Off Two Attackers At UC Berkeley Day After Riot

Video from UC Berkeley on Thursday shows a Trump supporter wearing a MAGA hat fight off two assailants after being punched in the face by two leftists who appear to be pot smoking, homeless vagrants.

Feb 06 16:14


Feb 06 16:12

Donald Trump ‘Doesn’t Care About Talking To Parliament,’ Wants Pomp & Bling On State Visit

US President Donald Trump is not interested in addressing Parliament during his state visit to the UK, and instead wants to focus on the pomp and ceremony Britain affords foreign leaders, government officials planning his stay say.

Sources told the Guardian that Trump has expressed no interest in speaking at Westminster. However, it’s understood that he does want “high visibility visits with key members of the Royal family.”

Feb 06 16:11

The Double Standard On Yemen’s Suffering

The long-running U.S.-backed Saudi war against a Yemeni rebel group has led to mass hunger and civilian slaughter — suffering comparable to the humanitarian crisis of Aleppo in Syria though treated very differently by the U.S. establishment, according to investigative journalist and historian Gareth Porter.

Feb 06 15:51

Harbinger Of ‘The End Of Days?’: 700-Year-Old Trump ‘Gargoyle’ Doppelganger Found In England

A 14th-century gargoyle that bears a stunning resemblance to US President Donald Trump has been found in a cathedral in England.