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Jan 15 08:23

Kiev forces shell Donetsk airport

"Ukrainian forces from nationalist battalions have resumed shelling the airport," the source told Donetsk News Agency. Ukrainian forces opened fire from mortars of 82mm caliber, and "six mines have been fired as of now," the source noted. In the evening on January 14, Kiev forces shelled the Volvo Center located near the Donetsk airport. On Wednesday the Contact Group on settling the situation in south-east Ukraine agreed that it is necessary to observe the ceasefire regime in Donbass. "We fully support the proposal (of Russian envoy to the Contact Group) to make a new attempt to ensure full ceasefire observance on the occasion of the Old New Year," the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) envoy Martin Sajdik said. This is the seventh attempt since autumn 2014 to fully observe the ceasefire in Donbass.

Jan 15 08:22

State Department: US and Russia agree Syria talks should begin without preconditions

Kerry and Lavrov "agreed that UN-led negotiations between the Syrian parties must move forward as scheduled on January 25 in Geneva and without preconditions," Kirby told reporters. The sides also agreed that steps must be taken to foster a productive discussion between all the Syrian parties in advance of the meeting. Kerry also encouraged Russia to "use its influence" with the regime of President Bashar Assad to permit access of the organizations delivering vital humanitarian aid to the Syrian people, particularly in the besieged and hard-to-reach areas. They agreed to continue this dialogue in Zurich, Switzerland on January 20, Kirby said...

Jan 15 08:20

Finland urges common ground with Russia on refugees issue

"Risks will be big if we fail to find common ground," the minister told the Savon Sanomat newspaper. Finland’s authorities earlier said Russia allows refugees to go to Finland without Schengen visas. "In future, it should be so that leaving for Finland without the necessary documents is prohibited," Orpo said... By the end of 2016, up to 7,500 refugees could come to Finland through the border with Russia, according to the Finnish border guard service. Last year, some 32,500 refugees, mostly from Iraq, came to Finland, the country’s migration authorities said. In 2014, the number of asylum seekers reached just 4,000.

Jan 15 08:19

Violence Against Anti-Zionist Protesters At Presidential Campaign Rallies Needs To Be Preempted

The neocons seem very happy that the heckler who shouted "Marco Rubio is owned by Jews!" was violently attacked. The guy behind the heckler, who looked literally like Brutus from the Popeye cartoons, immediately attacked the heckler and pulled him to the ground, to cheers from the crowd and laughs from Rubio himself. It's outrageous how quickly these thugs resort to violence, it's very disgusting. When I shouted at Donald Trump about the Israelis arrested on 9/11, I wasn't attacked at all, despite being surrounded by 9,000 Trump fans whom Trump himself called 'maniacs' at that very rally. I will explain why. I took several preemptive measures. Common sense warns us to take action in order to prevent an anticipated event from happening.

Jan 15 08:18

China will support UN SC resolution on North Korea’s nuclear test — foreign ministry

"China will support UN Security Council’s response to North Korea’s latest nuclear tests," Hong said. "The resolution should focus on denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula, countering the expansion of nuclear weapons and ensuring peace and stability in North-East Asia," the spokesperson said.

Jan 15 08:16

Emir of Qatar to visit Russia on January 18 — source

"The visit is planned for January 18. Talks will be held at the highest level," the source said. The source added that the talks will focus on several issues on bilateral agenda, as well as international problems with an emphasis on the situation in the Middle East.

Jan 15 08:15

Russian tourist authority warns tourists against leaving Indonesia resort areas

"The Russian Foreign Ministry and Rostourism reiterate their recommendations to Russian nationals leaving for Indonesia to be vigilant, to stay away from crowded places and not to leave the protected resort areas without any urgent need," the tourist authority said in a statement. Seven people, including five attackers, died in a series of explosions and a shootout that took place in the center of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, earlier on Thursday. Over 25 people were injured, including citizens of Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. The Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the explosions.

Jan 15 08:15

Jewish groups condemn German art experts who say only five of 1,500 items discovered in treasure trove stored by Cornelius Gurlitt were looted by the Nazis

Jewish groups have reacted with fury at news only five paintings from a collection of 1,500 passed down by a Nazi art dealer are considered to have been stolen from Jews.

A task force set up by the German government to determine the ownership history of the items found 499 had 'questionable history', but only five were deemed looted.

The announcement drew sharp criticism from Jewish leaders, who described the task force's results as 'meager and not satisfactory'.

Jan 15 08:14

London breaches air pollution limit for the whole of 2016 in just over seven days

London breached its own legal limit on air pollution for the whole of 2016 in just over seven days, according to worrying new figures.

Under EU rules the capital is allowed to exceed the maximum safe levels of nitrous oxide for 18 hours a year – an allocation it had burned through by the peak of the morning rush hour on Friday 8 January.

Jan 15 08:14

Jakarta Blasts: ISIS Inc Strikes Again

By Tony Cartalucci

We are to believe that the “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” (ISIS) – named so because it allegedly exists and primarily operates in Iraq and Syria – is fighting the Syrian government, nonexistent moderates the US claims it is arming and funding to the tune of several billions of dollars a year since 2011, the Iraqi government, the Kurds, Russia, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, and Iran. And also, allegedly, ISIS is fighting the combined military power of the United States, France, England, Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Qatar.

Yet we are expected to believe that ISIS has the time, energy, resources, and inclination to attack Indonesia in a spectacular, large-scale bombing and mass shooting?...

Jan 15 08:07

Scientists demonstrate low-cost, high-precision glass nanoengraving

In a joint study, scientists from the MIPT (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology), ICP (Institute of Chemical Physics) named after Semenov, MSU (Moscow State University) and IPCP (Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics) have developed a mechanism of laser deposition of patterns on glass with a resolution of 1000 times lower than the diameter of a human hair said in a press release on Friday...

Jan 15 08:05

Victoria Nuland to have closed-door talks with Russian presidential aide near Kaliningrad

Victoria Nuland has arrived in Russia’s Kaliningrad region on Friday from Lithuania, a source in the Russian Foreign Ministry’s office in the Kaliningrad region told TASS. She will hold a meeting here with Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov. The Kommersant daily reported earlier on Friday with reference to its own sources that Nuland and Surkov planned to hold consultations "around the fulfilment of the Minsk agreements on the settlement of the conflict in Ukraine’s south-eastern Donbas region."

Jan 15 08:03

Meet The Only Republican Who Voted Against Audit The Fed Bill: U.S. Senator Bob Corker

63-year-old Robert Phillips "Bob" Corker, Jr. from Tennessee is the only Republican Senator who actually voted against the Audit the Fed bill. Despite posing as a 'fiscal conservative,' Corker's record speaks for itself and proves the opposite. He is in favor of a carbon tax. He opposes tax cuts, he opposed a measure to get rid of the 18-cents-per-gallon federal gasoline tax. He heartily endorsed the 2008 Wall Street bailout and supports taxing people for online purchases. He wants to provide over a BILLION dollars, from the tax slaves, in Homeland Security grants to states! Corker is also a rabid Zionist who strongly supports sanctions on Iran He also opposes trials for those suspected of terrorism. On his official Senate website, Corker drones on about Washington's "mounting debt" but never addresses the head of the snake, the federal reserve, and the fact that we borrow money at interest from a private central bank. Bob Corker is an absolute fraud and a criminal.

Jan 15 08:03

Russia may start publishing data on US-led anti-IS coalition actions in Syria

The Russian Defense Ministry may begin publishing data on the results of airstrikes of the international coalition in the Middle East, in order to disprove the accusations alleging that the Russian military aim at civilian targets, ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Friday. General Konashenkov recalled that at the end of last year the ministry said that it had the sufficient amount of information on the results of the work of the countries of the anti-Islamic State coalition in Syria. The Defense Ministry said that these results did not always correspond to the stated objectives. "Frankly speaking, we expected our colleagues not only to pay attention to this, but also to draw certain conclusions. Therefore, to disprove further rumours and accusations against us and if our colleagues keep silent on the results of their bombings in Syria, we will ourselves have to inform the public of these facts," said the Russian official.

Jan 15 08:00

Russian army starts humanitarian operation in Syria - General Staff

According to him, some international non-governmental organizations are delivering humanitarian aid to Syria. "However, this aid is mostly being delivered to the areas controlled by militants where most of this aid gets into the hands of extremists and is used for bandit formations’ supplies," Rudskoy said. "Also attempts were registered on many occasions to deliver weapons and ammunition and evacuate wounded militants under the guise of humanitarian convoys," the official said. "That is why, a decision has been made for the Russian Armed Forces to launch a humanitarian operation in the Syrian Arab Republic," the general added.
Moscow calls on all sides in Syrian conflict to help deliver aid to besieged cities

Jan 15 08:00

Hyatt says hackers took card data from 250 of its hotels

The infection, which harvested data between July 13 and December 8 of last year, collected customer credit card numbers, names, expiration dates and verification codes.

Jan 15 07:59

Russian General Staff: Syrian opposition actively helped in freeing one of IS strongholds

One of the main strongholds of Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization in Syria - Salma in the province of Latakia - has been freed with active help from the opposition, Lieutenant General Sergey Rudskoy, chief of the main operations department of the Russian General Staff, told reporters on Friday. Syrian government forces also took ten settlements in the province of Hama, he added. "Twenty-four armed militants who fought with terrorists have voluntarily surrendered to the government forces in combat near the settlement of Jarjis. Government forces and militias took seven settlements near the Kweires airbase," Rudskoy said. IS lost control over 217 settlements in 100 days of Syria operation.

Jan 15 07:58

Meet the Orthodox Star of Oscar-Nominated 'Son of Saul'

In the film, Rohrig plays a member of the Sonderkommando, the units of Jewish male prisoners in the Nazi death camps who were forced to escort fellow Jews to the gas chambers, burn their bodies and shovel the ash into the river.
Note: Except there were no homicidal gas chamber, none! Ever notice how any holocau$t movie get academy awards, sometimes before it is even shown!