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Oct 08 08:00

Don't Let Gravity Bring You Down (42 pics

These people have had it and they've decided once and for all to show gravity who's boss.

Oct 08 07:56

“Most Hated” Rally Getting Record Love

Oct 08 07:42

Woman`s Video of Bizarre Encounter Between Suspect, Deputy Goes Viral

Shocking and strange video of a man chasing after a San Joaquin County Sheriff's deputy, captured by a security guard, has started to get national attention.
"Everyone was saying, 'That's like something in a movie,'" Jewel Armstrong said. "It was. It felt like it."
The video starts with the deputy ordering 22-year-old Yaroub Assad to the ground. Assad complies for a moment, then springs back up and running towards a car.

Oct 08 07:42

What if Russian voter hacks were just part of its Facebook ad campaign?

This week's news that Russian Facebook ads targeted crucial swing states in the 2016 election changes what we know about the voter databases and software systems that were hacked into by Russian military intelligence in key battleground states.

Oct 08 07:26

President Trump: ‘I Wish Rex Tillerson Would Be A Little Tougher’

Comments from President Trump as he prepares to board Marine Force One...


Oct 08 07:23

DISGUSTING | Miley Cyrus Breaks Down Crying In Hillary's Arms On The Tonight Show

This clip is beyond revolting...


Oct 08 07:21

Video From Scene Of Vehicle Crash | UK Still Won’t Call London Attack ‘Terrorism’

Certainly seems like a rather large police response for a simple accident.


Oct 08 07:16

Can gun owners defeat a government military that has tanks, planes, and more tanks?

Another sickening mass shooting, and another dispiriting round of debates about the place of guns in American life. And, just as many of the gun-control measures proposed are not germane to the events people wish to see stopped, neither are many of the arguments about gun rights generally. Charles Cooke has taken on Bret Stephens. Rich Lowry has also examined the “passionate non sequiturs.” And, I suppose it falls to me to take on the assertion, made in the New York Times by Michael Schermer, that guns in the hands of citizens aren’t a bulwark against tyranny.

Oct 08 07:16

In 1966, 1,600 airmen were exposed to radiation after an H-bomb-carrying plane crashed while refueling. 50 years later, veterans still unable to file disability claims because the Pentagon won't release results of medical tests

Veterans groups sued the Defense Department on Tuesday in an effort to obtain disability benefits for airmen who say they were exposed to radiation while responding to a 1966 accident involving U.S. hydrogen bombs in Spain.
The lawsuit filed in federal court in Connecticut says many of the 1,600 airmen who responded to the accident have been unable to obtain disability benefits for radiation-related illnesses because the Defense Department has refused for five decades to release medical testing results and other information.

Oct 08 07:16

Woman on Vegas strip Sunday night: ‘We were told that there were 7 confirmed shooters, confirmed deaths at multiple hotels’

A woman by the name of Rikki Raulerson claims that she was on the Las Vegas strip on Sunday night when the mass shooting occurred and says that early news reports, reports from police, security, and even her friends, contradict the official story that only one shooter was involved.