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Feb 04 12:17

Insanity: Democratic Senator wants open borders and more gun control

The liberal freak out over President Trump’s executive order targeting 7 countries with a temporary travel ban has reached new heights with almost every news outlet dedicated to attacking the order and hysterically spreading disinformation to the American people.

Feb 04 12:12

U.S. military tries to pass off decade old vid as ‘proof of success in Yemen’ last week

Video clips which the U.S. military attempted to pass off on the general public as last week’s successful airstrike on Yemen were acknowledged by Pentagon spokesman Navy Capt. Jeff Davis on Friday to be a decade old and widely available on the Internet.

Feb 04 12:07


Donald Trump has just issued invoked the nuclear option on the Supreme Court of the United States! He told a room full of conservatives that he is ready to pull the trigger if Democrats refuse his nominee.

Feb 04 11:39

Everyone In America Doesn’t Actually Hate Trump

Anywhere you look online, you’ll see anti-Trump hysteria that reaches a shrill new pitch each day.

It’s certainly true that President Trump has enraged the hyperventilating liberals with every stroke of his pen.

But do they speak for the broader population in the United States or do they just possess all the microphones?

Feb 04 11:14

Illegal Immigrant Mom Kills Own 4yo Daughter 'For Not Brushing Her Teeth,' Media Hides Illegal Status

A 20-year-old illegal immigrant "dreamer" killed her own 4-year-old daughter by allegedly kicking her in the stomach "for not brushing her teeth."

Feb 04 11:14

White House On Berkeley Rioters: 'We Know Who They Are'

It seems antifa is soon going to learn what law and order actually looks like.

Feb 04 10:55

‘US interventions a reason for migrant crisis, US should share burden’ – Austrian Chancellor

The Austrian Chancellor hit the nail on the head. The US government and the American people are solely responsible for the mass of Muslim refugees invading Europe and the US.
You were elected to stop the wars Trump not continue the atrocities that drive these people out of their homes and countries. Stop the damn illegal,unconstitutional wars!

The US shares responsibility for the ongoing migrant crisis, according to Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern. Speaking on the sidelines of an EU summit in Malta, he stated that American “interventions” are in part to blame for the refugee flows.

“There is no doubt that America shares responsibility for the refugee flows by the way how it intervened militarily,” Kern said on Saturday, as cited by AFP.

“It’s unacceptable for the international community if America wants to avoid responsibility.

Feb 04 10:52


California is good at one thing: Making Bad Decisions. Now they have absolutely gone and done it by declaring they will now become a SANCTUARY STATE to defy Trump! The State Legislature just produced a bill that would FORBID state law enforcement from complying with Federal Immigration rules.

Feb 04 10:34

A Large Crack Appeared In The Global Market…. And No One Noticed

The global markets were humming right along until a large cracked appeared in 2015. This big crack in the global economy seemed to go unnoticed, however the implications are quite serious if the trend continues.

Feb 04 10:28

$1.5M Shadow drone goes missing in AZ

A $1.5M RQ-7Bv2 Shadow Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (TUAS) went missing somewhere around the Hubbard L.Z. shortly after visiting soldiers from the 14th Brigade Engineer Battalion launched it from the East Range last Tuesday, the Army announced.

Feb 04 09:57

Trump SPEAKS OUT On Berkeley Protests: “NO FREE SPEECH, NO FEDERAL FUNDS!” George Soros Financing Coup Against America!

Berkeley students lashing out at Yiannopoulos, who is a popular figure with the alt-right, are in for a rude awakening under President Trump.. Kellyanne Conway stresses: “In the real world, when these kids grow up and try to find jobs – which they will in the Trump economy – [they’ll see] life doesn’t work that way, folks.” Of, course she is right, but I think most of these “kids” are paid street-smart terrorists, who are on the payroll of someone we are all familiar with: George Soros.