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Feb 07 12:27

David Stockman Challenges Trump Administration’s Militarism: Video

In a recent interview at CNN, David Stockman, who is a Ron Paul Institute Advisory Board member and was director of the Office of Management and Budget during the Reagan administration, critiqued the Trump administration for pushing militarism and the drug war that fuel the problems they are supposedly fighting.

Feb 07 12:19

Okinawa ignored again by US/Tokyo axis

Feb 07 12:18

Keiser Report: Financial Sector Tapeworms

Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the financial sector tapeworms.

Feb 07 11:59

Google Redefines ‘Fascism’ To Smear Conservatives

The word “fascist” is on the lips of every progressive these days who hysterically likens President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler despite being unable to define the word correctly. In fact, its true definition is irrelevant to progressives, because all they care about is employing the nasty label as a scare tactic to paint Trump and conservatives as Nazis.

Feb 07 11:58

Govt Hires Advertising Giant To Lead Fight Against Rise Of Far Right In Britain

Lies spread by the far right will be challenged in an online campaign by Theresa May’s government as part of a £60 million battle against extremism, it has been revealed.

Feb 07 11:56

ISIS Leaders Renouncing Allegiance To Leader al-Baghdadi! President Trump Will Kick ISIS A..!

An ISIS leader, along with his men, have reportedly renounced his allegiance to the organization’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in the city of Mosul after receiving information about his death. There is a question of al-Baghdadi’s death, as a rumor has spread of the possibility of his killing by US forces. However, it cannot be confirmed, and it seems to appear and then die down. I believe that he must be dead, as it seems he would appear to his followers to prove to them he is still alive.

Feb 07 11:54

Triggered Snowflake: 'F- Trump, F- White People,' 1st Amend. Protects Against 'Bigotry & Hatred'

This is what anti-white racists actually believe.

Feb 07 11:51

Video: Iran Tests Missile & Radar Systems, Vows To Fire ‘Roaring Missiles’ If Threatened

Iran has conducted missile and radar tests, with the military vowing to fire “roaring missiles” if the country is threatened.

Feb 07 11:51

Historical Ignorance, Spineless ‘Dissent’: The Dangers Of Decorous Resistance

Lee Fang of The Intercept put up a tweet on Saturday that was so stunning in its historical ignorance and dangerous in its implications that I was driven to write a few brief replies. I’ve copied them below, cleaning up the format for easier reading, but not changing the wording. I’ve added a few further points afterward.

Feb 07 11:49

Trump: Federal Reserve Must Stop Ripping Off Americans

President Trump has put the Federal Reserve on notice for violating the new administration’s America First policy, claiming the central bank has been operating illegally and ripping off Americans.

Feb 07 11:09

Biologist Proves Measles Isn't A Virus, Wins Supreme Court Case Against Doctor

In a recent ruling, judges at the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) confirmed that the measles virus does not exist. Furthermore, there is not a single scientific study in the world which could prove the existence of the virus in any scientific literature. This raises the question of what was actually injected into millions over the past few decades.

Not a single scientist, immunologist, infectious disease specialist or medical doctor has ever been able to establish a scientific foundation, not only for the vaccination of measles but any vaccination for infants, pregnant women, the elderly and even many adult subgroups.