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May 01 13:20

International Workers' Day: Profitable Work Will Be Automated, The Rest Will Be Left To Us

Everyone wants an abundance of "good paying" jobs, but employers can only afford to pay employees if the work being done is profitable.

What's abundant and what's scarce? The question matters because as economist Michael Spence (among others) has noted, value and profits flow to what's scarce. What's in over-supply has little to no scarcity value and hence little to no profitability.

May 01 13:10

Mike Cernovich asks a room full of fake news reporters a question

After today's White House press briefing was compete, a journalist asked about political violence by the left.

May 01 12:52


Breaking up isn’t all that hard to do, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said Thursday — particularly when the breakup involves the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

May 01 12:51

Melissa Zimdars: The Truth About Fake News

In the aftermath of the 2016 US Presidential election, "fake news" was blamed as a major reason for Donald Trump's upset victory over Hillary Clinton. A wide range of players, from Russian propagandists to paid partisan puppeteers, were accused of fabricating stories which were then widely circulated via social media to influence the hearts and minds of voters.

A national debate then raged -- and still does -- about whether "fake news" truly exists and, if so, should it be tolerated. And, immediately after the election, a number of major media outlets, including Google and Facebook, announced planned steps to block 'suspect' content sources on their platforms.

May 01 12:45


This has been rumored to be true for a long time now. Independent investigators pondered as to where the Obama Administration found the money to keep Obamacare alive. The profits of both Fannie and Freddie Mae were widely suspected in having played a role. Now we know that it’s true, according to Sec. Mnuchin.

May 01 12:37

TEL AVIV – In a radio interview last night, Jackie Mason, the famous standup comic who dubs himself “The Ultimate Jew,” declared that President Donald Trump is “even more Jewish than me.”

Jackie is still funny!

Mason quipped:

He’s even more Jewish than me. I thought I was an Orthodox Jew but he is much more Orthodox than me because every time he talks it’s all about how he could help Jews and protect Jews. And every child he has is looking for someone to marry that’s a Jew.

They go to shul [synagogue] even when there’s no reason for it. He creates Jewish holidays that don’t even exist. His son-in-law is not only Jewish but he’s Orthodox. And his daughter became even more Orthodox than the husband. So, he can’t even go with them to a restaurant because as soon as they sit down they complain that it is not Kosher enough.

“I think he forgot he’s a gentile altogether,” Mason said of Trump. “Pretty soon he’ll be wearing that yalmukah (kippah) every time he goes to the White House.”

May 01 12:20

Trump floats Kim Jong Un sit-down: ‘Absolutely’ would meet with North Korean leader

This makes a lot of sense if there is follow through.

President Trump said in an interview Monday that he “absolutely” would meet with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un under the right circumstances.

“If it would be appropriate for me to meet with him, I would absolutely, I would be honored to do it,” Trump told Bloomberg News, adding: “If it’s under the, again, under the right circumstances. But I would do that.”

May 01 12:11

Your Tap Water Likely Contains at Least 8 Drugs

Your Tap Water Likely Contains at Least 8 Drugs
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Health Warning by INH ResearchMay 1, 2017

Think you need to go to your local drugstore to get prescription medication? A new study finds that all you need to do is turn on your faucet.
Researchers from the U.S. Geological Survey and the Environmental Protection Agency tested water from 25 drinking water treatment plants across the U.S.
They found 47 different pharmaceuticals in the supposedly clean water being sent to homes. One sample alone contained an incredible 41 different drugs. They detected an average of 8 pharmaceuticals across all samples.
Not a single sample was drug-free.

Incredibly, the U.S. government does not regulate drugs in drinking water. Water utilities don’t filter them out. They don’t even test for them.

May 01 12:11

A foot of snow cancels Denver's global warming march

Twitter, of course, had a field day.