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May 25 11:00

Nuclear Threats In US Worse Than Previously Known — Study

Conflicting with a prior industry study, a new analysis claims 96 nuclear facilities in the US are less safe than reported, citing risks such as terrorism and sabotage. The study says there remain lessons to be learned from the Fukushima disaster.

May 25 10:38

As Hillary Clinton Defends Her Role In 2009 Coup, Is U.S. Aid To Honduras Adding “Fuel To The Fire”?

We speak with Annie Bird about Hillary Clinton’s role as secretary of state during the 2009 coup that ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya. "There’s no other way to categorize what happened in 2009 other than a military coup with no legal basis," Bird says.

May 25 10:36

Syrian Analyst, Afraa Dagher, To U.S.: “Is It Normal To Kill Kids, Women? Is This Normal For You?”

By Brandon Turbeville

After a series of coordinated suicide bombings rocked the Syrian coast, killing over one hundred innocent civilians, Syrians are becoming even more frustrated with the hypocrisy of the West, not only in terms of the faux solidarity expressed when Belgium and France were attacked and the subsequent silence when it comes to Syria, but also in the constant Western whining about a “war on terror” that is made up of supporting and directing the very terror organizations it tells its own population it is trying to defeat...

May 25 10:34

A Peculiar Large Cap Top?

May 25 10:33

When A Killer Cop Retires: The Resignation Of Dante Servin

On May 19, organizers and community members around the United States engaged in #SayHerName actions in support of women and femmes who have been harmed by state violence. This national day of action should have coincided with the start of the termination proceedings for Dante Servin, the Chicago police officer who murdered 22-year-old Rekia Boyd on March 22, 2012. Instead, Servin resigned on May 17, two days before an evidentiary hearing was scheduled to begin: as the last stage in his firing process.

Dante Servin has literally gotten away with murder.

May 25 10:33

Fox News Should Give America What It Wants: A Primetime Sanders-Trump Debate

The idea back in March was to conduct a televised Trump-Sanders debate — the first ever debate between two presidential candidates prior to both of them having received their respective parties’ nominations. As reported by the New York Times, there was no impediment to the debate (for instance, pressure to squelch the idea by the Democratic or Republican parties) other than Mr. Trump’s inability to participate due to a scheduling conflict. Senator Sanders accepted the invitation by the Fox News Channel and was set to debate Mr. Trump until the latter cancelled his appearance.

May 25 10:32

For First Time in Modern Era, Living With Parents Edges Out Other Living Arrangements for 18- to 34-Year-Olds

Broad demographic shifts in marital status, educational attainment and employment have transformed the way young adults in the U.S. are living, and a new Pew Research Center analysis of census data highlights the implications of these changes for the most basic element of their lives – where they call home. In 2014, for the first time in more than 130 years, adults ages 18 to 34 were slightly more likely to be living in their parents’ home than they were to be living with a spouse or partner in their own household. 1

May 25 10:18

Dashcam: Milwaukee Woman Backs Car Into Police Officers, Speeds Off

A Milwaukee woman is facing felony charges for backing a car into two officers and her passenger while trying to run away, local tv network WDJT-TV reported.

May 25 10:14

Sanders Requests Total Voting Review In Kentucky

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders has requested a review of the votes in the US state of Kentucky, following a razor-thin margin against his rival, Hillary Clinton, in the state’s presidential primary on May 17.

“I hereby request a full and complete check and re-canvass of every one of the voting machines and absentee ballots from all precincts in all 120 counties involving the Democratic presidential race from the 2016 primary election,” Sanders said in a letter to Kentucky officials on Tuesday.

May 25 10:07

Hillary Won't Stop Lying About The FBI Investigation

Hillary's lies about her email just hit a James Comey roadblock...


May 25 10:05

Ann Coulter: 'Stop The Wars, America Needs A Little 'ME' Time'

Good clip from Coulter...


May 25 10:03

Texas Medical Board Wages War Against Humanity On Behalf Of Big Pharma – Dr Burzynski Trial Update

By Bernie Suarez

A Texas-based physician, doctor Stanislaw Burzynski is on trial and everyone should know what this is about. The Texas Medical Board is attempting to revoke his medical license for his crime of curing his patients of cancer by treating them with a therapy called antineoplaston therapy. His crime is that antineoplaston is not considered “standard of care.” Sounds crazy? It is crazy, but unfortunately this is the psychotic mindset behind today’s cancer-industrial money making complex...

May 25 09:37

Common Core Opt-Out Movement Growing

By TJ Martinell

Nationwide opposition to Common Core is on the rise, and more and more students and parents are choosing to opt-out on their own. According to a story by U.S. News & World Report over half a million school-aged children opted out of Common Core standardized testing last year. In New York around a fifth of students simply didn’t take the tests...

May 25 09:25

New York Bill Would Allow Customers to Opt Out of Smart Meters; Undermine Federal Program

By Mike Maharrey

A bill working its way through the New York legislature would allow customers to opt out of installing “smart meter” technology on their homes and businesses. Passage of this bill would allow New Yorkers to protect their own privacy, and it would take a step towards block a federal program in effect.

Asm. Michael DenDekker (D – East Elmhurst), along with a bipartisan coalition of four cosponsors, introduced Assembly Bill 4364 (A4354) in January. The legislation would allow New Yorkers to opt out of any utility company smart meter program with no penalty...