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Dec 11 08:49

GCHQ could 'grab' UK shopping data, committee told

Proposed new surveillance laws are so broad they could allow spies to monitor people's banking and shopping habits, MPs and peers have been told.

The draft Investigatory Powers Bill includes plans to store the online activity of everyone in the UK.

But a lesser-known clause would let the security services download personal details from "bulk" databases.

Internet privacy campaigner Jim Killock claimed it could even include things like the Tesco Clubcard scheme.

Dec 11 08:47

US to ban soaps and other products containing microbeads

The US is set to ban personal care products that contain microbeads after theHouse of Representatives approved a bill that would phase out the environmentally-harmful items.

Dec 11 08:45

Utah nearly Abolishes Chronic Homelessness. only around 200 chronic homeless citizens left in the state. 91% housed.

A decade ago, Utah set itself an ambitious goal: end chronic homelessness.
As of 2015, the state can just about declare victory: The population of chronically homeless people has dropped by 91 percent.
The state's success story has generated headlines around the country, and even The Daily Show With Jon Stewart has looked to Utah to understand how the state achieved its goal.

Dec 11 08:43

Putin vows to 'immediately destroy' any target threatening Russia in Syria

Vladimir Putin has vowed Russia’s military will “immediately destroy” any target threatening them in Syria, representing a strong warning to Turkey following its shooting down of a Russian warplane at the Syrian border.

Speaking at a meeting with senior commanders in Moscow, Putin said the military should respond with full force to any “further provocations”, adding that additional aircraft and air defence weapons have been sent to the Russian base near Latakia.

“I order you to act in the toughest way,” the Russian president said. “Any targets threatening the Russian groups of forces or our land infrastructure should be immediately destroyed.”

Dec 11 08:39

Hackers add exploit kit to article asking 'Is cyber crime out of control?'

Hackers have hosed an article published by The Guardian using the world's nastiest exploit kit Angler to pop the machines of exposed readers.

The attack firmly answers the article's headline positing the question 'is cybercrime out of control', based on arguments in a book by one Misha Glenny.

Angler is the most capable and prolific exploit kit in use by criminals. It allows attackers to run choice cuts of the latest Flash, Java, and browser exploits through which un=patched users can be targeted.

Dec 11 08:01

Counter Exposure: US Shifts Blame for Oil Smuggling From Turkey to Assad

The District of Criminals has truly lost whatever tenuous grip on reality they had and have entered OZ! We' to see the Wizard!

In the aftermath of Russia's exposure of the illegal oil trade between Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) and Turkey, the US has decided to come up with its own 'revelation': the US Treasury admits that the jihadist group is profiting from oil exports to the tune of as much as $40 mln per month, but claims the terrorist group is selling it to President Assad.

Dec 11 08:00

The DUMB Aspects of Smart Meters

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Utility companies are having a heyday installing electric, natural gas and water AMI Smart Meters, which probably will help many of them—electric power companies, in particular—avoid building new power plants: they can brown-out high demand days or interrupt individual home usage if consumers use more power than utilities think we should—in addition to running up customer tabs for new Smart Meters every several years.

Recently, PASMA (Pennsylvania Smart Meter Awareness) issued two Press Releases days apart, which I think all utility consumers, regardless of where they live, ought to know about...

Dec 11 07:44

The anti-mooslim rage is hypocritical

Dec 11 07:42

Mercenaries In Yemen Tied To Blackwater According To Media Reports

By Brandon Turbeville

Receiving scant attention from Western mainstream media outlets except for a few notable exceptions, Americans and many alternative media outlets have remained ignorant to the fact that private mercenaries from Blackwater (aka Academi) appear to have been contracted by the GCC Gulf state feudal monarchies to assist in the military war of terror in Yemen against the Houthi rebels and the embattled Yemeni people...

Dec 11 07:42

Mother sells letter from Obama to pay for injured vet son's healthcare

The mother of an injured Army veteran was forced to sell a handwritten letter from President Obama in order to cover her son's medical costs because the VA failed to do so.

Dec 11 07:42

US Intel: ISIS May Have Passport Printing Machine, Blank Passports

With the U.S. and other countries on high alert for ISIS attacks, American authorities are warning the terror group’s followers may have infiltrated American borders with authentic-looking passports ISIS has printed itself with its own machines, according to an intelligence report obtained by ABC News.

Dec 11 07:10

AT&T Has Fooled The Press And Public Into Believing It's Building A Massive Fiber Network That Barely Exists

A few years ago, AT&T realized something amazing: you don't have to build a cutting edge, fiber to the home broadband network, when it's relatively easy to fool the press and public intobelieving you're building a cutting edge, fiber to the home network. So as AT&T was actually busy reducing its fixed-line broadband spending and quietly walking away from DSL users it didn't want to upgrade, it launched a service it calls "U-Verse with Gigapower." Basically, AT&T's delivering gigabit speeds to high-end housing developments, then pretending the upgrades are much, much larger than they actually are.

Dec 11 07:09

Third eyewitness to San Bernardino shooting says it wasn’t Sayd Farook

A third eyewitness to the San Bernardino shooting, Chirs Nwadike, told reporters he received a phone call from an unknown person around 7 p.m., on the evening of the shooting, whom instructed him that Sayd Farook was indeed the shooter.