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Aug 15 15:54

Cannabis Vaporizer Being Tested By NHS Could Lead To ‘Properly Regulated Market In UK’

A cannabis product used by people suffering from various conditions is now being tested by the National Health Service (NHS) in a move it has been said could potentially shift perceptions of the drug.

Aug 15 15:52

Well this is plain stupid : 'Black Lives Matter' Plans To Shut Down 'Elvis Week' At Graceland...

It's been the summer of protests, and now another one is planned. The Coalition of Concerned Citizens, including Black Lives Matter protesters and others groups announced their plan to "Shut Down Graceland."

Aug 15 15:46

Election Fraud Ignored In Muslim Community In UK Because Of ‘Political Correctness’ – Report

In the UK, a government-commissioned report has accused authorities of overlooking election fraud due to fears of not appearing politically correct.

Aug 15 15:46

America’s Aristocracy Facing Resistance From American Public Regarding Russia

The subterranean reality of U.S. foreign policy is that it serves the U.S. aristocracy, the owners of controlling blocs of stock in America’s international corporations, which include especially Big Oil, Big Armaments, Big Ag, and Big Banks. The United States’ vast military-industrial complex uses the NATO anti-Russian military alliance as its major international marketing arm, and relies heavily on the Sunni Arabic — or “Gulf States” — the U.S.-affiliated oil-monarchies, as their major customers.

Aug 15 15:45


“Hillary Clinton wants to be America’s Angela Merkel and you know what a disaster this massive immigration has been to Germany and the people of Germany,” Trump said. “It is a catastrophe.”

Aug 15 15:45

The Progressive Left Is Neither

It’s an election year, as you know, and the demos, stupefied in aspic from too many years baking in front of a warm television screen, have awakened to the reality they have nothing, own nothing, save debt and perhaps a paltry 401k, the innards and working mechanics of which they haven’t the foggiest understanding of.

Aug 15 15:44

Humanitarian Nightmare For Colombia’s Wayuu Fails To Awaken Corporate Media

Colombia’s Supreme Court has ordered the government to ensure that the Wayuu, the largest indigenous community in the country, have access to basics of survival, including drinkable water. Last year, the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights called attention to the crisis, noting the documented deaths of more than 4,700 Wayuu children in just the last eight years—although the Wayuu themselves say the number is closer to 14,000 children who have died from preventable disease, thirst and malnutrition. It’s a humanitarian nightmare, but as human rights lawyer Dan Kovalik noted in a piece for Huffington Post, corporate media appear unmoved.

Aug 15 15:42

Clash Of Titans! Best Moments Of Russia’s Epic Tank Biathlon 2016 Final

Tank Biathlon 2016, an impressive and breath-taking military race that is part of Russia’s large-scale International Army Games, has come to an end at the Alabino firing ground outside of Moscow.

Aug 15 15:41

George Soros Hacked, MSM Blames Russia; Many “Dissident” Orgs Revealed In Leaks

By Brandon Turbeville

George Soros has been hacked and, according to the Western mainstream press, the Russians did it! In fact, that is the entirety of the story for most of the mainstream outlets – that the Russians hacked such an important American figure and therefore made their power play over American elections yet again. This Russian hack comes after Russians hacked the DNC, Hillary Clinton, hired Donald Trump to destroy the country and invented a time machine enabling them to go back in time and prevent the election of Barack Obama. It doesn’t matter that there is as much evidence for the latter as there is for the former, the mainstream outlets are wild with speculation and neo-McCarthyism...

Aug 15 15:29

Are we waiting for another ‘2008’?

Aug 15 15:18

‘Psychopathic’ Special Forces Soldiers Mixed With Criminals & Sold Ammunition, Claims Veteran

Soldiers in Britain’s elite special forces regiment associated with organized crime gangs, sold ammunition and some may have been borderline psychopaths, SAS veteran Chris Ryan has claimed.

Aug 15 15:16

Another Major Warning Sign for Stocks

Aug 15 15:15

John McLaughlin Misses First Show In 34 Years Over Health Concerns

Conservative icon John McLaughlin was absent from the host’s chair during his eponymous weekly TV program for the first time in 34 years this weekend due to health concerns.

Viewers of “The McLaughlin Group” did get to hear him during one of his trademark voiceovers, albeit with a voice weaker than his usual bombastic east coast accent.

Aug 15 15:12

Radical Groups In Germany Target Refugee Centers In Search Of Recruits – Intelligence

German domestic intelligence says it’s recorded over 300 cases of Islamist radicals trying to recruit fighters in refugee centres.