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Oct 17 09:10

NBC execs 'LEAKED the 'p****gate' tape to the Washington Post to screw Trump but REFUSE to release damaging video in which Bill 'rape victim' claims Hillary threatened her

NBC News handed the ‘scoop of the year’ to the Post to help Clinton, an insider told Page Six.

‘Trump was leading in the polls, so the tape was leaked to derail his bid,’ the source said.

Page Six confirmed that there is no internal investigation into who leaked the tape to the newspaper.

As a result, many have speculated that this is because it was approved from the very top.

Oct 17 09:09

Drone footage shows total devastation of Hurricane Matthew in N. Carolina

Historic flooding is creating life-threatening conditions in North Carolina, days after Hurricane Matthew inundated the state with more than a foot and a half of rain. Entire towns remain underwater, and swollen rivers still haven’t crested.

Oct 17 08:57

Decimated Services for Traumatized Chicago Students to Get Federal Funding

As gun violence soars in Chicago, public schools have not been able to devote enough resources to basic counseling assistance — let alone to helping traumatized students.

A new $1.3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education will support more mental health services at 10 high schools on the South and West sides of the city, where students are at high risk of exposure to violence.

Oct 17 08:55

The Missing Gospel of CLR James

Looking back on childhood in Trinidad, CLR James called himself the “little Puritan.” His family, jet-black descendants of slaves, carried themselves with the utmost dignity. His father, the schoolmaster, with suit and tie, his mother and distinguished aunts, dressing up with special effort for church, that is, “C of E.” Like other Episcopalians of the colonies, come of age late enough to remember slavery in a grandparent but also dress, talk, enjoy literature and music and even themselves dance in modern, early twentieth-century fashion, the Jameses had a culture of religion or a religion of culture at the center of their lives.

Oct 17 08:53

NYT’s Absurd New Anti-Russian Propaganda

If the dangers weren’t so great – a possible nuclear war that could exterminate life on the planet – The New York Times over-the-top denunciation of all things Russian would be almost funny, like the recent front-page story finding something uniquely sinister about Russia using inflatable decoys of military weapons to confuse adversaries

Oct 17 08:31

More than 10 injured, 9 arrested as clashes break out between football fans in Russia

Clashes broke out between football fans in Russia’s Voronezh. Fans of the hosting Fakel football club ran through the stadium.

Oct 17 08:30

Video: ‘No way!’ – Putin on alleviating Russia’s counter-sanctions

Putin speaks to press at BRICS summit in Goa.

Oct 17 08:29

Just ‘didn’t want to talk’: 911 operator charged for hanging up on thousands of callers

A Texas 911 operator stands accused of hanging up on thousands of callers, including those trying to report robberies, health emergencies or reckless driving. The operator admitted to hanging up, because “she did not want to talk to anyone.”

Crenshanda Williams of Houston faces two misdemeanor charges of Interference with Emergency Telephone Call, a class A misdemeanor.

Oct 17 08:13

Wikileaks: Clinton Surrogates Wanted to Fool “Bitching” Bernie Voters into Supporting Hillary

A newly released Wikileaks email from the Podesta hack reveals a plan by Clinton surrogates to fool “bitching” Bernie Sanders voters into supporting Hillary by offering them a largely meaningless change in rules that apply to superdelegates.

The email was sent by Hillary’s former chief on staff Tamera Luzzatto on March 20 of this year. The recipients included Podesta, the chairman of Clinton’s campaign, and Robby Mook, her campaign manager.

Oct 17 08:10

‘Brutal night’: Rebels shell Aleppo residential areas, up to 3 killed

Rebels have shelled residential areas in the government-held part of the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Oct 17 08:07

Iraq War Architect Voting For Hillary Clinton?

In this video, Rachel Blevins covers comments made by neoconservative Republican and Iraq War architect Paul Wolfowitz.

Oct 17 08:05

Four ifs that could still make Trump president: Analyst

As Donald Trump’s bragging about sexual assault attempts were released, many saw the scandal as a nail in the coffin of his campaign for the US 2016 presidential election.

According to a Real Clear Politics average of recent polls, Trump is trailing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by 5.5 points while a poll by the NBC News/Wall Street Journal released on Sunday, showed the former secretary of state leads the real estate mogul by 11 points.

Oct 17 07:59

'Our polling methods are bunk': Political science professor says pollsters have NO IDEA who will vote in November

All but three of the surveys taken since the first general election debate that are included on industry website Real Clear Politics have Clinton ahead. She leads Donald Trump by an average of 6.3 percent in recent surveys.

However, Helmut Norpoth, a political science professor at Stony Brook University and an election forecaster whose model has correctly predicted the last five national contests, is advising voters to 'hold off on trusting poll-driven proclamations of a Clinton victory just yet.'

'Clinton leads, but our polling methods are bunk,' the headline of his latest op-ed for The Hill declares.

Norpoth's model, which has been correct since it was first used in 1996, has Donald Trump winning on Nov. 8 with an 87 percent degree of certainty.

Oct 17 07:58

Video: EU Nazi origins in 1942 Berlin & CIA funded, #Brexit is death knell for United States of Europe

What the BBC won’t tell you about #Brexit.

Oct 17 07:56

WikiLeaks releases 7th batch of emails from Clinton campaign chair

WikiLeaks has released a seventh tranche of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta, comprising over 1,000 emails.

The latest leak follows the release of around 9,000 emails via the WikiLeaks website, including messages highlighting Hillary’s email scandal, Wall Street connections, and handling ‘backroom deals’.

Oct 17 07:56

RT's Bank Accounts Blocked In The UK; Russia Foreign Ministry Slams RBS' Decision

While we have yet to get an update from Wikileaks on the status of Julian Assange's internet connection at the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK, which as reported overnight was allegedly "severed" by an unknown "state party", moments ago Russia's RT, a media outlet funded by the Russian government, has allegedly seen its bank accounts blocked by the UK, according to a tweet by the station's editor-in-chief, Margarita Simonyan.