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Jun 28 11:05

Donald Trump highlights Amazon's tax avoidance

Donald Trump has launched a Twitter attack on the Washington Post and Amazon - accusing them of not paying “internet taxes”.

Without explaining what he meant by “internet taxes”, a form of tariff that does not appear to exist, the President also accused the newspaper of producing fake news.

Jun 28 11:00

Trump Administration Wants To Make Nuclear Energy ‘Cool Again’

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry took the stage at the White House to announce that nuclear energy should be part of America’s “energy dominance.” For 30 years the industry was allowed to “atrophy,” he said.

Jun 28 10:58

Future Shock: Imagining India

What might a future India look like? If current policies continue, it could mean dozens of mega-cities with up to 40 million inhabitants and just two to three hundred million (perhaps 15-20% of the population) left in an emptied-out countryside. It could also mean hundreds of millions of former rural dwellers without any work and thus anywhere decent to live in these cities.

Jun 28 10:53


Late Tuesday evening, it was announced that an unnamed FBI agent involved in the killing of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum has been indicted. The agent is accused of lying about shooting at Finicum in 2016 when officers arrested the leaders of an occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in rural Oregon.

Jun 28 10:45

It's a hard life! EU moans it can't attract new recruits because of cuts to eurocrat perks

The EU Commission, which employs a massive 32,578 people, has vowed to cut staffing costs by five per cent after finding itself at the centre of repeated scandals over the lavish perks afforded to its staff.

The lowest ranking EU officials receive a basic salary of over £30,000 a year, significantly topped up by generous allowances and expenses, which is much higher than average UK pay.

And at the top of the eurocrat tree that rises to an eye-watering £170,000 a year, supplemented by astonishing perks at the European taxpayers’ expense including private school fees and chauffeur driven cars.

On top of that EU staff enjoy a wide range of perks and tax breaks including pensions which amount to a whopping 70 per cent of their final salaries and a 16 per cent expat “top up” to their already bumper pay.

Jun 28 10:45

These Large Companies, Still Using Unpatched or Bootleg Windows, Got Hit by Petya Ransomware Attack

Even after all the WannaCry hoopla in May. US companies too!

Jun 28 10:44


Abu Dhabi’s crown prince asked the US to bomb Al Jazeera as America was planning its invasion of Iraq, according to a diplomatic cable detailing his conversation with a top US state department mandarin. According to the cable, Mohammed bin Zayed (MBZ) “laughingly recalled” to Richard Hass a conversation between his father, Sheikh Zayed, and the emir of Qatar, Hamad Al-Thani, in which Hamad had complained MBZ had asked for the US “to bomb Al Jazeera”.

Jun 28 10:44

Brexit 'will blow hole in budget', EU commissioner warns

The UK's departure from the EU will leave a budget shortfall of at least €10bn (£8.8bn; $11.4bn), the budget commissioner has warned.

Günther Oettinger said the bloc must either spend less or find new money to fill the gap, equivalent to an estimated 16% of the entire budget.

Among the options on the table could be less generous payments to farmers or a tax on financial transactions.

"A big country, a net contributor is leaving," Mr Oettinger said.

"That must have consequences."

Jun 28 10:44

New Bill Recognizes Out-of-State Concealed Carry Permits In DC for Lawmakers AND Citizens

Typically in the wake of a high-profile shooting like the recent attack on GOP congressman, legislation talk about gun control ramps up. Although that certainly was the case (because you never let a crisis go to waste), the shooting was a huge wake up call to Republican legislators — and even some across the aisle.

Jun 28 10:41


Cristina Laila for the Gateway Pundit reports Judge Napolitano said former Attorney General Loretta Lynch could face 5-10 years in prison due to her conduct during the 2016 presidential election.

Jun 28 10:12

Cyber Attack Disrupts Radiation Checks at Chernobyl

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant, where a huge meltdown occurred in 1986, has had its radiation monitoring equipment knocked out by the mass cyberattack sweeping Ukraine, though most other systems are functioning as normal.

Jun 28 10:06

The BBC thinks pedophilia is just another “sexual orientation” akin to being gay or transgender

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is playing with fire by allowing an anonymous author to publish articles on its platform that aim to minimize the utter depravity of pedophilia. Similar to what the far left publication Salon tried to do several years back (along with The New York Times), the BBC seems to agree with this author that pedophilia isn’t necessarily a disorder to be treated with disdain, but rather a sexual orientation like homosexuality that simply requires “help.”

Jun 28 10:03

Airplane cabin air found contaminated with toxic chemicals that really can damage your health

The problem arises in the way that air is drawn from plane engines before being mixed with the existing cabin air and then recirculated. The air drawn from the engine often contains toxic fumes developed by the friction between the engine’s moving parts and the oils used to lubricate them. Seals meant to minimize the problem often wear down and fail to do their job. The only current aircraft that does not use this method of supplying cabin air is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which instead relies on electric compressors to take air from the atmosphere.

The problematic chemicals in the air include organophosphates, which wreak havoc on nerve cell coatings and create diffuse symptoms in the nervous system. Organophosphates have been linked to increased mortality and complications like weakness, seizures and neuropathy. Exposure to these chemicals is also believed to increase the odds of suffering a cardiovascular event.

Jun 28 09:54

Ransomware borrowed from NSA code, say researchers

Researchers picking the program apart found evidence its creators had borrowed from leaked National Security Agency code, raising the possibility that the digital havoc had spread using U.S. taxpayer-funded tools.


Ukraine suffered more than 60 per cent of the attacks, followed by Russia with more than 30 per cent, according to initial findings by researchers at the cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab. It listed Poland, Italy and Germany, in that order, as the next-worst affected.

Jun 28 09:48

Petya Ransomware Hits World's Largest Shipping Firm Moller-Maersk

The attack on Maersk, perhaps the world's most prominent maritime firm, comes after years of warnings by leading industry bodies of the dangers of cyber threats. SAINT GOBAIN French construction materials company Saint Gobain said it had been a victim of a cyber attack, and it had isolated its computer systems to protect data.

The Copenhagen-based group said its APM Terminals were affected "in a number of ports,"but said that its vessels with Maersk Line were "maneuverable, able to communicate and crews are safe". A hospital spokeswoman would say only that operational changes had to be made.

Jun 28 09:46

"Petya" cyber attack confirms need for int'l efforts against cyber crime: Kremlin

The latest major global cyber attack, which has disrupted computers around the world, underlines the importance of concerted efforts of the international community to fight cyber crime, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Wednesday.

"Such massive cyberattacks once again confirm the correctness of the Russian position, which has been stated at various levels, that the existence of such a danger requires cooperation at the international level," Peskov was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti news agency.

He added that the Kremlin had no information about the origin of the current cyberattack for the moment.

This round of cyberattack, with a link to virus-encryptor Petya, has caused little harm to Russia, the spokesman said.