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Mar 02 11:07

The Kiss-Ass Emails to Hillary Clinton From a Former Goldman Sachs Bankster

Oh Hillary, I heard you had a concussion. Take some chicken noodle soup.

Mar 02 11:06

Thomas Graham: US-Russian relations have entered a new era

Difficult relations were inevitable, if only because the United States and Russia espouse radically different views of world order. We interpret differently key principles such as sovereignty, territorial integrity, and self-determination; we differ over what constitutes the legitimate use of force; we disagree about the legitimacy of spheres of influence; and, of course, we count different numbers of poles of power in the world today. Two countries with such profound differences can co-exist, and even cooperate in a multipolar world, but they can never be strategic partners, as many in both countries had hoped at the end of the Cold War. Tough competition was and remains inevitable; all that was missing in the early post-Cold War period was a Russia strong enough to defend its interests. That situation changed after Putin rose to power...

Mar 02 11:03

Deliveries of cold-rolled steel to US are not strategic for Russia — steelmaker

The deliveries of cold-rolled steel to the US are not strategic for Russia, a representative with the press service of Russian steelmaker NLMK (Novolipetsk Steel Works and its subsidiaries) told TASS on Wednesday. On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the US Department of Commerce imposed preliminary duties on imports of cold-rolled steel, used to make auto parts, appliances and shipping containers, from seven countries, including Russia. The US authorities set the duty for products by Russian company Severstal at 12.62% and for NLMK at 16.89%. For all other Russian producers and exporters of cold-rolled steel from Russia the duty was set at 14.76%. The duties will be valid until the end of the anti-dumping investigation which was initiated in response to the petition of American steel companies, accusing competitors from seven countries of dumping.

Mar 02 11:03

Cops Shoot and Kill Naked Woman in Her Bed After They Order Her to Show Them Where She Keeps Her Gun

The only threat, again, comes from people calling 911 for "help". The only "help" increasingly offered by these officers in the modern American police state is into an untimely grave.

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Mar 02 11:01

NATO "intensively works" with Turkey to push forward refugee mission in Aegean

NATO is working with Turkey towards finalizing the details of the deployment of its ships in the Aegean Sea to stop the flow of migrants into Europe, a NATO official told TASS on Wednesday. "Our ships are in place, they are collecting information, and we're working intensively to finalize the operational details with Turkey, Greece and Frontex," the official said. "Everyone is aware of the urgency of the task, and we're on track." A NATO naval mission to help stop migration in the Aegean sea was put on hold after Turkey denied entry to its waters to the bloc’s warship, the French news agency AFP said on Wednesday. According to the AFP, despite NATO requests, "the Turks refused" this weekend to allow the vessels to enter into Turkish waters.

Mar 02 10:32

'Supreme Leader’ Trump and the Wall Street Mullahs

If reality-TV supremo Donald Trump ever makes into the White House, he says that torture of terror suspects and shoot-to-kill of their family members will be turbo-charged under this command. The capriciousness demagoguery of this guy is truly sinister. And all the other gung-ho contenders are hardly any different.

Mar 02 10:16


Want a round of Round Up with your beer? The German beer industry is in shock after finding that 14 different popular beer brands have traces of the ‘probably’ carcinogenic herbicide, glyphosate – an ingredient found in Monsanto’s best-selling weed killer, Round Up. Germany’s Agricultural minster is playing down the risks in order to save one of the countries’ best-selling exports.

Mar 02 10:15


Two Northern California sheriff’s deputies and a former colleague were charged Tuesday with involvement in setting up jail inmates fights to gamble on them. Former San Francisco Sheriff’s deputy Scott Neu was charged with eight felonies and nine misdemeanors, including assault by an officer and criminal threats. Deputy Eugene Jones, 45, was charged with two felony counts of assault by an officer and three related misdemeanor counts.

Mar 02 09:38

How much did Barack Obama rip-off while President?

Americans are most forgiving of their former Presidents. When they leave office, most people forget about all the shenanigans and sweet heart arrangements. On the surface, Obama looks like a relative novice when compared to the Bushes and Clintons. Hey, give him a little slack. He is just ready to get started. By any evaluation, the net worth of the Obama’s is mere chump change from the rarified air of the Trump Towers. Making money at the end of the office term is understandable. Few folks would expect Obama to be the next Jimmy Carter, when he has to pay for his own golf vacations.

Mar 02 09:35

The Next Total Solar Eclipse Takes Place On March 8th

Webmaster addition: The original headline erroneously reported the eclipse as taking place on the 3rd. That is incorrect. It takes place next week.

Mar 02 09:32

MKUltra in Norway: Researcher Put Electrodes in People's Brains for the US Government

Of particular note is the fact, admitted by the Norwegian government, that Sem-Jacobsen wrote a letter claiming this kind of questionable research would be easier to do in his country because he did not have to worry about lawsuits or patient consent like doctors in America do.

Still, the real question is, what exactly was the goal of Sem-Jacobsen’s brain research for the US government?

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Mar 02 08:47

Hackers rely on weak passwords when brute-forcing PoS terminals

Logs from these honeypots provides an insight into what opportunistic scanners are using in order to test – and likely compromise – internet-connected point-of-sale (PoS*) systems, kiosks, and compromised desktop PCs which offer the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) service for remote management.

The study, which focused on retail terminals, pulled out statistics on the frequency and source of opportunistic attacks, as well as the top attempted passwords and usernames. The overlap between these chosen credentials and published password dumps collected from breach data was also highlighted.

Instead of old favourites such as “12345” and “password” on the user side, credentials such as “x”, “St@rt123”, “P@ssw0rd” and “admin” appeared in the top 10 of password guessing attempts. Usernames of “administrator”, “admin” and “pos” were among the most frequently guessed in the hi-tech doorknob-rattling by hackers.

Mar 02 08:38

UN approves toughest sanctions on North Korea in 20 years

he U.N. Security Council has unanimously approved the toughest sanctions on North Korea in two decades, reflecting growing anger at Pyongyang's latest nuclear test and rocket launch in defiance of a ban on all nuclear-related activity.

The United States and North Korea's traditional ally China spent seven weeks negotiating the new sanctions. They include mandatory inspections of cargo leaving and entering North Korea by sea or air, a ban on all sales or transfers of small arms and light weapons to Pyongyang, and expulsion of diplomats from the North who engage in "illicit activities."