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Apr 14 14:56

Video: Israeli Forces Abuse Detained Palestinian Minors – HRW

Human Rights Watch say it has documented several new cases of abuse by Israeli security forces against youngsters in Palestine.

Apr 14 14:56

Taking On Predatory Payday Lenders In Florida

If you don’t have a bank account — and millions of American’s don’t — how do you cash a check or pay a bill? Even if you do have a bank account, how do you get a small loan in an emergency? One survey showed that as many as 63 percent of Americans would be strapped to raise $500 if they needed it in a crisis.

Apr 14 14:55

Dyson Airblades 'spread germs 1,300 times more than paper towels'

University of Westminster researchers carrying out the research dipped their hands into water containing a harmless virus. They then dried their hands with either a Dyson Airblade, a standard hot-air dryer, or a paper towel.

According to their findings, the Dyson drier's 430mph blasts of air are capable of spreading viruses up to 3 meters across a bathroom. The standard drier spread viruses 75cm, and the hand towels 25cm.

Apr 14 14:54

Whistleblowers fear prosecution under new European Trade Secrets law

The European Parliament is debating a bill on Thursday critics say threatens to turn whistleblowers into criminals.

The aim of the Trade Secrets Protection Act is to protect European companies from corporate spying by their rivals in other parts of the world.

But critics say journalists and whistleblowers could be criminalised if they publish information that companies deem to be secret.

More than half a million people have signed a petition against the bill.

Apr 14 14:53

Man accidentally 'deletes his entire company' with one line of bad code

By accidentally telling his computer to delete everything in his servers, hosting provider Marco Marsala has seemingly removed all trace of his company and the websites that he looks after for his customers.

Mr Marsala wrote on a forum for server experts that he was now stuck after having accidentally run destructive code on his own computers. But far from advising them how to fix it, most experts informed him that he had just accidentally deleted the data of his company and its clients, and in so doing had probably destroyed his entire company with just one line of code.

Webmaster addition: Ever hear of backups?

Apr 14 14:48

The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right: Mega Bank Admits to Rigging Global Gold and Silver Markets

By Justin Gardner

While everyone was focused on the “too big to fail” banks that brought the economy crashing down in 2008, other big banks were busy scheming investors in a different way.

In a stunning victory for “conspiracy theorists” within the precious metals space, overnight Deutsche Bank not only agreed to settle a lawsuit accusing it of manipulating the silver fix, but also agreed to help the plaintiffs pursue similar claims against other banks as part of the settlement by providing instant messages and other communications, reports ZeroHedge. And so the former cartel members are turning on each other...

Apr 14 14:44

Hear Hillary Clinton Defend Her Role In Honduras Coup

With the New York primary less than a week away, the race for the Democratic nomination continues to heat up. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will meet Thursday in Brooklyn for their first debate in over a month.

Apr 14 14:41

The Children’s Crusade

In 1954, a single book destroyed the popular notion that children are innocent souls. In that book, a plane of such innocent souls crashes on a deserted island. There, in a paradise of coral and coconuts and wild pigs, the survivors soon revert to a state of nature.

Apr 14 14:40

Bankrupt D.C. Metrorail System Needs $25 BILLION Over Next Ten Years To Survive

Webmaster addition: Our light rail system here on Oahu is years behind schedule and billions over budget.

And it's made traffic along the construction route an absolute nightmare.

Apr 14 14:31

Is There An Anti-Semitism Problem In Britain’s Labour Party? Prejudiced Members To Be Suspended

The Labour Party may soon make it easier to expel members accused of anti-Semitism as a growing number of MPs and activists warn action is needed to address hostility among its membership towards Jewish people.

Local party branches are set to vote on proposed rule changes in the coming weeks, with a view to implementing them after the party’s national conference this autumn.

Apr 14 14:27

1 Year Before ‘Lead And Copper’ Water Rule Changes – EPA

The Office of Water at the US Environmental Protection Agency will update its rule on lead and copper contamination at some point in 2017, the office’s acting chief told Congress on Wednesday.

Apr 14 14:26

FSB Officers Arrest Alleged ISIS Recruit In St. Petersburg

A suspect with potential connections to the so-called Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) was detained in St. Petersburg, by Russian Federal Security Service.

Apr 14 14:23

US, Saudi, Turkey, Discuss Delivering Anti Aircraft Weapons To “Rebels” For Use Against Assad, Russia

By Brandon Turbeville

The CIA is reportedly discussing a plan to augment the fighting capability of the terrorist forces they have been supporting in Syria since the beginning of the crisis in 2011 if the “ceasefire agreement” currently underway in Geneva falls apart. The discussion centers around the supply of weaponry that would help the jihadists better respond to the Syrian and Russian air forces. The discussion is centered around the possibility of sending a variety of anti-aircraft technologies ranging from MANPADs (man-portable air defense systems) to less portable systems, including Soviet-era BM-21 Grad missiles...

Apr 14 14:16

Jewish leader calls on UN to can ‘anti-Israel’ human rights rapporteur

Canada’s opposition Conservative Party and other Jewish advocacy groups also called for Lynk to be yanked due to his statements on Israel.
Note: The international community and world have had enough of Israel! More than enough!!

Apr 14 14:03

Over 1,000 Leaders Worldwide Call for End to “Disastrous” Drug War, Ahead of UN Special Session


On the eve of the 2016 United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on the World Drug Problem, world leaders and activists have signed a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urging him to set the stage “for real reform of global drug control policy.”...

Apr 14 14:01

Why World Leaders Are Terrified Of Water Shortages

Secret conversations between American diplomats show how a growing water crisis in the Middle East destabilized the region, helping spark civil wars in Syria and Yemen, and how those water shortages are spreading to the United States.

Apr 14 13:52

EU Slated By Charities For ‘Half-Hearted’ Attempt To Tackle Tax Dodgers

UK charities have condemned the European Commission’s new proposals intended to crack down on tax dodging corporations as simply being ‘business as usual’.

Apr 14 13:52

Pentagon Recites ‘Russian Aggression’ To Justify Missile Defense Expansion Budget

The Pentagon is mulling a new strategy to protect the US from what it obsessively calls Russian military aggression. Citing Moscow’s alleged violations of a nuclear treaty, the DoD’s seeking to upgrade its air and cruise missile defense capabilities.

Apr 14 13:51

The Pentagon’s Counter-Zombie Martial Law Plan: ‘Concentrate Firepower to the Head’

And whether it seems like a joke or not, the Pentagon has a document preparing its forces for the remote possibility – or perhaps imminent cult film future pre-programmed through the media – of an all-out Zombie apocalypse.

“Given the likelihood of an all out threat to ‘human survival’, it is likely that this plan will be executed with a declaration of martial law with CONUS and U.S. territories.


“The only assumed way to effectively cause casualties to the zombie ranks by tactical force is the concentration of all firepower to the head, specifically the brain.”


Apr 14 13:46

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough Explodes on Air “Why does the Dem Party even have voting booths? This system is so RIGGED!”

This really is the year when the American people had it rubbed in their faces that their entire presidential election process is a complete scam. A fraud. A dog and pony show. Pointless to the nth degree.

Now pundits are blatantly pointing out this fact left and right all over the place. It is impossible at this point for them to pretend to ignore it.

The most recent developments include the Colorado GOP canceling their primary and just handing their delegates off to Cruz, while Bernie Sanders actually won in Wyoming, but still left with less delegates than Hillary Clinton.

This fact caused Joe Scarborough to go off on the Dems on air with:

“Why does the Democratic Party even have voting booths? This system is so RIGGED!”

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Apr 14 13:44

Clintons Have Been Preparing for Trump Presidential Bid Since 1999

By now we all know that Trump has some history with the Clintons. He even invited them to his wedding in 2005, and he defended Bill during the Monica Lewinski scandal. But what no one knew until recently was that the Clintons have been preparing for the possibility of a Trump presidency for nearly two decades.

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Apr 14 13:30

RAW: Police Pepper Spray Labor Reform Protesters In Paris

Police have clashed with the labor reform protesters in Paris. Hundreds built barricades and attempted to block police cars in the French capital.