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Jan 08 13:47

Soldiers of Misfortune: Alleged US Mercenaries Spotted in Donbass

Alleged US mercenaries were seen in a night club in the city of Mariupol under Kiev's control, a Donetsk People's Republic military official said.

Jan 08 13:47

Fracking test explosions allowed without planning permission

The government is set to remove another obstacle to the exploration for shale gas deposits in the UK.

Fracking firms will no longer need planning permission to drill exploratory boreholes and set underground explosive charges.

Jan 08 13:46

Hillary Emails Reveal True Motive for Libya Intervention

The New Year’s Eve release of over 3,000 new Hillary Clinton emails from the State Department has CNN abuzz over gossipy text messages, the “who gets to ride with Hillary” selection process set up by her staff, and how a “cute” Hillary photo fared on Facebook.

But historians of the 2011 NATO war in Libya will be sure to notice a few of the truly explosive confirmations contained in the new emails: admissions of rebel war crimes, special ops trainers inside Libya from nearly the start of protests, Al Qaeda embedded in the U.S. backed opposition, Western nations jockeying for access to Libyan oil, the nefarious origins of the absurd Viagra mass rape claim, and concern over Gaddafi’s gold and silver reserves threatening European currency.

Jan 08 13:31

Over 1,000 fake life jackets found in raid on Turkish workshop

Turkey’s black market economy is benefiting from the mass influx of Syrian refugees, with a raid on a life jacket manufacturing facility revealing the use of child labor along with hundreds of dangerous poor-quality vests.

Jan 08 13:30

Protests flare in Athens over pension reform

Hundreds of Greek pensioners and workers have staged rallies in the capital, Athens, against the government’s plan to overhaul the country’s pension system.

Jan 08 12:53

Unholy Alliance: Christian Zionists and the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Imagine thousands of people cheering and shouting for Israel in the huge Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. On stage, Ehud Olmert, the mayor of Jerusalem, proclaims: “God is with us. You are with us.” The crowd hollers, whoops and some blow the shofar. But none of those present is Jewish. Outside the auditorium Leanne Cariker from Oklahoma is carrying a placard that reads, “Just say No! to a Palestinian state.” Next to her stands another group of demonstrators, Hasidic Jews from Brooklyn. They oppose the state of Israel.

Jan 08 12:44

From Drone Technician to Whistleblower

Fmr. Senior Airman Cian Westmoreland discusses why he began to question his work in assisting more than 350 civilian deaths in Afghanistan.

Jan 08 12:44

Cologne assailants ‘ threatened victims & witnesses, urinated in public’ – police

German media has published, what it claims, is a leaked police report on the mass attacks in the city of Cologne.

Jan 08 12:40

Brazil: Nestle Fined for Concealing Use of GMOs

The Brazilian Ministry of Justice has issued fines against six food manufacturers for failing to include labels indicating the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).

The list of companies charged with financial penalties includes Nestle, Pepsico and Bimbo, with fines ranging from US$277,400 to just over US$1 million. In total, the fines amount to an estimated US$3 million.

Jan 08 12:31

Turkish Fighter Jets Violate Greek Airspace Over Aegean Sea… Again

A formation of four Turkish fighter jets violated Greek air space in the northeastern Aegean Thursday, the Greek Defense Ministry said, adding that two of the aircraft were armed.

Jan 08 12:28


By crushing Earth's lightest element with mind-boggling pressures, scientists have revealed an entirely new state of matter: phase V hydrogen. The squished hydrogen is a precursor to a state of matter first proposed in the 1930s, called atomic solid metallic hydrogen. When cooled to low enough temperatures, hydrogen (which on Earth is usually found as a gas) can become a solid; at high enough pressures, when the element solidifies, it turns into a metal. Planetary scientists think the interior of Jupiter is largely made of the stuff

Webmaster addition: Neil Ashcroft suggested that metallic hydrogen could be a room-temperature superconductor! The implications for zero loss power transmission, totally frictionless bearings, etc. are mind-boggling!

Jan 08 12:28

Helsinki police: Asylum seekers harassed women on NYE, mass assault possibly planned

Women in the Finnish capital of Helsinki have become the latest victims of sexual harassment by the migrant community. Police have revealed a number of attacks that took place over the New Year period.

"Police have received information about three cases of sexual assault, of which two have been filed as complaints," Helsinki police said of the attacks, which occurred at the city's main train station on New Year's Eve.

Jan 08 12:14

Oil Back Under $33