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Mar 29 03:34

The (second) American Civil War is already here

Do you, like I, have the sense that although Clinton lost and Trump won the election, things are even worse than before?

Daniel Greenfield, an expert on radical Islam and a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, has written a stunning and searingly truthful article that explains why things are even worse today.

Mar 28 22:02

McCain: “The New World Order Is Under Enormous Strain” (Video)

The Benedict Arnold of the 21st century, John McCain has again revealed his true motivations. In a recent interview with the EU Observer, following the collapse of Obamacare Lite, McCain has again showed that he speaks for the globalists, not America.

According to him, the New World Order is under enormous strain and that the world ‘cries out’ for American and European leadership. Perhaps, McCain should take a poll of a citizen in the Middle East to see if they really are crying out for American and European leadership.

In the following video, Right Wing News looks at McCain’s agenda of promoting failed globalist policies. After championing pointless wars around the world which have only cost American lives and increased threats to our national security, McCain refuses to stop.

Mar 28 22:01

Trump Takes The Hatchet To Government Bureaucracy (Video)

If there’s one thing the private sector is good at, it’s efficiency. So it’s a good thing that we have a successful businessman in the White House instead of a career politician because government bureaucracy has become a tired joke by now. And in keeping with his campaign promise to trim the government fat, the Trump administration will soon be unveiling a new office to overhaul the federal bureaucracy – the White House Office of American Innovation.

In the following video, Right Wing News looks at some of the details behind this new office, which will be led by Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and staffed with former business executives. It will be non-partisan, with several of the executives having criticized some of Trump’s policies; but are nevertheless eager to tackle the problem of excessive bureaucracy.

Mar 28 19:06

The Cannabis Acadamy

COMING SOON: Cannabis Acadamy provides all the information you need for a successful indoor cannabis grow .
We are currently consulting with industry leaders to provide you with the best information on the cannabis industry

(*Here in Massachusetts , our state government is disappointed in the common folk , for voting in favor of lifting the tedious prohibition , so , these folks are waiting .
I'm sure Baker is scowling out the window of his statehouse office , thinking 'let them wait' .)

Mar 28 18:47

White House on brief lockdown after suspicious package reported; one taken in custody

The Secret Service on Tuesday took a man into custody near the White Houseafter approached a Secret Service officer with a suspicious package near the presidential mansion, a spokeswoman said.
The man was taken into custody at around 10:15 am, the Secret Service said.

Mar 28 18:45

US House Speaker backs intelligence panel chair in Russia probe

The top Republican in Congress on Tuesday stood by Devin Nunes, an ally of President Donald Trump who heads the House of Representatives intelligence committee and is under fire for his handling of an investigation into possible Russian ties to Trump`s election campaign.

Mar 28 17:14

Did MSM newsrooms increase security fearing public retaliation for purporting fake news?

Some national corporate newsrooms like the Washington Post, McClatchy, and others, have reportedly upgraded security for their employees over recent months, possibly fearing retaliation from members of the general public for their purporting of fake news.

Mar 28 17:11

Report: John Podesta failed to disclose 75,000 stock shares in Russian financed company

Former national campaign chairman for Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign John Podesta may have violated federal law when he failed to disclose that he received 75,000 shares of stock from a company financed by the Kremlin upon joining the Obama White House in 2014, according to a report by the Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group.

Mar 28 17:10

Deep State considers using continuity of government plans in coup against President Trump

A leading neocon with the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research has published a piece in one of the top establishment news outlets in the country in which he floats the idea of using continuity of government plans to overthrow the elected president of the United States.

Mar 28 17:08

Attorney General Jefferson Sessions lays down the law on sanctuary cities, threatens to strip funding

The nation’s Attorney General briefed members of the press at the White House Monday afternoon on his recent federal request for sanctuary cities to follow detention and deportation laws regarding illegal immigration.

Mar 28 17:07

Hillary’s State Department was wrapped up with allegations of sexual misconduct, pedophilia, and cover-up: Report

According to the NBC’s Today, State Department internal memos suggest that the department, during Hillary Clinton’s tenure, may have “called off or interviewed an investigation” into sexual misconduct and even pedophilia.

Mar 28 16:51

Ending Syria’s Nightmare Will Take Pressure From Below

Ominous developments in East Syria have drawn the United States and Russia into closer proximity increasing the likelihood of a violent confrontation. The Trump administration has embarked on a dangerous plan to defeat the terrorist militia, ISIS, in Raqqa.

Mar 28 16:49

George Osborne Can’t Be An MP AND A Newspaper Editor At Same Time, Say Constituents

Former Tory Chancellor George Osborne should renounce his job as Tatton MP if he intends to become the editor of the London Evening Standard, the majority of his constituents claim.

According to a poll by Survation, up to 66 percent of voters in Tatton, 190 miles (306km) from London, say he should choose whether to hold his seat in the constituency or go ahead with his new appointment as the Standard’s editor.

Mar 28 16:43

Gross: TSA Agent Gropes Disabled Boy In Front of His Mother At DFW Airport

Why are we not profiling?

Mar 28 16:42

France: Asian Mobs Riot in Paris After Police Shooting

Asian mobs rioted in the streets of Paris on Monday night after police shot a 56-year-old Chinese father of five who they say charged them with a pair of scissors and stabbed one of their officers.

The family says he was just holding scissors to "cut up fish."

Mar 28 16:39

Mass Defect: Social Justice Warriors Ruin 'Mass Effect' Video Game Franchise

One of the most popular video game franchises of all time has been ruined by social justice warriors.

Mar 28 16:30

GlaxoSmithKline: Antidepressants Increase Suicide Risk By ‘Over 800%’

The FDA and Big Pharma have admitted that antidepressants increase the risk of suicide by over 800%, according to court documents in a trial against GlaxoSmithKline.

Mar 28 16:24

Let them fight it out : CBS Anchor Under Fire for Censoring Hannity Interview

CBS Sunday Morning special contributor Ted Koppel is well-known for his promotion of state-sponsored talking points during his 25-year long career as the anchor of ABC’s Nightline. Now Koppel is back in the headlines after interviewing Fox News’ Sean Hannity on CBS Sunday Morning and not airing the full segment.

Mar 28 16:20

The Raspberry Pi is now the third best-selling computer of all time

The Raspberry Pi is now the third best-selling general purpose computer of all time, MagPi magazine says, edging out the Commodore 64 in the all-time rankings. Over 12.5 million DIY boards have been shifted in the last five years.

The top two in the list are, as you might expect, the PC and the Mac - but even if the Raspberry Pi has little hope of ever overtaking those two computing juggernauts, it's still a huge achievement for the basic little system.

Mar 28 16:17

UK Police Begin 24-Hour Drone Surveillance Of Population

Police in the UK will soon be authorized to monitor citizens using 24-hour drone surveillance, as part of an effort to “reduce crime.”

Mar 28 16:12

FBI Secretly Compiling U.S. Citizen Facial-Recognition Images (Video)

We Americans have already traded away much in terms of liberty and privacy in the name of national security. And as surveillance technology becomes ever more advanced, it may only be a matter of time before we live in a complete surveillance state. Take for example the fact that over 400 million pictures of American faces are stored in local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Of course, the FBI claims that it only stores criminal mugshots, conveniently omitting all the images held by local and state law enforcement agencies; which the FBI has easy access to in at least 18 states.

In the following video, Right Wing News looks at America’s growing surveillance state, and how it shows no sign of stopping. The elites have deliberately ingrained a culture of pervasive fear in its citizens, making it all too easy to continue to strip away our liberties; all for our own good of course.