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Dec 16 16:40

‘Ministry Of Truth’? Facebook To Use 3rd Party Fact-Checkers To Mark Fake News

Facebook’s News Feed will defer to third parties such as ABC and Washington Post to more closely police for hoaxes and fake news posts, but there are no Russian companies among the fact-checkers, that include two Ukrainian groups, one of which is hardline Russophobic.

Dec 16 16:33

Chinese Warship Captures US Navy Underwater Drone

A Chinese warship has captured US Navy underwater drone collecting information in the South China Sea, according to the Pentagon.

US Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, on Friday did not name the underwater glider but claimed that it was collecting unclassified scientific data in the sea.

Dec 16 16:29

Soros Think Tank Claims Russia Could Engineer Migrant Sex Attacks To Boost Right-Wing Parties

An “expert” from the George Soros-funded and founded European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) claims intelligence agencies in Russia and Syria could set migrant sex mobs on German women in order to swing the country’s federal election.

Bild, Germany’s largest tabloid, carries the claim in a piece which asserts that Russia intends to “sabotage the outcome” of the Bundestag election next year by causing a “radical reshaping of public opinion”.

Dec 16 16:21

Wall Street is Overly Optimistic on Trump Presidency

We discuss some of the challenges Donald Trump has had in his past with just making good solid decisions, let alone being the savior that is currently priced into financial markets for the US Economy.

Dec 16 16:21

FEMA’s Plan to Make States Pay More for Disasters?

December 15, 2016 – It’s one of the many ideas and practices that Craig Fugate, the agency’s outgoing leader, hopes the Trump administration will adopt. Among the others: rescuing pets......
But it wasn’t just pets that were treated as an afterthought when Fugate first came to FEMA.

Dec 16 16:15

Most UK Terrorism Arrests Result In No Charges – Home Office

The majority of UK terrorism arrests result in no charges or convictions, according to new Home Office figures.

The statistics show that the vast majority of suspects arrested in relation to terrorism over the last decade and a half are eventually released without charge.

Dec 16 16:00

Sorry, Not Sorry: Neither The Media Nor Their Owners Are Going To Change

The leftist heretic and popular scourge of religion Christopher Hitchens wrote in his superb Bill Clinton takedown, No One Left to Lie To, that the essence of American politics is “the manipulation of populism by elitism.” Unfortunately, this tactic didn’t work so well for the Clintons in November, as the reviled populists had the last irrational, racist, sexist, brutish and barbaric word on the matter (according to assembled liberal punditry).

Dec 16 16:00

30% Increase In US Prison Suicide Deaths: Justice Department

The US Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) says the number of suicide deaths in the country’s state prisons rose by some 30 percent just over a one-year period between 2013 and 2014.

“From 2013 to 2014, the number of suicides in state prisons increased by 30 percent, from 192 to 249 suicides,” the bureau said in a news release published on Thursday.

Dec 16 15:54

From "Unloved & Unwanted" to George Washington on Steriods: The U.S. Dollar

The U.S. dollar remains in an uptrend that's been unfolding for nearly nine years. Can a magazine cover really help point to which way the trend will go from here?

Dec 16 15:50

What Did The Russian People Know About The US Election Result?

The Russians knew!!...

In a wonderfully ironic and perfectly consipiratorial result, Statista's Dyfed Loesche notes that, it turns out that the Russian were best at predicting who would win the U.S. presidential elections. According to research by Ipsos, only two other countries, or rather a majority of respective citizens, were giving Trump the thumps-up before the race for the White House had started. The rest of the world was convinced that Hillary Clinton would win.
You will find more statistics at Statista

See - this proves Putin did it... and he told all the Russian people too!!!

Dec 16 15:35

Summer Snowstorms, Volcanic Dust & Record High Waves

Summer Snows in both Chile and Australia are not normal, this follows records snows in Sapporo and record cold across the Northern Hemisphere. TAllest waves ever recorded and more gigantic volcanic eruptions in Russia's far east.

Dec 16 15:35


Hold the presses!! All the media (and Obama) needs to quit spreading lies about Donald Trump not doing intelligence briefings RIGHT NOW!!

Dec 16 15:34

‘Furious’ German Spies Frozen Out By UK Intelligence After ‘Leaking To WikiLeaks’

British spies are refusing to share secret information with their German counterparts because they believe Berlin’s leaky data servers have provided rich pickings for WikiLeaks.

Politicians in Berlin are said to be furious about the intelligence blockade, which has seen German spy agency BND cut off from US and British secret data at a time when Europe is under constant threat of terrorist attacks.

Dec 16 15:32

Today on the TradCatKnight Radio: “Hillary, HackWars & RFID Chip” (Video)

Earlier today, the Voice of Reason from was a guest on TradCatKnight Radio, where Mike and Eric discussed a wide variety of issues, and the overall state of the nation as the country awaits Donald Trump taking his oath on Inauguration Day.

Among some of the topics covered are: Hillary, Obama, Trump, what’s in store for 2017?, RFID/Mark of the beast coming?, MSM is the fake news, the Zuckerberg and Soros crackdown on "fake news", Are Americans unrealistically overly optimistic?, Is an economic crash still coming?, Attacks on conservatives and Christians, Humanity’s uniting during the endgame, what is the biggest threat to America today?, the RUSSIA/USA HackWars, and more!

For your reference, some of the issues discussed during the interview that I've covered in previous posts are listed below for your convenience…

Dec 16 15:32

Intelligence Committee Chair Questions Existence Of CIA Report On Russian Hacking

The intelligence community rejected a request from House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) to provide a briefing to members on Russia’s alleged meddling in last month’s presidential election.

Dec 16 15:29

The US Navy’s Autonomous Swarm Boats Can Now Decide What to Attack

In a recent demonstration, waterborne robots collaborated to identify, surround, and harass an enemy vessel. The U.S. Navy’s swarm boats can identify a potential enemy vessel and execute more complex operations to defeat a wider variety of threats, the Office of Naval Research, or ONR, announced on Wednesday.

Dec 16 15:22

Jim Rogers on selling… and why we’ll all look like fools in 15 years

Me: Jim, we’ve talked about buying… how do you know when to sell an asset?

Jim Rogers: Well… when people are getting hysterical, you can sense it just by market action… if you read the press you can see when everybody’s talking about whatever it is that’s the best thing, something going to change everybody’s life… and how boy, it’s a whole new era… You hear the same words every time, every time, they are the same. Investors and the press use the same expressions about how great things are now. [For example,] Amazon can never go down, and will never go down and is going to go own the world someday.

When you hear all that kind of talk… I mean, fortunately or unfortunately, I have read about a lot of markets in my day and they always say the same thing. Absolutely, “a new era.” Oh, how many new eras have we had in history? It’s just amazing.

Dec 16 15:14

Beijing Issues Red Alert Over Severe Air Pollution

A red alert for air pollution has been issued in the Chinese capital for the first time this year as choking smog is expected to cover the city and surrounding areas in north China during the next five days.

Dec 16 15:13

The Decline And Fall Of Collectivism



The study of history has long been an enjoyable activity for me. A conclusion I have drawn from it has been that civilizations are created by individuals; they are destroyed by collectives. One can see such dynamics at work in what has been taking place in recent decades in the collapse of a once life-sustaining Western Civilization.

Dec 16 14:37

Cheney Lobbying For Trump’s Nominee For Secretary Of State: Report

Former US Vice President Dick Cheney is reportedly lobbying on behalf of Rex Tillerson, Republican President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of state.

Dec 16 14:32

Currency Armageddon? A Word about the Hated Dollar

The “death of the dollar” will have to be rescheduled.

Dec 16 14:32

9 Reasons Why PolitiFact Is Unqualified To Label ‘Fake News’

Left-leaning PolitiFact is on the newly revealed list of “fact checking” organizations Facebook will reportedly use to label “fake news” stories as they appear on the social media platform.

“We’ll use the reports from our community, along with other signals, to send stories to these organizations,” Facebook VP Adam Mosseri wrote in the Facebook news blog. “If the fact checking organizations identify a story as fake, it will get flagged as disputed and there will be a link to the corresponding article explaining why.”

Dec 16 14:13


Chris Suprun is one of 38 Texas electors. He recently went public with his decision to go against the will of the people of Texas; he will not be honoring his pledge to vote for President Elect, Donald Trump.

Dec 16 14:08

Suspect Detained After 7-Hour Standoff In Mount Vernon, Washington – Police

The suspect shot an officer in the head, and the policeman remains in hospital in a serious condition.

The 44-year-old suspect is believed to have held several people hostage, and was arrested after a seven-hour standoff with police.

Dec 16 14:03

Priests, Teachers, Coaches: Children’s Home Sex Abuse Survivors Publish Harrowing Report

More details are emerging on the alleged sexual abuse of dozens of children at a care home in London, as survivors publish their own 129-page report after losing faith in the official inquiry.

Dec 16 13:55

U.S. SHALE GAS INDUSTRY: Countdown To Disaster

The countdown has started as the demise of the great U.S. shale gas industry has begun.

Dec 16 13:42

‘He’s So Bad’: Trump Slams ‘Foolish’ White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest has had a tough week. Just days after a press briefing blunder, Donald Trump has now slammed Earnest, calling him a “foolish guy” who makes everything “sound bad.”

The president-elect made the comments on Thursday during an appearance in Hershey, Pennsylvania as part of his ‘Thank You’ tour.