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Aug 12 12:59

Michael Moore Calls For Ivanka Trump To Convince Her Dad To Step Down

The Oscar-winning director made news in December when he stood outside the Trump Tower in New York with a placard proclaiming “We are all Muslim.” Moore also penned an open letter at the time.

Aug 12 12:55

'Let Refugees Into Your Homes' France Pleads With Citizens To Help Ease Migrant Crisis

There are currently 147 reception centres across France, but these are in massive demand as desperate refugees continue to flee the Middle East.

Housing minister Emmanuelle Cosse has pledged to built a further 50 centres before the end of next month in a desperate bid to ease the crisis.

Aug 12 12:49

War hawk Hillary Clinton vows to 'stand up to China'

US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has vowed to “stand up to China” and oppose the Pacific trade agreement.

Speaking to a crowd in the US state of Detroit – where she unveiled her plans on global economic issues – Clinton said on Thursday the world’s second largest economy had “gamed the system” for too long.

Aug 12 12:37

Monsanto Backs Out Of Seed Plant In Argentina After Protests

In yet another victory against the multinational corporation Monsanto in Argentina, the company has now announced that it will dismantle its multi-million dollar GMO seed plant in Malvinas. Monsanto made the decision to give up on its seed plant after three years worth of protests from local citizens and GMO-free campaigners from…

Aug 12 12:34

Warning about the consequences of a truth-free society

A columnist and longtime conservative says his latest commentary was written to warn about the consequences of a truth-free society.

"This is something I spotted years ago when I was an editor for The Los Angeles Times," recalls Robert Knight, now a senior fellow at the American Civil Rights Union and a columnist for The Washington Times.

A columnist and longtime conservative says his latest commentary was written to warn about the consequences of a truth-free society.

"This is something I spotted years ago when I was an editor for The Los Angeles Times," recalls Robert Knight, now a senior fellow at the American Civil Rights Union and a columnist for The Washington Times.

"It seemed that people weren't so concerned with getting at the truth," he says, "but in inventing their own truth as in the phrase, Well that may be true for you but it's not true for me, or That's your truth and I have my truth."

Aug 12 12:32

Margaret Sanger Award Recipient Nancy Pelosi On Zika: ‘This Is About Babies’

At a Capitol Hill press conference on Thursday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said the Zika virus threat is “all about babies.”

“The Zika in the Southern part of our country is in our country, and because it hasn’t hit home in [a Republican’s] district, doesn’t mean that it isn’t hitting home for the American people,” Pelosi said. “You know how I am about babies and this is about babies. I just can’t understand it.”

Aug 12 12:13

Tank Biathlon World Championship Semi-Finals Near Moscow

The semi-finals of the 2016 Tank Biathlon World Championship are currently being held in Alabino in the Moscow Region.

Aug 12 12:10

Scott Adams: The Greatest Cognitive Dissonance Trap of All Time

Here’s the set-up:

1. The mainstream media knows they are smarter than Donald Trump. They see evidence of this truth all the time, although much of that evidence is confirmation bias.


2. Trump does something smart – accusing Obama and Clinton of being “founders” of ISIS. This is a clever way to get the world to debate Clinton and Obama’s ineffectiveness during a time when ISIS expanded. In other words, it is brilliant media manipulation, and it worked.

3. CNN and other Clinton supporters interpret Trump’s statement about ISIS as absurd and uninformed because they can’t imagine a scenario in which Trump does something brilliant. Trump being brilliant isn’t one of the options, as far as they know.

The reality of Trump’s clever persuasion is crystal-clear to anyone who thinks Trump is smart. Trump was clearly joking about the “founder” part to get people squawking, and it worked. Total success. Brilliant technique.

Aug 12 12:09

17 Sinister Spy Satellite Mission Patches

17 Sinister Spy Satellite Mission Patches
??Dragons, knights, and sorceresses—the National Reconnaissance Office doesn't skimp on the paranoia and dark arts when it comes to logo design.

Go to link to see the best mission logos the NRO has used to publicly flaunt its control over your puny life.

By Jay Bennett
AUG 11, 2016

Since 1961, the National Reconnaissance Office has been launching satellites to keep an eye on things in the Soviet Union, the People's Republic of China, and plenty of other countries. During the NRO's first operation, called Corona, the sats would drop film capsules for the Air Force to recover in mid-air. It was so secretive that Corona wasn't declassified until 1995, just three years after the existence of the NRO itself was declassified (though the first hint of the NRO was leaked to the public in 1971).

Aug 12 12:07

INTERVIEW: Hillary Admits She Gets Tired...Collapses

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said in a podcast published on Friday that if she gets “really tired” she will “collapse.”

In an official Clinton campaign podcast released on iTunes called, “With her,” Max Linsky asked the former secretary of state about her “average day” on the campaign trail.

Aug 12 12:04

This Italian Politician Wants Government To Force Citizens To Eat Meat

In an example of just how far governments and politicians will take the war on individual freedom and parental choice, Forza Italia MP, Elvira Savino, has put forward a proposal that would imprison parents who forced their children to eat a vegan diet. Savino argues that veganism “lack[s], essential elements for a…

Aug 12 11:56

‘War On Drugs Futile In Face Of Dark Web Marketplace,’ Say Campaigners

Britain’s war on drugs is failing, campaigners say, with the online narcotics market soaring in value and police finding themselves seizing 1,000 cannabis plants every day.

Researchers for think tank Rand Europe found the UK has the largest online drugs trade of any European nation, and is second only to the US.

Aug 12 11:38

Massive Fire Breaks Out At Michigan’s St Claire Power Plant

A generation unit at the St Clair Power Plant, in East China Township, Michigan, has caught fire. Employees were evacuated immediately and safely. There are no known injuries at the facility.

Aug 12 11:35

Wall Street Celebrates Mass Layoffs By Macy’s…

Wall Street rose to new record highs on all three major stock price indexes Thursday, powered by rising oil prices and the announcement by Macy’s, the biggest US department store chain, of better-than-expected profits and a massive store-closing program, which could wipe out as many as 12,000 jobs.

Aug 12 11:30

Hijab-Wearing Muslim Women Face Discrimination In UK

British women wearing Hijab are facing work discrimination as employers prefer hiring non-veil-wearing employees, a new inquiry finds.

UK lawmakers have warned that Muslim women who wear headscarves are routinely being passed over for jobs and that this has now become an “acceptable” form of discrimination, The Telegraph reported on Thursday.