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Jun 26 08:58

Got a migraine? Cannabis could help: Compounds in the drug are better than medication for treating the pain

Chemicals in cannabis could be effective at treating painful migraines, research has revealed.

And cannabinoids, the compounds in marijuana that make you feel high, may even be better at treating pain than recommended migraine medication.

Researchers found that pills containing the chemicals reduced the pain felt by migraine sufferers by by 43.5 per cent.

And the drug had a number of positive side effects, including stopping stomach aches and pain in the muscles, according to the researchers.

Jun 26 08:47

Yes, Japan certainly is capable of doing a lot more for the resettlement of Muslim refugees…but it never will

Every few months, some leftist politician along with the United Nations whine about Japan not taking in their fair share of Muslim refugees (less than 20 per year).

Jun 26 08:45

Cholesterol-lowering drugs may accelerate onset of Parkinson’s disease, according to researchers

Statins are a type of cholesterol-lowering drug typically prescribed to patients at risk of cardiovascular disease. Although they may provide relief from heart conditions, the same can’t be said of their effects on the brain. A recent study by researchers from the Penn State College of Medicine has presented a troubling fact about these drugs: the use of statins may increase a person’s susceptibility to Parkinson’s disease.

Jun 26 08:44

Police arrest black teens at the National Mall. Their crime? Selling water

While the violent crime rate in D.C. continues to soar above the national average, the U.S. Park Police appear to have other priorities.

Three plainclothes police officers went undercover at the National Mall to bust three young black teens on Thursday as they were breaking the law in our nation’s capital. Their crime? Selling water bottles without a permit for some extra cash.

Jun 26 07:59

Restaurant owner says nearby Confederate flag is hurting his business

A Confederate flag flies high above a South Carolina restaurant.
Some customers hate it, including the restaurant's owner, but he says he can't do anything about it.
A broad stretch of John C. Calhoun Drive is flanked by two unambiguous landmarks. And each, in its own way, signifies exactly where you are.

Jun 26 07:57

New Jersey mom publishes her three-year-old son's $231,115 heart surgery bill in a desperate plea to the Senate not to scrap benefits cap ban in Trumpcare (11 Pics)

A New Jersey mom says she posted her three-year-old son's heart surgery bill online to show how potential changes in the health care law could drastically increase out-of-pocket costs for those with life-threatening conditions.
Ali Chandra's son, Ethan, was born with a congenital heart defect known as heterotaxy. He's already had multiple surgeries which have been covered by health insurance.

Jun 26 07:51

George W. Bush, the Artist A gallery of paintings by our 43rd President.

I wasn't surprised.. He is a good artist.. Better at oils then I am..I read his I.Q is 160.. that's genius as far as I'm concerned..

Jun 26 07:48

Fugitive lawyer says he's fled the US using fake passport

A fugitive Kentucky lawyer at the center of a nearly $600 million Social Security fraud case has fled the country using a fake passport and has gotten help from someone overseas with a job to help support himself.

Jun 26 07:48

Pentagon OKs gay, active military member to wear uniform in Pride parade

Thousands will make their way to Seattle this weekend for the annual Seattle Pride celebration and when they do many will be witnessing history.
Nathaniel Boehme is currently serving with the Air National Guard out of Portland, but on Sunday he will make history when he becomes the first active-duty gay military member, with permission from the Pentagon, to march in uniform in Seattle’s Pride Parade.

Jun 26 07:28

Trump Wallowing in Wall Street’s Swamp, Draining Long Forgotten

Government watchdogs say the public has a right to know who is walking into the West Wing. Instead, the man who vowed to “drain the swamp” is leading the effort to keep White House records for select eyes only.

Jun 26 07:26

Overweight man says he was humiliated by Spirit Airlines after staff gave away the extra seat he purchased to another passenger because his flight was overbooked

A Spirit Airlines passenger who booked two seats on a flight due to his size says he felt humiliated when the airline gave away one of the seats without asking on an overbooked flight.
Jose Cordova of Westminster, Colorado, says he purchased two neighboring seats on each of his flights to and from Las Vegas for a getaway trip with his two friends.

Jun 26 07:25

CHART: A warning sign in energy stocks

Energy investors are making a big mistake…

They’re “bottom fishing” in the major oil and gas stocks… trying to catch the bottom.

Jun 26 07:23

Frightening Facebook Live video shows just what happens when you overdose on heroin — “Do you have a pulse?”

A Facebook Live video from Dorchester shows a couple in a car shooting up and the life and death struggle that follows.

Posted on Wednesday just before 5:30 p.m. in Dorchester, a man walks up to confront a couple about using drugs in his neighborhood.