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Jun 17 09:14

Top Secret Clinton Emails Exposed CIA Drone Strikes

Top-secret emails at the core of a criminal probe involving Hillary Clinton's handling of classified information were messages concerning CIA drone strikes. How did they end up on the Secretary's private email server?

Update from the WSJ...


Jun 17 09:04

Obama 'Directly Responsible' For Orlando Carnage: McCain

US Republican Senator John McCain has said that President Barack Obama is “directly responsible” for the Orlando nightclub carnage, because the rise of the Daesh (ISIL) group happened during his presidency.

Jun 17 09:03

The 2016 Super Bloc Vote Part II Unleashing David vs the Russian Goliath

Voting blocs, smoting blocs, who gives a damn? I got bloc'd in traffic the other day! This is America and everybody has a “voting bloc!” What ya' didn't know they're on sale at Walmart? Two for a dolla'.

Jun 17 08:49

The Scottish Farmer's poll shows agricultural support for Brexit

Scottish farmers’ attitudes towards leaving the EU have hardened in recent weeks, according to The Scottish Farmer’s final poll on voting intentions before the EU membership referendum.

Hundreds of votes have been cast through phone, text and website portals – and all have shown a remarkably consistent result of 85% wanting to leave the EU, with only 15% voting to remain, as compared to the first The SF poll, published in our May 28 edition, which had 69% wanting to leave the EU.

Jun 17 08:48

Campaigns react after majority of Mail readers tell us they want to leave EU

North East voters are set to back Britain’s exit from the EU, if the results of our poll are anything to go by.

More than 3,500 people voted on-line across the Echo website and those of our sister papers the Shields Gazette and Hartlepool Mail.

And more than two-thirds of those taking part indicated they will be voting ‘out’ in the ballot a week today.

Quitting the EU attracted support from 72 per cent of those taking part, with just 28 per cent of those voting indicating they were backing the ‘Remain’ campaign.

Jun 17 08:44

REVEALED: The map that PROVES Britain is set for BREXIT in EU Referendum

Google has revealed how the UK are searching to vote for the upcoming EU referendum on Thursday June 23rd. And in terms of search traffic, it is a landslide victory for the Leave campaign.

The interactive map breaks down searches for Leave the EU or Stay during the seven days between May 31st and June 7th 2016.

Only 11 county boroughs searched for more terms associated with remaining in the UK on Google during the week-long window, with the rest of the UK favouring searches around the Leave campaign.

Jun 17 08:39

Kent backs Brexit in EU referendum poll

Our survey found 57% of those likely to vote or will vote want to leave, 58% of those who favour Brexit say immigration is the most important issue and the economy and jobs were most important for those wanting to stay (47%).

It also indicated turnout could be as high as 91% and ten MPs might be out of step with their constituents on the question of staying or leaving.

Jun 17 08:34

Hillary Responds To DNC Hack With Mindblowing Answer

This is so bizarre, such a lack of self-awareness from Clinton...

Webmaster addition: Hillary bashes the Russians, but the hacker, who identifies himself as Guccifer2, has no connection to the Russian government.

Jun 17 08:33

Euro 2016 riots (video)

Jun 17 08:31

Tragic: Vibrant 18-year-old sneaks out of party to commit suicide four weeks after starting antidepressants

A recent review published in the British Medical Journal showed that antidepressants may double the risk of suicide and aggression in children.

Professor Peter Gotzsche, lead author of the study said: "Antidepressants don't work in children, that is pretty clear. In the randomized trials, children say that they don't work for them, but they increase their risk of suicide."

Jun 17 08:29

Long-term cannabis use NOT associated with health problems, study finds

The debate over whether the benefits of marijuana use are worth the risks continues to rage, as more and more states make moves to legalize it. While much remains unknown about its effects, a group of researchers recently made an important discovery that should lay some doubts to rest: Long-term marijuana use does not lead to any physical health problems. In fact, the only issue the researchers were able to link it to was a higher incidence of gum disease. For many people facing serious issues such as cancer and epilepsy who turn to marijuana, this news will be highly welcomed.

Jun 17 08:27

NSA surveillance extends to biomedical implants including pacemakers to collect data on unsuspecting Americans

Maybe it's something in the water at the National Security Agency, but for some reason, officials there just can't seem to get enough of spying on us by continually expanding their surveillance dragnet.

As reported by The New American, the agency is now looking into possibly stealing data from Internet-connected biomedical devices like pacemakers, according to the NSA's deputy director, Richard Ledgett.

"We're looking at it sort of theoretically from a research point of view right now," Ledgett told the attendees of the 2016 Defense One Tech Summit, held June 10 in Washington, D.C. Defense One is a defense/national security oriented news and information website.

Jun 17 08:26

China Is Arming Its Fishing Fleet

Jun 17 08:23

Computer Crash Wipes Out Years of Air Force Investigation Records

The U.S. Air Force has lost records concerning 100,000 investigations into everything from workplace disputes to fraud. A database that hosts files from the Air Force’s inspector general and legislative liaison divisions became corrupted last month, destroying data created between 2004 and now, service officials said. Neither the Air Force nor Lockheed Martin, the defense firm that runs the database, could say why it became corrupted or whether they’ll be able to recover the information.

Jun 17 08:14


Amarillo is bursting at the seams with foreign refugees, from Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and its mayor has pleaded repeatedly with the government to stop sending refugees to his city.

But they keep coming.

The schools are stretched, and the local police department is having a hard time getting a handle on the rising crime.

On Tuesday, it was just another example. Mohammad Moghaddan, a Somali refugee, was shot and killed by sheriff’s deputies after he had taken two Walmart employees hostage.

“Refugee resettlement is not about ‘humanitarianism’! It is about globalists and greedy industries wanting to improve their bottom lines – the social and economic condition of your towns and cities be damned,” Corcoran wrote in a recent blog.

Jun 17 08:11

Losing Control: The Dangers of Killer Robots

By Bonnie Docherty, Harvard University

New technology could lead humans to relinquish control over decisions to use lethal force. As artificial intelligence advances, the possibility that machines could independently select and fire on targets is fast approaching. Fully autonomous weapons, also known as “killer robots,” are quickly moving from the realm of science fiction toward reality...

Jun 17 07:52

Markos Moulitsas Is a Fake, His DailyKos a Fraud

Markos Moulitsas is a CIA asset whose service to the organization, certainly after he started his popular Democratic-Party propaganda-site “Daily Kos” in 2002, has been to shape the minds not of real progressives but of liberal fools (suckers such as this, a person who believed the lies of — and supported — Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders) in order to boost the candidates whom the U.S. aristocracy’s Democratic-Party contingent (which comprises around 25% of the U.S. aristocracy) want to be elected in Democratic Party primaries, to run against the Republican nominee, so that regardless of which of the two Parties wins, the aristocracy remains in charge of the U.S. Government. (This function, of manipulating Democratic Party primaries, is important in order to maintain the U.S. aristocracy’s control over the Democratic Party, and not only over the Republican Party — over which they’ve long had a total lock-hold.)

Jun 17 07:51

Icahn And Soros Make The Short Of A Lifetime

Jun 17 07:48

Intel x86s hide another CPU that can take over your machine (you can't audit it)

Recent Intel x86 processors implement a secret, powerful control mechanism that runs on a separate chip that no one is allowed to audit or examine. When these are eventually compromised, they'll expose all affected systems to nearly unkillable, undetectable rootkit attacks.