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Mar 01 11:11

Political Storm: If Cruz loses to Rubio or Kasich is the race over? NEW

Political Storm, a bipartisan political website, was here locally over the weekend and managed to interview Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas on the street.

Mar 01 11:09

Judge Scalia Was With Members of an Elite Secret Society When He Died

Judge Scalia died at a gathering of the International Order of St. Hubertus, an elite secret society that dates back to the 1600s.

While the fraternity’s official mission is about loving nature, animals and whatnot – it goes far deeper that this. The Order of St. Hubertus is not a society of “elite hunters” – it is an elite secret society that gathers under the pretext of hunting. Members of the society hold titles similar to those found in Freemasonry such as Grand Master and Knight Grand Officer.

Mar 01 10:54

Covert stalking in America: National Security racketeering network exposed

Many people have just recently become aware of watchlists. There are no judicial procedures before someone is placed on the list and the individuals who are watchlisted are not informed and are thus not able to mount any defense in an effort to clear their names.

Mar 01 10:49

Trump storms to incredible 33 point lead ahead of Super Tuesday

Going into Super Tuesday, the GOP political establishment is on the ropes. If either Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz aren’t able to put up a strong showing, then the nomination is Trump’s. Plain and simple.

Mar 01 10:47

New York wants its public pension fund to drop oil stocks as part of a movement against global warming

Nearly two dozen state lawmakers want New York's public pension fund to drop stock holdings in oil, natural gas and coal companies as part of a movement against global warming.
Senate and Assembly bills would require the fund to divest holdings in the 200 largest publicly traded fossil fuel companies within a year and from all others by 2020.

Mar 01 10:47

Parents accuse high school Latin club of racism after depicting slavery in ancient Rome in a skit

Parents of students at Kenwood Academy on the South Side said they watched an act of racism this past weekend during an event meant to bring students from Chicago and the suburbs together.

Mar 01 10:02

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont vowed on Monday night that no matter the outcome of the Super Tuesday races, his campaign would continue to rally voters against a political establishment that is largely backing his rival, Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Sanders, standing next to a chartered plane here, said he would “likely” win Vermont’s vote, and also felt good about his chances for winning the most delegates in Oklahoma, Minnesota, Colorado and Massachusetts. He also said he might take a large number of delegates in Texas.

Mar 01 10:02

Hillary Clinton under fire after Boeing gave her foundation $900,000 weeks after she made 'shameless pitch' for company to a Russian airline

During a Boeing shareholder meeting on Monday,a conservative activist accused the aircraft company's CEO of buying then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's 'commercial advocacy' in Russia by making a $900,000 donation to the Clinton Foundation.

Mar 01 09:58

Entire Dutch-Moroccan jihadist squadron jailed by ISIS, 8 executed in Raqqa

Fighters of ISIS from Dutch origin could create their special gathering as a result of their number and attract the Dutch from Moroccan roots, until they became around 75 members and they made Al Furusiya zone in Raqqa as their headquarters, and became semi-isolated of their surroundings, However, they kept following the orders of the leaders of ISIS even though there was some sensitivity and conflict between them and they Iraqi leaders specifically (..)
ISIS entered the camp and arrested nearly 75 members of the Dutch and took them to the prison of Ma’adan and the prison of the city of Tabqah.
On Friday afternoon 02.26.2016 ISIS executed 8 Dutch in Ma’dan city and then buried them in the mountain in Aljerf area, after being accused of incitement against ISIS. (source is quite reliable)

Mar 01 09:42

San Andreas Fault just released massive amounts of Carbon Monoxide and other poisonous gases into the air

Extremely high levels of CO released as fault pressure builds, earthquake predicted

Mar 01 09:30

New Preschool Teaches Gardening And Urban Farming

By John Vibes

A new preschool is teaching children gardening and urban farming, and many of their classes are hands-on, working on an actual farm...

Mar 01 09:28

China just announced one of the largest single layoffs in history. 1.8 Million people will lose their job.

Chinese officials announced plans to lay off roughly 1.8 million workers in the coal and steel industries, as part of president Xi Jinping’s politically difficult effort to restructure the world’s second-largest economy. It’s unclear as to the time frame for the cuts, which were announced by Yin Weimin, China’s minister for human resources and social security.

Mar 01 09:28

Brexit : Heads You Lose, Tails You Lose

The 1% are worried that their cartel, built up over the years, reaching its rapacious crest in 2008 and continuing its relentless quest for financial and political domination is potentially under threat with Britain’s EU referendum vote. They are ganging up just as they did with the Scottish referendum – just much worse. After all, the stakes are much, much higher.

Mar 01 09:27

Refugees buying one-way tickets home after finding Germany intolerable

With a one-way ticket home to Iraq in his hands and seven months' worth of frustration over intransigent German bureaucracy in his heart, Gazwan Abdulhasen Abdulla gave up on his dreams of a better life in Europe.

Homesick and eager to be back with his wife and four small children in Basra, Abdulla was giving up his refugee status as he boarded a crowded Iraqi Airways flight from Berlin's Tegel Airport to Baghdad that would whisk him and 150 other disillusioned former refugees back home in five hours.

Mar 01 09:26

A 'useless, useless' £10million peace envoy: Blair slammed by Middle East leaders over role as negotiator

Not only was he given a home, 12 members of staff, a fleet of armoured cars, access to a private jet and unsupervised expenses, but for his offices he chose to occupy the entire top floor of the five-star American Colony Hotel. The presence of 20 Israeli security men confirmed his importance.

Feted as a hero for getting rid of Saddam Hussein, he was also introduced to the hospitality of Israel’s multi-millionaires and billionaires.

Mar 01 09:22

Recent interview with historian Dr. Daniele Ganser on Operation Gladio, Strategy of Tension and false flag terror

So, this Italian judge gets access to the archives, and there – only there – he finds the documents which state very clearly that Operation Gladio was designed to fight two enemies. First, a Soviet invasion (that never happened); and Second, a domestic enemy. The second idea goes like this: first, you carry out a terrorist attack – (usually terrorist attacks shock everybody and make them fearful) – and then you blame it on your enemy. During the Cold War it would have been the communists; today it is the Muslims. Thus, your enemy is totally discredited, even if they didn't do it, and that is called a false-flag Strategy of Tension. The judge, Felice Casson, came to realise that the Strategy of Tension was actually used to shock Italy into a very strong fear of communist terrorism. So, really, it was fabricated. Today, when we try to put the pieces together, NATO declines to comment, as do the CIA and MI6; it’s all a bit tricky. But what we know today is that these terrorist attacks were carried out, and many of them were false-flag strategies of tension. We were being lied to.

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