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Aug 04 15:18

Poll: 69% Oppose AIPAC Bill That Would Criminally Outlaw Boycotting Israel

A new poll found 69% of Americans oppose a bill pushed by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and backed by 48 Senators that would make boycotting the state of Israel a crime punishable by up to a $1 million fine and 20 years in prison.

Aug 04 15:04

Britain Needs A Counter-Radicalization Program For Its Politicians, Says Terrorism Expert

A counter-extremism scheme similar to the government’s Prevent program should be introduced to monitor politicians to make sure they don’t become radicalized, a former diplomat has suggested.

Charlie Bird, who spent time attached to the military in Iraq during the 2003 invasion, wrote on the Cable website that a counter-extremism program to monitor politicians might be worth considering.

Aug 04 15:03

Video: Deadly Attack: 29 People Killed, 64 Wounded In Explosion In Afghanistan

At least 29 people have been killed and 64 wounded in an explosion at a Shia mosque in Afghanistan.

Aug 04 14:32

Black Youth Didn’t Swallow Drugs Before He Died In Police Custody – Watchdog

Rashan Charles, who died in hospital after being restrained by police, was not carrying controlled substances, a forensic report by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) says.

The 20-year-old’s death sparked riots in East London on Friday last week. His death came after he was restrained by police following a chase on July 22.

Aug 04 14:31

US Lawmakers Advance Bill Slashing $300mn Annual Aid To Palestinians

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has passed a bill that could cut roughly $300 million in financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority, some of which it says, is allegedly being distributed among the families of slain Palestinian attackers and prisoners tried and convicted by Israel of murder and terrorism.

Aug 04 14:30

Video: ‘Pentagon Should Declassify Report On ‘Child Sex Abuse’ By Afghan Forces’ – Govt Watchdog

The US government's Afghanistan watchdog has urged the Pentagon to declassify a report detailing allegations of child sexual abuse by Afghan forces. The watchdog also cites the State Department as saying that the Afghan government has failed to meet human-rights standards and that Afghan officials are complicit in the sexual abuse of children by Afghan security forces.

Aug 04 14:01

Vox Says Media Coverage Of Trump Is Not Hysterical Enough

TV news anchors like Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer have a "this is fine" bias in favor of Donald Trump because they try to report the news with a straight face, when they should be totally hysterical because Trump is not "normal," according to liberal news outlet Vox.

Aug 04 13:53

POLL: 20% Of U.S. Muslims Believe Killing Civilians ‘Justified’

A new survey is being praised by the left because it shows that a majority of U.S. Muslims oppose violence against civilians.

The truth is the same survey shows that 20% of U.S. Muslims openly admit they believe targeting and killing civilians can sometimes be justified to further a political, social, or religious cause.

Aug 04 13:52

Doctor Charged With 118 Sex Offences, 1 Against A Child

A doctor from East London has been charged with more than a hundred sexual offences, including one against a minor, the Metropolitan Police have said.

Manish Shah, 47, of Brunel Close in Romford, was charged with a total of 118 offences, reportedly carried out between 2004 and 2013.

Aug 04 13:45

Trump: Investigators Should Look Into Hillary’s Emails, Not ‘Fake’ Russia Story

President Donald Trump left a West Virginia crowd chanting, “Lock her up!” at his latest campaign-style rally, after he called on prosecutors to look into Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails.

Aug 04 13:43

Video: Profit Over Lives? Canada Checks Claims Saudis Used Canadian-Made Arms Against Civilians

Canadian human-rights activists are calling on the government to review a multibillion-dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia. That’s after allegations emerged in …