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Feb 03 15:30


Feb 03 15:28

Let’s call a shovel a spade

There is no such thing as ‘shovel ready’ sitting on someone’s shelf waiting to go. With Trump’s construction background, he knows that and after exposure of Obama’s empty ‘shovel ready’ shelf, the Democrats know that. Repairing a creaky infrastructure requires substantial engineering for development of documents that the shovel wielders can bid on which will take a minimum of two to three years to even be bid-ready.

Feb 03 15:28

Ex-US Diplomat Calls Trump Administration’s Threats Against Iran ‘Bluster’

A former top aide to ex-US president Barack Obama says the new US administration’s recent hostile posturing vis-à-vis Iran amounts to “bluster.”

Feb 03 15:26

The Central Banks Face Unwelcome Realities: Their Policies Boosted Wealth Inequality and Failed to Generate "Growth"

Rather than be seen to be further enriching the rich, I think central banks will start closing the "free money for financiers" spigots.

Feb 03 15:25

Town Holds ‘White Privilege’ Essay Contest For Teens

A small town in Connecticut is holding an essay contest for teens on “white privilege,” with winners receiving up to $1,000.

The contest is sparking outrage, the Associated Press reported Wednesday, as residents of Westport, Conn., are questioning why the town’s “diversity council” chose the topic.

Feb 03 15:21

Video: Inside Russian ‘Pentagon’: Glimpse Into MoD Management Center

The inner workings of the Russia’s Defence Ministry are a tightly guarded secret.

Feb 03 15:06

How We The People Were Screwed By Obama’s Bogus “Recovery”

It’s amazing how Obama was able to dupe the American people into believing that the weakest expansion in the postwar era, was an “economic recovery.” Frankly, it boggles the mind.

Think about it for a minute: Productivity, business investment, personal consumption, inflation and growth have all been either sputtering-along at half speed or at historic lows for the entire period, and yet, President Flimflam has been out taking bows and high-fiving for his stellar performance as premier steward of the world’s biggest economy. It’s ridiculous. The whole storyline is completely fake.

Feb 03 15:02

Netanyahu Invited To Meet May At Downing St Amid Tensions Over Israel’s Illegal Settlements

UK Prime Minister Theresa May will meet with her Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu months after Britain backed a UN Security Council resolution calling for an end to illegal settlement-building in the occupied West Bank.

The two leaders had been due to meet at the World Economic Forum in Davos, but Netanyahu canceled in protest at the UNSC vote.

Feb 03 14:47

Trump Admin. Says New Israeli Settlements 'Not Helpful'

US President Donald Trump has struck a tougher line with Israel, warning that building new settlements or expanding existing ones “may not be helpful” to efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Feb 03 14:46

Just In Time For Trump, Jury Says Defense Of Planet Is No Crime

Offering some hope that “reality” will prevail in a political climate seemingly bent on climate destruction, a Washington state jury on Wednesday failed to convict activist Ken Ward on two felony counts stemming from an act of civil disobedience against the fossil fuel industry.

Feb 03 14:43

Schwarzenegger Suggests He And Trump Switch Jobs So ‘People Can Finally Sleep Comfortably Again’

Shortly after President Donald Trump took a personal shot at him at the National Prayer Breakfast, The New Celebrity Apprentice star Arnold Schwarzenegger took to Twitter to respond.

Feb 03 14:42

‘Stop Trump’: Celebrities Lead Campaign To Block State Visit

British campaigners including musicians, comedians, politicians and trade unionists have joined forces to oppose Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan to welcome US President Donald Trump with a formal state visit.

Feb 03 14:26

Undocumented student sues Wells Fargo for denying her student loan

Aside from this student’s immigration status, I’d be more concerned she won’t find a real job to pay back her loan, given the focus of her studies

Feb 03 14:25

It’s Time We Talked About Our Owners

How vast asset managers impact “our increasingly cartelized economy.”

Feb 03 14:11

First Transgender Mayor In Texas 'Did Not Imagine' Holding The Office

A mayor from a small Texas town has made history, becoming the first transgender person to hold office in the Lone Star State.

“I use the name Jess, a simple change from Jeff.”

Jess Herbst is mayor of the municipality of New Hope, a small town in Northern Texas with just 600 residents. She greeted constituents as a woman for the first time at a town meeting on Tuesday, having made the announcement earlier in an open letter on the New Hope website.

Feb 03 14:11

“Blue Lives Matter” Law Extends Safeguards To Police In Louisiana

Louisiana’s new “Blue Lives Matter” law, signed into law last year by Democratic Party Governor John Bel Edwards, is already being used to provide cover for police and extend harsher penalties on the accused.

Feb 03 14:09

Conway: Media Is “Emboldening” Violent Rioters

Senior Trump aide Kellyanne Conway has blasted the mainstream media for “emboldening” rioting anarchists, in the wake of the unrest at the University of California in Berkeley.

Feb 03 14:04

How Reagan dealt with sniveling left-wing punks disrupting civil order in Berkeley (Caution: Will "trigger" snowflakes)

President Reagan ordered the CHP and Berkeley police to "use whatever method they choose against the protesters". These were his own words.