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May 16 18:10

The Pernicious Myth Of Perpetual Economic Growth

Nothing grows forever. The myth the economy can is destroying the biosphere.

The present human condition is predicated on one of the biggest lies ever – that the economy can grow indefinitely.

May 16 18:10

Blair Should Be Impeached For War On Iraq And Islam: UK Academic

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair should be impeached for a deliberate attack against Iraq which is part of a British plan to have war on Islam keeps ongoing, says Rodney Shakespeare, an academic and political analyst based in London.

May 16 18:09

Cameron’s Legacy? 1 In 3 Brits Experienced Poverty In Past 3yrs, PM Warns Brexit Will Make It Worse

A third of Britons have experienced poverty at least once in the last three years, and almost four million live in “persistent poverty,” research suggests. Cameron has presided over years of falling living standards, but says Brexit could make it worse.

May 16 18:04

Jail sentence for YouTube pranksters for false kidnapping and robbery.

Four members of the controversial Trollstation YouTube channel have been jailed in connection with fake robberies and kidnappings.

May 16 18:00

Pastor drops lawsuit against Whole Foods admitting it was all a lie.

The man who accused Whole Foods Market of writing a homophobic slur on a cake will drop a lawsuit against the grocery chain.

May 16 18:00

Antibiotics got rid of her chest infection - but Jane says they destroyed her health

After standard antibiotics failed to shift a severe lung infection, Jane Allan was more than happy when her GP suggested she move onto a stronger antibiotic, ciprofloxacin.

Jane, who suffers from asthma, was a hospital pharmacist and remembered the excitement when ciprofloxacin became available in the early Nineties.

'It caused quite a buzz as it was one of a new class of powerful antibiotics that could be given as a pill, so patients could have treatment at home, and it quickly became very popular,' she recalls.

Yet Jane now blames the drug for the litany of health problems she suffers, including widespread muscle pain and weakness and severe fatigue.

Three years on, the once fit and sporty 50-year-old is unable to work. After 25 years in the NHS, she retired early on health grounds.

May 16 17:58

£17bn, the true cost of immigration to the UK every year: Figure calculated as gap between amount migrants pay in taxes and consume in public services

The cost to Britain of mass immigration is £16.8billion every year, a report claims today.

The figure includes a £1.2billion annual net cost of migrants from Europe, who consume far more in public services and benefits than they pay in taxes.

May 16 17:57

Warren Buffett Bites Into Apple With $1 Billion Purchase Ahead Of Shares’ Fall

Berkshire Hathaway, the investment conglomerate run by Warren Buffett, the world’s third-richest man, has just purchased nearly 10 million Apple shares for around $1.07 billion.

May 16 17:56

The Coming Democratic Crackup

If the Democratic Party presses ahead and nominates hawkish Hillary Clinton for President, it could recreate the conditions that caused the party to splinter in the late 1960s and early 1970s when anti-war and pro-war Democrats turned on one another and opened a path for decades of Republican dominance of the White House.

May 16 17:56

CIA Watchdog ‘Mistakenly’ Destroys 6,700-Page Torture Report

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has “mistakenly” deleted its only copy of a Senate report into the agency’s brutal interrogation techniques.

The CIA Office of Inspector General (OIG), the spy agency’s internal watchdog, told the Congress that the electronic copy of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s 6,700-page report and a hard disk were destroyed last summer.

May 16 17:55

David Cameron's EU sham exposed: Leaked letter reveals PM hatched anti-Brexit plot ... while still telling voters he could campaign to leave

A pact between David Cameron and big business to scare Britain into staying in the EU was exposed last night.

A leaked letter suggests the Prime Minister was plotting with a multinational firm on how to hammer home the Remain case while still claiming he was prepared to campaign to leave.

He had been telling the Commons that he ‘ruled nothing out’ unless he won concessions from the EU.

The secret ‘mobilisation’ plan involved asking FTSE 500 companies to put in their annual reports warnings about the dangers of Brexit.

May 16 17:52

Marvel producer admits its plots are 'interchangeable and disposable'

Get used to these disposable plots, there’s at least 25 of them are coming in the next five years.

May 16 17:50

If the Greeks can save Feta cheese from TTIP, why can’t David Cameron protect the NHS?

Currently there is a row between the USA and the EU over what you can and can’t call Feta cheese under the controversial trade agreement TTIP. The USA refuses to appease European wishes to ban the sale of any American products labelled Feta, Gorgonzola or Champagne. Only products made in certain geographgical regions can be sold under these original names according to EU regulations.

In fact, so strong are views of the French when it comes to food, that French President François Hollande threatened to veto TTIP if this issue is not resolved stating: “We will never accept questioning essential principles for our agriculture”.

This national pride and protectionism doesn’t seem to have spread to this side of the Channel however. Despite being one of the cornerstones of British identity, David Cameron has failed to take such defensive measures over the NHS.

May 16 17:48

Hillary Clinton backers accelerate plans for ad blitz against Donald Trump in swing states

The decision to move up their TV advertising plans comes as polls show close races in swing states

May 16 17:39

Urgent Inquiry Called For Old Trafford Bomb Fiasco

An urgent inquiry has been called after Manchester United’s final game of the season was abandoned due to the discovery of a fake bomb used in a security exercise.

Greater Manchester Mayor and police and crime commissioner Tony Lloyd called for a full inquiry into the “fiasco”, saying it was necessary to find out how the dummy explosive was left behind by a security company.

May 16 17:25

71 Killed In Iraq; ISIS Stage Several Attacks Around Baghdad

The Shi’ite-led government is shutting down or curtailing media outlets popular with Sunni Iraqis. The reasoning is that the outlets could inflame sectarian bloodshed. Among the targets of the campaign were the local office of al-Jazeera and TV channel al-Baghdadia.

May 16 17:15

Kurd Fighter In Iraq Destroys US-Made Turkish Helo With Russian-Model Missile

There’s no past in Washington. There is no sense that actions taken today will exist past today, even though in reality they often echo for decades.

A video making the rounds online shows a fighter from a Kurdish group known as Kurdish Workers Party, or, more commonly, the PKK. Using what appears to be a Russian model shoulder fired portable air-to-air missile, the fighter is shooting down a Turkish military, American-made Cobra attack helicopter.

May 16 17:11

£9,000 Not Enough? University Fees May Rise Again Under New Tory White Paper

Universities in the UK which meet ‘high standards’ will soon be able to raise student tuition fees above the £9,000 (US$13,000) cap in line with inflation, a government white paper has said.

The plans will be rolled out from autumn 2018 as part of a wider reform of Britain’s higher education sector, which the government claims will encourage more competition and better value for students.

May 16 16:53

Here’s Why the Gold and Silver Futures Market Is Like a Rigged Casino…

By Clint Stiegner

A respectable number of Americans hold investments in gold and silver in one form or another. Some hold physical bullion, while others opt for indirect ownership via ETFs or other instruments. A very small minority speculate via the futures markets. But we frequently report on the futures markets – why exactly is that?

Because that is where prices are set. The mint certificates, the ETFs, and the coins in an investor’s safe – all of them – are valued, at least in large part, based on the most recent trade in the nearest delivery month on a futures exchange such as the COMEX. These “spot” prices are the ones scrolling across the bottom of your CNBC screen.

That makes the futures markets a tiny tail wagging a much larger dog...

May 16 16:46

Al-Qaeda Online Magazine Calls For Stabbing Attacks In US

An online magazine published by Al-Qaeda’s main affiliate urges stabbing attacks on Americans, following the wave of incidents in Israel. It also says damage to US economy could be inflicted via killings of businessmen and entrepreneurs in their homes.

May 16 16:46

Trump Says He Might Not Have Good Relations With UK PM

Presumptive US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump says he does not expect to have a “very good relationship” with British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Trump on Monday dismissed Cameron’s remarks on his proposed ban on Muslims, which the prime minister called “divisive, stupid and wrong.”