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Jan 09 16:30

Professor Predicts Society Will Collapse By 2020

Scientific research predicts civil unrest by 2020 as political turmoil reaches a peak.

Jan 09 16:29

Basket of deplorables: Majority of average Republicans agree with Trump over GOP establishment

Recent polling shows that American Republicans are more likely to support President-elect Donald Trump’s positions on key issues than those of the GOP establishment.

Jan 09 16:26

Trump’s About to Wipe the Floor with the CIA – Agency Makes Veiled Threat Against President-elect

The effort to smear Trump and Russia in the media has backfired and propelled the president-elect to propose a major housecleaning in the US intel community - but they aren't taking it lying down.

Jan 09 16:25

Democrats want 9/11-style special commission to probe Russia

(talking point) Biggest intelligence failure since 9/11

Jan 09 16:19

Chinese state tabloid warns Trump, end one China policy and China will take revenge

Beijing considers self-governing Taiwan a renegade province

Jan 09 16:16

Debunking the "Trump mocks disabled reporter" narrative

HOW the accusation is false, and explains WHY the media was so desperate to push it.

Jan 09 16:13

Trump: Meeting With Intel Officials 'Constructive,' Hacking Had 'Absolutely No Effect' On Election

Hacking “had absolutely no effect” on the outcome of the 2016 US presidential elections, President-elect Donald Trump has announced following a meeting with intelligence officials.

Having described his meeting with top representatives of the US intelligence community as “constructive,” Trump said on Friday that no cyber hacking from Russia, China or any other country had affected the vote.

Jan 09 16:12

UK Taxpayers To Foot £24bn Bill For Oil Field Closures In North Sea

British taxpayers might be forced to burden a £24 billion bill if the UK government decides to decommission its oil and gas fields in the North Sea, according to a new report.

The new estimate, put forth by the energy research group Wood Mackenzie on Sunday, exceeds the UK Treasury Department’s £16 billion forecast by 50 percent, according to the Financial Times.

Jan 09 16:12

How Savior Mentality Stands In The Way Of Solidarity Organizing: An Interview With Jordan Flaherty

History teaches us a lot about the “great men” who changed things and not enough about the collective struggles that forced that change, says Jordan Flaherty.

“Social movements have an unfortunate history of following the leadership of charismatic hero figures,” writes Jordan Flaherty, a social justice organizer, journalist, producer and author. “I’ve come to think of this as the savior mentality; the idea that a hero will come and answer our societal problems, like Superman rescuing Lois Lane, or a fireman rescuing a kitten from a tree.”

Jan 09 16:11

Android banking Trojan malware disguises itself as Super Mario Run

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of Android users who are desperate to play Nintendo's wildly popular Super Mario Run mobile game, in order to spread the notorious Marcher banking Trojan malware.

Nintendo's iconic plumber made his much anticipated debut on mobile devices in December and is currently exclusive to Apple iOS users, who can download the game via the App Store.

But some desperate users are looking for ways to gain access to it on Android by attempting to download versions from third-party websites. And, much like they did when Android users wanted to download Pokemon Go before it was available, attackers are actively looking to exploit that demand by tricking users into downloading the bank information stealing Marcher Trojan.

Jan 09 16:10

Military Training More Traumatizing Than War, Say British Army Veterans

Military training may do more psychological damage than war itself, particularly to the British Army’s child recruits, a veterans’ group claims.

A group of former military personnel will hand a letter to the Ministry of Defense (MoD) on Monday, calling for an end to what it sees as the brutalizing recruitment and training of 16 and 17-year-olds. The delivery of the letter coincides with the release of a video testimony by soldiers themselves.

Jan 09 16:10

Google patches severe Android boot mode vulnerability

Google has resolved a dangerous Android vulnerability which allowed attackers to reboot Nexus devices into custom boot modes, leading to spying and remote attacks.

Patched as part of Google's January Android security bulletin, the flaw, CVE-2016-8467, grants cyberattackers the ability to use PC malware or malicious chargers to reboot a Nexus 6 or 6P device and implement a special boot configuration, or boot mode, which instructs Android to turn on various extra USB interfaces.

Jan 09 16:07


On the campaign trail, first lady Michelle Obama tried (to hilarious effect) to portray presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and the Democrats as a party of morals and dignity.

Jan 09 16:00

Is That All There Is? Intel Community Releases Its Russia ‘Hacking’ Report

The much-anticipated Intelligence Community report backing up its claims that the Russians hacked the US elections in November has just been released. Titled “Declassified Intelligence Community Assessment of Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections,” the report is long on speculation and short on any evidence for the claims it was supposed to prove. It even came with a warning label stating that though the conclusions are reached with “high confidence,” that “does not imply that the assessment is a fact or a certainty; such judgments may be wrong.” We who lived through the 2002 “high confidence” in Iraqi WMDs remember this possibility well.

Jan 09 15:54

Pirate Bay Offered to Help Catch Criminals But Copyright Got in the Way

The Pirate Bay is often portrayed by copyright holders as a site that has no respect for the law, but that overstates the truth. According to one of its original founders, when the torrent site offered to help the authorities catch some really serious criminals several years ago, the police were completely disinterested.

Watch this video:

Disinterest explained.

Jan 09 15:48

The Creation of False News — Paul Craig Roberts

For many weeks we have witnessed the extraordinary attack by the CIA and its assets in Congress and the media on Donald Trump’s election. In an unprecedented effort to delegitimize Trump’s election as the product of Russian interference in the election, the CIA, media, senators and representatives have consistently made wild accusations for which they have no evidence. The CIA’s message to Trump is clear: Get in line with our agenda, or we are going to mess you over.

Jan 09 15:38

Ransomware sleazeballs target UK schools

Cybercrooks are targeting UK schools, demanding payments of up to £8,000 to unlock data they have encrypted with malware.

Action Fraud warns that fraudsters are cold-calling schools claiming to be from the Department of Education and asking for the head teachers’ email addresses. Crooks then send booby-trapped emails with infectious zip attachments supposedly containing sensitive information.

In reality, these files carry file-encrypting ransomware. Action Fraud is urging educational establishments to be vigilant.

Jan 09 15:34

Here’s a unique sign of inflation

Jan 09 15:32

Stop us if you've heard this one before: Seamen spread over California

In October, three F/A-18 Super Hornet jets dropped an unusual payload into the air over the US Navy's China Lake weapons testing facility in California – more than 100 semi-autonomous drones.

The Perdix drones, 6- by 12-inch propeller-powered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), were fired out of the flare dispensers of the aircraft and then self-organized into a swarm. Ground controllers directed them to search a nearby road and the 103 drones headed over and sorted out the best way to do the job themselves.

"Due to the complex nature of combat, Perdix are not pre-programmed synchronized individuals – they are a collective organism, sharing one distributed brain for decision-making and adapting to each other like swarms in nature," said William Roper, director of the Department of Defense's (DoD's) Strategic Capabilities Office, on Monday this week.