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Feb 24 16:47

Brexit : Tories unleash military leaders, Russian invasion, ISIS, threats from US and NATO in fear campaign

Originally, Britain signed up to the European Economic Community or EEC via a referendum in 1975 for the purposes of enhancing trade, it was in essence a trade deal, or at least that was how it was sold to the British people. What the unsuspecting people of Britain were not aware of was that in reality the origins of the EU was devised by the USA back in the 1950’s that saw the continent more as an opportunity of a puppet run super-state filled with attendant yes-men for trade and the manipulation of strategic global markets and, just as importantly a defensive buffer zone against it’s new foe – the Reds from Russia. Think TTIP, Ukraine and an ever expanding NATO alliance.

Feb 24 15:42

What Could Go Wrong? Brazil Plans To Kill Zika With Gamma Radiation Burst

Having "nailed it" with the feces-infused water for the Olympics, killed the golden goose of its economy, and unable to crackdown on widespread corruption, Brazil now has a 'great' idea to solve its utterly disastrous Zika epidemic... by zapping millions of male mosquitoes with gamma rays from drones to sterilise them.

Feb 24 15:39

Trump within 1 of Cruz in Texas poll

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is within 1 point of Ted Cruz in Cruz's home state, according to a poll released Wednesday.

Cruz has 29 percent support in Texas, followed closely by Trump, at 28 percent, and Marco Rubio, at 25 percent, according to an Emerson College poll released Wednesday. John Kasich takes 9 percent support, with Ben Carson at 4 percent.

Feb 24 15:39

Monopoly Is Going Cashless. Could We Be Next?

Feb 24 15:38

Poll: Trump expands lead in Oklahoma

Republican primary front-runner Donald Trump has widened his lead in Oklahoma, according to a new poll.

The poll by Cole Hargrave Snodgrass and Associates finds Trump leading the state with 29 percent support, followed by Marco Rubio with 21 percent and Ted Cruz with 20 percent.

Ben Carson places fourth in the poll with 6 percent, followed by John Kasich with 5 percent.

Trump is up 5 points since the last version the poll two weeks ago, while Cruz has dropped 5 points over that same span.

Feb 24 15:30

Beyond superbugs: Drug companies have now managed to create drug-resistant MALARIA, too

Unfortunately, drug-resistant strains may be evolving so fast that containment may only slow their spread. In 2013, the World Health Organization (WHO) noted that an effort to prevent artemisinin-resistant malaria from spreading in Cambodia appeared to be working, but that artemisinin-resistance had then independently arisen in Thailand, Burma and Vietnam.

That same year, the agency announced a three-year, $400-million effort to eradicate multi drug-resistant malaria in southeast Asia. The new study suggests that that effort is failing dramatically.

Feb 24 14:40

TTIP reading room to open in the UK, but campaigners warn of lack of transparency

The UK government has announced its plans to open a special ‘TTIP reading room’ where MPs are able to read the negotiating texts of the controversial trade deal being negotiated between the EU and the USA – the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The announcement was made in response to a written parliamentary question by Caroline Lucas MP, in advance of the 12thround of the TTIP negotiations which started in Brussels on 22 February.