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Aug 09 15:50

How China’s Politics Are Screwing with Canadian Real Estate Markets

Corruption rampant in China could collapse all economies....

There is a direct line linking the explosive real estate bubbles in Toronto and Vancouver and how secure Chinese President Xi Jinping looks on his throne.

The evidence — the vast amount of money being spirited out of China by relatives, friends and cronies of the Red Aristocracy around Xi — suggests he’s set to tumble. Last year about $US1 trillion was spirited out of China by Communist Party leaders and their hangers-on, in defiance of currency regulations.

Aug 09 15:46

Trump Unveils Plans To Jump Start America

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has detailed his plans to revitalize America’s economy, an attempt to refocus his campaign after a series of missteps that cost him dearly in the race against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Aug 09 15:38

It’s Huge! World’s Largest Vessel Launches From Dutch Port

The largest vessel ever constructed was launched from Rotterdam port on Saturday.

Aug 09 15:31

Julian Assange On Green Party’s Rising Popularity & November Election: “Anything Is Possible”

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange spoke via video stream to the Green Party convention in Houston.

Aug 09 15:31

Huge Crowds Gather For Pro-Erdogan Rally In Istanbul

Millions gathered in Istanbul’s Yenikapi square, Sunday, to protest the country’s recent failed coup attempt.

Aug 09 15:26

Trump’s Economic Team Announced

As much as HRC scares the hell out of me, I now have some misgivings about the Trump team. Is there a great divide on Wall Street?

Donald J. Trump may rail against Wall Street and business elites at his campaign rallies, but that has not stopped him from turning to many of them for economic advice. On Friday, Mr. Trump announced his economic team, just days before he is expected to give a speech in Detroit on Monday about what he would do to improve American growth.

Aug 09 15:17

Google In The White House? Assange Warns Of Close Ties Between Hillary Clinton & Internet Giant

During the Green Party convention in Houston, Texas, over the weekend, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange spoke via video stream.

Aug 09 15:09

130 British MPs Demand Extra Security Amid Spike In Abuse, Threats

Almost 130 British lawmakers have requested greater security for their homes and offices in response to a surge of online abuse and threats, it has emerged.

Aug 09 15:09

Delta Airlines Under Fire For Censoring Lesbian Kiss From Carol Movie

Delta Airlines has invited criticism after showing an edited version of the movie Carol, which removed all kissing scenes between the lead actresses.

Aug 09 14:41

Rail Workers Strike Sparks Commuter Misery In UK

Thousands of train passengers in Britain have been caught up in a transport chaos, as a five-day walkout by rail workers enters its second day.

Aug 09 14:35

Entire Russian Paralympic Team Banned From Rio Games

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has confirmed a blanket ban on Russians competing at next month's Games following a recommendation from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to ban Russia’s Paralympics team from the event.

Aug 09 14:35

Video: Julian Assange: Leaked DNC Emails Shows Democrats Waged “Propaganda” Campaign Against Sanders

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange spoke via video stream at the Green Party convention in Houston, Texas, over the weekend.

Aug 09 14:27

Are The Polls Rigged?

Aug 09 14:25

Nothing to See Here: Mainstream Media Dismisses Concerns About Hillary Clinton’s Health Issues

In their usual fingers-in-ears-la-la-la fashion, the mainstream media and Hillary Clinton supporters are all in denial that there is an issue with the Democratic nominee’s health, despite mounting evidence that something is seriously wrong. In fact, they’re trying to manipulate the issue to make those who are concerned look like they are the ones with problems because only crazy right-wing conspiracy theorists would say otherwise.