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Jan 31 12:48

Warsaw refuses to prolong licenses for truck haulage between Poland, Russia

Poland has turned down Russia's proposal to prolong the 2015 licences for truck haulage between the two countries through to February 15, 2016, the press service of the Russian Transport Ministry said on Saturday. However, both Russian and Polish truckage companies will have an opportunity to return their trucks to the country of incorporation. "The Russian side proposed to prolong the 2015 licenses through to February 15, 2016, so as to avert the halting of cargo haulage but unfortunately the Polish officials turned this proposal down and agreed only to give the truckers from both countries, who will have entered the territory of either country before January 31, 2016, to return to the country of registration using the same licenses regardless of the type of haulage transit bilateral or into the territory of a third country," the report said.

Jan 31 12:45

In Colombia 20 thousand people fell ill with Zika

Among the diseased — 2,1 thousand pregnant women. It is reported on Sunday, January 31, TASS with reference to the Ministry of health of the South American country. "The presence of the virus was confirmed in 193 municipalities, of which 90 are located in the Central part of the country, and 40 on the Caribbean coast", — it is noted in the epidemiological Bulletin of the office. Currently, the Zika virus is present in 21 countries of the region.
According to the World health organization, from three to four million people in North and South America can get sick with Zika virus. The World health organization has created a special Department to combat the virus, which will be convened on Monday, 1 February, and will consider the scale of the threat of Zika for humanity. The results of this meeting can be declared an international state of emergency...

Jan 31 12:32

Activity on seafloor linked to icy ebb and flow on surface

The last million years of Earth's history has been dominated by the cyclic advance and retreat of ice sheets over large swaths of North America, with ice ages occurring every 40,000 years or so. While conventional wisdom says that this icy ebb and flow is an interaction between the water and atmosphere, the cause of the rapid transition between alternating cold glacial and warmer interglacial periods has been a mystery. Until now. An article appearing in the Jan. 28 issue of the journal Science sheds new light on the role that the Earth itself may play in this climatological ballet. UConn marine scientist David Lund and his colleagues studied hydrothermal activity along the mid-ocean ridge system – the longest mountain range in the world, which extends some 37,000 miles along the ocean floor – and found a link between pressure and temperature changes.

Jan 31 12:27

Leaking Classified Info Not Such a Big Deal (Except When Whistleblowers Do It)

In what some are calling another example of a two-tiered justice system, the Pentagon said Friday that it would not demote Retired General David Petraeus, who was convicted in 2015 of leaking classified information to his biographer and mistress.

Jan 31 12:23

Ukraine has asked the French channel to cancel the screening of the film about Maidan

The Ukrainian Embassy in France asked the TV channel Canal+ to not broadcast the film "Ukraine, revolution of the mask" directed by Paul Moreira. As reported "?????????????.net" the diplomatic mission said on its page in Facebook. "We were disappointed to learn that on 1 February Canal+, as part of the special investigation provides the documentary "the Mask of the revolution", which gives the viewer a false impression of the situation in Ukraine", — said in a statement.

Jan 31 12:22

Barclays, Credit Suisse Said to Pay $154.3 Million On Dark Pools

Barclays Plc and Credit Suisse Group AG are expected Monday to settle allegations by New York’s top cop and the Securities and Exchange Commission that they misled investors on how they managed their private trading platforms, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Barclays will pay $70 million, split evenly between the two enforcers, the largest fine levied on a dark pool operator, according to the person. Credit Suisse will pay $84.3 million. That payment includes $24.3 million to the SEC for disgorgement and interest, with the remainder split evenly between the two authorities.

(*and how much goes to the misled investors ? )

Jan 31 12:20

Wall Street celebrates mounting signs of US slump

On Friday, the Commerce Department released the latest in a series of economic reports pointing to a dramatic slowdown in the US economy, with vast global implications. The response of Wall Street was a euphoric surge on US markets, sending the Dow Jones industrial average up by nearly 400 points and leading every major stock index around the world to close sharply up for the day.

Jan 31 12:14

Trucks from Russia will be able to leave Poland before February 15

Earlier it was reported that the freight transport between Russia and Poland may be ceased from the 1st of February.
"The Ministry of transport of Russia jointly with the Ministry of infrastructure and construction of the Republic of Poland decided, in accordance with which the vehicle entered on the basis of permits of 2015 on the territory of Poland until 31 January 2016, on the basis of these permits to return to the Russian Federation not later than February 15, 2016", — stated in the text of the official message. This authorization will cover all types of vehicles, regardless of type of transport.

Jan 31 12:13

Charity watchdog reportedly places Wounded Warrior Project on its watch list

The Wounded Warrior Project, the charity for wounded veterans, has been placed on Charity Navigator’s watch list over accusations of using donor money toward excessive spending on conferences and parties instead of on recovery programs

According to the charity’s tax forms, obtained by CBS News, spending on conferences and meetings increased from $1.7 million in 2010, to $26 million in 2014, which is the same amount the group spends on combat stress recovery.

Charity Navigator is a watchdog organization that evaluates charities in the U.S

Jan 31 12:04

Is Our Economy Collapsing?

Jan 31 12:04

After arrival in Europe, disappeared 10 thousand refugee children

At least 10 of thousands of child refugees who came to Europe without their parents and relatives, went missing after crossing the border of the EU, reports The Guardian, citing data from Europol. Police fear that many of these children after arrival in Europe were victims of traffickers. In Italy alone lost five thousand children, about one thousand refugee children have disappeared in Sweden. In the UK the number of migrant children, the whereabouts of which nothing is known, has doubled in a year. According to the organization "Save the children", 26 thousand children entered Europe without adults last year. According to Europol, up to 27% of all migrants who came in the past year were minor (who came alone or with relatives). At Europol confirmed the established cases of sexual exploitation of refugee children.

Jan 31 12:03

BEX ALERT: Breaking/Busted: Video Shows Finicum Armed to Kill, So Many Lied

Just remember the guy that runs this agit-prop rag has stated that 40% of what he puts up on his site is BEX!
By the way at least a couple of the men murdered by the Earp Pimp Brothers were unarmed at the time they were murdered!Bad choice!

[ Editor’s note: We have two videos, a short one for the quick and lazy. Finicum goes down like right out of OK Corral, gun in hand. Cliven Bundy lied; Ammon Bundy lied, as did the stooge or hostage or groupie, who suckered so many. Please remember the story of the execution, poor Finicum on his knees begging for mercy while police shoot him repeatedly and then empty their guns into his body.

Jan 31 11:56

French Minister: Paris wants Russia to lift food embargo

At the same time, the Minister of agriculture added that neither he nor France can't discuss with Russia the lifting of the sanctions against it, as it is a question of the European Union. "Of course, I want to lift the embargo, and that the President wants. I went to Russia to discuss with the Russians this topic". Last week in various cities of France representatives of the agro-industrial complex, which in recent months is in crisis, held large-scale protests. Problems are caused, in particular, by low procurement prices of meat and dairy products of rural households.

Jan 31 11:50

Turkey has aligned its air force into a state of "full readiness"

The Turkish air force declared "orange" alert level, which means the state of "full readiness to everything", in which pilots take the decision to open fire without approval from command. Earlier Ankara has accused Russia of violating the border.
"We are aware of messages and I can confirm that yesterday another Russian military aircraft violated the airspace of Turkey and NATO", — the representative of the Ministry of defense Mark Wright said the Agency RIA Novosti.
Moscow has rejected these claims. The official representative of the defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov stated that no there were no airspace violations by Russian military aircraft. Official statement of the Turkish foreign Ministry was thus called "unfounded propaganda."

Jan 31 11:47

Mining Industry in Collapse

Jan 31 11:46

Gaza Speaks: This Is What the Decade-Long Siege Has Done to Us

Whenever Mariam Aljamal’s children hear the sound of thunder at night, they wet their beds. Their reaction is almost instinctive, and is shared by a large number of children throughout the Gaza Strip.