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Aug 10 16:56

Brace Yourselves, America: The Next Huge Housing Bailout Could Be Coming

By Shaun Bradley

The failures of government intervention in the economy have made headlines yet again. Recent stress tests by the Federal Housing Finance Agency found something sinister brewing under the surface at notorious mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The results show that these puppet companies could need up to a $126 billion bailout if the economy continues to deteriorate.

That’s right — the two companies that were taken over by the government and that sucked $187 billion from the treasury could be entitled to more taxpayer money...

Aug 10 16:27

DIVIDED EU: Germany prospers as Spain, Italy and Portugal spiral into stagnation

A survey of voters in Eurozone nations has revealed how there are stark differences between the prosperous north and impoverished south as the gulf between the winners and losers of the single currency experiment grows ever wider.

In booming Germany, whose exports have been propped up by the relatively weak value of the Euro, three quarters of people feel optimistic about the state of the economy and the country’s future.

But at the other end of the scale there is Greece, where only an abysmal two per cent of the population feel that the financial system is working in their interests.

Aug 10 16:26

More Than 65 Percent of U.S. Has Unsafe Levels of Toxic Chemicals In Drinking Water

By Marco Torres

Levels of a widely used class of industrial chemicals linked with liver toxicity, developmental problems, tumour growth and hormonal disruptions exceed federally recommended safety levels in public drinking-water supplies for 33 states in the U.S. according to a new study led by researchers at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS).

The chemical contaminants that infest city water supplies in industrialized nations are abundant, including fluoride, chlorine and many others...

Aug 10 16:25

Angela Merkel blasted for 'gross ignorance' over controversial EU-US trade deal

GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel has been blasted over her plans to speed-up the delivery of a controversial EU trade policy with America.

After 14 rounds of talks the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations which have been carried out in secret are unlikely to go ahead on her proposed timeframe.

However that has not stopped the Chancellor from insisting that she will implement the policy before a new President takes up his or her seat in the Oval office.

Aug 10 16:21

REVEALED: Desperate EU bosses splurge €1TRILLION on bonds to prop up ailing eurozone

THE European Central Bank (ECB) has splurged almost €1trillion on bonds in the last 18 months in a desperate bid to prop up the ailing eurozone.

Aug 10 16:14

Why America’s Judges Should Be Chosen By Citizen Juries

Judges should not be chosen by popular vote, nor by politicians. Both approaches are undemocratic and deeply flawed, perhaps even absurd, despite the fact that the former is in widespread use at the state level, and the latter has always been used at the federal level (in the form of appointment by the President and confirmation by the Senate). A far better option is for judges to be chosen by juries drawn from the public by random selection.

Aug 10 16:14

The Propaganda War With Putin

If it had not already been apparent, the net effect of the DNC email hack has been to kick open the door to a deep American antagonism towards Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Aug 10 16:01

Elderly Australian Woman Tells Non-Whites To Go Home

A man whose video of a woman’s racist tirade towards him at a Brisbane bus stop went viral said he felt sorry for the elderly woman.

Jerome Forbes, 20, was waiting at a bus stop in the southern Brisbane suburb of Mount Gravatt on Tuesday morning, when he struck up a conversation with an elderly woman also waiting.

Aug 10 16:00

UNESCO’s First Director-General Advocated Global Population Control

By Steven MacMillan

From the ancient Acropolis in Athens, to the city in the sky in Peru; the only time many people hear about UNESCO – the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – is in relation to their world heritage programme. What must be documented, however, are the views and opinions of UNESCO’s first Director-General, Julian Huxley...

Aug 10 15:58

Warships & Commandos Should Defend English Channel, Says Tory MP

Britain’s shores must be protected from terrorists and people smugglers in the spirit of the First World War by bringing in soldiers and warships, Tory MP Charlie Elphicke has said.

Aug 10 15:56

Wikileaks Offers $20k Reward Over Dead DNC Staffer, But Won’t Confirm He Leaked Emails

The whistleblowing organization Wikileaks wants to catch those responsible for the murder of Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich and are now offering a $20,000 reward for information.

Aug 10 15:46

More Than Half Of UK Women Sexually Harassed At Work: Study

More than half of women living in the United Kingdom have been sexually harassed at work, a new study finds.

The British women experienced groping, sexual advances and inappropriate jokes, according to researchers from the Trades Union Congress and the Everyday Sexism Project.

Aug 10 15:42

Want to Stop Gun Violence? End The War On Drugs

By Jay Stooksberry

Every December 5th, American beer, wine, and spirit enthusiasts celebrate Repeal Day. It was on this day in 1933 that the United States officially passed the 21st Amendment, effectively ending the failed “noble experiment” known as Prohibition. This was not only a good day for liberty and libations; it also marked the end of a violent era in American history.

The transport and sale of illicit booze became a prolific criminal enterprise backed by well-armed, violent gangs. The result: a homicide rate in the United States that steadily climbed between 1920 and 1933. In addition, the rise of “victimless crimes”—namely, consumption or possession of alcohol—added to the already overburdened judicial system. Furthermore, alcohol consumption—what Prohibition laws sought to minimize—actually increased nearly 70 percent.

To call Prohibition a failure would be an understatement.

This time we call it the “War on Drugs,” and its impact is even more deadly...

Aug 10 15:39

Hillary Aide Cheryl Mills OK’d Oil Deal That Put $500K In Bill’s Pocket

Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton publicly defended an embattled banker during an official visit to Bangladesh while Clinton Foundation officials tried to steer money from an Abu Dhabi oil company into the banker’s coffers. A Daily Caller News Foundation investigation traced the convoluted payment by TAQA — formally known as the the Abu Dhabi National Energy Company — to Muhammad Yunus’ Grameen Bank. Yunus is a long-time friend and Clinton Foundation donor.