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Jan 11 08:40

Kremlin backs Trump saying 'we have NOTHING' on Donald sex act allegations

According to the 35-page report, most of which cannot be independently verified, “Source D” claims Mr Trump allegedly paid for prostitutes to defile a bed where the Obamas had once slept because he “hated them”.

But Moscow officials said the "hysteria" was "complete fabrication" and "total nonsense".

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the dossier was a hoax which had been dreamt up to further damage US-Russia relations.

He said: "This information does not correspond to reality and is no more than fiction."

Jan 11 08:38

Anders Breivik Mocks Justice, Gives Nazi Salute, Complains about "Inhuman" Treatment in Prison

Anders Breivik, a Norwegian far-right terrorist who killed 77 people, has given a Nazi salute to the court that is to decide whether his human rights were violated in the prison.

Jan 11 08:36

Father convicted of failing to provide necessities of life for son promotes nutritional supplements

A man who went to jail after using natural remedies to treat his son's meningitis is going to Prince George, B.C., to promote nutritional supplements sold by his family's business — a move that is sparking controversy online.

Jan 11 08:35

Why This Friday Is D-Day For The Stock Market

Jan 11 08:35

Cleveland fine-dining restaurant that hires ex-cons has given over 200 former criminals a second chance, and so far none have re-offended

The US Penal system isn't really renowned for its ability to rehabilitate the incarcerated. Make them career criminals? Sure. Expose them to unspeakable horrors and violence? Absolutely. But rehabilitate them and make them contributing members of society? Not so much.

Jan 11 08:35

Marine Le Pen SURGES INTO THE LEAD in latest French presidential election polls

Le Pen is now leading the polls for the first time after taking advantage of Fillon’s declining popularity among France’s working class voters, according to the survey carried out for French weekly newspaper Paris Match, TV channel iTele and radio station Sud-Radio.

Jan 11 08:32

Retired NYPD Cop Sees Photo of Ft Lauderdale Shooting Aftermath & Spots a Detail Most Missed

A retired NYPD homicide detective looked at the coverage of last week's Ft. Lauderdaleairport shooting and delivered a message on Twitter that was so powerful, he was “overwhelmed by the response” he got to it.

Jan 11 08:32

Black Caucus Chair Threatens Violence Over ‘Cops as Pigs’ Painting -Rep. Clay Calls Police ‘Animals’

The controversy over the ‘cops as pigs’ painting hanging in the U.S. Capitol complex is threatening to boil over into violence following a threat by Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA) who serves as the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Jan 11 08:24

Former CNN Anchor Blasts Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe Trump Attack

Morgan on Streep: “Hhypocritical anti-Trump rant was the worst performance your career (apart from that time you gave a child rapist a standing ovation)”

Jan 11 08:23

‘Would You Attack Humans If You Could?’ Asks Google Home AI Bot

NY Mag is live streaming an two Google Home AI bots talking to each other and one just asked if the other ‘Would you attack humans if you could?’

Jan 11 08:23

Windows 10 Creators Update to rejig privacy settings in a move unlikely to please anyone

New controls are arguably an improvement, but data collection remains mandatory for most.

Jan 11 08:21

Why you shouldn't trust Geek Squad ever again

And it seems the geeks are making a few extra bucks. The Orange County Weekly reports that the company's repair technicians routinely search devices brought in for repair for files that could earn them $500 reward as FBI informants.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is about as blatant a case of unconstitutional search and seizure as it gets.

Jan 11 08:18

Anti-smut law dubs PCs, phones 'pornographic vendor machines', demands internet filters

Over to North Dakota, US, now and a new front in the war against cyber-smut has opened up.

A proposed law will force porno-blocking filters onto computers and smartphones sold in the conservative state – with a charge to remove the censorship.

Bill 1185 [PDF] will require laptops, cellphones and other internet-capable devices to be sold with a "digital blocking capability" that will bar the gadgets from displaying "obscene" material or performances, as well as websites that promote prostitution or human trafficking. It won't be applied retroactively to hardware already in people's hands, but will apply to all new devices sold after August 1 this year, if passed.

Jan 11 08:15

How to secure MongoDB – because it isn't by default and thousands of DBs are being hacked

Stop right now and make sure you've configured it correctly

Jan 11 08:15


If you thought there was something extra suspicious about this whole “Russia hacking the Democrats” narrative, you were dead right.

Jan 11 08:15

Kremlin Denies Having Explicit Information on Trump, President-Elect Reacts on Twitter

After the news broke out that Kremlin is in possession of “dirt” on Donald Trump including his sex life info, Russians are forced, again, to deny having any involvement in such claims.

Jan 11 08:14

US Navy runs into snags with aircraft carrier's electric plane-slingshot

The US Navy is having difficulties with its latest aircraft carrier's Electromagnetic Aircraft Launching System (EMALS) – the same system which the UK mooted fitting to its new Queen Elizabeth-class carriers.

The US Department of Operational Test and Evaluation (DOTE) revealed yesterday, in its end-of-year report [PDF] for financial year 2016, that the EMALS fitted to the new nuclear-powered carrier USS Gerald R. Ford put "excessive airframe stress" on aircraft being launched.

This stress "will preclude the Navy from conducting normal operations of the F/A-18A-F and EA-18G from CVN 78", according to DOTES, which said the problem had first been noticed in 2014.

In addition, EMALS could not "readily" be electrically isolated for maintenance, which DOTE warned "will preclude some types of EMALS and AAG (Advanced Arresting Gear) maintenance during flight operations", decreasing their operational availability.

Jan 11 08:12

Black horse blacks out: Lloyds Bank website goes down

An unspecified glitch at Lloyds Bank Group prevented customers from logging into their accounts via a browser or app this morning.

Services were unavailable for several hours during the outage, though the company kept mum on Twitter about the causes.

“We are aware that some customers may have experienced issues logging on to Internet Banking this morning across all Lloyds Banking Group brand. This service is now working normally and we apologise for any inconvenience caused,” a mouthpiece at the firm told us.

El Reg asked about the cause of the downtime but the Lloyds rep candidly said that she “wouldn’t be able to provide [the reason for the outage], even if we had one”.

Jan 11 07:59

US Central Intelligence [sic] Agency report on Trump was written by 4Chan in epic troll.(See page 2)

More sources:

Original from Buzzfeed
>"" These Reports Allege Trump Has Deep Ties To Russia

>"" Did 4Chan Troll The CIA?

>"" 4chan Claims It Invented the Trump Golden Showers Story

I would say "you just can't make this stuff up", but, it's obvious that some one at 4Chan could, and did.

Jan 11 07:23

Inauguration 2017: Road Closures, Protests, Checkpoints and 90 Minute Parade Route

The 2017 Presidential Inaugural Subcommittees announced the Joint Transportation Plan for the 58th Presidential Inauguration. Events and activities celebrating the Inauguration, a designated National Special Security Event, will take place from Thursday, January 19 to Saturday, January 21, 2017.