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Jan 07 04:21

Dutch citizens ice skate on frozen streets in the Netherlands

If you thought your winter was cold, people in the Netherlands are literally ice skating to work!

Video after video being uploaded to YouTube shows Dutch citizens in a winter wonderland, busting out the ice skates and turning their roads into giant ice skating rinks.

Jan 07 03:55

Mitsubishi to close U.S. auto plant after failing to find buyer

"We have given up looking for an automaker to buy the plant, but we are looking for possible buyers from other industries," a Mitsubishi Motors spokesman said.

Jan 07 00:00

Russia Deploys Anti Aircraft Missiles to Syria: US Bombing Fades; British Bombing Stops

British media confirms that British air campaign in Syria has ground to a complete stop. US media confirms US air campaign in northern Syria has stopped following Russian anti aircraft missile deployments.

Jan 06 23:06

Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism: Equally Abominable

I believe spreading Islamophobia and fabricating a Muslim demon which everybody should be scared of is not a reasonable way of dealing with 1.5 billion people who bemoan the mayhem and carnage caused by the ISIS terrorists similarly as the people in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe do.

Jan 06 22:31

New Rule in Washington Opens Bathroom Use to Transgender People

A new rule in Washington state created by the Washington State Human Rights Commission requires buildings open to the public to allow transgender people to use restrooms and locker rooms of the gender they identify with, officials said Tuesday.

Jan 06 20:07

The Big Short

Jan 06 19:38

4 Facts About ADHD That Teachers & Doctors Never Tell Parents

Waking Times

Putting a child in a classroom for 8 hours a day, for more than a decade, and expecting them to listen while remaining ‘obedient’ is very unrealistic. From day one we are taught that this is the only path to success and we are shown the consequences of not paying attention. It’s important to recognize that it’s perfectly normal for children to struggle with paying attention to something that they are not even remotely interested in; this doesn’t necessarily mean they have a disorder and it doesn’t mean they require (potentially quite harmful) prescription medications.

Jan 06 19:18

Some of the most conservative states rely most on federal government aid

They staunchly oppose federal meddling, but conservative states are among the most reliant on federal funding for revenues.

Jan 06 19:17

Most Americans are one paycheck away from the street

Approximately 63% of Americans have no emergency savings for things such as a $1,000 emergency room visit or a $500 car repair, according to a survey released Wednesday of 1,000 adults by personal finance website, up slightly from 62% last year. Faced with an emergency, they say they would raise the money by reducing spending elsewhere (23%), borrowing from family and/or friends (15%) or using credit cards to bridge the gap (15%).

Jan 06 17:56

Entirely 3D-Printed Gun (Liberator 3D Handgun - CAD Files - Download link)

The 3D-printed gun that Cody Wilson calls the "Liberator."

** Except for the firing pin and barrel, it's all printed polymer. Looks aside, the point is the proof of concept. To that end, it's a success:

Direct ZIP File

Jan 06 17:47

FLASHBACK : Dianne Feinstein Says Her Goal is to Disarm All Americans

“Mr. and Mrs. America… turn ‘em all in.”

Jan 06 17:27

Inflation in Ukraine Hits 43.3%

Jan 06 17:16