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Jul 15 07:44

Eddie Glaude & Son: Leave Ballots Blank, Because Voting For The Status Quo Threatens Our Lives

With the national political conventions beginning next week, protests against police brutality continue to sweep across the country.

Jul 15 07:43

The Delusion ‘I Am Not Responsible’

One of the many interesting details to be learned by understanding human psychology is how a person’s unconscious fear works in a myriad of ways to make them believe that they bear no responsibility for a particular problem.

This psychological dysfunctionality cripples a substantial portion of the human population in ways that work against the possibility of achieving worthwhile outcomes for themselves, other individuals, communities and the world as a whole. In an era when human extinction is now a likely near-term outcome of this dysfunctionality, it is obviously particularly problematic. So why does this happen and how does it manifest?

Jul 15 07:43

Rating Agencies Downgrade 24 Counties

Jul 15 07:43

TPP: Top Lobbyist Says TPP Will Probably Become Law Soon After Nov. 8th

Rufus Yerxa, the top lobbyist for the National Foreign Trade Council, told World Trade Online, on July 12th, that he believes "there is enough time and congressional support to get TPP passed during a lame-duck" session of Congress, meaning the session between November 9th and January 3rd, which would be in time for U.S. President Barack Obama to sign it into U.S. law before leaving office. (It would be done basically the way Bill Clinton deregulated Wall Street and ended AFDC — just as he exits the White House, and with overwhelming Republican support in Congress.)

Jul 15 07:33

OSCE Minsk group co-chairs to meet in Ankara July 18

The co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group will hold a meeting on July 18 in Ankara to discuss the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Friday. "The co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk group will meet in Ankara to discuss issues of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict settlement. As a member of the Minsk group Turkey is ready to contribute to the negotiation process," the minister told a news conference in Baku.

Jul 15 07:31

Not all victims of Nice attack identified

Not all victims have been identified, and French officials have not said as of yet how many foreign nationals were killed...

Jul 15 07:29

France to intensify strikes on terrorists in Syria, Iraq — Hollande

"This was an attack, whose terrorist nature cannot be denied," Hollande said.
He said he decided to use reservists to ensure security in the country. Hollande said that the country should be on alert. "The entire France is under the threat of Islamist terrorism. We should display perfect vigilance," Hollande said. He added that France plans to increase the intensity of strikes on Islamists in Iraq and Syria after Thursday’s incident.

Jul 15 07:21

Fifty ‘between life and death’ after truck rampage in Nice — Hollande

"Fifty people are in hospitals between life and death. In all, 84 people were killed," Hollande said. A 31-year-old Franco-Tunisian man identified as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel drove a 25-tonne truck at full speed through the crowd who had gathered to watch the Bastille Day fireworks display over the Nice seafront. Bouhlel was known to police due to some petty crimes, but was not previously linked to any radical groups. The tragedy in Nice occurred eight months after 130 people were killed in coordinated terrorist attacks on a stadium, bars and a rock concert in Paris.

Jul 15 07:09

Video - Proof! Ukraine is shelling civilians in Donetsk

Reporting in Donetsk, independent journalist Patrick Lancaster shows clear proof that the shells which have hit Donetsk are coming from the UAF/ATO. This is demonstrated with a demonstrable, empirical approach using a simple/layman's battlefield forensic approach, determining the origin of shells by the shell impact locations. These are important independent documentations, because it is clear that the OSCE will, in typical form, obfuscate the data and write in the passive tense, being unclear about 'who' fired upon Donetsk. The US continues to support the Kiev Junta in its war crimes and crimes against humanity, guaranteeing that the Kiev Junta does not have to submit to the terms of the Minsk II agreement, an agreement which was a strategic victory for the breakaway republics.

Jul 15 07:09

"Helicopter Money" Won't Fix What's Broken

Jul 15 07:05

Under Poroshenko's Rule, Ukraine Has Become the Poorest Country in Europe: 80% of Ukrainians are now in poverty according to UN index

Two years following the victory of the Euromaidan, 80% of the population of Ukraine has become poor according to UN standards by receiving less than 5$ a day in income... “The minimum (monthly) wage established in May is $60 and the minimum pension is $47. This means that 80% of citizens are below the poverty line according to official UN criteria... Back in 2002, Ukraine adopted a law on social standards and social norms. It has not actually been realized. Over the past several years, the state has ‘forgotten’ about the index. When the hryvnia depreciated three times, incomes fell by half and the constitutional provision on indexing pensions and salaries was discarded”.
With the coming to power of Poroshenko and his entourage, Ukraine became one of the most backward countries in Eastern Europe. This is not true of the Ukrainian President, whose business is booming.

Jul 15 07:01

5 Minutes of Common Sense: Kerry will get no concessions, "Moscow doesn't believe American tears"

Kerry cannot bring Putin any “black marks” and can’t even present Washington’s position to Putin because Washington doesn’t have a single position. A real war is ongoing in which John Kerry himself is participated. The US Secretary of State has most likely brought the position of his clan and nothing more to Moscow. This does not mean that nothing can be negotiated with Kerry, however. Just the opposite. It’s just that the US might not comply with these agreements. It may very well be that the US Secretary of State has come to complain that he was strongly pressured by the hawks and that he heeds to seek concessions from Putin on Syria and Ukraine. I would venture to suggest that he won’t get any concessions whatsoever because Moscow does not believe in tears, especially not American ones.

Jul 15 06:55

NATO's ultimatum for Russia - surrender or have a Maidan

NATO has finally chosen Russia to be the main global threat. This gives sense to prolonging anti-Russian sanctions and the persistence of such archaic structures as NATO. Thus, pressure on Russia in all areas will only grow. What is NATO counting on? Perhaps Brussels believes that Russia might go on the retreat. Indeed, some facts could be interpreted in this vein, such as Russia’s patient attitude towards Ukraine’s violations of the ceasefire... But maybe NATO hopes to provoke a combined “revolt of the elites” and “revolt of the plebs,” a kind of Maidan in Russia. If so, then the most appropriate moment would be September 18th when elections to the State Duma of Russia will be held. And so, what NATO is striving to achieve is not so difficult to understand. But what is Russia trying to achieve?.. Unlike the alliance which nearly increases its bets, for Russia, the matter at hand is a question of life and death.

Jul 15 06:47

Republican Convention To Get Hit Next? FBI And DHS Warn Of ‘Violence’ And ‘Terror’ At The RNC

Webmaster addition: "We all feel sad by the death of Donald Trump at the hands of those mean old terrorists, and that's who killed him and anyone who thinks otherwise is just a tin-foil hat wearing wingnut kook conspiracy theorist ... where was I? Oh yes, we are all sad, but let's vow to support the next President of the United States, Hillary Clinton!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Jul 15 06:38

Video - 2016 NATO Summit: “Achtung, Russia!”

Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Minister for Propaganda is turning in his grave. This is on another level! On 8-9 July 2016. Western and Eastern European leaders gathered to recite the same lines over and over again, justifying anti-Russian circumstances that they themselves facilitated. You won't hear about the CIA funded Ukrainian coup, nor the subjugation of modern Ukraine to the IMF and the World Bank. You won't hear about Biden's son sitting on the board of Ukraine's largest gas producing company Burisma, and other examples of financial colonization. You won't hear about the referendum in Crimea that voluntarily sought to join Russia - with no sign of protest to this day.
You won't see an explanation of what the Minsk agreement is and who is party to it - nor will you see a breakdown of which side in Eastern Ukraine is attacking and which is defending. What is being asked for, in effect, to fully satisfy NATO, is nothing less than for Russia to simply stop existing.

Jul 15 06:34

It Would Take Almost 14 Days Of Eyes Glued To The Television To Watch All The Feel-Good Hillary Clinton Ads

(*And you'd still come away not feeling any better !)

Jul 15 06:19

Man Dead After Firing at Plainclothes Baltimore Officers

(*Let's Start The Day Of Rage Off With A BANG !
official souce )

Jul 15 06:00

Clinton Spending Roughly $500,000 a Day on TV Ads

(*money that could be spent cleaning up neighborhoods where blacks feel that their lives don't matter .
Oh , and by the way;
Trump $ Zero )

Jul 15 05:44

The Secret Jewish History of Pokemon Go

“It’s not like we came here to play,” Angie, a 37-year-old who was seen chasing virtual Pokemon Go creatures inside the Holocaust Museum, told the Washington Post. “But gotta catch ‘em all.”
Note: the holocau$t museum of liars is exactly where pokeman should be played!

Jul 15 05:43

She Will Be The Most Corrupt Presedent Ever

Dick Morris why on Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be President: “She will the most corrupt President since Nixon”

(*Dick Morris evoked Nixon's name to soften the blow . I think my header is more accurate )