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Dec 11 15:58

VIDEO | Frank Luntz Focus Group: Why These Alabama Voters Are Sticking By Roy Moore...

I hate Frank Luntz as much as the next guy, but this focus group is highly interesting.


Dec 11 15:51

2,500 Outlets To Get Seal Of Approval From UK Watchdog Despite Cases Of Retraction

An independent UK press watchdog is encouraging 2500 newspapers and websites in the country to display a new logo it’s designed.

Dec 11 15:30

BREAKING | CNN Suspends Left-Wing Journo Ryan Lizza After He’s Fired By The New Yorker For Sexual Misconduct…

Story just hit the wires. Another anti-Trump liberal journo bites the dust.


Dec 11 15:04

RAW VIDEO | College Republicans Booted From Coffee Shop For Wearing MAGA Hats: Snowflake Alert

This particular snowflake is hilarious, and as it turns out, in violation of Fordham University policy. Liberalism and intolerance on display for the world to see.


Dec 11 13:45

Scott Adams: Why Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Republicans are Natural Allies (or should be)

One of the big changes in our national consciousness, thanks to President Trump, is that many of us are starting to see politics in terms of “deals.” We are also thinking about a growing economy. Compare that approach to the Obama/Bernie/Clinton worldview that is more about wealth transfer in a world of scarcity. For my purposes today, you don’t need to decide which approach is better. I only make the claim that we are more focused on the Art of the Deal than at any time in American politics. This is one of the many ways President Trump is in our heads.

Dec 11 13:02

Is A Recession Looming? Low Unemployment And Declining Treasury Curve Occur Just Before Recessions (And Lousy Wage Growth)

US Real GDP is growing at 2.3% YoY.  What’s not to like?

Dec 11 12:55

VIDEO --- Discover the Truth about the Men Behind the Curtain ...

Revealed; The Men Who Own and Run the U S Government

...Who is in control of the United States?

This documentary shows a timeline of history in the United States and which elites have provoked and controlled the wars of our past and present for financial gain.

Dec 11 12:24

RUSH LIMBAUGH | Now We Know Why Tiger Woods And Lindsey Vonn Broke Up...

Funny clip from Rush Limbaugh’s show...


Dec 11 12:13

Social Security Won't Give You Security

If you're counting on Social Security to finance your retirement, you're in for a big surprise.

Dec 11 12:09

Liberal Elite Doesn’t Care Much About Inequality

Bill Clinton accomplished a Republican agenda and Obama allowed the Tea Party to steal the economic populist moment, says Thomas Frank.