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Jan 07 14:29

Bernie Sanders and ‘The Big Short’

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ major policy speech at Town Hall in New York City on Tuesday – in which he declared that he will “break up any banks that are too big to fail and that big bankers will not be too big to jail” – felt a lot like the last scene of Adam McKay’s “The Big Short.”

Jan 07 14:28


And that is America. Fine-tuning and Tears are about as fitting for the state of America as they would be on the Russian Front in World War II, the most horrendous conflict in all of human history in which 27 million Soviets and millions of Germans perished.

Jan 07 14:13

“our Second Amendment Saved Our Lives”: Husband’s Gun Scared Off Knife-wielding Man at Gas Station

While the Obama administration is busy chipping away at the Second Amendment in a bid to disarm everyone “for their safety,” these people would not have been more safe without their gun and if they waited for the police to protect them in a situation like this, they might be dead.

Jan 07 14:10

State of Emergency Declared for Socal Methane Gas Leak

So this gas line was leaking one of the most dangerous carcinogens known to man, and the governor is just now declaring an emergency?

On Wednesday Jerry Brown issued a press release, which called for the company to try to capture some of the gas before they finish drilling a relief well (not sure how that’s possible), and to begin finding an alternative solution in case the well doesn’t work. The message also states that the SoCalGas Company will cover the costs of repairing the leak, as well the emergency response to the situation.

That response has included the evacuation of thousands of residents from Porter Ranch, and for a very good reason. This massive gas leak is starting to make a lot of people very sick.

Jan 07 14:07

Hard to Watch: Dad “sick to His Stomach” After 10-year-old Daughter’s “invasive” Tsa Pat Down

It really is hard to watch. Her father wrote that he felt like he was watching his 5th grade daughter get assaulted.

Jan 07 14:07

UK: Resignations follow Labour shadow cabinet reshuffle by Corbyn

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn never misses an opportunity to strengthen the right wing of his party by his political cowardice and overarching desire for compromise at all costs. His first cabinet reshuffle has proved to be no exception.

Jan 07 13:59

FedEx Corporate Issues Dictate About Oregon Protesters: "Do Not Make Any Deliveries To Anyone At The Refuge."

People inquiring about sending supplies to the Oregon protesters have been told by the local FedEx office that deliveries to the occupiers has been forbidden. "I spoke to the owner of the 'in town' FedEx, and she received word from Corporate to not make any deliveries to the anyone at the refuge," Robert Parker said. As reported in 2014, Frederick W. Smith, the CEO of FedEx, is a Yale graduate, friend of Bush and Kerry, and creepy Skull and Bones member, who has called for a fifteen cents per gallon increase on the fuel tax for all Americans. Smith has a VERY SHADY past. On January 31, 1975, Fred Smith was indicted for forgery by a Federal Grand Jury. The same evening of his forgery indictment Smith was involved in a fatal hit and run whereby he killed a 54-year old handyman named George C. Strughill. Smith was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident and driving with an expired license.

Jan 07 13:48

Recent Big Moves In CNY (RMB)

Jan 07 13:40


Former President Jimmy Carter, author of a new book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid,is interviewed from his home in Plains, Georgia. He responds to a caller who asks questions concerning pressure put on the US political system and the resulting support of Israel.

Jan 07 13:33

Trans-Canada Sue US Government for $15 Billion over Tar Sands Pipeline Cancellation

In a dramatic example of the powers assumed by the corporate world through trade deals, energy infrastructure corporation TransCanada commenced legal actions yesterday against the US president for cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline project.

Jan 07 13:20

Chaos In 2016 – Buy Gold

Jan 07 13:09

Venezuela passes new law rejecting GMOs and seed patents nationwide

In 2004, President Hugo Chavez prevented the planting of 500,000 acres of Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) corn. Since then the Venezuelan farmers have been expressing strong feelings against growing or buying GM seeds.

Jan 07 13:08


Jan 07 13:06

Why Won’t US Talk to Russia?

One does not have to love Mother Russia or Vladimir Putin to appreciate that it is in America’s interest to develop a cooperative relationship based on shared interests

Jan 07 12:11

Michigan governor declares state of emergency over Flint’s toxic water

In announcing the state of emergency on Tuesday, Governor Snyder said that when the City of Flint switched from the Detroit water system in 2014 to the Flint River as a water source, “the harmful effects of untreated water struck the city’s water infrastructure.”

Jan 07 11:31

Gaddafi accused Blair of ‘supporting Al-Qaeda,’ unseen phone transcripts reveal

Transcripts of two phone calls between Tony Blair and Colonel Muammar Gaddafi reveal the Libyan dictator forced the former prime minister to confirm he did not support Al-Qaeda, as civil war engulfed the North African state.