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Oct 02 11:28

Photos | All Denver Broncos Stand, Marshawn Lynch Does NOT -- Wears Anti-Trump Shirt

Photos of both teams and video of Lynch.


Oct 02 11:22

Paying Income Taxes on Crops Eaten by Locusts

The present federal tax code allows deductions for state income taxes. This is as it should be. Why? Because we should not have to pay taxes on what the locusts consume before we harvest the crop.

Oct 02 11:01

Assange Offers To Debunk Russia Narrative If Pardoned

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has offered to provide evidence that the Russian collusion narrative is false in exchange for a pardon from President Trump.

Oct 02 10:53

Questions Swirl In The Las Vegas Mass Shooting

By Jon Rappoport

Sunday night Las Vegas shooting at country music concert. Shooter in a high room at the Mandalay Bay Resort Hotel, a long distance away. Deadliest mass shooting in US history. 518 wounded, 58 dead.

With the body count and wounded numbers rising, and the concert shooter, Stephen Paddock, dead, here are a few questions:

What weapon was he using? That is important in deciding whether Paddock could, from a significant distance, inflict the reported destruction of life. Or whether, as earlier reports/rumors suggested, there was more than one shooter.

At least ten weapons were found in the shooter’s hotel room. He had checked into the Mandalay Resort Hotel several days earlier. How did he bring in all the weapons? Disassembled? Did he have prior experience with weapons?...

Oct 02 10:48

Deportations Higher Under Obama Than Trump

Despite making many promises during his campaign to solve the illegal immigration problem, Donald Trump’s efforts to deport illegal aliens have proven completely lackluster.

During 2016 fiscal year, the Obama administration deported 240,255 illegals. As of September 9, just three weeks before the end of the 2017 fiscal year, the Trump administration has only deported 211,068.

Oct 02 10:47

‘Dr Seuss Is Racist Propaganda’: First Lady’s Book Donation Rejected

A Massachusetts librarian has been criticized for rejecting a donation of children’s books by Melania Trump, because she thinks the author, Dr Seuss, is “racist” and a “cliche.”

To coincide with National Read a Book Day, Cambridgeport Elementary School, Massachusetts, was chosen to be the recipient of 10 copies of Dr Seuss books from the first lady.

Oct 02 10:37

High School Band Dancers Dress as Strippers on Football Field

- Is This The Way To Teach Self-Respect?

Oct 02 10:34

PIC - See the Mayor of San Juan bravely delivering truckloads of reporters to hurricane victims

Not a bottle of water or food in sight!

Oct 02 10:26

Sports on the Decline

Oct 02 10:23

Judge Who Spared ‘Privileged’ Oxford Student Jail Now Under Investigation

The judge who spared an Oxford University student from jail after she admitted to stabbing her then boyfriend is being investigated by a judicial watchdog. It comes after he ruled the young woman was simply “too clever” to be behind bars.

Oct 02 10:08

VIDEO | Puerto Rico Attorney General Cut Off By CNN After Calling San Juan Mayor ‘Political Hack’…

Interesting how this always happens on CNN...


Oct 02 10:06

BREAKING | Interview With Brother of Shooter Stephen Paddock

Interview was just published by CBS News…


Oct 02 09:47

Best Highlight Clips From 60 Minutes Segment On Hubble Telescope… Spectacular Images From Space…

I'm a science nerd, but these new images are absolutely incredible.


Oct 02 09:40

Police Employee Calls Radio Station Sobbing: ‘San Juan Mayor Is Sabotaging Relief'

Important video for anyone who hasn't seen this yet.